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Program for Art on Film records, 1951-1999, undated (bulk 1984-1997)

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Program for Art on Film records
Series I. Program for Art on Film and Production Laboratory records, 1971-1999 (bulk 1984-1994) 67 Linear Feet (circa 71 boxes)
Series I.I. Production Laboratory miscellaneous information, 1986-1996 3.13 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
Records contain financial documents, transcripts, public relations materials, legal documents, correspondence, and inventories relating to the Program for Art on Film Production Laboratory, 1986-1996. The records provide additional information, beyond the administrative, legal and financial, on the day-to-day operations of the Production Lab, such as the results of evaluations and focus groups, and information on film distribution.
Records of the Production Laboratory are scattered throughout the subseries. See also Series IG. Legal records.
These records are listed in the order found within the original accession.
Production Lab Information:
2004.IA.14-101 [J. Paul Getty Trust Bulletin Fall 1992 (multiple copies); Art on Film/Film on Art folders (multiple copies); binder with information on program film deliverables; Evaluation of Anthology Themes for Program for Art on Film, 1991 (multiple copies)], 1991-1992
2004.IA.14-101 Development Budget and Cost Wraparound, 1989
2004.IA.14-101 Prod. Lab Film Evals, 1988
2004.IA.14-101 Prod. Lab Film Evals (2), 1988
2004.IA.14-101 Focus Group Art Experts, 1990
2004.IA.14-101 Focus Group "In House", 1990
2004.IA.14-101 Conversation Transcripts, undated
2004.IA.14-101 Conversation Transcripts, undated
2004.IA.14-101 Focus Group: Summary, undated
2004.IA.14-101 Video Anthology: Press Screening, 1992
2004.IA.14-101 Lab Film Evaluation (Adams and Goldbard Interviews), 1989
2004.IA.14-101 AoF/FoA Press Kit Originals, undated
2004.IA.14-101 Eval of Lab Films, 1990
Production Lab files; feature film information:
2004.IA.14-111 Joan Shigekawa: Consultant, 1986-1994
2004.IA.14-111 Prod. Lab: J. Sternberg, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-111 Production Lab Capital Budget, 1988-1990
2004.IA.14-111 Interoffice Memos, 1990-1992
2004.IA.14-111 Du Art Laboratories, 1989-1991
2004.IA.14-111 Lab Films: Distribution, 1989-1996
2004.IA.14-111 Lab Films: Correspondence, 1990-1995
2004.IA.14-111 Lab Film Evaluations, 1988-1991
2004.IA.14-111 Lab Film Inventories, 1990
2004.IA.14-111 Prod. Lab Films: Printouts and Addresses, 1988-1990
2004.IA.14-111 Distribution, 1990
2004.IA.14-111 P.L. Distribution: BBC and RM, 1990-1992
2004.IA.14-111 NHK/HDTV conversion of lab films, 1991-1992
2004.IA.14-111 Home Vision: Video Anthologies, 1991-1993
2004.IA.14-111 Distribution of P.L. Anthologies: Home Vision, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-111 PMI/Home Vision, 1992-1994
2004.IA.14-111 Home Vision Contract, 1990-1992
2004.IA.14-111 Art on Film/Film on Art Promo, Comps, etc., 1991-1994
2004.IA.14-111 Video Anthologies, Delivery to Recipients, 1992
2004.IA.14-111 Annotation Style, undated
2004.IA.14-111 Feature Reviews to Enter, 1990-1994
2004.IA.14-111 Features to be entered, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-111 Master Copies, 1988-1995
2004.IA.14-111 Feature Length Narratives, 1991-1992
2004.IA.14-111 Feature Length Narratives, 1991-1992
2004.IA.14-111 Feature Reviews to Add, 1992-1994

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