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Museum Educational Site Licensing Project papers, 1983, 1992-1999, undated (bulk 1996-1998)

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Guide to the Howard Besser Museum Educational Site Licensing Project Papers, 1983, 1992-1999, and undated
Series V. Administrative records, 1995-1999, undated 0.54 linear feet (3 boxes)
Papers consist of minutes, agendas, reports, invoices, contracts, press releases, forms, printed matter and photographs, 1995-1999 and undated, created or used by participants in the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project. The meeting minutes and agenda include information on the Project's Advisory Board—its members, meetings, and reports presented by Howard Besser. These records also include the official minutes of an MESL participant's meeting, and documents presented for discussion at a participant's meeting held in Santa Monica, California that deal with economic issues. Much of the budget and expense information records pertain to the preparation of budget reports for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The personnel records are primarily concerned with the hiring and employment of Beth Sandore, Coordinator, Digital Imaging Initiative and Associate Professor, University of Illinois, as a consultant to assist with the evaluation process.
For additional information on the Santa Monica participant's meetings, see also Series II. Gathered data.
These records are arranged by subject.
Meeting minutes and agenda:
Box Folder
2002.IA.05-9 15 Advisory Board invitations, 1996
2002.IA.05-9 16 Advisory committee, 1996
2002.IA.05-9 17 Presentation to Advisory Board, 1996
2002.IA.05-9 18 Revised report to Advisory Board, 1996
2002.IA.05-9 19 Information for Mellon meeting, 1996
2002.IA.05-9 20 Report to Advisory Board, November 18, 1996
2002.IA.05-9 21 Advisory Board, 1997
2002.IA.05-9 22 Advisory Board materials, 1998
2002.IA.05-9 23 Advisory Board materials, 1998
Box Folder
2002.IA.05-10 1- Official minutes, MESL meeting, December 1996 [2 files]
2002.IA.05-10 3 IP licensing and museum/university perceived needs, 1996
Budget and expense information:
Box Folder
2002.IA.05-10 4 Letter to [Richard] Ekman, 1995, 1998, undated
General note
[Background budget materials.]
2002.IA.05-10 5 Prepping for [Richard] Ekman, 1997
2002.IA.05-10 6 Distribution costs report, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 7 Dollar awards to MESL universities, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 8 Budget and expenses, 1996-1997
2002.IA.05-10 9 Mellon expenses, 1996-1998
2002.IA.05-10 10 Budget and cost information, 1997-1998
2002.IA.05-10 11 Budget, 1998
2002.IA.05-10 12 Crowne Plaza hotel information, 1998
2002.IA.05-10 13 Letters and invoices re: distribution of final report, 1998
2002.IA.05-10 14 Publishing information, 1999
Box Folder
2002.IA.05-10 15 Associate Specialist hiring, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 16 Hiring, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 17 Consultant information, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 18 Sandore contracts, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 19 Sandore administrative, 1997
2002.IA.05-10 20 Beth Sandore, consultant, 1997
2002.IA.05-10 21 Personnel, undated
Box Folder
2002.IA.05-10 22 Short description of project, undated
2002.IA.05-10 23 Press release, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 24 Press releases, and Chronicle of Higher Education article, 1995, 1999
2002.IA.05-10 25-27 Human subjects, policies, emails, 1995-1996 [3 files]
2002.IA.05-10 28 Berkeley IRB, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 29 Miscellaneous to file, 1996
2002.IA.05-10 30 Miscellaneous emails, 1997-1998 [1 of 2]
Box Folder
2002.IA.05-11 1 Miscellaneous emails, 1997-1998 [2 of 2]
2002.IA.05-11 2 Miscellaneous administrative records and notes, 1997
2002.IA.05-11 3 Miscellaneous information, Santa Monica meeting, December 1996
2002.IA.05-11 4 NEH grant application guidelines, undated
2002.IA.05-11 5 Art production, 1998
2002.IA.05-11 6 Book recall and return receipts, 1998
2002.IA.05-11 7 Scanning, 1997
2002.IA.05-11 8 [48 unidentified color photographs], undated

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