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Department of Education and Academic Affairs records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)

Request access to the physical materials described in this inventory through the catalog record at library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Guide to the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs Records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)
Series I. Administrative records, 1981-2004, undated 7.3 linear feet (10 boxes)
Records consist of memoranda, correspondence, reports, meeting notes, handouts, policies and procedures regarding the administrative records of the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs, dating 1981-2004 and undated.
The records comprise general department records concerning the activities of the department and the Museum, museum education, exhibits, and department procedures; the administrative records of individuals in the department; and records regarding docent activities.
Arrangement note
The records are organized into three subseries:

Series I.A. General department records, 1983-2003, undated;

Series I.B. Individuals' administrative records, 1981-2004, undated (bulk 1992-1999);

Series I.C. Docents, 1981-1997 (bulk 1992-1999).
Series I.A. General department records, 1983-2003, undated 3.6 linear feet (5 boxes)
Records consist primarily of memoranda, correspondence, notes, reports, releases, policies and procedures regarding the general administration of the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs, dating 1983-2003, and undated. Included are departmental development materials such as activity reports, department and Museum history, reports on museum education, background materials for major exhibits, Museum style guides, departmental goals and procedures, and a VHS tape titled The J. Paul Getty Museum. There are also materials related to the opening of the Getty Center: staff training, promotional and design plans, photo releases, and docent and VIP tour policies.
Arrangement note
Records are divided into two sections: departmental development and the Getty Center opening. Within each section, records were kept primarily in the order in which they were received.
Departmental development:
2009.IA.03-12 Department staff activity reports, 1994
2009.IA.03-12 "Papers and Articles Concerning the Getty Kouros," 1987-1992
2009.IA.03-12 Nefertari exhibition background information, 1992
2009.IA.03-12 "The Department of Academic Affairs, The J. Paul Getty Museum: Record of Activity 1978-1986," April 24 1986
2009.IA.03-12 History of department, 1983-1987
2009.IA.03-12 AAM Task Force report on museum education, 1990
2009.IA.03-12 "The Division of Education and Public Affairs: A Progress Report," 1990
2009.IA.03-12 "The New J. Paul Getty Museum: Program Draft," July 1985
2009.IA.03-12 "The Uniqueness and Overlap among Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism, and Aesthetics (The View from Art History)," August 1987
2009.IA.03-12 "Education at the J. Paul Getty Museum," October 1 1983
2009.IA.03-12 Focus groups: archival, 1989
2009.IA.03-12 JPGM Editorial Style Guide, 1985-1987
2009.IA.03-12 "J. Paul Getty Trust Publications: Style Guide," 1987
2009.IA.03-12 "Herculaneum to Malibu: A Companion to the Visit of the J. Paul Getty Museum Building," 1975
2009.IA.03-12 [Getty Villa history], 1985
2009.IA.03-12 Accounting procedures, 1988
2009.IA.03-12 Department quarterly report, 1989
2009.IA.03-12 Department quarterly report, 1988
2009.IA.03-12 Computer services, 1989
2009.IA.03-12 Computer services, 1988
2009.IA.03-12 Computer services, 1985
2009.IA.03-13 Policies, 1987-1989
2009.IA.03-13 Goals and objectives, 1988-1989
2009.IA.03-13 Gallery talks, 1988-1989
2009.IA.03-13 Docent program, 1987-1989
2009.IA.03-13 Talks/seminars, 1988-1989
2009.IA.03-13 Retreat, May 1989
2009.IA.03-13 Retreat: Center for Education and Education and Academic Affairs, January 1989
2011.IA.22-7 Long-term planning, 1986-1992
2011.IA.22-7 Goals and objectives FY '91, 1991
2011.IA.22-7 Goals and objectives FY '89, 1989
2011.IA.22-7 Goals and objectives FY '90, 1990
2011.IA.22-7 Goals FY '92, 1992
2011.IA.22-7 Department goals 1993, 1993
2011.IA.22-7 Goals and objectives: departmental education: David Ebitz, 1987-1992
2011.IA.22-7 1998 Goals: Education Department, 1998
2011.IA.22-7 Education department goals FY '98, 1998
2011.IA.22-7 Education department: goals and objectives, 1995
2011.IA.22-7 Goals and SR projects, 1994
2011.IA.22-7 Education department retreat: 10/13/98, 1998
2011.IA.22-7 Manager's retreat: 3/12/99, 1999
2011.IA.22-7 Education update meetings with DG [Deborah Gribbon?], 1996-1997
2011.IA.22-7 Manager's retreat, 1997
2011.IA.22-7 Manager retreat, other topics, 1996
2011.IA.22-6 "Opportunities to Enhance Access to the Education Department's Programs and Resources," 1998
2011.IA.22-6 Opening year information, 1995-1997
2011.IA.22-6 Staff retreat FY92 1992
2011.IA.22-6 Staff retreat FY91 1991
2011.IA.22-6 Rowanne Henry-Jugan consent letter, 1999-2001
2011.IA.22-6 Rowanne Henry-Jugan dissertation, 2002
2011.IA.22-6 Staff education IRS regulations memos, 1984-1992
2011.IA.22-6 Staff education policy, 1986-1994
2009.IA.03-12 The J. Paul Getty Museum, undated (1 VHS videotape, DUB, trt 15:32 minutes)
Getty Center opening:
2009.IA.03-20 Gallery teachers training schedule, 1997
2009.IA.03-20 Transition: Education Department, 1997
2009.IA.03-20 Transition opening events, 1996
2009.IA.03-20 Audioguide, 1996
2011.IA.22-7 Masthead font and margin guidelines, 1997
2011.IA.22-7 Education Department design and printed materials, 1997
2011.IA.22-7 Education wallpaper illustrations, 1997
2011.IA.22-7 J. Otto Seibold, 1997, 2001
2011.IA.22-7 Robert Pacheco, 1997-2000
2011.IA.22-7 Gary Moss, 1997-1998
2011.IA.22-7 Signed model releases, 1997-1999
2011.IA.22-7 VIP orientation tour program, 1999-2000
2011.IA.22-7 Docents: Meet and Greet Program, 1997-1999 (2 folders)
2011.IA.22-7 VIP recruitment, 2000 (3 folders)
2011.IA.22-7 VIP recruitment Part 1, 2000
2011.IA.22-7 Docent interview process, 1996-1997
2011.IA.22-7 Docent training, 1996-1997
2011.IA.22-7 Docent selection process, 1996-1997
2011.IA.22-7 Docent recruitment, 1997 (2 folders)
2011.IA.22-7 Statistics: docent applicants, 1997
2011.IA.22-7 Docent roster, undated
Series I.B. Individuals' administrative records, 1981-2004, undated (bulk 1992-1999) 3.2 linear feet (4 boxes)
Records consist mainly of memoranda, correspondence, meeting notes, planning materials, reports, handouts, and articles, as they were maintained by individuals in the Education Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum, dating from 1981-2004 and undated (bulk 1992-1999). The individuals whose records are in this series are Ann Friedman, Elizabeth Escamilla, and Peggy Fogelman.
Arrangement note
The records are organized into three subseries:

Series I.B.1. Ann Friedman administrative records, 1985-1999 (bulk 1996-1997);

Series I.B.2. Elizabeth Escamilla administrative records, 1981-1985, 1992-2004, undated;

Series I.B.3. Peggy Fogelman administrative records, 2002-2003.
Series I.B.1. Ann Friedman administrative records, 1985-1999 (bulk 1996-1997) 1.6 linear feet (2 boxes)
Records consist of memoranda, correspondence, handouts, and meeting notes from the administrative records of Ann Friedman, Administrator of Lectures and Concerts at the J. Paul Getty Museum (as of 1990), dating 1989-1997 (bulk 1996-1997). Files mainly pertain to concerts, exhibits, and the scheduling of other events planned for the opening of the Getty Center, such as the audioguide tour, VIEW (the computerized interactive art information system for visitors), and the Sounds of L.A. Concert Series, as well as gallery interpretation materials. Additional files contain Ms. Friedman's pen-pal correspondence with Stoner Avenue Elementary School. There are also records regarding museum outreach and cultural diversity, and materials from the collaborative program with Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture (SMCDAA) that provided access to the Museum and its activities to a group of ethnically diverse art students.
Arrangement note
Materials have been kept in the order in which they were received.
2009.IA.03-14 Cultural diversity, 1992-1997
2009.IA.03-14 Post-riot programs, 1992-1993
2009.IA.03-14 Object files, 1989
2009.IA.03-14 SMCDAA, 1992-1994
2009.IA.03-14 SMCDAA, 1995
2009.IA.03-14 Scheduling, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Stan Knight, 1994
2009.IA.03-14 Friday night and college programs, 1996-1997
2009.IA.03-14 ASCAP/BMI, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Miscellaneous concert materials, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Events logistics, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Meeting and event scheduling: procedures, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Event Fact Sheet for events scheduling, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Publications, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Opening concert series, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 [Music programming materials], 1996-1997
2009.IA.03-14 Stoner Avenue Elementary, 1994
2009.IA.03-14 Stoner, 1995-1996
2009.IA.03-14 [Pen Pal letters], 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Stoner, 1996-1997
2009.IA.03-14 Concert planning, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Exhibition proposals: manuscripts, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 UCLA seminar evaluation, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Veronica Vasquez, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 VIEW: mythology materials 1996
2009.IA.03-14 VIEW reviewing, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Grouping works around themes, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Manuscripts audioguide materials, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Decorative Arts audioguide, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Audioguide, 1996-1997
2009.IA.03-14 Manuscripts gallery card, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Sue Runyard film proposal, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Gallery interpretation materials, 1996
2009.IA.03-14 Decorative Arts design activity book, 1994
2009.IA.03-14 Project summaries: fact sheets, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Sounds of L.A. coordinator search, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 Julia Carnahan: correspondence, contracts, 1997
2009.IA.03-14 November 1997 documents, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Lecture series, 1985-1986
2006.IA.19-04 My gallery tours and gallery talk procedures, 1997, undated
2006.IA.19-04 Notes on art in the galleries, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 L.A. as Subject concert series, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Talk for Marni's storyteller docents [notes on artwork related to Hercules and Louis XIV], 1997
2006.IA.19-04 L.A. as Subject and other GRI programs, 1995-1996
2006.IA.19-04 Evaluation, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 [Lectures and seminars], 1986, 1988
2006.IA.19-04 Getty statement of principles, undated
2006.IA.19-04 Accessibility issues, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Fred Schroeder article, undated
2006.IA.19-04 Lecture planning, 1998 and beyond, 1996-1997
2006.IA.19-04 Adult courses: planning and policy, 1987-1992
2006.IA.19-04 Adult courses, 1992
2006.IA.19-04 Roman Villas and Gardens (AC), 1992
2006.IA.19-04 Adult courses, 1993
2006.IA.19-04 Adult courses, 1994
2006.IA.19-04 Adult courses, 1995
2006.IA.19-04 Dosso Dossi information, 1999
2006.IA.19-04 Make the New Museum Your Museum, 1999
2006.IA.19-04 Lecture series, 1998
2006.IA.19-04 Ideas for programs, undated
2006.IA.19-04 Siddons exhibition programs, 1997-1998
2006.IA.19-04 Lecture planning FY99, 1998-1999
2006.IA.19-04 Sarah Siddons, 1998
2006.IA.19-04 Stained glass in the Age of Dürer and Holbein, 1997-1998
2006.IA.19-04 Procedures, forms, etc.: lectures and seminars, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Nomination form: lectures and seminars, 1999
2006.IA.19-04 Dosso Dossi, 1998-1999
2006.IA.19-04 [Museum education articles], approximately 1995
2006.IA.19-04 [Education goals, activities, ideas], approximately 1995
2006.IA.19-04 Research Institute libraries, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 "Going Shopping" table, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Getty Center film schedule, web site, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Beyond Beauty lecture series, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Going to the Getty: J. Otto Siebold and Vivian Walsh, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Michael Hackett, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Andrei Codrescu, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Decorative Arts galleries object list, 1997
2006.IA.19-04 Seattle Art Museum handouts, undated
2006.IA.19-04 Lesson plans: format ideas, undated
Series I.B.2. Elizabeth Escamilla administrative records 1981-1985, 1992-2004, undated 1.4 linear feet (2 boxes)
The records consist of lesson plans, handouts, surveys, memoranda, articles, meeting notes, planning materials, and photographic materials, seemingly created, collected, and maintained by Elizabeth Escamilla, dating from 1981-1985, 1992-1994, and undated. Many of the materials refer to a project entitled Make the New Museum Your Museum (MNMYM), including a folder containing slides, negatives, and photographic prints of classroom activities and students' visits to the museum; a number of other materials relate to teacher courses developed around museum exhibitions. Also included is research on the types of marble used in the construction of the Getty Villa, which includes photographs and slides of marble samples.
Arrangement note
Records are primarily kept in the order in which they were received.
2006.IA.19-05 USC after school curriculum/MNMYM, undated
2006.IA.19-05 4H: 1999 AST training, 1999
2006.IA.19-05 Cycladie, 1996
2006.IA.19-05 MNMYM lesson guide, undated
2006.IA.19-05 MNMYM lesson plans, 1998
2006.IA.19-05 MNMYM 1999 lesson guide, 1999
2006.IA.19-05 1999 MNMYM evaluation, 1999
2006.IA.19-05 Cycladie, previous reports, 1992, undated
2006.IA.19-05 Rembrandt label evaluation, 1995
2006.IA.19-05 Audio guide survey, 1998
2006.IA.19-05 1997 MNMYM evaluation, 1997
2006.IA.19-05 1998 MNMYM evaluation, 1998
2006.IA.19-05 [Binder: Viviane Meerbergen, Children's Museum of Los Angeles], 2001-2004
2006.IA.19-05 MNMYM curriculum ideas, 1996-1997
2006.IA.19-05 MNMYM photo images, 1997-1998 (prints, negatives, and slides of classroom activities and Villa field trips)
2006.IA.19-05 1998 spring coupons, 1998
2006.IA.19-05 Curriculum development, 2000-2002
2006.IA.19-05 Lange curriculum: self guides, 2002
2006.IA.19-05 Lange curriculum: project goals, 2002
2006.IA.19-05 Lange resources, 2001-2002
2006.IA.19-05 Voyages and Visions teacher course, 1998-2000 (3 folders)
2006.IA.19-05 Devices of Wonder teacher course, 2001 (3 folders)
2006.IA.19-05 Binder: Getty Guide, 2003
2006.IA.19-05 Education department past, 1981-1985, undated
2006.IA.19-05 Docent led site tours, 2002
2006.IA.19-05 Museum response in the aftermath [of September 11, 2001], 2001
2006.IA.19-05 The J. Paul Getty Museum 1996 Visitor Profile, 1997
2006.IA.19-05 John Walsh interviews, undated
2006.IA.19-05 Mascot, 2001-2002
2006.IA.19-05 Marble project [research concerning the types of marbles used in the construction of the Getty Villa], 1996 (contains photographs and slides of marble samples)
2006.IA.19-03 Getty Center for Education in the Arts Two Week Institute, 1995-1006
2006.IA.19-03 [Education department] fact sheets, 2003
2006.IA.19-03 Brochures: Getty family programs, 1994, 1997, undated
2006.IA.19-03 Brochures: Getty school programs, 1995
2006.IA.19-03 Brochures: Getty exhibitions, 1984, 1989, 1992-1999, undated
2006.IA.19-03 Exhibition liasion meeting, April 26, 2000 (1 videotape: VHS)
2006.IA.19-03 Family Festival August 5, 2001 [local news publicity], August 3-5, 2001 (1 videotape: VHS)
Series I.B.3. Peggy Fogelman administrative records, 2002-2003 0.2 linear feet (1 box)
Records consist primarily of meeting notes from Peggy Fogelman, dating 2002-2003. These are Fogelman's notes from weekly meetings with Elizabeth Escamilla, Viviane Meerbergern, Clare Kunny, and Rainer Mack, as well as Education department meetings.
Arrangement note
Records are in the order in which they were received.
2006.IA.19-05 2003 and before: EE [Elizabeth Escamilla] updates, 2002-2003
2006.IA.19-05 2003 and before: VM [Viviane Meerbergen] updates, 2003
2006.IA.19-05 2003 and before: CK [Claire Kunny] updates, 2003
2006.IA.19-05 2003 and before: RM [Rainer Mack] updates, 2003
2006.IA.19-05 Education Department meeting minutes, 2002
2006.IA.19-05 Education Department meeting minutes, 2003
Series I.C. Docents, 1981-1997 (bulk 1992-1997) 0.5 linear feet (1 box)
The records consist of notes, newsletters, meeting minutes, memoranda, handouts, and reports regarding the activities of docents of the J. Paul Getty Museum, dating 1981-1997 (bulk 1992-1997).
Arrangement note
Records remain in the order in which they were received.
2006.IA.19-07 Docent in-service lectures, 1995-1996
2006.IA.19-07 Docent newsletter, 1995-1997
2006.IA.19-07 Docent News: designs, undated
2006.IA.19-07 FY95 Docent News, 1993-1995
2006.IA.19-07 FY95 council, 1995
2006.IA.19-07 Forms: miscellaneous [templates, award certificates], undated
2006.IA.19-07 Docent symposium, 1993-1994
2006.IA.19-07 Getty Center docent program proposal, 1995-1996
2006.IA.19-07 FY94 recruitment, 1992-1994
2006.IA.19-07 1994 chairperson nominations, 1994
2006.IA.19-07 FY1994 council, 1993-1994
2006.IA.19-07 FY94 year end reports, 1994
2006.IA.19-07 Docent changeover luncheon, 1994
2006.IA.19-07 FY 1994 general meetings, 1993-1994
2006.IA.19-07 FY 1994 program objectives, 1993
2006.IA.19-07 FY 1994 coordinators, 1994
2006.IA.19-07 FY94 provisional training, 1993
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 docent recruitment, 1992
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 provisional training, 1992
2006.IA.19-07 CY92 handbook addendum, 1992
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 coordinators, 1992-1993
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 general, 1992
2006.IA.19-07 Docent: training services, undated
2006.IA.19-07 Docents: task force, alternate status, 1990
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 new information desk, 1991-1992
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 correspondence to docents, 1992-1993
2006.IA.19-07 Council roster: past years, 1981-1995
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 council, 1992
2006.IA.19-07 FY93 year end reports, 1993
2006.IA.19-07 FY92 year end reports, 1992

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