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Italian theater prints, circa 1550-1983

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Finding aid for the Italian theater prints, ca. 1550-1983
Series VI. Miscellaneous, ca. 1620-1815 1 box 23 prints, 5 broadsides
The series is comprised of etchings of costume studies, broadsides issued to publicize theater and academic regulations, poems dedicated to actresses, and a group of unidentified prints of stage designs and perspective views. Are featured prints by Jacques Callot and Nicolas Larmessin of costumes, notably etchings from Callot's suite known as Les fantaisies. Two broadsides document theater regulations in Italy: one, issued by the Comune of Bologna, details the regulations governing Bolognese theaters, the other is an academic document issued in Messina. Three broadsides of sonnets or madrigals are dedicated to actresses Angela Marchetti and Laura Sarsali.
Costume studies
Box Folder
21* 1 [La dame au masque] Callot, Jacques, etcher [ca. 1620-1623] 1 print : etching. Im. 14.5 x 9.4; Mt. 35.1 x 23.8
The print from the untitled suite known as The nobility of Lorraine shows a standing figure facing the viewer, wearing a mask and holding a rose in the right hand. Title from Lieure. Ref.: Lieure 560
21* 2 [Les fantaisies] Callot, Jacques, etcher Henriet, Israel, publisher [Paris] : Cum priuile reg. Israel excudit [1635] 11 prints : etching. Im. 6.5 x 8.5; Mt. 14.6 x 16.6
The prints from a suite of 14 titled LES FANTAISIES De Noble I. CALLOT … (1635) are from the first state with Israël Henriet's imprint. They are glued to sheets with blind embossed stamp and with stamp: Ville de Genève Cabinet des Estampes. Ref.: Lieure 1373-1381, 1383-1384
21* 3 [La dame au vêtement ample] [16--] 1 print : etching. Im. 6 x 8.8; Mt. 8.1 x 10.5
The print from the suite Capricci di varie figure … (Lieure 447) is glued on a sheet bearing the stamp: Ville de Genève Cabinet des Estampes. State or copy with inscription "Gosse" in lower right corner not mentioned by Lieure.
21* 4 Habit de fripier Larmessin, Nicolas de, engraver [ca. 1695] 1 print : engraving. Im. 25.1 x 18.6; Pl. 27 x 19; Sh. 41.8 x 26.4
The print from the suite Costumes grotesques shows a figure holding a Harlequin outfit up on a stick. Ref.: Weigert, no. 43
Box Folder
21* 5 Regolamento teatrale per la comune di Bologna - Il prefetto del dipartimento del Reno In Bologna : Per le stampe del Sassi 1806 1 sheet ([1] p.). Sh. 42.5 x 30.5
Regulations, numbered 1 to 30, printed in 2 columns, governing the management and the number of theaters in Bologna. Issued Nov. 15, 1806. Signed: ZECCHINI, Segretario Generale
21* 6 Princeps, et promotores Regiæ peloritanæ academiæ periclitantium urbis Messanæ 1815 1 sheet ([1] p.). Sh. 36.2 x 51
Broadside issued by the Reale accademia peloritana dei pericolanti, Messina, possibly a certificate of admittance to the academy. Inscribed in ink: "Nicolai Fucile". Dated Feb. 18, 1815 in ink and signed. Watermark. The wood engraving is illustrated with an etching (Im. 13.2 x 17; Pl. 13.9 x 17.7) signed: Catarae. Ant. Zacco incidit.
Box Folder
21* 7 Alle impareggiabili virtù, bellezze, e merito della signora Angela Marchetti comica insigne sopra le scene d'Italia … [18--] 1 sheet ([1] p.). Sh. 31.7 x 21.4
Sonnet addressed to Angela Marchetti for her role as Laureno, signed: "L'Accademico lo sterile". Woodcut initial and ornamental border.
21* 7 Per gli occhi della signora Lvcinda rappresentante Adamira nella statva dell'honore … In Milano : Per Ioseffo Gariboldo. [18--] 1 sheet ([1] p.). Sh. 26 x 18
Madrigal addressed to Laura Sarsali for her role as Adamira. Woodcut initial, ornamental border. Watermark: circle with scroll work.
21* 7 Per la signora Lavra Sarsali detta Lvcinda comica celebratissima rappresentando Adamira nella statua dell'Onore [18--] 1 sheet ([1] p.). Sh. 21.1 x 31.6
Madrigal addressed to Laura Sarsali for her role as Adamira. Woodcut initial, ornamental border.
Box Folder
21* 8 [Untitled] [15--?] 1 print : engraving. Sh. 26 x 35
Stage design with central float & 2 grottoes in background; 7 figures on float, possibly Venus, Nereids or sea-nymphs in human form, adorned with scallop shells. Coat of arms: shield tower, ensigned with a cardinal hat. Inscription: A M D G [i.e. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam ?]
21* 8 [Untitled] [15--?] 1 print : engraving, etching. Sh. 24.6 x 31.7; Mt. 28.5 x 39.
Unidentified stage design with figures in a clearing.
21* 8 [View of street] [16--?] 1 print : etching. Pl. 20.8 x 17.5; Sh. 21.2 x 17.8
Possibly stage design of an urban setting with ancient ruins, soldiers on foot and horseman; Virgin and Child seated on cloud above city.
21* 8 [Arena for military exercices] [ca. 1679?] 1 print : etching/engraving. Sh. 10.7 x 14.6
Related to plate from Le Amazzoni dell'isole fortunate ... (In Padova : Per Pietro Frambotto) illustrating stage design by Francesco Santurini (cf. Molinari, C. Le nozze degli dèi, no. 200).
21* 8 [Terrasse with 2 figures] [17--?] 1 print : etching. Sh. 18.3 x 13.7
Oval leaf possibly related to perspective view by Carlo Antonio Buffagnotti or design by Ferdinando Galli Bibiena.
21* 8 [Sea vessels] [ca. 17--?] 2 prints : etching. Sh. 9.7 x 13
21* 8 [Landscape with ancient ruins] [16--?] 2 prints : etching. Sh. 15.5 (diameter)
Circular etchings. Watermark.

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