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Romeyn de Hooghe etchings, 1667-ca.1700

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Finding aid for the Romeyn de Hooghe etchings, 1667-ca.1700
Series I. Allegories, 1671-ca. 1695 7.0 prints
Title pages, frontpieces, portraits, [possibly illustrations] depicting exploration, ship building, and mythology, as well as religious subjects.
1 Figures a La mode.
Romeyn De Hooghe. s.l., s.d.: Nicolaes Visscher. Sh. 16.3 x 12.1. H 363. LE 379. Title page for suite of 12 prints by De Hooghe. Number 1 in ink bottom right corner. Former L.379.
Romeyn De Hooghe. [Amsterdam], 1671: [C. Commelijn]. Pl. 25.3 x 14.5; Sh. 31.1 x 18.7. LBI 16. Guide to shipbuilding. Frontispiece for Nicolaes Witsen, Aeloude en Hedendagsche Scheeps-Bouvw en Bestier. Amsterdam, 1671: C. Commelijn. Collector's stamp and signature of Leonard Baskin(1922-), dated 1964, on back. Former L.16.
[Romeyn De Hooghe]. Amsterdam, [1695]: Carel Allard. Pl. 21.1 x 27.4; Sh. 23.3 x 29.4. Title page from Carel Allard, Orbis habitabilis oppida et vestitus. Amsterdam, ca.1695: Carel Allard. Former P.14.
2 [Allegory of Maritime Atlas].
Romeyn De Hooghe. [Amsterdam],1694: s.n. Proof before addition of De Hooghe's poem explaining the allegory. Pl. 49.6 x 28.2; Sh. 50.7 x 29.1. H 1129. Koeman. Frontispiece from P. Mortier, Atlas Maritime. Amsterdam: P. Mortier, 1694. Collector's stamp and signature of Leonard Baskin(1922-), dated 1965, on back. Former P.16.
1** De Fabel von APOLLO en DAFNE. De Fabel van NEPTUNE en KORONIS.
Gérard de Lairesse. s.l., [1672]: [Gérard de Lairesse]. Pl. 68.8 x 46.2; Sh. 70.9 x 47.9. M 2308a. Allegory on the liberation of Holland by William III. With 2 Dutch poems. Former P.12.
2** GUILELMUS HENRICUS et MARIA STUARDA hic Arausionensium illa Eboracensium incomparabiles Principes, Matrimonio juncti 14 Novembr: stylo novo recepti Gloriose 14 Decembr Hagæ comitis Ao 1677.
Romeyn De Hooghe. The Hague, 1677: s.n. Sh. 65.5 x 46.5. H 127. LE 114. M 2621. VS 2661. Allegory on the marriage of William III and Mary in London. With Latin verses by De Hooghe. Former L.114.
Romeyn De Hooghe. s.l., [1695]: P. Persoy. Sh. 30.4 x 18.8. H 189-198. LBI 87. LE 171. M 2905. VS 2930. Frontispiece from Samuel Gruterus, Funeralia Mariae II. Britanniarum D.g. Reginae .... Harlem: ex officina Margaretae a Bancken, 1695. Former L.171.

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