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Department of Education and Academic Affairs records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)

Request access to the physical materials described in this inventory through the catalog record at library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Guide to the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs Records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)
Series II. Education and outreach, 1980-2003 and undated (bulk 1984-2001) 18.65 linear feet (20 boxes, 3 flatfiles)
Series II.B. Staff education and training, 1982-1994, 2000-2002, undated 0.6 linear feet (3 boxes)
Records consist of handouts, course guides, memoranda, reports, and press releases used for staff education at the J. Paul Getty Museum, dating 1982-1997. Most of the compiled materials contain background information on certain artistic periods, topics, techniques, works and artists featured in the Museum's collection, while a few relate directly to the history and design of the Museum and the training of gallery teachers.
The handouts feature basic overviews of their topics and sometimes photocopies of background material from other sources and books. Course guides from adult courses were included for this purpose as well. Some files contain press releases regarding the Museum's acquisition of major works, and background on their provenance and history. The materials relating to the Museum itself primarily concern the Garden and the sculptures therein.
Arrangement note
Materials have been kept in the order in which they were received, which begins with more general topics, followed by specific works and artists.
2009.IA.03-15 Gallery teacher training sessions, 1983
2009.IA.03-15 Roman architecture, 1982
2009.IA.03-15 Garden/buildings, 1992
2009.IA.03-15 Roman house, 1985
2009.IA.03-15 Garden information, 1987, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Herb garden/antiquity, 1985
2009.IA.03-15 Garden Reproductions: A listing of the reproductions of Classical sculpture from the Villa dei Papiri in the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1990
2009.IA.03-15 Greek vases, 1989
2009.IA.03-15 "Course Guide to Greek and Roman Art in The J. Paul Getty Museum," 1990
2009.IA.03-15 Life in ancient Greece and Rome, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Greek vases, 1992
2009.IA.03-15 Roman general information and objects, 1990, 1993, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Mosaics, 1984, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Roman painting styles and xerox sheets, 1984
2009.IA.03-15 A Look at Roman Portraits, 1984
2009.IA.03-15 General Roman portraits, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Painting location, 1993
2009.IA.03-15 Techniques of painting, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Notes on paintings, 1985, 1994, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Frames, 1990
2009.IA.03-15 Renaissance painting, 1983, 1985, bulk undated
2009.IA.03-16 Renaissance art course, circa 1990
2009.IA.03-16 Baroque collection, undated
2009.IA.03-16 Monumental Aphrodite, 1988
2009.IA.03-16 Kouros, 1985
2009.IA.03-16 Poussin, undated
2009.IA.03-16 Valentin de Boulogne, undated
2009.IA.03-16 Dutch (Flemish) painting, undated
2009.IA.03-16 De Hooch, A Woman Preparing Bread and Butter for a Boy, undated
2009.IA.03-16 Goya, 1983, undated
2009.IA.03-16 Monet/Renoir: impressionism, 1989, undated
2009.IA.03-16 Van Gogh, Irises, 1990
2009.IA.03-16 Ensor, 1988
2011.IA.22-5 Staff education, 2000-2002

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