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Cities and sites glass stereograph collection, 1854-circa 1880

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Cities and Sites Glass Stereograph Collection
Series I. Geographical
Series I.E. North America
6 Canada
6 ZSG2-N1C2.1 F. Langenheim, Winter views of and around Niagara Falls
Hand-written title on label, continued: View of the Horseshoe Falls, from Canada side, below the Falls.
6 ZSG2-N1C2.2 Platt D. Bobbitt, Arch built in honor of the Prince of Wales at Table Rock, Canada side
Title from label.
6 United States
6 ZSG2-N1U6.1 F. Langenheim, Washington's Statue, Union Park, N.Y.
Hand-written and typed labels: F. Langenheim's Patent, Nov. 19, 1850.
6 ZSG2-N1U6.2 Platt D. Bobbitt, Admiral and officers of the Russian Fleet, Point View, Niagara Falls
Title from label.

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