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Romeyn de Hooghe etchings, 1667-ca.1700

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Finding aid for the Romeyn de Hooghe etchings, 1667-ca.1700
Series IV. History: Contemporary scenes, 1672-1689? 8 prints 16 sheets
Prints depicting a variety of historical events.
2 CORNELIS De Wit Ruwaert van Putten. MR. JAN DE WIT Pensionaris.
Romeyn De Hooghe. s.l., 1672: s.n. Sh. 32.3 x 52.9. H 88. LE 63. M 2403a. VS 2456. Cornelis and Jan de Wit assaulted and murdered at the Hague. Former L.63.
4** VREEDE HANDEL Tuschen Engelandt en ons.
Romeyn De Hooghe. Amsterdam, 1674: Romeyn De Hooghe. Sh. 47.7 x 56.5. H 111. LE 81. M 2532. VS 2584. Peace negotiations between England and Holland. Parts in central scene numbered, with key in Dutch. Originally a single sheet with 9 separate vignettes; now cut apart into 9 pieces mounted in 1 mat. Former L.81.
2 ELLENDEN KLACHT Van het Bedroefde NEDERLANDT Sedert het Jaer 1672. tot den Aller-heyligen Vlvet van het Jaer 1675.
Romeyn De Hooghe. Amsterdam, 1675: Romeyn De Hooghe. Pl. 27.6 x 34.8; Sh. 57.7 x 41. H 120a. LE 95. M 2577. VS 2622. Natural and human-made disasters in the Netherlands. With 2 letterpress columns of Dutch text. Former L.95.
[Romeyn De Hooghe]. [Amsterdam, 1676]: s.n. Pl. 43.2 x 54.4; Sh. 43.9 x 55. H 121. LE 102. M 2587 + Supp. 2587. VS 2635. Funeral of Fieldmarshal Paulus Wirtz in Amsterdam, 24 October 1676. Parts lettered, with key in Dutch. Former L.102.
5** VERTREK VAN S.K.H. NA ENGELAND, den 11. Nov. 1688. DEPART DE S.A.R. POUR ANGLETERRE Le 11 No. 1688
Romeyn De Hooghe. [1688]: J. Covens et C. Mortier. Pl. 44.9 x 54.8; Sh. 50.3 x 62.3. H 142. LE 147. M 2713a, 2713b. VS 2742. 2 images on 1 plate: William II setting sail for England and arriving in Tor Bay. Titles also in French. Parts lettered, with key in Dutch and French: AENKOMST VAN S.K.H.D.P. VAN ORANGIE IN ENGELAND, den 15. en 16. Nov. 1688... Former L.147.
6** [William III arriving in England with the Dutch fleet, 1688].
Romeyn De Hooghe. Amsterdam, [1688]: Carel Allard. Sh. 50.5 x 59.8. LE 151. M 2722a. With leafy frame on top and sides. Parts numbered, without key. Without vignettes or text as in LE 151. Former L.151.
[Romeyn De Hooghe]. [Leiden], s.d.: J. Tangena. Pl. 41 x 61.9; Sh. 43.5 x 64.1. H 135. LE 188. M 2673. VS supp. Persecution of Protestants in France, 1685-89?. Twelve separate scenes, each labeled with a letter. Letterpress title below: Verklaarung van dese bovenstaande Prent, over de wreede Verfolging der Gereformeerde in Vrankrijk, begonnen 1685. en nog gedurenete 1699. Former L.188a.
[Romeyn De Hooghe].[Leiden], s.d.: J. Tangena. Sh. 62.9 x 52.9. H 135. LE 188. M 2673. Persecution of Protestants in France, 1685-89?. Letterpress title below: Verklaringe van de bovenstaande grouwelijke Vervolgingen tegen de Gereformeerde in Vrankrijk 1685, en 1686. / MIROIR des Tourments, exercés contre ceux de la Religion Reformée en FRANCE. With 4 letterpress columns, 2 in Dutch and 2 in French. 2 sheets glued together; additional strip at left side of image. Collector's initials of Leonard Baskin (1922-), dated 1972, on back. Former L.188b.

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