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Royal Bas-Reliefs of Abomey Conservation Project records, 1845-2000 and undated (bulk 1994-1997)

Request access to the physical material described in this inventory through its corresponding library catalog record and click "Request." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Guide to the Royal Bas-Reliefs of Abomey Conservation Project Records, 1845-2000 and undated (bulk 1994-1997)
Series I. Core project files, 1845-1998 and undated (bulk 1994-1997) 17.1 linear feet (29 boxes)
Series I.A. Field, training, and reference materials, 1845-1999 and undated (bulk 1994-1997) 16.5 linear feet (26 boxes)
The records, dating 1845-1997 and undated (bulk 1994-1997), document the Getty Conservation Institute's field campaigns to conserve the bas-reliefs at Abomey. The material includes preliminary survey forms, graphic representations, before and after treatment photographs, condition reports, technique and current state forms, treatment plans and reports, and before and after slides. Material also includes training material assembled by the Getty Conservation Institute for field project staff use, which addresses conservation techniques, procedures, and photo documentation, as well as a set of reference binders consisting of photocopied journal articles, book chapters, and other publications related to Abomey and Benin. Additionally, there is unedited video footage of the Abomey site and video footage documenting the 4th, 5th, and 6th field campaigns.
Arrangement note
The materials are arranged by subject into the following categories: Training materials, Conservation documentation binders, Additional field materials, Offprints and references, and Audiovisual materials.
Training materials, 1988, 1994-1997, undated
2013.IA.28-02 Campaign training binder, 1994-1997? (2 folders)
2013.IA.28-03 Campaign training binder, 1994-1997? (2 folders)
2013.IA.28-02 6th campaign training binder, 1994-1997?
2013.IA.28-02 Photodocumentation training binder, 1994-1997?
2013.IA.28-03 Legends, 1988
2013.IA.28-03 Basic terminology glossaries, undated
2013.IA.28-03 Proforma examples, undated
2013.IA.28-28 Training materials and references copyright permissions correspondence, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-03 New trainees identification forms, undated
2013.IA.28-03 6th and 7th campaign trainee certificates, 1997
2013.IA.28-03 Training component evaluation report, undated
Conservation documentation binders, 1986, 1994-1997
2013.IA.28-05 1. Jarre de terre percée tenue par deux mains, 1986, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-05 2. Soldat éventrant eun ennemi, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-05 3. Lion, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-05 4. Recade simple et Akpola, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-05 5. Tête attachée a un arbre, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-06 6. Lion, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-06 7. Recade et fusil, 1986, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-06 8. Homme/Calao, 1986, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-06 9. Lion, 1995
2013.IA.28-06 10. Goubassa: Récades de Guezo, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-07 11. Soldat tirant dans la bouche d'un ennemi, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-07 12. Lion, 1986, 1995
2013.IA.28-07 13. Un sabre/un récade, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-07 14. Ennemi subissant un supplice, 1986, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-07 15. Lion, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-08 16. Sabre de Migan recade de Kpengala, 1986, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-08 17. Tête se balançant au cou d'un cheval, 1986, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-08 18. Lion, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-08 19. 2 bâton de chasse, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-08 20. Scéne de bataille à trois personnages, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-09 21. Lion, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-09 22. Goubassa/Hachette, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-09 23. Tête au cou d'un cheval, 1986, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-09 24. Lion, 1986, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-09 25. Sabre/Hachette, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-10 26. Hyéne mangeant un serpent, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-10 27. Lion, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-10 28. Récade avec tête de cheval/sabre, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-10 29. Teste se balançant au cou d'un cheval, 1986, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-11 30. Lion, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-11 32. Caméléon tenant un Goubassa, 1986, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-11 33. Lion, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-11 34. Crâne surmonté d'un bois et recade de Behanzin, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-11 35. Daguessou mâle, 1986, 1995
2013.IA.28-11 37. Tête surmonté d'une iarre, 1986, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-12 38. Daguessou mâle, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-12 39. Lion, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-12 40. Deux hommes buvant dans un verre, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-12 45. Eléphant, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-12 46. Caïman attrapant un poisson, 1986, 1994-1995, 1997
2013.IA.28-13 47. Chasseur portrant une biche, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-13 48. Une nasse et un poisson, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-13 49. Kpaligan (héro royal) juché sur un echaffaudage, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-13 50. Homme portrant un epi de mil sur la tête, 1986, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-13 51. Soldat décapitant un homme à cheval, 1986, 1996-1997
2013.IA.28-14 52. Soldat décapitant un Geurrier tennant une flûte, 1986, 1995-1997
2013.IA.28-14 53. Scéne de pendaison à 3 personnages, 1986, 1996
2013.IA.28-14 54. Buffle et canard, 1994-1995
2013.IA.28-14 55. Deux guerriers en position de lutte, 1986, 1994-1996
2013.IA.28-14 56. Soldat aboméen enfonçant un couteau, 1986, 1994-1995
Additional field materials, 1993-1997, 1999, undated
2013.IA.28-03 Field notebook facsimile, 1994-1997
2013.IA.28-03 Francesca Pique field notebook, 1997
2013.IA.28-03 Soil/mineralogical analysis report and pigment analysis sample collection list, 1993
General note
Please note: Physical samples are available to researchers in the GCI Reference Collection.
2013.IA.28-03 Report on bas-relief sample cross-sections, 1999
General note
Please note: Physical samples are available to researchers in the GCI Reference Collection.
2013.IA.28-03 Supplies inventories, 1995-1996
2013.IA.28-03 Web sling catalogs and instructions, undated
2013.IA.28-03 Abomey FPO scans (low resolution), circa 1999 (1 Jaz disk for Macintosh)
2013.IA.28-04 List of bas-reliefs, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Bas-reliefs inventory and drawings, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Bas-relief transportation and storage plan, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Diagrams and plans, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Visual materials inventories, 1996, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Neuchatel Abomey images: contact sheet photocopies, 1994
2013.IA.28-04 Computer-generated bas-relief reintegration images, 1995
2013.IA.28-04 Signage, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Invitations, undated
2013.IA.28-04 Technicians correspondence, 1994-1996
Offprints and references, 1845-1997, undated
2013.IA.28-15 Volume 1, 1845-1988, undated
2013.IA.28-15 Volume 2, 1908-1996, undated
2013.IA.28-16 Volume 3, 1964-1994, undated
2013.IA.28-16 Volume 4, 1984-1996, undated
2013.IA.28-17 Volume 5, 1995-1997, undated
2013.IA.28-18 Abomey Project bibliography and off-prints A-B, 1861-1991, undated
2013.IA.28-19 Abomey Project off-prints C-J, 1895-1934, undated
2013.IA.28-20 Abomey Project off-prints K-N, 1911-1993, undated
2013.IA.28-21 Abomey Project off-prints O-R, 1963-1993, undated
2013.IA.28-22 Abomey Project off-prints S-Z, 1920-1992, undated
Audiovisual materials, 1984, 1993-1996, undated
2013.IA.28-30 Abomey Musée Historique walk-through video footage, 1993 (VHS tape: 3 copies)
2013.IA.28-44 Abomey Musée Historique walk-through video footage, 1993 (1 Hi8mm tape)
2013.IA.28-30 Abomey Project inauguration ceremony video, March 7, 1994 (1 VHS tape NTSC copy; 1 VHS tape PAL copy)
2013.IA.28-44 Abomey Project inauguration ceremony video, March 7, 1994 (1 Hi 8mm tape)
2013.IA.28-30 Musée d'Abomey bas-reliefs conservation documentation video footage, November 1994 (1 VHS tape)
2013.IA.28-30 4th campaign documentation video footage, 1995 (1 VHS tape)
2013.IA.28-30 4th campaign documentation video footage, March 1995 (1 VHS tape)
2013.IA.28-30 5th and 6th campaigns documentation video footage, October 1995-March 1996 (1 VHS tape)
2013.IA.28-32 Magazine Français No. 8: Formation des maires au Togo, Sites rouyaux d'Abomey, et Danses rituelles, 1984 (1 VHS tape)
2013.IA.28-34 Histoire et Mémoires de Ouidah, 1995 (1 VHS tape)
2013.IA.28-34 La famille Adjaho en concert, undated (1 VHS tape)

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