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Getty Information Institute Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Projects records, 1978-1999 (bulk 1983-1998)

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Getty Information Institute, Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Project records
Series II. Outreach files, 1983-1997 5 Linear Feet (7 boxes)
Series II.B. Invited Speakers Series, 1988-1996
The records primarily consist of Deborah Wilde's files on individual art historians and scholars, including correspondence, invitations, and other lecture planning materials, 1988-1991. The records are supplemented by Marilyn Schmitt's Invited Speakers Series files, 1988-1996. The Invited Speaker Series invited prominent art historians and scholars to deliver lectures in their respective areas of expertise. Although most files seem to relate specifically to the Invited Speakers Series, they may also have been used for the Object, Image, and Inquiry (OII) and Dialog Projects that prominantly featured art historians and scholars.
Because of the distinct type of records in the files of Marilyn Schmitt and Deborah Wilde, the materials have been listed separately to clarify context.
Marilyn Schmitt's files:
2008.IA.12-22 Lecture invitations [and one memo], 1988-1989
2008.IA.12-22 Invited Speakers Series transcript, Cathie Gordon at Getty Center, November 4, 1991
2008.IA.12-22 William Vaughan, February 18, 1992
2008.IA.12-22 Theodore Brunner, May 19, 1992
2008.IA.12-22 General, FY 1993-1996 [3 folders]
Deborah Wilde's files:
The records are divided into art historian/scholar lists and individual art historian/scholar files.
Art historian/scholar lists, 1988-1991
2008.IA.12-57 GCI scholars [talks/seminars], 1989
2008.IA.12-57 AHIP visitors, 1988-1989
2008.IA.12-57 Getty Center scholar's list, art historian [invitations and press releases for upcoming lectures], 1988-1991
2008.IA.12-57 Getty Grant scholar's list, art historian [includes only the press release for postdoctoral fellowships and senior research grants], April 4, 1989
2008.IA.12-57 Getty Museum scholar's list, art historian [memos, invites, and press releases for upcoming talks], 1988-1991
Individual art historian/scholar files, 1989-1991
Records are listed in alphabetical order.
2008.IA.12-57 Battin, Patricia
2008.IA.12-57 Bearman, David
2008.IA.12-57 Berkowitz, Roger
2008.IA.12-57 Brilliant, Richard
2008.IA.12-57 Buddensieg, Tilmann
2008.IA.12-57 Clarke, John
2008.IA.12-57 Crouch, Dora
2008.IA.12-57 Dwyer, Eugene
2008.IA.12-57 Goody, Jack
2008.IA.12-57 Heunsinger, Lutz
2008.IA.12-57 Hockey, Susan
2008.IA.12-57 Jervis, Simon
2008.IA.12-57 Kahil, Lily
2008.IA.12-57 Klapisch, Christiane
2008.IA.12-57 Laclotte, Michel
2008.IA.12-57 Mainardi, Patricia
2008.IA.12-57 Marcus, George
2008.IA.12-57 Margolin, Victor
2008.IA.12-57 Neumeyer, Fritz
2008.IA.12-57 Niemeyer, Hans
2008.IA.12-57 Nochlin, Linda
2008.IA.12-57 O'Connell, Lauren
2008.IA.12-57 Panzeri, Matteo
2008.IA.12-57 Pappas, Andrea
2008.IA.12-57 Schneider, Ulrich
2008.IA.12-57 Schwartz, Gary
2008.IA.12-57 Settis, Salvatore
2008.IA.12-57 Stocking, George
2008.IA.12-57 van Straten, Roelf
2008.IA.12-57 Walsh, John
2008.IA.12-57 White, Hayden
2008.IA.12-57 Wilson, Kathleen

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