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J. Paul Getty family collected papers, 1880s-1989undated

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Getty (J. Paul) family collected papers, circa 1880s-1989, undated
Series II. George F. Getty I and Sarah C. Getty papers, 1890, 1904-1921, 1928, 1931-1934, 1939, undated 1 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Series II.A. George F. Getty I papers, 1890, 1904-1921, 1928, undated 0.8 Linear Feet (5 boxes)
Material comprises some personal and professional papers of George Franklin Getty I, father of Jean Paul Getty ("Paul"), dating 1890-1928 and undated. The family correspondence comprises letters received by George F. Getty I from various family members. The letters from his son, J. Paul Getty ("Paul"), primarily concern Paul's residence and travel abroad and usually include Paul's requests for funds. Letters from his wife, Sarah, address a blend of parenting, domestic, and business concerns. Because George employed his family in his business, letters from his siblings and other relatives contain news regarding family, real estate transactions, property management, and oil operations. The family history is an account of George Getty's ancestry as told by George's uncle, Joseph Getty.
The business and personal papers provide a glimpse of George's early oil operations, including scouting potential drilling sites, day-to-day management of drilling activities, and political efforts to protect his interests/land in the Osage Nation, part of Indian Territory that the United States government annexed that later became the state of Oklahoma in 1907. Material includes letters, telegrams, hand-drawn maps, cancelled stock certificates, contracts, promissory notes, and other documents. Most of the letters are outgoing correspondence written by George F. Getty I. As was customary at the time, a reply to a letter is sometimes written directly on top of the original letter, thus a single sheet may contain an outgoing letter and its incoming response. The general incoming and outgoing correspondence are primarily related to property management, banking, and general business activities. Material also includes some papers that belonged to George's secretary, Mable McCreery.
Material also includes dissociated ephemera collected by or related to George F. Getty I, including a paper-cut portrait of Mr. Getty and one loose-leaf, handmade scrapbook containing pressed fauna and flora, accompanied by short hand-written descriptions, which was likely sent to him by one of his relatives in Washington state.
Material is arranged by subject, beginning with family history and correspondence; followed by business and personal papers; concluding with ephemera and publications.
Family history and correspondence, 1890, 1910-1915, 1920, undated
Letters are arranged by correspondent in order of importance, beginning with George's son, J. Paul Getty. Each correspondent's letters are arranged chronologically. The letters are followed by a family history written by George's uncle, Joseph.
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from son, Paul, 1910-1915, 1920
2019.IA.56-01 Letters from Paul, 1912-1913, 1920
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from wife, Sarah, 1911-1912, undated
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from sister, Belle, 1911-1913, undated
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from brother, D. L. Getty, 1911-1912, undated
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from sister, Jennie V. Getty, 1913
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from sister, Laura and her husband, H. L. Allen, 1911, 1912, undated
Includes one carbon copy of a letter written by George F. Getty to Laura.
2010.IA.17-02 Letters from other relatives, including correspondence written between relatives that is not addressed to George F. Getty, 1911, undated
2010.IA.17-02 Getty family history by Joseph Getty, handwritten original and transcription, April 16, 1890
Business and personal papers, 1904-1921, 1928, undated
Material is arranged by subject, beginning with correspondence, followed by oil business papers and other personal papers.
2010.IA.17-03 General incoming, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1914-1916, 1920, undated
2010.IA.17-03 General outgoing, 1911, 1914, undated
2010.IA.17-03 With H. S. Lehr of Ohio State University regarding donations, 1911, 1912, 1914
Oil business papers:
2010.IA.17-03 Correspondence with scout, Ola J. Rogers, regarding oil field development, 1913-1914
Comprises letters, telegrams, and hand-drawn maps.
2010.IA.17-03 Correspondence regarding operations, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1919, undated
Material contains incoming letters and carbon copies of outgoing letters, including correspondence addressed to the United States government regarding George's holdings in Oklahoma and the fairness of certain taxes paid by oil producers.
2019.IA.56-01 Letters from U.S. Interior Secretary Lane regarding Osage oil and gas, 1915
2010.IA.17-03 Stock certificate, contract, promissory note, and other notes, 1906, 1921, 1928, undated
2010.IA.17-03 Telegram/telegraph messages, primarily regarding oil business, 1911-1914, undated
Other personal papers:
2010.IA.17-03 Automobile purchases, maintenance, and related documents, 1911, 1912, 1920, undated
2010.IA.17-04 Document appointing George F. Getty District Deputy Grand Master for the Masonic Grand Lodge of St. Paul, Minnesota, February 5, 1904
2010.IA.17-03 Real estate transactions, 1911, 1912, undated
2010.IA.17-04 Travel document for George F. Getty, accompanied by his wife and minor son, issued by the United States of America Department of State, May 25, 1909
2010.IA.17-02 Secretary Mabel McCreery Notary Public certificate and other McCreery documents, 1915-1917
Ephemera and publications, 1911-1912, undated
Material is arranged alphabetically by subject.
2010.IA.17-03 Business card, calling cards, and other identification cards, undated
2010.IA.17-03 Paper-cut silhouette (profile portrait) of George F. Getty, undated
2010.IA.17-03 Receipts (various), primarily from Brentwood Country Club, 1911-1912
2010.IA.17-03 "Wildflowers of Washington" scrapbook, undated
2012.IA.037-01 Northern. Yearbook of Ohio Northern University, 1914
2012.IA.037-01 Northern. Yearbook of Ohio Northern University, volume dedicated to George F. Getty. 1917

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