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Getty Research Institute public event records and recordings, 1998-2020

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Getty Research Institute public event records and recordings

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Getty Research Institute Public Event Records and Recordings, 1998-2020. Institutional Records and Archives. The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, IA40002.

Acquisition Information

Accessions 2001.IA.01; 2004.IA.11; 2006.IA.21; 2006.IA.26; 2007.IA.37; 2008.IA.04; 2008.IA.34; 2009.IA.23; 2010.IA.39; 2011.IA.07; 2012.IA.009; 2013.IA.02; 2014.IA.06; 2015.IA.08; 2016.IA.07; 2016.IA.81; 2017.IA.13; 2017.IA.16; 2018.IA.18; 2019.IA.12; 2019.IA.55 and 2020.IA.21 were transferred from the Getty Research Institute.

Processing History

Materials were cataloged by several Institutional Archives staff members prior to 2009. Cyndi Shein created the finding aid and processed materials from 2009 to 2013. Legacy materials were added in 2011 by Zoe MacLeod. 2014 to 2020 event materials were processed and added to the finding aid in 2016 and 2020 by Helen Kim. Lorain Wang ingested the digital materials into Rosetta in 2019 and 2020.

In 2016, it was determined that all of the California Video artist oral histories were not GRI public events and were removed from this collection to form their own independent collection (finding aid no. IA60004).

Running times have not been listed for event recordings added to the finding aid in 2019 and after.

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