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Getty Information Institute Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Projects records, 1978-1999 (bulk 1983-1998)

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Getty Information Institute, Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Project records
Series V. Audiovisual materials, 1990, 1993-1997, undated 3.2 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
The records comprise audio recordings and video recordings generated and/or collected by the Getty Information Institute and its predecessor, the Getty Art History Information Institute. Contents date from 1990, 1993-1997 and include Getty published videos; videos about Getty projects, programs, and events; media recordings about the Getty and with Getty personnel; advertisements; recordings of conference proceedings, meetings, round table discussions, and speeches; interview recordings; educational, orientation, and demonstration videos.
The audiovisual materials are first arranged according to format and then listed in no particular order.
Audio recordings, 1993-1995
2008.IA.12-66 International Document Standards, progress meetings, tapes 1-6, April 10-11, 1995 [11 audiocassettes]
2008.IA.12-66 Document Specialists Working Group, sessions 1 and 2, November 5-6, 1995 [4 audiocassettes]
2008.IA.12-66 Sessions 1 and 2 [unknown content], undated [4 audiocassettes]
2008.IA.12-66 AHIP Project Heads meeting, December 12-13, 1995 [7 audiocassettes]
2008.IA.12-66 PCO [Protecting Cultural Objects] Winterthur roundtable meeting, October 15, 1996 [4 audiocassettes]
2008.IA.12-66 Insurance Specialists roundtable, London, March 28, 1996 [3 audiocassettes]
2008.IA.12-66 Robert Winter, October 18, 1995 [1 audiocassette]
2008.IA.12-66 1) "Questioning the Electronic Superhighway." NPR Morning Edition, November 5; and 2) Howard Reingold, "The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier." NPR Sunday Morning Edition, November 7. 1993 [1 audiocassette]
2008.IA.12-66 Metadata standards for visual images. Panelists: Howard Besser, University of California and David Bearman, Archives and Museum Informatics; undated [1 audiocassette]
Video recordings, 1990, 1993-1997, undated
All video recordings are in NTSC format unless otherwise noted.
2008.IA.12-67 "2 Interview Backgrounds," March 29, 1995
2008.IA.12-67 "The Virtual Database: Art Information on the Networks," #10640, November 1994 [2 VHS]
2008.IA.12-67 Getty Center for Information in the Arts, Fifth National Conference. "Arts, Culture, and Education on the Information Superhighway," tape #10 parts 1 and 2, tape #11 (continued from tape #10), January 14, 1995 [3 VHS]
2008.IA.12-67 The Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known to the Renaissance, 25:55 minutes, November 1994 [2 VHS]
2008.IA.12-67 Census Computer System Demonstration, Introduction and B-Roll shots, March 10, 1993
2008.IA.12-67 Honoring Michael Ester, August 31, 1993 [3 VHS of which 1 is a PAL format; running time: 47 min.]
2008.IA.12-68 "The African King," provided by Robin Thornes, September 1995 [running time: 40 min.]
2008.IA.12-68 Marilyn Schmitt's office. Sample graphics from AHIP "Standards" video, undated
2008.IA.12-68 Standards: cut-together interviews, September 1995 [running time: 5 min.]
2008.IA.12-68 Memory and Imagination, KQED video library, undated [running time: 58 min.]
2008.IA.12-68 Protecting Cultural Objects in a Global Information Society, June 11, 1996
2008.IA.12-68 Protecting Cultural Objects in the Global Information Society, window dub with visible time code, published copyright 1996
2008.IA.12-68 Notre-Dame, Cathedral of Amiens: The Power of Change in Gothic. Published copyright to Columbia University, 1996
2008.IA.12-68 Excerpts from C-SPAN's broadcast: "Making Democracy Work" taped at Shaping the National Information Infrastructure: Public Interest Summit, March 29, 1994
2008.IA.12-68 "Making Democracy Work," C-SPAN, March 29, 1994
2008.IA.12-68 Museum of Modern Art: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism [The Museum Education Consortium Interactive Video Prototype], June 19, 1990 [running time: 12 min.]
2008.IA.12-68 Communications Development Associates: Harriet Boyd, undated
2008.IA.12-68 Francis Biral's party / last day at AHIP, undated
2008.IA.12-69 International Council of Museums (ICOM) Conference, Stavanger, Norway. CIDOC Standards Session with moderator Joseph Busch. July 1995
2008.IA.12-69 Information Superhighway, speech. Purdue University Public Affairs Video Archives, March 29, 1994 [running time: 47 min.]
2008.IA.12-69 The Getty Grant Program, 1995 [running time: 12 min.]
2008.IA.12-69 Vice President Al Gore, National Press Club Luncheon, December 21, 1993
2008.IA.12-69 Education and Cultural Heritage: Solid Partners for the NII, A Profile of Current and Emerging Projects and Approaches, parts 1 and 2, January 14, 1995 [2 VHS]
2008.IA.12-69 "An Orientation," Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, November 1994
2008.IA.12-69 Internet Opportunity Center, International Council of Museums (ICOM) Conference; Stavenger, Norway: Protecting Cultural Objects and CIDOC Standards (moderated by Joseph Busch) Sessions, July 1995
2008.IA.12-69 1) CBS Sunday Morning, October 10, regarding museums and computers. 2) CNN Showbiz Today, November 1, regarding the Getty Center; 1994
2008.IA.12-69 Mediaworks: Steuben Glass "Transformation," undated
2008.IA.12-69 "At least it's UPBEAT stress...," the Getty Conservation Institute, undated
2008.IA.12-69 The Piero Project, June 1994
2008.IA.12-69 BASF ads, undated
2008.IA.12-69 Educational services video, undated
2008.IA.12-69 Behar and Sackner, Inc: selected projects. The J. Paul Getty Museum, opening exhibition, January 3, 1997 [running time: 14 min.]
2008.IA.12-69 Behar and Sackner, Inc. MGM Grand Hotel, AT&T Infoquest Center, Intelsat Headquarters, undated

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