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J. Paul Getty family collected papers, 1880s-1989undated

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Getty (J. Paul) family collected papers, circa 1880s-1989, undated
Series I. J. Paul Getty papers, 1909-1977, 1982-1984, 1989, undated 17.6 Linear Feet (22 boxes, 1 flat file)
Series I.B. Business and personal papers, 1909-1914, 1920-1977, undated 6.5 Linear Feet (12 boxes)
Material comprises some of the personal papers and business records maintained by art collector and oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, gathered from a variety of sources. Material dates from 1909 to 1977 and includes personal correspondence, financial records, and legal documents.
The correspondence primarily consists of letters received by J. Paul Getty ("Paul") dating from 1912-1914 and 1926-1977. The early correspondence is the most personal; it reflects the relationship between Paul and his parents and hints at the relationships between Paul and two of his wives, Helen "Ann" Rork and Louise Dudley "Teddy" Lynch. A small selection of letters were sent from Getty to an acquaintance, Ann Mitchell. The correspondence from "friends and acquaintances" varies in content and degree of intimacy. Correspondence from "others" primarily contains letters from persons not acquainted with Mr. Getty and contains letters about various business ventures and interests, requests for information, fan mail, and letters of acknowledgment from Getty's staff in response to the incoming mail. Some of the correspondence to Mr. Getty from others post-dates his death.
The financial records consist of a promissory note, correspondence, financial statements, annual reports, a will, and tax statements relating to J. Paul Getty and the J. Paul Getty estate, dating 1909, 1926, 1928, 1932 to 1942, 1950 to 1957, 1976 to 1977, and undated. The records primarily describe the financial well-being of Getty family businesses as well as Getty's estate at the time of his death. The earliest document (1909) is a hand-written note signed by seventeen-year-old Paul to his father, George F. Getty I, acknowledging the partial receipt of his allowance ($2.60). Some of the early tax and financial documents postdate George F. Getty's death, but concern his various companies. Other records detail the status of J. Paul Getty's estate and his personal financial status through tax returns and financial statements.
The legal documents describe legal and financial relationships within the Getty family through correspondence, wills, and other legal documents, dating from 1926 to 1976. The materials include an unsigned carbon copy of an early J. Paul Getty will (dated May 1, 1950) and a copy of Sarah C. Getty's will. Some of the records concern Getty's wives and children, including prenuptial agreements, divorce decrees, financial settlements, alimony discussions, child support negotiations, and an inventory of possessions. These records concern Getty's second wife, Allene Ashby; his third wife, Adolphine "Fini" Helmle; his fourth wife, Helen "Ann" Rork; and his fifth wife, Louise Dudley "Teddy" Lynch.
The other papers comprise various dissociated papers of J. Paul Getty, dating from 1920 to 1952 and undated. The papers include samples of his early schoolwork; receipts for auto purchases; vital records and meeting minutes from some of his oil companies; notes regarding diet and health; and scattered diary entries. Please note that the Institutional Archives, Getty Research Institute holds Mr. Getty's more complete diaries: J. Paul Getty Diaries (1938-1946, 1948-1976), Finding aid no. IA40009.
Material is arranged by format: correspondence, financial records, legal records, and other papers.
Correspondence, 1912-1914, 1926-1977, undated
For additional correspondence to J. Paul Getty from his wives, see Legal records in this series (I.B.). For letters written from J. Paul Getty to his parents, see Series II.A. George F. Getty I papers. Family history and correspondence and Series II.B. Sarah C. Getty papers.
Material is arranged according to correspondent, beginning with immediate family and moving outward by levels of intimacy, finally to fan mail and others not actually acquainted with Mr. Getty.
2010.IA.17-01 From father, George F. Getty, 1913-1914, 1920, 1926, 1928, undated
2019.IA.56-01 Telegram and letter from father George F. Getty, 1912, 1926
2010.IA.17-01 From mother, Sarah C. Getty, 1926, 1930, 1936, 1938, undated
2010.IA.17-01 From wife, Helen "Ann" Rork, 1931, 1941
2010.IA.17-01 From wife, Louise Dudley "Teddy" Lynch, 1954, 1955, undated
2010.IA.17-01 From friends and acquaintances, 1912, 1913, 1926-1949 (scattered), undated (2 folders)
Shared 2014.IA.02; 2018.IA.58 Letters from J. Paul Getty to Ann Mitchell, 1934-1936
Includes five letters. Four are authored by J. Paul Getty; one is uncertain.
box folder
1986.IA.48-05 12-13 From others, 1946-1977 (4 folders)
2010.IA.17-01 Outgoing: letter of introduction and copy of one letter, 1926, 1941
box folder
1986.IA.48-05 16 Medical, 1965-1966
RESTRICTED. This material is closed until 2066.
Financial records, 1909, 1926-1942, 1950-1957, 1976-1977, undated
Material is arranged in rough chronological order.
2010.IA.17-01 Acknowledgment of allowance received from father and promissory note from J. Paul Getty to father, 1909, 1928
2010.IA.17-01 Check register, Mexico, 1926
2010.IA.17-01 Cancelled check, loan agreement, and expense notes, 1929, 1932, undated
2010.IA.17-04 Document regarding 1932 tax filing related to Minnehoma Oil, signed "Paul Getty," 1933
box folder
1986.IA.48-06 23 George F. Getty, Inc. financial information, 1936
1986.IA.48-06 22 George F. Getty, Inc. 1936 tax returns, 1938 deficient tax letter, 1936, 1938
1986.IA.48-06 24 George F. Getty, Inc. IRS audit letter and report, 1938
1986.IA.48-07 Getty family personal and corporate annual reports, 1938 (1 volume)
One bound volume, prepared for J. Paul Getty, comprising financial reports for the year 1938 on the following persons and corporations: George F. Getty, Inc.; Ada Oil Corporation; Santa Fe Company; Getty Realty Corporation; J. Paul Getty, Trustee "under that certain declaration of Trust dated December 31, 1934, wherein Sarah C. Getty is the trustor and J. Paul Getty, trustee"; J. Paul Getty; and Sarah C. Getty.
2010.IA.17-01 Income tax history of Sarah C. Getty, February 4, 1941
2010.IA.17-01 J. Paul Getty signed affidavit and claim related to personal income taxes, 1941, 1942
2010.IA.17-01 J. Paul Getty signed affidavit related to personal income taxes, August 17, 1942
box folder
1986.IA.48-07 2 Correspondence re: 1950 taxes, 1950-1954
1986.IA.48-07 3 Correspondence re: 1951 tax return, 1951-1954
1986.IA.48-07 4 Balance sheets, notes, re: 1951 taxes, 1951-1952
1986.IA.48-07 5-7 J. Paul Getty tax returns, 1952 (3 folders)
1986.IA.48-07 8 Balance sheets, notes, re: 1952 tax return, 1952
1986.IA.48-07 1 J. Paul Getty financial statements, 1952, 1953
box folder
1986.IA.48-08 1-2 Correspondence re: 1952 JPG tax return, 1953-1955, 1957 (2 folders)
1986.IA.48-08 3-4 Income tax returns, JPG, 1953 (2 folders)
box folder
1986.IA.48-15 7 Pacific Western Oil Corporation and subsidiary companies financial statement, as of December 31, 1955, March 9, 1956
box folder
1986.IA.22-01 19 Check stubs and spending notes, 1957
box folder
1986.IA.48-15 8 "Residuary Trust of Sarah C. Getty financial statement as of March 31, 1976 and 1975," April 20, 1976
box folder
1986.IA.48-08 5-12 J. Paul Getty estate tax return, table of contents, schedules A-P, and will, circa 1976 (8 folders)
1986.IA.48-08 14-15 J. Paul Getty estate financial statements from Ticor Trust Department Title Insurance and Trust, October 1976 (2 folders)
1986.IA.48-08 13 J. Paul Getty estate inheritance tax declaration, 1977
Legal records, 1926-1976
Material is arranged in rough chronological order, beginning with agreements made between Mr. Getty and his wives.
Agreements with wives:
2010.IA.17-01 Allene Ashby: prenuptial agreement (incomplete) and signed divorce settlement agreement, 1926, 1928
2010.IA.17-01 Adolphine "Fini" Helmle: prenuptial agreement, correspondence, divorce settlement agreement, 1932, 1935, 1948
Helen "Ann" Rork:
box folder
1986.IA.48-06 8 Divorce complaint and transcript, 1936
1986.IA.48-06 9 Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1936, 1938-1939
1986.IA.48-06 10-13 Correspondence, 1941-1975 (4 folders)
1986.IA.48-06 14 Alimony agreement, October 1, 1935
1986.IA.48-06 15 Supplemental agreement, December 23, 1938
1986.IA.48-06 16 Letter to Ann Getty from JPG acknowledging receipt of all indebtedness, December 23, 1938
1986.IA.48-06 17 Legal documents, correspondence re: alimony, child support, Ann Light Trust, 1938-1976
1986.IA.48-06 20 Louise Dudley "Teddy" Lynch: inventories of possessions, 1950
1986.IA.48-06 6 Sarah C. Getty will (copy), 1942
1986.IA.48-06 7 Sarah C. Getty Trust: cross-complaint, April 9, 1948
2010.IA.17-04 Life insurance policies for Eugene Paul (Jean Paul, Jr.) and Gordon Peter Getty, 1936, undated
RESTRICTED. This material is closed for the life of Gordon Peter Getty.
box folder
1986.IA.48-06 18 Schedules of collateral required at Citizens National Trust and Savings Bank for Gordon Peter Getty, Ann Rork Wilson, and Eugene Paul Getty, undated
RESTRICTED. This material is closed for the life of Gordon Peter Getty.
1986.IA.48-06 19 Schedule of endowment policies for Eugene Paul Getty and Gordon Peter Getty, undated
RESTRICTED. This material is closed for the life of Gordon Peter Getty.
1986.IA.48-06 21 Letter and certificate of occupancy for construction of art gallery at the Getty Ranch House, 1945, 1949
2010.IA.17-01 J. Paul Getty Last Will and Testament (carbon copy), May 1, 1950
Other papers, 1918-1952, undated
Material is arranged alphabetically by topic.
2010.IA.17-01 Auto purchases, 1927, 1942, undated
Diary entries and notes:
The diary entries herein are scant and dissociated from J. Paul Getty's more complete diaries, which are held by the Institutional Archives, Getty Research Institute: J. Paul Getty Diaries (1938-1946, 1948-1976), Finding aid no. IA40009.
2010.IA.17-01 Diary entries, April 22, 1936, August 1940
2010.IA.17-01 Diary of Texas/Mexico trip, May 29-July 18, 1948
2010.IA.17-01 Typed transcript of diary entries, March 18-April 13, 1949, December 15-17, 1950
2010.IA.17-01 Notes regarding diet and health, undated
Oil business:
Materials are arranged alphabetically by name of corporation.
2010.IA.17-01 Carl B. King Drilling Co. drilling agreement with J. Paul Getty, 1937
2010.IA.17-05 Getty Oil Company/Oklahoma Oil Corporation minutes and other records, 1920-1952 (1 loose-leaf binder)
2010.IA.17-01 Oklahoma Oil stock certificates (cancelled), 1922
2010.IA.17-01 Pacific Western Oil Corporation correspondence and reports, 1936, 1937, 1948, 1950, 1951
2010.IA.17-05 San Joaquin Oil Company articles of incorporation, meeting minutes, and balance sheets, 1930-1934 (1 folder and 1 scrapbook)
Documents in folder were found loose inside front cover of scrapbook.
2010.IA.17-01 Unidentified oil company, handwritten notes/ suggestions, undated
box folder
1986.IA.48-09 10 Plan (sketch) for Getty tomb, undated
2010.IA.17-02 Private investigation of Helen "Ann" Rork Getty "Office Memo," September 7, 1935
box folder
1986.IA.22-01 16 Schoolwork: Exposition of stanza from Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," undated
2010.IA.17-02 Schoolwork: Grammar 7A composition book with one entry in it, undated
2010.IA.17-02 Travel documents: Permit to enter Mexico (1932); applications for permits to enter occupied territories in Europe (1948, 1949); and undated note to self regarding application procedures, 1932, 1948, 1949, undated
2010.IA.17-02 United States Army application for commission, signed and notarized, November 4, 1918

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