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Program for Art on Film records, 1951-1999, undated (bulk 1984-1997)

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Program for Art on Film records
Series I. Program for Art on Film and Production Laboratory records, 1971-1999 (bulk 1984-1994) 67 Linear Feet (circa 71 boxes)
Series I.G. Conferences, seminars and workshops, 1974-1997 7.3 Linear Feet (8 boxes)
Records include surveys, press releases, clippings, correspondence, letters, reports, photographs, and printed materials, 1974, 1979-1997, regarding conferences, workshops, and educational outreach activities organized, hosted, or undertaken by the Program for Art on Film and the Production Laboratory. One of the earliest conferences, "Art on Film," was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the records document the planning activities for the conference. Education and outreach activities, such as participation in university courses, are documented in the records, as are symposia and screenings held at or with the Louvre and other museums, New York Women in Film, College Art Association and other professional organizations. Also included in the records are documents describing the planning of a seminar organized by the Production Laboratory in 1989 with filmmakers Adams and Goldbard.
These records are listed by subject, and in the order found within the original accession.
Museum workshops, surveys, planning documents:
2004.IA.14-82 Commissioning Films about Art/MMA Museum workshop, 1991
2004.IA.14-82 MMA Workshop, Films, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-82 MMA Workshop, Faculty/Registrants, 1991
2004.IA.14-82 MMA Workshop Handout Material, 1991
2004.IA.14-82 MMA Wkshp, Session Notes, 1991
2004.IA.14-82 MMA Museum Workshop, Evaluations/Follow-up Reports, 1991
2004.IA.14-82 MMA Wkshp, Planning: Schedules, March 1991
2004.IA.14-82 Museum Workshop Prototype, April 1993
2004.IA.14-82 Sample Production Contracts, undated
2004.IA.14-82 Houston: Workshop, Planning, 1992
2004.IA.14-82 Museum survey, 1986-1988
2004.IA.14-82 Media Center for Children, surveys, 1984
2004.IA.14-82 Abrams: AV survey, 1989
2004.IA.14-82 Sample surveys, 1974, 1982
2004.IA.14-82 Press coverage: originals, 1992, 1994
2004.IA.14-82 Press release originals, 1992-1994, 1997
2004.IA.14-82 Press clippings, 1991, 1993-1996
2004.IA.14-82 Fundraising, 1997
2004.IA.14-82 Untitled folder, 1990-1994
General note
[Press clippings and letters of support.]
2004.IA.14-82 Letters of support: originals, 1995-1996
2004.IA.14-82 DOCS: copies of, 1993-1996
2004.IA.14-82 Business plan, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-82 PAF development: brainstorming/meetings, 1993
2004.IA.14-82 History Met film, undated, 1941
2004.IA.14-82 Hockney/Haas: press, 1986, 1988
Education/Outreach Activities:
2004.IA.14-95 The Arts and Media (Conferences, etc.), 1979-1989
2004.IA.14-95 Cine: City Conference, 3/94, 1994
2004.IA.14-95 Interdisciplinary Arts Programs, 1992
2004.IA.14-95 Art and Film/Media: Courses, 1990, 1991, 1994
2004.IA.14-95 S. Delson Class at NYU (1995), 1995
2004.IA.14-95 Center for History in the Media Education Programs: GWU, 1996
2004.IA.14-95 R. Connor: Hunter College class: Video on Art and Artists, 1990
2004.IA.14-95 Film Department: NYU, 1989-1992
2004.IA.14-95 Education Inquiries, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-95 Ideas: Education/Outreach, 1990
2004.IA.14-95 Outreach Activities Miscellaneous, 1989-1992
2004.IA.14-95 Lab Education and Outreach Projects, 1989-1990
2004.IA.14-95 University Outreach, 1990
2004.IA.14-95 Art L.A., 1987-1988
2004.IA.14-95 Museums and Film/Video, 1993
2004.IA.14-95 Touchstone Survey Forms, 1984
2004.IA.14-95 Touchstone Survey, 1984-1985
2004.IA.14-95 1986 Touchstone Update, 1986
2004.IA.14-95 TS Survey Spring 1986, Letters Rec'd etc., 1986
2004.IA.14-95 Touchstone: Letters rec'd, 1984
2004.IA.14-95 Touchstone Survey Mailing Lists, 1984, 1988
2004.IA.14-95 Touchstone Lists, 1985-1986
2004.IA.14-95 Touchstone Report (update), 1985
Conference, film screenings:
2004.IA.14-94 [Art History and Film Symposium; Sound and Image conference information], 1991
General note
[Conference attendees folders, Art History and Film Symposium, November 14, 1991 (4 copies); Art History and Film: Starting from the Art, Symposium Report, 1991 (2 copies); contact sheets and negatives, Sound and Image conference; Sound & Images Conference Report, 1991 (2 copies); negatives and photos, Art History and Film symposium.]
2004.IA.14-124 University of Southern California: Sound and Images Reports, 1991
2004.IA.14-94 Art History and Film Symposium: Report (PAF), undated
2004.IA.14-106 [Information about excerpts from two educational events produced by Program for Art on Film], undated
2004.IA.14-106 CAA 1990 "Beyond Slides" video taping/dvd-video, 1989-1990
2004.IA.14-106 CAA 1990 "Beyond Slides" Session Rejected Proposals, 1989
2004.IA.14-106 Louvre Presentation of PAF Films, 6/90, 1990
2004.IA.14-106 NYWIF Panel: Art on Film, 11-29-90, 1990
2004.IA.14-106 Creative Solutions: April 7th Panel, 1990 1990
2004.IA.14-106 CAA 1990 "Beyond Slides" Research and Planning, 1989-1990
2004.IA.14-106 CAA 1990 "Beyond Slides" Session, 1990
2004.IA.14-106 R. Brilliant lecture at Col. U., 2/91, February 1991
2004.IA.14-106 Princeton Seminar, 2/91, February 1991
2004.IA.14-106 LACMA Screening (aborted plans) (1991), 1991
2004.IA.14-106 National Gallery screening Dr. Erika Langmuir Information, 6/92, 1992
2004.IA.14-106 NFT (Nat'l Film Theatre) 6/92, London Screening, 1992
2004.IA.14-106 Lists, London, 6/92, 1992
2004.IA.14-106 London: Films (ship/cust), 1992
2004.IA.14-106 London: Follow-up Correspond., 1992
2004.IA.14-106 London: Printed Materials, 1992
2004.IA.14-106 Untitled folder [Quotes from British teams of filmmakers and art experts, Program for Art on Film productions], undated
2004.IA.14-106 NYFC Program, Sept 19, 1989, "Film and Video at the Metropolitan", September 19, 1989
2004.IA.14-106 NYF/VC Meeting 12/93, December 1993
2004.IA.14-106 WIF Brown Bag Lunch 9/92, September 1992
2004.IA.14-106 SAH April 1994 Society of Architectural Historians, April 1994
2004.IA.14-106 ARLIS 1993, 1993
2004.IA.14-106 NYWIF April 14, 1993 panel, April 14, 1993
2004.IA.14-106 ARLIS presentation 2/86, February 1986
2004.IA.14-106 SAH Newsletter Articles 1993, 1993
2004.IA.14-106 Arch. on Screen at the Met, 2/94, February 1994
2004.IA.14-106 FIFARC 1993/94, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-106 Architecture: Press Contacts, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-106 Wash. Area Arch. Group 9/93, September 1993
2004.IA.14-106 Chicago Inst. for Arch. and Urb, undated
2004.IA.14-106 Wexner Ctr. Arch. Screening 1/94, 1993-1994
2004.IA.14-106 ILT Wkshp, 4-21-95, April 21, 1995
2004.IA.14-41 Milia conference (Cannes, France), 1994-1995
2004.IA.14-41 Association Télévision et Culture (Paris), September 1995
2004.IA.14-106 Art on Film Festival: Proposal (not produced), 1992
2004.IA.14-106 Art on Film Festival: Notes, 1992-1993
2004.IA.14-106 The Visual Arts in Prime Time (conference planning, 1988), 1988
2004.IA.14-110 [PAF Seminar and Workshop], 1989-1990
General note
[In binders that need rehousing: Creative Solutions: The Challenge of Art on Film, 4/7/90; Creative Solutions: The Challenge of Art on Film; Sept. 13, 1989 Seminar papers; Art on Screen Seminar, Transcript Part II, Adams & Goldberg [Goldbard], 1989; Art on Screen Seminar, Transcript Part II, Adams & Goldbard, 1989; MMA (NYC) Museum Workshop Transcript; Art on Film Selected Bibliography, Susan Logan, 1985; Women in Film Panel Discussion "Art on Film" 11/29/90; Transcripts of Symposia, CAA 2/90, MMA 4/90; Nuts & Bolts Prod. Seminar, R. Bordiga.]
Production Lab seminars (Adams and Goldbard, 9/89):
2004.IA.14-119 Quotes paper, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 History and genres paper, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Mailing: final version, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Originals for xeroxing, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Background paper: Art on Screen, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Participant lists, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Planning, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Consultants, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Budget and billing, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Participants' comments to P.L. films, 1989
2004.IA.14-119 Outline/Questions/Commissioning, 1989

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