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Program for Art on Film records, 1951-1999, undated (bulk 1984-1997)

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Program for Art on Film records
Series II. Records collected by the Program for Art on Film, 1951-1998, undated (bulk 1984-1994) 51.8 Linear Feet (45 boxes, 3 framed posters, 2 flat files)
Series II.A. Information on American film production and distribution companies and organizations, 1971-1998 10 Linear Feet (23 boxes)
Records consist of catalogs, brochures, inventories, press releases, clippings, photographs, printed materials, correspondence, and reports, collected by the Program for Art on Film, 1971-1997 and undated, that describe American companies and organizations that produce and distribute films on art. Much of the material is promotional in nature (catalogs, brochures, and press releases). The bulk of the records are printed materials; any correspondence found within the records contextualizes these records, and is often in response to a direct query by Program for Art on Film personnel. Some of the information was used to compile the Art on Screen ("Critical Inventory") database.
These records are listed first, by subject matter, and second, alphabetically.
2004.IA.14-53 Academic and Entertainment Video, 1995
2004.IA.14-53 Adler Video Marketing, Ltd., 1989, 1996
2004.IA.14-1A Agency for Instructional Technology, 1989-1994, undated
2004.IA.14-1A AIA American Institute of Architects, 1992, 1995
2004.IA.14-1A AIMS Media, 1987, undated
2004.IA.14-1A Alarion Press, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Albert Kahn Gardens and Collections, undated
2004.IA.14-1A Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 1995
2004.IA.14-1A Almi Libra Cinema 5, 1986
2004.IA.14-1A Alternative Filmworks, 1993
2004.IA.14-1A Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. (Time-Life Films), 1993
2004.IA.14-1A American Craft Council, undated
2004.IA.14-1A American Federation of Arts Film Program, 1987-1993
2004.IA.14-1A The Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1993-1994, undated
2004.IA.14-1A Appalshop, 1994-1995
2004.IA.14-1A Archives of American Art, 1986
2004.IA.14-1A Argos Films, undated
2004.IA.14-1A Art Com, 1991
2004.IA.14-22 Artcivi Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-1A Artmedia, 1993
2004.IA.14-1A Artist's Video Productions, 1990
2004.IA.14-1A Art/New York [see inner tube], 1991
2004.IA.14-1A ArtsAmerica, 1990-1995
2004.IA.14-1A Arts for Television, 1987
2004.IA.14-1A The Arts on 4, 1983
2004.IA.14-11B Arts Management Programs: NYU and Columbia University, 1988-1989, undated
2004.IA.14-1A Art Today, 1990
2004.IA.14-17 Attica Cybernetics, 1995
2004.IA.14-8A August Light Prod., undated
2004.IA.14-8A Baker and Taylor, 1991
2004.IA.14-8A Balfour Films, undated
2004.IA.14-8A Barr Films, 1992
2004.IA.14-9 Baseline, 1988-1993
2004.IA.14-52B Beacon Films, 1993-1995
2004.IA.14-52B Benchmark Films, undated
2004.IA.14-52B Berlet Films, 1987-1988
2004.IA.14-52B BFA, undated
2004.IA.14-9 BHA, 1986-1992
2004.IA.14-52B Billy Bud Films, undated
2004.IA.14-52B Black Filmaker Foundation, 1983, 1985, 1989
2004.IA.14-52B Michael Blackwood, 1989-1991, 1993, 1995
2004.IA.14-52B Blackhawk Catalog, 1990
2004.IA.14-52B Bluehorse Films Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-9 Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1971, undated
2004.IA.14-52B Brighton Video, 1988
2004.IA.14-52B Britannica Films/Video, 1993
2004.IA.14-52B Brooklyn Public Library Film Catalog, undated
2004.IA.14-52B Buffalo State College Film Library, 1983-1986, 1989
2004.IA.14-52B Bullfrog Films, 1996
2004.IA.14-52B California Newsreel, 1991-1992
2004.IA.14-52B Cambridge Career Products, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-52B Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc., 1994
2004.IA.14-52B Camera Three, 1989
2004.IA.14-52B Arthur Cantor, Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-57A Canyon Cinema, 1969, 1972-1973, 1989
2004.IA.14-9 Carnegie Museum of Art, 1988
2004.IA.14-57A Carousel Film and Video, undated
2004.IA.14-57A Castelli-Sonnabend Tapes and Films, 1989
2004.IA.14-57A Center for Humanities, 1992
2004.IA.14-21 Centre Productions, Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-21 Centron Films and Video, 1984-85
2004.IA.14-21 Churchill Films, undated
2004.IA.14-22 Cinebar Productions undated
2004.IA.14-21 Cinecom, undated
2004.IA.14-21 The Cinema Guild, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Cinema Libre Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-21 Cineworks, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Cine-World, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Circle Films, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Circle 8, undated
2004.IA.14-21 City Lore, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Clearvue/eav, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Coast Community (Castline), undated
2004.IA.14-21 Coast-to-Coast, 1984
2004.IA.14-21 Coe Film Associates Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-21 Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, undated
2004.IA.14-49 Concepts Unlimited Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-21 Contemporary Films, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Corinth Films, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Corning Museum, 1983
2004.IA.14-21 Coronet Film and Video, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Creative Arts Television Archive, undated
2004.IA.14-21 CRM/McGraw Hill, undated
2004.IA.14-21 CRIZMAC, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Cross Current Media, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Crystal Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-49 Cunningham Dance Foundation, 1985
2004.IA.14-21 Cunningham Dance Foundation, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Deep Dish TV, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Delphi Research Inc., 1992
2004.IA.14-21 Delphi Research Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-21 Direct Cinema Limited, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Discovery Channel, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Walt Disney, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Distribution 16, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Documentary Educational Resources, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Downtown Community TV Center, undated
2004.IA.14-22 Drew/Fairchild Communications undated
2004.IA.14-60A E, 1988-1990
2004.IA.14-21 Educational Video Network, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Eidos, 1986
2004.IA.14-21 Electronic Arts Intermix, undated
2004.IA.14-21 EMME Interactive, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Enc. Britannica: See Britannica [empty folder], undated
2004.IA.14-21 Ergo Media Video, undated
2004.IA.14-9 ERN: Leonardo Project, 1986
2004.IA.14-21 Evergreen, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Expanded Entertainment, undated
2004.IA.14-21 Facets Video, undated
2004.IA.14-53 Fanlight Productions, 1989-1990
2004.IA.14-9 FIDM Museum Library, 1985
2004.IA.14-53 Film Images/Radim, undated
2004.IA.14-53 Filmfair Communications, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-53 Filmakers Library Inc., 1996
2004.IA.14-53 Film-Makers' Cooperative, 1991
2004.IA.14-9 Film Orgns.: Misc., undated
2004.IA.14-53 Films for the Humanities, 1983, 1995-1996
2004.IA.14-53 Films Incorporated [empty folder], undated
2004.IA.14-53 Films Incorporated, 1984, 1988, 1990
2004.IA.14-53 Films Incorporated [empty folder], undated
2004.IA.14-53 First Run/Icarus Films, 1993, 1995
2004.IA.14-53 First Run Features (see First Run/Icarus), undated
2004.IA.14-53 Florida State University, 1987
2004.IA.14-53 Flower Films, 1985-1986, 1995
2004.IA.14-53 Focus Media, Inc., 1991
2004.IA.14-53 Fog Fine Arts Films, undated
2004.IA.14-53 Forma Art Assoc., undated
2004.IA.14-53 Fox-Lorber, 1986
2004.IA.14-53 Frameline, 1998
2004.IA.14-53 Fusion Video, undated
2004.IA.14-53 G Production, undated
2004.IA.14-53 J. Paul Getty Trust Publications, undated
2004.IA.14-22 Goettler Associates undated
2004.IA.14-53 Gospel Films, Inc., 1987
2004.IA.14-53 GPN, 1991, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-53 GPO Film Unit, undated
2004.IA.14-53 Grapevine Video, undated
2004.IA.14-53 William Greaves Prod., Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-53 Green Acre Video, 1989
2004.IA.14-53 Greenleaf Video, 1986
2004.IA.14-53 Green Mountain Post Films, 1990
2004.IA.14-53 Guidance Assoc., 1995
2004.IA.14-53 Grove Press Films, undated
2004.IA.14-53 Handel Film Corp., 1986
2004.IA.14-53 Hartley Productions, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-53 Alfred Higgins Productions, Inc., 1990
2004.IA.14-53 Highsmith, Inc., 1996
2004.IA.14-53 Holland Films, 1997
2004.IA.14-57A Hollywood Studios, 1988
2004.IA.14-53 Home Vision, 1992-1993, 1997
2004.IA.14-53 Home Vision, 1986-1990
2004.IA.14-60A Thomas Howe Associates, 1992
2004.IA.14-60A Hudson Filmworks, 1990
2004.IA.14-60A Icarus, undated
2004.IA.14-60A ICA Video, 1986
2004.IA.14-60A Ifex Films, 1988
2004.IA.14-60A Images/Art New York, 1991
2004.IA.14-60A Images Film Archive, 1984-1985
2004.IA.14-60A Independent Television Corp., undated
2004.IA.14-60A Indiana State University Audio-Visual Center, 1984-1986, 1990
2004.IA.14-60A Ingram, 1996
2004.IA.14-60A Inner Tube Video, 1987
2004.IA.14-60A Intermedia Arts Minnesota (formerly UC Video), 1988-1990
2004.IA.14-60A Ishtar Films, 1992
2004.IA.14-53 James Agee Film Project, undated
2004.IA.14-53 James Agee (Film Project), 1996
2004.IA.14-60A Janus Films, undated
2004.IA.14-60A Jewish Media Service, 1986
2004.IA.14-60A Journal Films, Inc., 1991-1992
2004.IA.14-60A Richard Kaplan Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-60A Howard Karno Books, 1993
2004.IA.14-60A Karol Media, undated
2004.IA.14-60A Kartes Video Comm., 1988-1989
2004.IA.14-60A Kaw Valley Films and Video, 1994-1995
2004.IA.14-60A King Screen Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-60A KVC Home Video, 1989
2004.IA.14-60A Kino International Corp., 1994
2004.IA.14-60A Kit Parker Films, 1984, 1990
2004.IA.14-60A The Kitchen, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-60A Walter J. Klein Company, 1987
2004.IA.14-60A Kodak Video Programs, undated
2004.IA.14-60A Kultur, 1989-1990
2004.IA.14-60A L and S Video, Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-60A Landmark Films, Inc., undated
2004.IA.14-60A Learning Corporation of America, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Leonardo Project (ERN), 1991, undated
2004.IA.14-60A Librarians' Video Service, undated
2004.IA.14-60B Library Videos, undated
2004.IA.14-60B Light Impressions, 1994
2004.IA.14-60B Light-Saraf Films, 1986
2004.IA.14-60B Lives of Saints, 1987
2004.IA.14-53 Low Priority, undated
General note
[Miscellaneous materials.]
2004.IA.14-60B Lucerne Film and Video, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-60B Lutheran Film Associates, undated
2004.IA.14-60B Lynx Images Releasing, 1994
2004.IA.14-60B Made-to-Order, 1985-1986
2004.IA.14-40 Manhattan Media Enterprises, 1990
2004.IA.14-60B Manhattan Media Enterprises, 1990
2004.IA.14-60B Sue Marx Films, 1985
2004.IA.14-60B Masters' Mark, Inc., 1991
2004.IA.14-60B Maysles Films, undated
2004.IA.14-42 McGraw-Hill contemporary films catalog, circa 1970
2004.IA.14-60B Media for the Arts, 1990
2004.IA.14-60B Media Guild, 1985-1986, 1994-1995
2004.IA.14-60B The Media Project, 1988
2004.IA.14-60B Media West, 1989
2004.IA.14-60B MGM/UA, 1986
2004.IA.14-60B Microworld House, 1993
2004.IA.14-60B Milestone Film and Video, 1992, 1994
2004.IA.14-60B A Million and One World-Wide Videos, undated
2004.IA.14-60B Milwaukee Public Museum, 1984
2004.IA.14-60B Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 1989-1990
2004.IA.14-60B Miramar, 1994
2004.IA.14-8A [Miscellaneous film programs, press releases, clippings], 1984-1994
2004.IA.14-60B MMA Video Titles Available Thru Bookshop, 1981
2004.IA.14-60B Modern Sound Pictures Inc. [empty folder], undated
2004.IA.14-60B Modern Talking Picture Service, 1986, 1988-1989, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-55 Arthur Mokin Productions, Inc., 1985, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-55 MTI Teleprograms, Inc., 1994
2004.IA.14-55 MTI Teleprograms, Inc., 1990
2004.IA.14-55 Museum at Large, Ltd., 1978, 1981, 1984, 1994
2004.IA.14-55 Museum of Broadcasting, undated
2004.IA.14-55 Museum of Modern Art 1934, 1986, 1990, 1994-1995
2004.IA.14-55 Mystic Fire Video, 1989, 1994-1995
2004.IA.14-55 Mystic Seaport Museum, 1988
2004.IA.14-55 Nassau Library System, 1988
2004.IA.14-55 National Audiovisual Center, 1982-1983, 1990-1991, 1996
2004.IA.14-55 National Center for Jewish Film, 1994
2004.IA.14-55 National Film and Video Market, 1992
2004.IA.14-55 National Gallery of Art, 1985, 1989-1991, 1995
2004.IA.14-55 National Geographic Television, 1991
2004.IA.14-55 National Museum of African Art, 1990
2004.IA.14-55 National Trust Film Library, undated
2004.IA.14-55 National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1993
2004.IA.14-55 Native American Public Broadcasting, 1993-1996
2004.IA.14-55 New Day Films, 1984, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-55 New Deal Films, 1997
2004.IA.14-55 New Dimension Films, 1986-1990, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-55 New Line Cinema, 1987-1988
2004.IA.14-55 New York Public Library, 1982-1985
2004.IA.14-55 New York University, 1977-1978, 1988-1990
2004.IA.14-55 New Yorker Films, 1992-1994
2004.IA.14-55 Norstar, 1986
2004.IA.14-55 Northstar Productions, 1992
2004.IA.14-55 NVC Arts International, 1990
2004.IA.14-47 October Films, undated
2004.IA.14-62A Jack Ofield Prods., 1987
2004.IA.14-62A Oklahoma State Univ., undated
2004.IA.14-62A One West Media, 1988
2004.IA.14-62A Opera Presentations, Inc., 1985
2004.IA.14-62A Pacific Arts Video, undated
2004.IA.14-62A Pajon Arts, undated
2004.IA.14-62A Paper Tiger TV, 1986-1987
2004.IA.14-62A Park Films Ltd., 1987
2004.IA.14-62A PBS Video, 1985, 1987-1989, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-62A PBS Video, 1981, 1987-1990
2004.IA.14-62A PBS Video, 1990-1992
2004.IA.14-47 Penn. State University, undated
2004.IA.14-62A Pennebaker Associates, Inc., 1984
2004.IA.14-62A Perspective Films and Video, 1982
2004.IA.14-62A Phoenix Films, 1985
2004.IA.14-62A Picture Start, 1991
2004.IA.14-62A Pictura Films Dis. Cat., 1973-1974
2004.IA.14-62A Prestige, 1988
2004.IA.14-62A Producer Services Group, 1985
2004.IA.14-57A Public Media Video, undated
2004.IA.14-57A Pyramid Film and Video, 1988-1991
2004.IA.14-57A Quest Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-57A Questar Video, Inc., 1993, 1996
2004.IA.14-42 R.R. Bowker bibliographic master file checklist, undated
2004.IA.14-57A Rainbow Educational Video, 1991
2004.IA.14-57A Reading and O'Reilly, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-57A Random House Home Video, 1989
2004.IA.14-57A Rhapsody Films, undated
2004.IA.14-57A Rhombus, 1997
2004.IA.14-57A Rizzoli: A.C. Video, undated
2004.IA.14-25A The Roland Collection, 1992, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Roxie Releasing, 1991
2004.IA.14-25A Samaya Foundation, 1990, undated
2004.IA.14-25A San Francisco Center for Visual Studies, 1989, 1990
2004.IA.14-40 Sandpail Productions, 1991
2004.IA.14-25A Shambhala Productions, 1990
2004.IA.14-25A LA Sept/Video, 1994
2004.IA.14-25A Silver Burdett Ginn, 1993
2004.IA.14-25A Simon and Schuster, 1985, 1987
2004.IA.14-25A S-L Film Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Smithsonian Institution, Office of Museum Programs, 1992, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Starr, Cecile, 1989, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Sterling Educational Films, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Stutz Company, undated
2004.IA.14-25A SUNY/The Arts on Television, 1988
2004.IA.14-40 Sutherland Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Swedenborg Foundation, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Syracuse Alternative Media Network, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Taunton Press, 1993
2004.IA.14-25A Chip Taylor Communications, 1993
2004.IA.14-25A Tele Hachette, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Terra Nova Films, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Texture Films Collection, 1972-1984
2004.IA.14-25A Third World Newsreel, 1994, undated
2004.IA.14-42 Time-Life Films catalog, 1973-1974
2004.IA.14-25A Time-Life Video, 1982-1985
2004.IA.14-25A Time Warner, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Total Marketing Services, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Time Capsule Films, 1993
2004.IA.14-25A Treccani Video Library, 1990
2004.IA.14-25A Turner Home Entertainment, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Twyman Films, undated
2004.IA.14-25A UC Video [empty folder], undated
2004.IA.14-25A Umbrella Films, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-25A Universal Education and Visual Arts, 1988
2004.IA.14-25A University of California Extension Media Center, 1991-1996
2004.IA.14-25A University of California/Santa Barbara, 1988
2004.IA.14-25A University of Illinois Film Center, 1989, 1993
2004.IA.14-25A University of Iowa, 1988, undated
2004.IA.14-25A University of Minnesota, undated
2004.IA.14-25A Univesity of Southern California, 1984-1986
2004.IA.14-25A University of Texas at Austin, 1986
2004.IA.14-25A University of Washington Press, 1992
2004.IA.14-25A University of Wisconsin-Madison, undated
2004.IA.14-25B Varied Directions, undated
2004.IA.14-25B Valencia Entertainment, 1994
2004.IA.14-25B Vesper Video, 1993
2004.IA.14-25B Videfilm Producers International, 1993
2004.IA.14-25B Video-O-Go, 1995
2004.IA.14-25B Video Arts International, 1990, 1991, 1996
2004.IA.14-25B The Video Catalog, 1994
2004.IA.14-25B Video Data Bank, 1980-1996
2004.IA.14-25A Video Encyclopedia, 1986
2004.IA.14-25A Video Library Network, undated
2004.IA.14-68 White Horse Productions, undated
2004.IA.14-9 WNET/Thirteen, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Wombat Productions, Inc., 1985
2004.IA.14-9 Women Make Movies, 1997
2004.IA.14-9 Wood Knapp Video, undated
2004.IA.14-1B Works by Woman, 1981-1986
2004.IA.14-9 The Works, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Worldwide Travel, undated
2004.IA.14-9 WPA Film Library, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-9 Yes! Video, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Young Filmakers/Video Arts, 1982
2004.IA.14-9 Your Video World, undated
2004.IA.14-68 Zanzibar Productions, 1985
2004.IA.14-9 Zeitgeist Films, 1995
2004.IA.14-9 Zeitgeist Films, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Zenger Video, undated
2004.IA.14-9 Zipporah Films, undated

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