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Art Works: Behind the Scenes at the Getty production materials, 1995-1998 (bulk 1997)

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Inventory of production materials
Series III. Production records 1995-1998 (bulk 1996-1997) 8.9 linear feet (11 boxes and 1 enclosure)
Materials comprise the electronic and paper records generated during the production of the video Art Works: Behind the Scenes at the Getty. Records document the work completed by the production companies OneSuch Films and Mountainair Films, Inc. and also the work completed by the film editing company, Two Headed Monster. Documentation includes contracts, releases, logs of dailies, camera reports, lab reports, inventories, story boards, scripts, presentation transparencies, correspondence, and background information on projects and locations.
The records date from 1995 to 1998 and appear to be a compilation of files maintained by different people; some of the content overlaps.
Material was largely left in its original order.
The following types of records are permanently closed: records containing personal information, records that compromise security or operations, legal communications, legal work product, and records related to donors. The J. Paul Getty Trust reserves the right to restrict access to any records held by the Institutional Archives.
Records that are closed/restricted are noted at the folder level and have been physically separated from the rest of the collection.
Presentation boards, transparencies, and prints
1998.IA.01-001 Design recommendations by Franklin Balkind Partners: color coding, typography, and sample screens, June 4, 1996 (23 boards numbered 2-24 and corresponding transparencies)
1998.IA.01-002 Storyboards 1-2, copies of storyboards, transparencies, 1996
1998.IA.01-003 Storyboards 3-14, 1996
1998.IA.01-004 Storyboards 15-26, 1996
1998.IA.01-079 Photographic prints: unidentified Western artwork/illustrations, undated (7 oversized photographic prints, approximately 3 x 4 foot each)
"Getty Film Project": general planning and production files
1998.IA.01-005 Concept, content, structure, 1996-1997 (2 folders)
1998.IA.01-005 Director search, 1996
1998.IA.01-005 Staus reports, 1995-1996
1998.IA.01-005 Pre-production, 1995-1996
Final script, 1997
1998.IA.01-005 Printed files (1 folder)
1998.IA.01-010 Digital files (1 3.5 inch floppy disk)
1998.IA.01-005 Final treatment v1.0 [script], May 23, 1997
1998.IA.01-005 Captions, Inc. [printout of subtitles], January 22, 1998
1998.IA.01-005 Screen credits, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-005 Video jacket design, 1997-1998
1998.IA.01-005 Final delivery requirements, 1997-1998
"Getty Film Project": general agreements and correspondence
1998.IA.01-005 Consultants: general, 1995-1996
1998.IA.01-005 Citron, Lisa, 1996
1998.IA.01-005 Coe, Howard, 1997
1998.IA.01-005 Deitrich, Kristin, 1996
1998.IA.01-005 Morris, Susan, 1996
1998.IA.01-005 Wells, Michael, 1996
1998.IA.01-005 Wickens, Brett, 1996
1998.IA.01-005 Dubs, Inc., 1994, 1997
1998.IA.01-005 FotoKem Lab agreement, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-005 Frankfurt Balkind, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-005 Insurance coverage [Truman Van Dyke Co.], 1996-1997
General note
See also Mountainair: Correspondence: E & O [Errors and Omissions liability] insurance contract.
1998.IA.01-005 LA City View 35, 1998
1998.IA.01-078 Christine Steiner [counsel regarding contracts and releases], 1997-1998
Records contain questions regarding legal matters and are therefore permanently closed.
1998.IA.01-005 Getty release forms (blank), undated
1998.IA.01-005 Jimenez, Luis [release for use of artwork], 1997-1998
1998.IA.01-005 Freedom Won't Wait, Nuni Olabisi release [for use of artwork], 1997-1998
Images and maps
1998.IA.01-002 Photocopies of desert images, undated
1998.IA.01-005 Getty Research Institute collection materials, circa 1990s (76 color slides)
1998.IA.01-005 Getty Research Institute collection materials, circa 1990s (2 individual and 18 strips of photographic negatives; 1 color print)
1998.IA.01-005 Temecula [student] banners selected, undated
"The Wall":
1998.IA.01-006 Images, circa 1990s
1998.IA.01-006 Conservation images: general, circa 1990s
1998.IA.01-006 Scholarship images: general, circa 1990s
1998.IA.01-006 Cartography, 1996, undated
Inventories, logs, and camera reports
1998.IA.01-006 Master inventory for film project by Two Headed Monster, Inc., Januarty 26, 1998
"Getty Project disk" THM11494 (Two Headed Monster),
1998.IA.01-010 Original disk, undated (1 Zip disk)
1998.IA.01-080 Copy on compact disc, undated (1 CD)
1998.IA.01-006 Final Video Log: Art Works [Getty Dailies Log (October 25, 1997) and other documents], 1997-1998
1998.IA.01-006 "The Getty" video tape log (Mountainair shoots 1,2, and 3), undated
1998.IA.01-006 Video log stills master (Mountainair shoots 1,2, and 3), 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-006 Quito video log (Mountainair shoot 3), undated
1998.IA.01-006 "The Getty" breakdown reports (Mountainair key-logs and lab reports), 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-006 "The Getty" camera and lab reports (Mountainair), 1996-1997 (2 folders)
1998.IA.01-010 "The Getty" key logs (Mountainair), 1996-1997 (13 3.5 inch floppy disks)
Location shoots/film segments: background, logistics, and releases
Shoot One: The Getty: Applications for permission to photograph (signed originals), 1996
Shoot Two: Temecula
1998.IA.01-006 Deal memos, 1996
1998.IA.01-006 Subject/talent releases, 1996
1998.IA.01-006 Temecula Middle School location agreement, December 12, 1996
Shoot Three: Quito, Mexico City, and Bonampak
1998.IA.01-006 Shooting schedules and logistics, 1997
1998.IA.01-006 Quito deal memos, 1997
1998.IA.01-006 Quito location letters, 1997
1998.IA.01-006 Quito location releases, 1997
1998.IA.01-006 Quito subject releases, 1997
1998.IA.01-007 Mexico City location releases, 1997
1998.IA.01-007 Mexico City subject releases, 1997
1998.IA.01-007 Bonampak location [logistics and permissions correspondence], 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Bonampak subject/personal release, 1996
Shoot Four: Los Angeles
1998.IA.01-007 Schedule and logistics, April-May 1997
1998.IA.01-007 Deal memos, 1997
1998.IA.01-007 Subject/personal releases, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 L.A. locations status reports, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Spark murals slide list, undated
1998.IA.01-007 Aerospce Museum location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Ballerina Clown (Main Street, Venice) location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Beach house (2509 Speedway, Venice) location notes, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Disney building ("dwarfs") location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Flying Saucer House location inquiry, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Griffith Observatory location agreement [no agreement in folder], 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Hard Rock Cafe (Beverly Center) location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Petersen Automotive Museum location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Tail O' the Pup Hot Dog Stand location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Randy's Donuts location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 TBWA Chiat/Day location agreement, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Wells Fargo building location agreement [no agreement in folder], 1996
Documentation of other shoots and film segments
1998.IA.01-007 Arts Ed Net film treatment draft and background, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Baltit Fort background and correspondence, 1997
1998.IA.01-007 Mogao Grottoes location shoot logistics, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Mogao Grottoes background, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Object I.D. Protecting Cultural Objects (Czech Republic) correspondence with Pavel Jirasek, 1997 (includes 13 color photographic prints)
1998.IA.01-007 Object I.D. Protecting Cultural Objects (Czech Republic) location shoot logistics, 1995-1997
1998.IA.01-007 Silk Road Banner Project [correspondence and photocopies of images], 1997
Mountainair Films, Inc.
Budget drafts
1998.IA.01-007 August 18, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 August 30, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 September 10, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 October 17, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Contracts, 1996
1998.IA.01-007 Contract correspondence, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-008 Draft contract and expense reports, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-008 E & O [Errors and Omissions liability] insurance contract, 1997
1998.IA.01-008 Correspondence, 1996
1998.IA.01-008 Correspondence, production breakdown, calendar, original signed agreements, 1996
1998.IA.01-008 Director Ron Fricke: correspondence and biographical sketch, 1996
1998.IA.01-078 Legal correspondence and internal memos regarding Mountainair contract termination, 1997
Records contain legal work product and are therefore permanently closed.
1998.IA.01-078 Legal correspondence and documentation on settlement with Mountainair Films, Inc., 1997
Records contain legal work product and are therefore permanently closed.
1998.IA.01-078 Taub [legal] correspondence, 1997
1998.IA.01-005 "Working documents: Mountainair," 1996-1997
OneSuch Films
1998.IA.01-009 Correspondence, script, shooting schedule, and original signed contract, 1997
1998.IA.01-009 Correspondence and signed release forms: Baltit Fort, Prague, and Los Angeles area participants, 1996-1998
1998.IA.01-009 Correspondence: Brian Donnelly, 1997
1998.IA.01-009 Final bid drafts, June 1997
1998.IA.01-009 Insurance, 1996-1997
1998.IA.01-009 Invoices and approved overages, 1997
1998.IA.01-009 Wrap Book, (2 expanding files)
Wrap Book comprises: call sheets/production reports; payroll summary report; purchase order log; insurance for negative shot prior to OneSuch Films' involvement in project; China releases; LA Culture Net murals and performers releases; Temecula location and talent releases; Los Angeles school children used in museum releases; Los Angeles Open School location and talent releases; Los Angeles landmarks location and talent releases; voice-over talent releases; and Getty Center volunteers releases.

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