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Department of Education and Academic Affairs records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)

Request access to the physical materials described in this inventory through the catalog record at library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Guide to the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs Records, 1973-2004 and undated (bulk 1987-2002)
Series II. Education and outreach, 1980-2003 and undated (bulk 1984-2001) 18.65 linear feet (20 boxes, 3 flatfiles)
Series II.F. Community outreach, 1990-2002 2.6 linear feet (5 boxes)
Records mainly consist of memoranda, correspondence, press clippings, notes, and reports relating to community outreach activities implemented by the J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Education and Academic Affairs, dating 1990-2002; at least some of the records seem to originate more specifically from the Department's Adult and Community Audience Division. The files cover a variety of topics including public relations strategies, visitor surveys and profiles, community outreach, the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative, materials regarding collaborative projects between the Getty and the California Science Center, Getty Center transition planning, Museum and exhibit accessibility, and event planning. The Family Audience Development Initiative (FADI) was a project whose main goals were increased attendance by families in targeted local communities to the Museum, and developing relationships with community-based organizations in those communities.
The main contributors to the records are Diane Brigham, Head of the Department of Education and Academic Affairs; Diane Manuel, Program Evaluator for the Department of Education and Academic Affairs; Elizabeth Escamilla, Education Specialist, Community Audiences; Jennifer Pascaran Beard, Project Coordinator for the Education Department; and Viviane Meerbergen.
Arrangement note
Materials have been kept primarily in the order in which they were received.
2009.IA.03-15 Interactive gallery, 1994-1995
2009.IA.03-15 Hidden Witness project, 1995
2009.IA.03-15 [Getty Center opening marketing materials], 1997
2009.IA.03-15 Meetings with Public Information, 1996
2009.IA.03-15 The Los Angeles Concept: Visions of Digital Communities, 1996
2009.IA.03-15 Contreras Sweet, 1998
2009.IA.03-15 [Visitor surveys], 1990-1998
2009.IA.03-15 Community luncheon, 1994
2009.IA.03-15 Community contracts (Pre-1996), 1994
2009.IA.03-15 USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative, 1992-1994
2009.IA.03-15 CORO, 1996
2009.IA.03-15 Advisory group, undated
2009.IA.03-15 Dialog group, I, 1994-1996
2009.IA.03-15 Transportation, 1997-1998
2009.IA.03-15 Curatorial related, undated
2009.IA.03-15 California Museum of Science, 1996
2011.IA.22-5 College coupons, 1999
2011.IA.22-5 Fiesta Broadway, 1999
2011.IA.22-5 Teacher events, 1998
2011.IA.22-5 Faculty event, 1998
2011.IA.22-5 Library event, 1998
2011.IA.22-5 Events pending, 1998
2011.IA.22-5 Special Friends events, 1995-1997
2011.IA.22-5 Event planning, 1998-1999
2011.IA.22-5 WFW [Weekend Family Workshops] community contacts, 1996-1998
2011.IA.22-5 J. Siegenthaler handouts [Teacher Collaboration Workshops], 2001
2011.IA.22-5 Supplementary materials for Strategies for Engaging High School Students workshop [Teacher Collaboration Workshops], 2001
2011.IA.22-5 Materials given by A. Whitaker [Teacher Collaboration Workshops], 2001
2011.IA.22-5 CPP curriculum guide, 1997
2011.IA.22-5 Community Partnership meeting #1, 1997
2011.IA.22-5 Photo releases, 1998
2011.IA.22-5 Community fact sheets, 2000
2011.IA.22-5 Community group tours, 1999-2000
2006.IA.19-06 Getty Community Outreach Summary, 2000 (3 folders)
2006.IA.19-06 Los Angeles City Council Districts: Community Audiences Served, 2000 (2 folders)
Family Audience Development Initiative (FADI):
2006.IA.19-01 FADI binder 1 [community meetings handouts], 2000
2006.IA.19-01 FADI binder 1 [coupon distribution, statistics information], 2000
2006.IA.19-01 FADI binder 1: FADI culminating event, 2002
2006.IA.19-01 FADI binder 1, 1999-2002 (7 folders)
2006.IA.19-01 FADI binder 2, 2000-2001 (10 folders)
2006.IA.19-02 FADI, 2000-202 (2 folders)
2006.IA.19-02 City of Los Angeles, Children's Data Report, approximately 2002
2006.IA.19-02 Children, Youth and Families, City of Los Angeles, Zip Code Data Book, 1999
2006.IA.19-02 Audience Development Initiative, 2000-2002
2006.IA.19-02 Audience Development Initiative, 1999-2000
2006.IA.19-02 Nitty Gritty Group, 2000
2006.IA.19-02 NYA Festival, 2000
2006.IA.19-02 FiestaVal, 2000
2006.IA.19-02 Health fair, 2000
2006.IA.19-02 North Hollywood theater and arts festival, 2002
2006.IA.19-02 FADI groups to invite to ABC's, 2002
2006.IA.19-02 FADI festival research, 2001-2002
2006.IA.19-02 Day at the Getty, 2000
2006.IA.19-02 Get Away Day ephemera, 2001
2006.IA.19-02 Nicole, 2001
2006.IA.19-02 ABC outreach, 2001-2002
2006.IA.19-02 San Fernando Valley Inter-Faith Council, 2001-2002
2006.IA.19-02 LA after school network, 2000
2006.IA.19-02 Arts in Education Aid Council, 2000-2002
2006.IA.19-02 FADI Literary Festival, Wordplay, 2002 (contains CD-Rom and vinyl samples for Getty banner)
2006.IA.19-02 FADI project interview, status report, loose handouts, 2000

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