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Getty Information Institute Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Projects records, 1978-1999 (bulk 1983-1998)

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Getty Information Institute, Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Project records
Series III. Publications, 1986-1996 1 Linear Feet (1 box)
These records comprise J. Paul Getty Trust Bulletin records, brochure files, article publications, product and article list summaries, editorial files, interview transcripts, translation development files, and images used in publications from the Getty Art History Information Program's / Getty Informatuion Institute's Scholarly Coordination and Issues and Policy departments, 1986-1996. Most of the records consist of Marilyn Schmitt's publication files, but they have been supplemented by the publication files of Deborah Wilde and Susan Siegfried.
The records are intellectually arranged in the following order: summary lists, published articles organized by author, published articles organized chronologically, and Trust Bulletin.
Summary lists, 1989-1993
Includes product lists.
2008.IA.12-41 AHIP publications, [1989?]
2008.IA.12-41 AHIP bibliography, 1989
2008.IA.12-41 Master list [publications and articles], 1992
2008.IA.12-41 Formal list (publications and products of the Getty AHIP), January 23, 1993
Published articles (alphabetical by author/compiler), 1986-1992
2008.IA.12-41 Marilyn Schmitt papers FY 1990-1991 [2 folders]
2008.IA.12-41 Marilyn Schmitt: papers, 1986-1992 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-41 Susan Siegfried papers, FY 1990-1991 [2 folders]
2008.IA.12-51 Susan Siegfried: Published articles, 1990-1992
2008.IA.12-41 Deborah Wilde papers, FY 1990-1991 [2 folders]
Published articles (chronological), 1986-1992, 1995-1996
2008.IA.12-41 Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known to the Renaissance (articles/reports), 1986-1987
2008.IA.12-41 "The International Data Processing Activities of the J. Paul Getty Trust" [by Marilyn Schmitt], February 21, 1989
2008.IA.12-41 Translation of OII review: "What Sort of Workers are These Art Historians?", 1989
2008.IA.12-41 smARTname project report by Stephen Toney, 1989-1990
2008.IA.12-41 smARTname project report by Julie Bernstein, 1990
2008.IA.12-41 "Name Authority Methods and Observations," Museum Prototype Data Merge project, draft, February 20, 1990
2008.IA.12-41 Gamma text (French and English), June 1990
2008.IA.12-41 Huntington Library and Gardens interview, June 25, 1990
2008.IA.12-41 "Personal Name Pattern Matching" article by Aaron Gross, August-September 1990
2008.IA.12-41 Chronicle of Higher Education article, FY 1991
2008.IA.12-41 Comparative study of selected bibliographical databases in the humanities, 1991
2008.IA.12-41 Museum Imaging Project report: preliminary internal distribution, December 31, 1991
2008.IA.12-41 Images for AHIP brochure, 1991-1992
2008.IA.12-41 Data distribution report: preliminary internal distribution, February 21, 1992
2008.IA.12-41 ART task force [AAT: ART (The Authority Reference Tool)], 1992
2008.IA.12-41 RECOMDOC article [by Nancy Bryan], 1992
2008.IA.12-41 RECOMDOC proceedings, 1992
2008.IA.12-60 "Protecting Cultural Objects" by Robin Thornes, 1995
2008.IA.12-60 "Study on Access to Stolen Cultural Property Items Databases" by Dominique Delouis, July 1996
Trust Bulletin, 1991, undated
2008.IA.12-41 Trust Bulletin #13, 1991
2008.IA.12-41 Newsletter photos [B/W photographs, contact sheets, negatives], undated
[Only one file was labeled, but since all photography had been filed in the same area, they have all been associated with the newsletter.]

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