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Donald Goldberg collection of French caricature, 1830-1853

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Finding aid for the Donald Goldberg collection of French caricature, 1830-1853

Container List

Series I. Works by Gavarni, 1837-1853 ca. 30 lin. ft.
Out of more than 2000 total works in Gavarni's graphic oeuvre, the 380 lithographs by him in this collection include many of the themes and subjects for which he is most well-known, such as Les Lorettes and Debardeurs, with a number of complete series and some apparently unique examples.
Box Folder
1 1 A & B 231. 3rd state. "Au petit lever"
From series Les Actrices no. 1. Caricature Provisoire 22. Imp. d'Aubert; Le Charivari. [See also folder 2, and Box 8, folder 186 for others in this series].
1 2 A & B 238. 2nd state. "Protegez Seigneur! une vierge chretienne"
No. 8 from series Les Actrices. Imp. d'Aubert; Chez Bauger. [See also Box 8, folder 186 for another print from this series].
1 3-25 A & B 1024 -1044; 1046; 1048. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni
First 21 prints, plus 23rd and 25th, from the series Carnaval. Assorted states, papers.
Box Folder
2 26-49 A & B 1049-1054; 1056-1068; 1706-1708. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni
Nos. 26-31; 33-49 from the series Carnaval. Assorted states, papers.
Box Folder
3 50-51 A & B 1140-1141. Complete 2-print series entitled Les Patrons
2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
3 52 A & B 1129. Print from Les Parents terribles
Only print executed from a planned series entitled Les Parents terribles. 2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
3 53-62 A & B 1130 - 1139. Complete 10 print series entitled Le Parfait créancer
All are 2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
3 63-65 A & B 1087 - 1089. Complete 3 print series entitled Gentils hommes bourgeois
All are 2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
3 66-68 A & B 1081 - 1083. First 3 of a six-piece series entitled Faits et Gestes du propriétaire
All are 2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
3 69-73 A & B 1076 - 1080. Complete 5 print series entitled Des Mères de famille!
No. 4 is before the letters; all others are 2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
3 74-79 A & B 998 - 1003. Complete 6 print series entitled Affiches Illustrées
No. 2 is 3rd state; all others are 2nd state. From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni.
Box Folder
4 80-97 A & B 1004 - 1016, 1682, 1023, 1683. Nos. 1-13, 22,23, and 24 of a suite of 24 prints entitled Baliverneries Parisiennes
From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni. All are 2nd state (nos. 22 & 23 lack series nos.), except nos. 8 and 13, which are before the letters, and appear to be proofs, evidenced by the legend written in ink. Additionally, there are duplicates of nos. 1 and 12, on different paper, and mounted in thinner mats.
4 98-104 A & B 1069 - 1073, 1709, 1711. Nos. 1-6 and 10 of a suite of 10 prints entitled Chemin de Toulon
From Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni. All are 2nd state except nos. 6 and 10, which are before the letters.
Box Folder
5 105-129 A & B 1090 - 1114. The first twenty-five of a series of forty prints entitled Impressions de ménage (2e série)
Part of a larger group, most of which appeared in Le Charivari beginning in 1844 under the heading Oeuvres nouvelles de Gavarni. Of the present set, only the first (A & B 1090) is before the letters; A & B suggest that it was not published in Le Charivari because the lithographic stone may have broken during printing, and it was then replaced by the following image (A & B 1091). As a result, this first print is listed as "Very Rare." The remainder are 2nd state.
Box Folder
6 130 A & B 245. Fantaisies
The title Fantaisies, and "2 Livraison, No.4" have been added to this print following its publication in La Caricature provisoire on 9 juin 1839. This is then the 2nd state, which appeared in Le Charivari on 16 novembre 1841, and also formed part of a suite, issued in installments (livraisons) of six plates each.
6 131 A & B 291. Fantaisies
2 Livraison, No. 5. First appeared in Paris, 20 janvier 1839. 2nd state.
6 132 A & B 318. Fantaisies
2 Livraison, No. 6. First appeared in La Caricature provisoire, 27 janvier 1839. 4th state. [For the description of the suite Fantaisies, see p. 430 in A & B; since these prints are revised reprises of earlier issues, they are described here as a series, though the A & B numbers are applied in earlier sections].
6 133 A & B 295. One print from Paris le soir
One of four prints by Gavarni included in the larger series of 25 entitled Paris le soir, which appeared in Le Charivari in 1840. Third state.
6 134-143 A & B 708, 719, 720, 721, 724, 727, 728, 734, 737, 738. No. 5, 16, 17, 18, 21, 24, 25, 31, 34, and 35 from Impressions de ménage (1re séries)
Various states and papers. Published in Le Charivari in 1843.
6 144 A & B 941. One print from Les Petits malheurs du bonheur
No. 6 of a dozen prints in the series entitled Les Petits malheurs du bonheur. Only state. From Le Charivari 7 janvier 1838.
6 145-152 A & B 1117, 1118, 1741, 1119, 1123, 1125, 1127, 1128. No. 27-30, 34,36,38, and 39 from Impressions de ménage (2e séries)
Various states and papers. Published in Le Charivari in 1847, except No. 29 (A & B 1741), which was published separately.
6 153 A & B 1335. No. 28 of 30 prints from a series entitled Histoire de Politiquer
Series is a subseries of the larger Masques et Visages, which appeared in Paris (Journal) in 1852 and 1853. This appeared on 26 juin 1853. 2nd state.
6 154 A & B 2040. "On l'entoure"
Before letters. Unpublished lithograph, "On l'entoure." At a ball, a woman in fancy dress is being ogled by several males behind her, two of whom wear false mustaches. "Very Rare".
Box Folder
7 155-160 A & B 1514, 1519, 1521, 1525, 1528, 1531. Musiciens Comiques ou pittoresques
Six of a series of 28 prints (A & B 1512 - 1539) entitled Musiciens Comiques ou pittoresques, some with series and livraison nos., some without. A & B 1519 is before the letters. Published in the Revue et Gazette musicale.
7 161-177 A & B 1540 - 1556. Physionomies de Chanteurs
Full set of 17 prints of a series entitled Physionomies de Chanteurs. A & B describe the set as having two sets of series numbers printed on them, from the series as issued in the Revue et Gazette musicale, and as assembled in livraison. But 1540-45, 1548, 1550 and 1551 lack these numbers, and this "state" is not described at all by A & B.
7 178-180 A & B 1557, 1558, 1560.
Three of 8 prints issued as an "addenda" to the above series, Physionomies de Chanteurs, only without the collective title, and lacking the Revue numbers, but with the livraison numbers.
Box Folder
8 181 A & B 51. "Henry Monnier," 1843
Printer: Bertauts, date: 1843. A full-length portrait of the actor, writer, and draftsman (1799-1877).
8 182 A & B 93. Illustration for sheet music, "Amour pour amour"
(A & B section titled "Morceaux de musique"). Bears only the text identifying the artist and printer. Title: [Amour pour amour]; Printer: Bertauts. A young woman in diaphanous dress leans on a riverbank with her feet in the water. At left, a stair descends into the water, a vase on the 2nd step up. Note: A & B suggest that some shading in the genital region, which "attirent l'oeil," was removed for subsequent states. This was likely done to appease the government censors.
8 183 A & B 108. Illustration for sheet music, "Fleurs d'orient," 1842
A & B section titled "Morceaux de musique". Title: [Fleurs d'orient]; Printer: Bertauts. Two young women in asian costume recline on cushions beneath some trees.
8 184 A & B 211. "Les Femmes Artistes," 1856
Title: Les Femmes Artistes. Mistress Diana S... Printer: Bertauts [from L'Artiste, 6e série, t. II, 1856]. A portrait of the artist, palette in left hand, standing before an oval canvas on an easel.
8 185 A & B 222. One print from Les Beaux-Arts, illustration des arts et de la littérature, 1843
Seventh of nine lithographs made by Gavarni for a suite designed by several artists for a three-volume set entitled Les Beaux-Arts, illustration des arts et de la littérature. From v.1, 25e livraison. Title: [La Captive de V. Hugo]. Printer: Bertauts Publisher: Curmer. A young woman reclines on a divan, clasping her hands together.
8 186 A & B 242. One print from Les Actrices
No. 12 from a suite of 14 entitled Les Actrices. Before the letters. Title of the suite and XII are penciled on the sheet. First state. Title: [Madame Charmant, vous aves dit votre scène du pavillon comme un ange, . . ]. Printer: [Aubert], published in La Caricature, 20 juin 1841. A & B: published without change in Le Charivari, 21 avril 1843. Young actress, dressed in peasant costume, standing backstage with a man, dressed in evening clothes and top hat. She is listening to him, her head and eyes lowered, her hands in the pockets of her skirt.
8 187 A & B 248. Only plate (No. 1) from a projected suite entitled Camaraderies
Title: Ruse et confiance. Printer: Aubert. Publisher: Bauger. Date: from La Caricature, 28 novembre 1840. A man at left is scrutinizing a chain of jewelry being proffered by another man at right, who looks out at the viewer, winking his left eye
8 188 A & B 413. No. 29 from a series of 40 entitled Le Carnival à Paris
Before the letters. Title: [Cornichon de cabinet de lecture, va!...(etc.)]. Printer: Aubert. Publisher: Pannier. Date: from Le Charivari, 17 janvier 1843. A young woman stands at the right, back towards the viewer, reading from a book to another young woman in a domino, who is sitting up in bed at the left.
8 189 A & B 427. No. 5 of a series of six prints entitled Le Chevalier de Nogaroulet
(A & B 423-428). Title: [Alcibiade Cliquet est chargé de la rédaction d'une réclame sur les faux toupets pour un grand journal]. Printer: Aubert. Vendor: Chez Bauger. Date: appeared in Le Charivari, 9 novembre, 1839. Alcibiades is hunched over blank paper on a desk, scratching his head with his pen, staring blankly at four toupées, two on the table and two mounted on stands.
8 190 A & B 665. No. IV from the series of 54 lithographs entitled Fourberies de Femmes (2e séries)
Title: [ - Quand je pense que Monsieur Coquardeau va être mon mari, ça me fait de la peine pour Alexandre. - Et à moi pour Coquardeau]. Printer: Aubert. Date: from Le Charivari, 21 octobre 1840. Two young women in a room, one standing, turned to the right, with hand to chin in thought; the other seated, viewed from the back, writing at a table.
8 191 A & B 673. No. 12 from the series of 54 entitled Fourberies de Femmes (second series)
Before the letters (text is pencilled in on sheet). Title: Mais quelle est donc la femme qui ne serait pas heureuse et fière de vous appartenir, mon Jules? Printer: Aubert. Distributor: Bauger. Date: from Le Charivari, 8 décembre 1840. A young woman in a nightgown is kneeling on a sofa facing a middle-aged gentleman with his hands in his pockets, and his legs extended and crossed.
8 192-196 A & B 749, 802, 823, 824, 826. Nos. 9, 40, 61, 62, and 64 from the series Leçons et Conseils
A suite of 20. Before the letters, except No. 61, which is 3rd state.
8 197 A & B 833. No. 71 from a series of 79 pieces (A & B 763-841) entitled Les Lorettes
Appeared in Le Charivari in 1841-1843. Third state. Title: C'est le papa de mosieu Arthur qui est un mosieu embêtant! Cré chien! Printer: Aubert. Publisher: Pannier. Date: from Le Charivari, 29 septembre 1843. Arthur's father has him by the collar and is hitting him with his cane. In the background, the lorette buries her head in the bed; the remains of a luncheon are scattered about.
8 198 A & B 1278. No. II in a series of 10 lithographs entitled L'Ecole des Pierrots
4 of which were published in Paris (Journal) in 1852. Title: [Arthur! voilà le moment de montrer que t'es un homme]. Printer: Lemercier. Date: from Paris (Journal), 23 octobre 1852. Two men in their long-sleeved Pierrot costumes; one holds a bouquet of flowers.
8 199 A & B 1675. One print ( No. 13) from Les Artistes contemporains
One of five pieces (No. 13) by Gavarni from a suite of 160 lithographs by diverse artists, published successively in 8 vols. under the title Les Artistes contemporains. Title: [Rendez-vous]. Printer: Bertauts. Date: 1845-1853. A woman strolls beneath a pergola, mounting some steps. She walks away from the viewer, head turned to the left and arms crossed, with a distracted look on her face. Her torso and head are darkened by the shade offered by the pergola.
8 200 A & B 1676. One print (No. 30) from Les Artistes Contemporains
One of five examples by Gavarni included in a suite of 160 lithographs by diverse artists, published successively and united in an 8-volume set entitled Les Artistes Contemporains. The following is No. 30 in the series. Title: [La Cantonnade]. Printer: Bertauts. Date: [ca. 1845-1853]. A "stage-door Johnny" has the attention of an actress in the wings of the stage. The performance can be seen taking place at the left.
8 201 A & B 1694. One print from La Boite aux lettres
The twelfth in the unnumbered first section of La Boite aux lettres series. Before the letters (caption is handwritten in brown in; likely a proof). Title: [Je soussigné, Roi des Batignolles, prince de Clichy...(etc.)]. Date: from Le Charivari, 20 mars 1838. A man sits on a rock, writes on a tablet balanced on his knee with a quill pen; another quill is stuck into a band around his head.
8 202 A & B 2091. "Argent mal employé"
Unpublished. Only state. "Very Rare." Title: [Argent mal employé]. At the left, a well-dressed man with his hat in his hand resting on his hip, places some coins in the hand of a beggar at the right.
8 203 A & B 2172. "Le Mari, la femme, et l'amant"
"Very Rare." Title: [Le Mari, la femme, et l'amant]. Date: [1835?]. A seated woman at the left of an outdoor setting, is being eyed by a young man at the far right. Between them is a middle-aged man none too pleased by the encounter.
8 204 A & B 2200. "1792"
The third of a series of nine pieces published in the journal L'Artiste. Title: [1792]. Printer: Frey. Date: from L'Artiste, 1re série, t. III. Two standing men and a seated woman in period costume.
Box Folder
9 205 A & B 868. One print from Les Martyrs
No. 7 in a series of 8 entitled Les Martyrs. Proof before the letters.
9 206 A & B 1152. One print from Le Manteau d'Arlequin
First of a series of 12 pieces entitled Le Manteau d'Arlequin. Proof before the letters.
9 207 A & B 1388. One print from Manières de voir des voyageurs
No. 4 of a suite of 10 lithographs entitled Manières de voir des voyageurs, published under a variety of circumstances (see A & B p. 303). Before the letters. Ex-coll. Rouart (stamp).
9 208 A & B 1670. One print from Les Artistes anciens et modernes
One of seven prints by Gavarni from a set of 240 lithographs by diverse artists published sucessively and reunited in ten volumes under the title Les Artistes anciens et modernes. This print, No. 44 from the series, has the imprint of the number, printer, artist, and title, but lacks the above heading.
9 209 A & B 1671. One print from Les Artistes anciens et modernes
No. 102 from the set above: Les Artistes anciens et modernes; same state as above but lacks image title.
9 210 A & B 2044. One print from Les Toquades
No. 16 from an unpublished suite of 20 lithographs, which were reproduced identically by the Gillotage process, and published under the title Les Toquades. As a result, "very rare." Ex-coll. Rouart (stamp).
Box Folder
11 89 Gavarni, La Boite aux lettres Paris: Arnauld de Vresse, 1837-1839?
As the letter included in the portfolio from the vendor suggests, Gavarni's cataloguers, Armelhault and Bocher, have created something of a mess with this series. It is included twice in the catalog, under both "Revues et Journaux," (beginning p.88) and "Suites Publieés Isolément," (p.418). In the introduction for the prior section they state that the first dozen of the series had been published anterior to their appearance in Le Charivari by Caboche, Grégoire et Cie. (no mention of Arnauld de Vresse). Consequently, the first twelve listings in this section hold no catalog numbers, the assumption being, it seems, that since these were published anterior and separately, the numbers in the "Isolément" section would take precedence. The same is true for series No. 31. This problem is compounded by the fact that the first 13 prints in the series of 34 are without series numbers, save two which have the same number (No. 11). The Inventaire du fonds, v. 8 (Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale, 1954), which notes a series of 32 prints (cat. no. 129, p.490), attempts to catalog the group by series number, commingling the numbers from both sections in A & B, but omitting the fourth and fifth (unnumbered) prints from the series (A & B. 1687 & 1688). The seventh print in the series, as with the others, is unnumbered in the "Journaux" section, but is omitted from the "Isolèment" section, and consequently has no A & B number, although the same image but with a different legend is catalogued as A & B 1690. The present set was issued as a bound volume, but the vendor (or collector?) chose "to unbind the prints and make the covers into a portfolio to hold them loose," as the "back-strip was detached and loosely inserted into the volume; several plates were getting frayed and crumpled." There is, however, no evidence of fraying or crumpling in the prints from this set. The frontispiece is clearly not by Gavarni; the lithographer for this page is Vayron, while the rest bear the imprint of Caboche, Grégoire et Cie. This "set" is comprised of the first eleven prints in the series, with the addition of the fourteenth to bring the number to twelve. So the A & B numbers are 1684 - 1695, with the addition of 349. All these are of the second state, with the letters, as printed in Le Charivari. To this portfolio, Goldberg had added seven other prints from the series of 34, one of which has been removed to Box 8 (A & B 1694; no series no.). These are: A & B 348, 351, 357, 360, 361, and 1696.
Box Folder
12 90 A & B 902 - 913. Gavarni, Paris le matin
Lithographic album. Full set of 12 prints as published in Le Charivari in 1839. Hand colored. 2nd state. The binding does not appear to be contemporary. 17 blank pages bound in at back.
Box Folder
13 91 A & B 258; 429 - 448. Gavarni, Clichy
Lithographic album, with glossy title page. Full set of 21 prints of the series as it appeared in Le Charivari and La Caricature, 1840-1843. Hand-colored. 2nd and 3rd states. Bound with Benjamin's(?) portrait of Gavarni from the series of Dessinateurs from the Panthéon Charivarique, published in Le Charivari, 1839-1840, laid down and tipped in; also laid down and tipped in, a (wood-engraved?) reproduction of an unpublished drawing by Gavarni of a "patron de bateau;" and an original letter tipped in, in the hand of and signed by Gavarni.
Box Folder
14 92 A & B 2300 - 2304; 2216; 2218. Gavarni, Travestissemens [sic] Parisiens
Album of 10 lithographs. 3rd and 4th states. Penciled notations at front suggest that this may be ex-collection of the artist Hermann-Paul (1874-1940). Ostensibly the suite of 8 prints that formed Gavarni's contribution to a large series published under this title by Aubert, with the addition of two hand-colored versions (of nos. 2301 and 2304) tipped in. However, there are some anomalies: the uncolored version of 2304, printed by Aubert rather than Lemercier, is not mentioned in A & B; the suite lacks no. 2305, but includes a print not found in A & B, that of Fantaisie Ecossaise, which bears No. 85 from the series Travestissemens Parisiens.
Box Folder
15 94 A & B 763-814. Gavarni, Les Lorettes
Lithographic album. The first 52 prints of a series of 79 pieces, as published in Le Charivari, 1841-1843. Hand-colored. 2nd and (mostly) 3rd states. [Penciled refs. to A & B incorrect for Nos. 771 & 772]. No. 779 is of a state not mentioned in A & B; a grammatical error noted in the catalogue ["(sic)"] has been corrected on the plate. [For the state mentioned in the catalogue, see Beatrice Farwell, The Charged Image. exh. cat. (Santa Barbara: The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1989) #77, p.90-91]. Bound in at back is a small 8 p. catalogue of the publications of Aubert & Cie. At front is a stamp from the Bibliothèque de Beauchamps.
Box Folder
16 95 A & B 259-263; 307-309; 486-542; 1233. Gavarni, Debardeurs
Lithographic album. Full set of the 66 print series, as it appeared in Le Charivari, La Caricature, and la Mode from 1840-1842. All are hand-colored, except No. 16 (A & B 501). The large majority are 2nd state. [Note: A & B 1233 (No. 58 of the series) is incorrectly numbered 1223 on page 328 in the catalogue, though it falls between 1232 and 1234. A & B 1223 is penciled on the print, which is clearly incorrect].
Series II. Works by Grandville, 1830-1835 ca. 2 lin. ft.
The thirteen examples by Grandville are all from the heyday of Philipon's La Caricature, and include an example from the monthly subscription series L'Association mensuelle lithographique, established by Philipon to raise money for his legal battles with government censors.
[Note: Unless otherwise noted, all are crayon lithographs. All are designed by J.J. Grandville (Jean-Ignace-Isidore Gérard) ( 1803-1847), although transfer to the lithographic stone was achieved by a number of collaborators, as noted.]
[See also Note on Cataloging (above) for references cited in item descriptions below].
Box Folder
10 211 Grandville, "Nom de D..!peut on avoir les jambes f...... comme ça!..."
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 13. Hand-colored. Lithog: Delaporte. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 16 December, 1830. Monsieur Mayeux, the infamous hunchbacked dwarf invented by Traviès, is envious of a passerby with long legs. Ref: Sello, Gottfried. Grandville: Das Gesamte Werk. 2 vols. (Munich: Rogner u. Bernard, 1969) 61.
10 212 Grandville, from suite Le carnival politique
From La Caricature[No. 19] Pl. 38 [&39]. Hand-colored. From suite Le carnival politique. Lithog: Delaporte. Printer: Langlumé. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 19 March, 1831. M. Dupin escorts a prostitute, who represents a "Certaine magistrature." Ref: Sello 74. Note: This image is the first half of a suite of two (the second is Sello 75; they are illustrated as united in Sello 73).
10 213 Grandville and Vatier, "Le Bouquet......Choui--i! Put! put-put!....Pan!!....pan-pan,pan! brrrr..pan, papapapa pan! pan!!...pan! pouf! pouf! Patapatapouf!!!!"
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 56. Lithog: Delaporte. Printer: Langlumé. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 5 May, 1831. Ostensibly a fireworks display, but close examination reveals that the items showering the night sky are symbols of the public honors which Louis-Philippe bestowed upon his rivals in order to keep the peace: medals, epaulettes, pensions, swords, money, peerages, etc. A flaming scaffold reads: "Peace at any price." Ref: Sello 82.
10 214 Grandville and Eugene Forest, "La France livrée aux Corbeaux de tout espèce"
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 100. Hand-colored. Lithog: Delaporte. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 15 October, 1831. Allegorical figure of France is being devoured by crows wearing various accouterments of the ancien régime. Ref: Sello 98.
10 215 Grandville and Forest, "Singeries. Morales, Politiques, etc. Pl. 1"
From La Caricature (Journal). Lithog.: Bénard. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 19 April, 1832. Six vignettes in which monkeys are dressed as humans. Sheet: 318 x 439mm. Ref.: Sello 126-131.
10 216 Grandville and Julien, "Rien n'est si dangereux qu'un ignorant ami; Mieux vaudrait un sage ennemi. (L'ours et l'amateur de jardins. - Lafontaine)"
From: La Caricature (Journal) No. 93 Pl. 191. Lithog: de Becquet. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 16 August, 1832. A bear is about to try to squash a flying insect representing La Caricature (Journal). In the process, he will drop the stone on the sleeping gardener, a caricature of Louis-Philippe. Ref: Sello 141.
10 217 Grandville and E. Forest, "La gratification portée par la France nouvelle, les Débats, etc."
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 121 Pl. 251. Hand-colored. Partial signature in stone. Lithog: de Becquet. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 21 February, 1833. Figures in costume representing various journals carry the body of a figure representing the death of free press. Ref.: Sello 170.
10 218 Grandville and E. Forest, Cérémonie des cendres politiques (suite)
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 121 Pl. 250. Hand-colored. Partial signature in stone). Lithog: de Becquet. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 28 February, 1833. A parade of ten figures (political caricatures) in various costumes: d'Argout as Polichinelle; Guizot as a cleric, etc. The "pear" head of Louis-Philippe is sketched on the "saddle" of the giraffe. Ref.: Sello 171.
10 219 Grandville and Eugene Forest, "Memento homo quia pulvia en et in pulverem reverteria"
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 120 Pl. 248. Hand-colored. Lithographer: de Becquet. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 28 February, 1833. Six figures (political caricatures) in costumes of the Comedia dell'arte and other historical (ie. reactionary) eras are about to be stoned by a man, with two boys, one in a Phrygian cap, holding stones. Ref: Sello 172.
Note: The three lithographs above are intended to be sequentially arranged in order of appearance, forming a panoramic view of the procession. Sello 173 illustrates the whole].
10 220 Grandville and Desperet, "Le Temps l'amène, patience, patience!"
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 177 Pl. 372 & 373. Lithog: Delaunois. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 27 March, 1834. Allegorical figures of Father Time and Liberty are warned by the Press that promised freedoms will not come quickly. Ref.: Sello 198.
10 221 "G.D." [i.e., Grandville and Desperet], "Jugement des Juges"
From La Caricature (Journal) No. 233 Pl. 484 & 485. "G.D." in reverse on stone. Lithog: Delaunois. Vendor: Aubert. Date: 23 April, 1835. Father Time has brought in two members of the ancien regime (presumably magistrates) before allegorical figures of France, and of Justice, who is branding their foreheads with the letter "A". Ref.: Sello 218.
10 222 Grandville and Eugene Forest, "Décès de Madmoiselle Hérédité. Elle laisse inconsolables ses pairs et ses enfans. De profundis."
From La Caricature (Journal). Lithog: Delaporte. Vendor: Aubert. This copy is on newsprint, laid down on china paper. A group of people, most of whom bear a family resemblance (and particularly large noses), some of whom may be caricatures of various political figures, are shown mourning the passing of Mlle. Heredity, who wears a gown, but appears rather masculine. Not found in Sello.
10 223 Grandville and M.[?], "Grande Vendage du Budjet. Année de la Comete, bonne année, pleine année.Grande Vendage du Budjet. Année de la Comete, bonne année, pleine année."
From L'Association mensuelle lithographique No. 4. Lithog.: de Becquet. Vendor: Aubert. Date: December, 1832. Louis-Philippe and his ministers are harvesting bags of money as if they were bunches of grapes on the vine. Evident at the left is the censor D'Argout, with his famous nose and shears. Ref.: Bechtel, Edwin de Turck. Freedom of the Press and L'Association mensuelle: Philipon versus Louis-Philippe (New York: Grolier Club, 1952).

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