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Department of Education and Academic Affairs records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)

Request access to the physical materials described in this inventory through the catalog record at library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Guide to the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs Records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)
Series III. Public events and performances, 1973-1998 (bulk 1987-1998) 6.7 linear feet (11 boxes)
Series III.B. Concert series, 1980-1990, 1992-1994 1.6 linear feet (3 boxes)
Records are comprised of files for concert performers and others who were involved with the J. Paul Getty Museum's concert series, as well as some more general program administrative files, dating 1980-1990 and 1992-1994; files from 1991 are absent. Each individual performer or group has a file pertaining to their collaboration with the Getty. Although the amount of information in the file varies according to the individual, documents may include their contract (some signed, some blank copies), correspondence offering and accepting the performance, a copy of the program, logistical requirements, and background materials on the performer. Documents in this series also include contracts and correspondence with ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), blank form contracts and letters, evaluations, and general policy guidelines, although none of these are found consistently from year to year.
The 1989 file "French Revolution bicentennial" comprises documents relating to the summer concert and lecture series that coincided with UCLA's celebration of the bicentennial of the French Revolution. Many of these documents consist of correspondence, with both lecturers and performers, and internal memoranda. Some materials cover UCLA's programming.
Most materials seem to originate in the office of Ann Friedman, but there is one set of files from the office of David Ebitz.
Files are arranged into sets by year. Within each year, general records are located at the front, followed by individual files for performers and others involved in the production of the concerts.
Records need to be reviewed for the possible presence of personal and financial information.
Early 1980s:
2009.IA.03-8 Concert Programs, 1980-1982
2009.IA.03-8 Consulting questionnaires for concert performers, 1986
2011.IA.22-4 Summer Concerts 1986
2009.IA.03-8 Miscellaneous concert correspondence, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Concert programs and profiles, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Proposals, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Contract for musician, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Contract letter for musicians, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Boyver, Gary, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Cheng, Gloria, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Corrigan, Rose, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Dembow, Brian, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Erdody, Steven, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Gray, Gary, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Greenberg, Susan, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Guarneri, Mario, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Johnson, Cynthia, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Johnson, Marni, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Kamei, Yukiko, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Mack, Jonathan, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Mayer, Steven, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Morgenthaler, Bruce, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Munday, Keith, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Mussard, Timothy, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 O'Donovan, Michael, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Poper, Roy, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Rawcliffe, Mary, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Ritter, John Steele, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Rosen, Charles, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Schwartz, Nathan, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Sequoia String Quartet, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Thomas, Milton, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Timm, Joel, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Todd, Richard, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Treuenfels, Ned, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Weiner-Gole, Rickie, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Winter, Robert, 1987
2009.IA.03-8 Concert proposals, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Form letter / contract, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 I Cantori, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Craig, Phebe, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Guzelimian, Ara, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Hale, Paul, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Hammond, F., 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Karp, Bess, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Kraft, Kathleen, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Kroll, Mark, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Los Angeles Baroque Orchestra, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Lieberman, Carol, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 McGaughey, Martha, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Maldonado, Gregory, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Nelson, Judith, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Sand, Michael, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Smith, Debbie, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Tyler, James, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 Winter, Robert, 1988
2009.IA.03-8 French Revolution bicentennial, 1989
2011.IA.22-4 Concert #1, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concert #2, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concert #3, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concert #4, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concert #5, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Miscellaneous, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Budget, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Cunning, Carol, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Hall, John, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Henry, Stephanie, 1990 (2 folders)
2011.IA.22-4 Johnson, Janet, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Lee, Thomas, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Mullen, Connie, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Tyler, Joyce, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Winter, Robert, 1990 (2 folders)
2011.IA.22-4 ASCAP licence agreement, 1990
2009.IA.03-8 Miscellaneous, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Press, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Concert programs, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Evaluation, 1992 summer concert series, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 ASCAP license agreement, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Concert #1, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Concert #2, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Concert #3, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Concert #4, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Concert #5, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Abell, David, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 John Clayton Quartet, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Los Angeles Baroque Orchestra / Mullin, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Musselman, Chris, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Perez, Luis, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Posner, Howard, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Siva, Ernest, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Tyler, James, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Winter, Robert, 1992
2009.IA.03-8 Woo, Angela, 1992
2009.IA.03-9 Proposal, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Miscellaneous, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Press, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 ASCAP license agreement, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Ticket policy and VIPs, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #1, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #2, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #3, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #4, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #5, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Abell, David, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Blocker, Robert, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Cole, Malcom, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Dwyer, Frank, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 A Musicall Dreame (Eagan, Michael), 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Los Angeles Baroque Orchestra, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Los Angeles Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble (Knight, Lizabeth), 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Rich, Alan, 1993 (includes 3.5 inch floppy disk titled "Alan Rich notes")
2009.IA.03-9 Stulberg, Neal, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Winter, Robert, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Woo, Angela, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Program booklets, 1993
2009.IA.03-9 Information for performers, undated
2009.IA.03-9 Consulting questionnaire, undated
2009.IA.03-9 [Artwork to accompany concert series], 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Proposal, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Miscellaneous, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Press, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Program booklets, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #1, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #2, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #3, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #4, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Concert #5, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Abell, David, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Avellano, Camille, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Berak, Curtis, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Cheng, Gloria, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Gold, Barry, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Guzelimian, Armen, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Haslop, Clayton, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Lloyd, Dorothy-Jean, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Los Angeles Baroque Orchestra, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Los Angeles Vocal and Intstrumental Ensemble (Strimple, Nick), 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Martin, Jo Ann, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 A Musicall Dreame (Eagan, Michael), 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Posner, Howard, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Rich, Alan, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Saunders, Harris, Jr., 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Taylor, Lyndon J., 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Management, Torney, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Tregar, Alexander, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Walker, Amanda, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Wilke, Roger, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Wilson, Evan, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Winter, Robert, 1994
2009.IA.03-9 Woo, Angela, 1994
Files from David Ebitz:
2011.IA.22-4 Los Angeles Opera, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concert Program Booklet, 1992
2011.IA.22-4 The Unheard Mozart, 1988-1991
2011.IA.22-4 Pontormo Concert Brochure, 1991
2011.IA.22-4 The Westfield Center, Mozart, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Wiltern Theatre, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Possible Concert Coordinators, 1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concerts: Ideas, Enquiries, Correspondence, 1989-1990
2011.IA.22-4 Correspondence with Robert Winter, 1989-1990
2011.IA.22-4 Concerts, 1988-1989

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