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Getty Information Institute Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Projects records, 1978-1999 (bulk 1983-1998)

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Getty Information Institute, Departments of Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Network Initiatives, and Special Project records
Series IV. Administrative records, 1982-1998 11.5 Linear Feet (17 boxes)
The records comprise history and program development files, chronological files, project and monthly reports, internal meeting development files and notes, budget drafts, collaboration files with other Getty programs, marketing and communications records, and general program and Trust administration files of the Scholarly Coordination, Issues and Policy, Special Projects, and Network Initiative departments of the Getty Information Institute, and its predecessor, the Getty Art History Information Program (AHIP), 1982-1998.
The records have been loosely divided into a number of sets. History, planning, and narrative materials include strategic planning, analyses, and reviews of the Scholarly Coordination and Issues and Policy departments as well as the Getty Art History Information Program in general. Chronological correspondence contains the correspondence of Marilyn Schmitt, Clare Sheridan (an early assistant of Marilyn Schmitt's), Susan Siegfried, and Deborah Wilde. Project and monthly reports contain project and staff status reports. Internal meeting and retreat records include the development files and notes of the advisory committee, program manager, and Trustee meetings and retreats. Budget materials contain drafts of budget reports. Getty program collaborations include materials on collaborations of the Scholarly Coordination and Issues and Policy departments with other programs and departments of the Getty. Technological infrastructure records comprise the Scholarly Coordination department's collaboration records with other Getty departments and outside vendors to develop technological infrastructure for the Getty. Marketing, communications, and publications records contain those departmental and program files relating to those issues. Finally, general administrative materials include program- and Getty-wide files not covered by any of the other subdivisions.
The records are intellectually arranged in the following order: history, planning, and narratives; chronological correspondence; project and monthly reports; internal meetings and retreats; budget; Getty program collaborations; technological infrastructure; marketing, communications, and publications; and Art History Information Program, Getty Information Institute, and Trust administration.
History, planning, and narratives, 1984-1996
The records contain development files, historical summaries, and goals for the AHIP/GII program, Scholarly Coordination Department and its successors, and individual projects. They also contain narratives about the program, department, and projects.
Records are arranged chronologically.
2008.IA.12-34 Program planning and analysis, 1984
2008.IA.12-34 Computerization chart, undated
2008.IA.12-34 Marilyn Schmitt tasks, November 22, 1988
2008.IA.12-34 Bibliographic databases, April 10, 1989
2008.IA.12-34 Trust program review by Marilyn Schmitt, 1991
2008.IA.12-34 Scholarly Coordination FY 92 project planning, 1991
2008.IA.12-34 AHIP [staff positions, project planning], 1990-1992
2008.IA.12-51 AHIP: New intro, 1993-1994
2008.IA.12-51 Networked access project, 1994
Mission/accomplishments of manager and department, 1994-1995
2008.IA.12-34 Resnicow correspondence, 1994-1995
2008.IA.12-34 Mission statement, 1995
2008.IA.12-34 Words words words (approved language), 1994-1995
2008.IA.12-34 Mission statement, 1995
2008.IA.12-34 Trustees narrative, April 1995
2008.IA.12-34 Accomplishments copies, 1994-1995
Survey of manager, department, and program, 1995-1996
2008.IA.12-34 Projects list: Stephen Toney, September-October 1996
2008.IA.12-34 Department 0550 strategic plan, November 1996
2008.IA.12-34 Key projects, events, and activities, FY 1996
2008.IA.12-34 Accomplishments memo / performance evaluation, 1995-1996
2008.IA.12-64 [McDonnell]: Information architecture [internal reports], 1994-1996
Chronological correspondence, 1983-1992
The chronological files issue from the early years of the AHIP department, 1983-1986, and from the program manager and staff of the Scholarly Coordination Department, 1987-1992.
Records are listed alphabetically by surname according to the person who maintained the records.
Marilyn Schmitt chronological files, 1983-1992
2008.IA.12-36 AHIP overview, 1983-1987 [4 folders]
2008.IA.12-37 Chronological files, December 1, 1989-December 31, 1990 [2 three-ring binders]
2008.IA.12-38 Chronological files, FY 1992 (July 1, 1991-June 30, 1992) [3 three-ring binders]
2008.IA.12-36 Clare Sheridan correspondence, 1983-1987, 1983-1987
Susan Siegfried chronological files, 1987-1991
2008.IA.19-16 Marilyn Schmitt and Susan Siegfried: "Log of Matters Discussed," September 1987-January 1988
2008.IA.19-16 Susan Siegfried chronological files, February 1990-June 1991 [9 folders]
2008.IA.12-50 Susan Siegfried, Acting Program Manager [Scholarly Coordination], chronological files, March 1-September 30, 1991 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-58 Deborah Wilde chronological files, March 1990-April 1991 [8 folders]
Project and monthly reports, 1987-1998
The records include project status reports from staff to the program manager, Marilyn Schmitt (the destination of Diane Zorich's status reports is unidentified), and department status reports from Marilyn Schmitt to higher management.
The status reports are arranged by person, month, and project. Project materials that may have been used in the generation of status reports have been listed last.
Status reports (by year/person), 1990, 1994-1998
2008.IA.12-29 Marilyn Schmitt, 1990
2008.IA.12-29 Susan Siegfried, 1990
2008.IA.12-29 Deborah Wilde, 1990
2008.IA.12-29 Cindy Scott, 1990
2008.IA.12-60 Suzanne Deal Booth: status reports, 1994-1996
2008.IA.12-60 Cynthia Scott monthly reports, January 1995-May 1998
2008.IA.12-60 Robin Thornes - status reports, July 1994-June 1997
2008.IA.12-65 Diane Zorich, 1997-1998 [three-ring binder]
[These status reports contained no reference as to the recipient, so have been included with the records of the manager of Network Initiatives at the time of the last status report.]
Status reports (by month), 1988-1997
2008.IA.12-28 January 1988-June 1989 [3 three-ring binders]
[Includes department status reports]
2008.IA.12-30 1990-1991, 1993-1995 [5 three-ring binders]
2008.IA.12-31 July 1995-March 1997 [7 folders]
[Includes department status reports]
2008.IA.12-27 Status reports (by project), 1988-1991 [1 folder, 3 three-ring binders]
Project materials (by person), 1987-1990
Contains no status reports, but may have been used to create department status reports.
2008.IA.12-29 Susan Siegfried, 1987-1990
2008.IA.12-29 Deborah Wilde, 1990
Internal meetings and retreats, 1985-1997
The records comprise Advisory Committee, project head, program manager, Trustee, and other internal meeting notes involving Marilyn Schmitt. Because the Scholarly Coordination and Issues and Policy departments were for a time responsible for setting up these meetings, the files also represent Susan Siegfried's and Marilyn Schmitt's meeting development records.
The meeting records are intellectually arranged in the following order: Advisory Committee, project heads, program managers, Trustees, and miscellaneous. Advisory Committee, program managers, and Trustee meeting records are further divided by the source of those records, mostly from Marilyn Schmitt or Susan Siegfried.
Advisory Committee meetings, 1985-1989, 1995
Schmitt, 1985-1989
2008.IA.12-32 February 17-18, 1986
2008.IA.12-32 September 24-27, 1986
2008.IA.12-32 NYC, March 2-3, 1987
2008.IA.12-32 Paris, July 1-2, 1987
2008.IA.12-32 Rome, October 22-23, 1987
2008.IA.12-32 June 30-July 1, 1988
2008.IA.12-32 December 12-13, 1988
2008.IA.12-32 London, May 30-31, 1989
2008.IA.12-32 General, 1985-1989
2008.IA.12-32 Planning, FY 1991
2008.IA.12-32 Meeting materials, FY 1991
Siegfried, 1995
2008.IA.12-51 AHIP Advisory Committee, May 15-16, 1995
2008.IA.12-32 Project heads meetings, August 1994, December 1995 [2 folders]
Program managers meetings and retreats, 1986-1997
2008.IA.12-33 Schmitt: meetings, 1986-1988, 1991-1995 [9 folders]
[Some content overlap with program manager retreat records.]
2008.IA.12-33 Schmitt: retreats, April 1992-August 1996 [8 folders]
[The first folder is labeled "AHIP retreat" and the last "GII strategic plan, retreat." The rest are labeled "program managers retreats."]
2008.IA.12-51 Siegfried: retreats, May 1994-June 1995 [4 folders]
2008.IA.12-64 McDonnell: meeting, 1996-1997 [2 folders]
Trustee meetings, 1995-1996
Siegfried, 1995
2008.IA.12-51 AHIP presentation to Trustees, November 9, 1995
Schmitt, 1996
2008.IA.12-33 April 11-12, 1996
2008.IA.12-33 AHIP Trustees narrative, research and scholarship, April 1996
2008.IA.12-33 September 11-12, 1996
Miscellaneous meetings, 1990-1994
2008.IA.12-33 Senior program staff committee No. 1, 1995
2008.IA.12-33 Meetings with Michael Ester [Schmitt], 1990
Cultural Diversity meeting, 1992-1993
2008.IA.12-33 Staff presentation, December 1, 1992
2008.IA.12-33 Cultural Diversity [meeting], 1992-1993
2008.IA.12-33 Audiences and Access: one in a series of symposia on issues related to cultural diversity, December 1, 1992 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-51 Audiences: "Identifying Audiences and Constituencies" meeting, September 21, 1994
2008.IA.12-33 Americans with Disabilities Act Committee, 1992
2008.IA.12-33 EDUCOM, October 1992
Budget, 1985-1995
The records represent budget drafts and materials worked on by Marilyn Schmitt.
2008.IA.12-34 Budget, 1985-1986
2008.IA.12-34 Budget proposal FY 1988: final, 1988 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-34 Budget submission FY 1991 (April 17, 1990)
2008.IA.12-34 Budget materials FY 1996, 1994-1995
Getty program collaborations, 1982-1996
These Marilyn Schmitt records reflect collaborations of Scholarly Coordination and Issues and Policy departments with other programs and departments across the Getty.
2008.IA.12-39 Conservation Institute, 1983-1986
2008.IA.12-39 Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, 1990-1991
2008.IA.12-39 Getty Grant Program, 1991
2008.IA.12-39 Opening year collaborative projects, 1995-1996
Vocabulary Control Group (VCG), 1984-1989
2008.IA.12-39 Vocabulary Coordination Group, 1984-1989
2008.IA.12-39 Vocabulary Coordination Group, ICONCLASS workshop, 1987-1989
2008.IA.12-39 VCG ICONCLASS meeting, June 1989
Technological infrastructure, 1982-1984, 1991-1994
These Marilyn Schmitt records primarily represent Scholarly Coordination department collaborations with other Getty departments and outside vendors to develop technological infrastructure for the Getty.
Records are listed alphabetically.
2008.IA.12-42 Accessing the Resources of the Internet, UCLA extension course, July 22, 1994 [1 three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-39 Bitnet/internet UCLA, 1991-1993
2008.IA.12-39 Data Integration and Access (DIA), 1990
Data Processing Services, 1986-1989
2008.IA.12-39 Center Data Processing Advisory Group, 1986-1987
2008.IA.12-35 Data Processing Services Department, Recommended Standards and Procedures August 9, 1988 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-55 IR [Information Resources] DPS [Data Processing Services] documentation (Wilde), 1988-1989 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-39 ISS [Information Standards and Services], 1990
Online [computer system], 1982-1984
2008.IA.12-39 Information, 1982-1983
2008.IA.12-39 Memorandums, 1983-1984
2008.IA.12-40 Correspondences, 1982-1984
2008.IA.12-40 Miscellaneous letters, 1983-1984
Technical Development Department
2008.IA.12-40 Technical Development Department, 1991-1992
2008.IA.12-40 Technical Development department monthly reports, FY 1991 and 1993, 1990-1993 [2 folders]
Marketing, communications, and publications, 1983, 1989-1996
These Marilyn Schmitt records represent marketing, communications, and publications planning and administration for AHIP products, including those of Scholarly Coordination and Issues and Policy.
Records are listed alphabetically.
Mailings, 1983, 1992-1994
2008.IA.12-40 MS: long documents/mailing, 1983
2008.IA.12-40 Mailing list contracts/agreements, 1992
2008.IA.12-40 Mailing list database, 1994
2008.IA.12-40 AHIP publications/marketing, 1989
2008.IA.12-40 AHIP communications program design (Val Marmillion) FY 1991
Pacific Visions (Val Marmillion), 1990-1994
2008.IA.12-40 Operating plan, 1994
2008.IA.12-40 Private sector proposal, 1994
2008.IA.12-40 General, 1991-1994
2008.IA.12-40 Communications plan, 1990-1993
2008.IA.12-40 Coordinated marketing plan development, FY 1993
2008.IA.12-40 PVC: progress reports, FY 1994
2008.IA.12-40 Press releases, July 1996
2008.IA.12-40 Public Affairs: GII communications, 1996
2008.IA.12-35 Product Procedures Notebook, 1992 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-40 Publications Committee, Getty, 1982-1985
2008.IA.12-40 Publications guidelines, [circa 1996-1998]
2008.IA.12-40 Quarterly GII communications planning meeting with T-PA, December 19, 1996
2008.IA.12-40 PR photos of Marilyn Schmitt, [1988?]
General administrative files
These assorted records reflect administrative efforts of AHIP/GII and the Trust outside the context of the previously listed administrative categories.
The records are intellectually arranged in the following order: president/program director, Getty reorganization, job descriptions, and general AHIP/GII information. The person maintaining the records is noted where appropriate to differentiate between sources.
President/program director
Harold Williams speeches, 1994-1997
2008.IA.12-40 Annual address, January 23, 1995
2008.IA.12-40 Harold Williams: statement of principles, senate testimony, 1994-1995
2008.IA.12-40 HW speech, "Law and Art Market," November 1996
2008.IA.12-40 HW State of the Getty address, 1996-1997 [2 folders]
2008.IA.12-40 ME [Michael Ester?] on AHIP, 1989-1990 [three-ring binder]
2008.IA.12-60 Scott: EF [Eleanor Fink] status reports, January 1998
Getty reorganization
2008.IA.12-64 McDonnell: GII reorganization, 1997-1998
2008.IA.12-60 Scott: JPGT / Getty Center [reorganization], 1998
2008.IA.12-60 Scott: CDA training [regarding name change to GII], December 1996
Job descriptions
2008.IA.12-60 Scott: Job descriptions [random sample of Getty-wide jobs that Scott applied for or was interested in], 1992-1998
2008.IA.12-40 Schmitt: Scholarly Coordination [job descriptions, priorities, work orders, et al.] 1989-1990 [2 folders]
General AHIP/GII information
2008.IA.12-60 Scott: Information Institute, general, 1997-1998
2008.IA.12-51 Siegfried: AHIP general information, 1994
2008.IA.12-64 McDonnell: GII awards/GII involvement, 1997-1998

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