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Program for Art on Film records, 1951-1999, undated (bulk 1984-1997)

To access physical materials at the Getty, go to the library catalog record for this collection and click "Request an Item." Click here for general library access policy. See the Administrative Information section of this finding aid for access restrictions specific to the records described below. Please note, some of the records may be stored off site; advanced notice is required for access to these materials.
Program for Art on Film records
Series II. Records collected by the Program for Art on Film, 1951-1998, undated (bulk 1984-1994) 51.8 Linear Feet (45 boxes, 3 framed posters, 2 flat files)
Series II.C. Information on films, 1974-1996 3 Linear Feet (5 boxes)
Records consist of catalogs, brochures, inventories, press releases, clippings, photographs, printed materials, and correspondence collected by the Program for Art on Film, 1974-1996 and undated, that describe individual films (both feature and documentary) that take as subject artists or art. Much of the material is promotional in nature (catalogs, brochures, and press releases). The bulk of the records are printed materials; any correspondence found within the records contextualizes these records, and is often in response to a direct query by Program for Art on Film personnel. Some of the information was used to compile the Art on Screen ("Critical Inventory") database.
For feature film reviews, see Series II.E. "Subject Files".
These records are listed alphabetically.
2004.IA.14-12 Adagio, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Abode of Illusion, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Affairs of Art, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, 1990, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Alive From Off Center, 1985
2004.IA.14-12 All the Vermeers in New York, 1990-1991
2004.IA.14-12 Amadeus, undated
2004.IA.14-12 America and Lewis Hine, undated
2004.IA.14-12 America by Design, 1987, undated
2004.IA.14-12 America: The Artist's Eye, undated
2004.IA.14-12 American Art '85: A View From The Whitney, 1985
2004.IA.14-12 American Masters Series, 1989, undated
2004.IA.14-12 American Visions, undated
2004.IA.14-12 American Visions Series, 1987
2004.IA.14-12 America's Pop Collector, 1974-1975
2004.IA.14-12 Americas (Series), 1993, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Ancient Lives, undated
2004.IA.14-12 L'Ange Et Le Barbare, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Ansel Adams, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Arena Brains, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Arnold Bocklin (1827-1901), undated
2004.IA.14-12 Arena series, 1989
General note
["Art Line International Art News."]
2004.IA.14-12 Art D'exposer, 1986
2004.IA.14-12 Art in Moscow, 1988
2004.IA.14-12 Artists: Childhood Stories, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Artist's Choice: Ellsworth Kelly, 1990
2004.IA.14-12 Art of the Western World, 1987-1989
2004.IA.14-12 Art of Being Human, The Series, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Art Underfoot, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Artists of America, 1990
2004.IA.14-12 Arts Alive, 1984
2004.IA.14-12 Art or Forgery, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Atheneum: Analysis of Form, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Basquiat, 1996, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Bazille, 1992, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Bauhaus in America, circa 1985, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Bauhaus in America, 1996
2004.IA.14-12 Behind the Scenes, 1992
2004.IA.14-12 La Belle Noiseuse, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Belly of an Architect, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Bonnard Et Le Cannet, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Borobudur, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Boneshop of the Heart, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Bridge of Fire, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Building Sights, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Camille Claudel, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Candle in the Wind, 1985, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Carrington, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Caravaggio (Derek Jarman), undated
2004.IA.14-12 Caspar David Friedrich, 1986, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Casting Small Figures in Bronze with Jack Witt, undated
2004.IA.14-12 The Cave, 1993
2004.IA.14-12 The Challenge, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Charles Roussel (1861-1936), 1989
2004.IA.14-12 Charlotte, 1992
2004.IA.14-12 Charlotte: Life or Theatre?, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Civilisation, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Comic Relief, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Corps Perdus, 1991
2004.IA.14-12 A Day in the Country, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Degenarate Art, 1993, undated
2004.IA.14-12 De Kooning on De Kooning, 1982
2004.IA.14-12 Diego Rivera: I Paint What I See, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Drawing the Line: Portrait of Keith Haring, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Edvard Munch by Peter Watkins, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Edward Scissorhands, 1990
2004.IA.14-12 Edouard Manet: Painter of Modern Life, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Einstein on the Beach, 1986, undated
2004.IA.14-12 "Enquête au Musée," 1989
2004.IA.14-12 The Erl King, undated
2004.IA.14-12 The Exiles, 1988, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Fantasy of Florida, undated
2004.IA.14-12 The Feast of the Gods, 1990, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Frank Lloyd Wright, 1985
2004.IA.14-12 French Painters Series, 1986
2004.IA.14-12 Frida, 1987-1988, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Garden of Fantasy, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Gaudi, 1987
2004.IA.14-12 The Genius, 1992-1993, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Glenalbyn Drive, 1993-1994, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Going Up, 1990
2004.IA.14-12 Going Up, 1984, 1989, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Golub, 1988, undated
2004.IA.14-27A A Good Time to be West, 1986
2004.IA.14-12 Les Grandes Expositions, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Grant Wood's America, 1983, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Happiness of Still Life: Scenes - From the Austrian Biedermeier, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Havana Postmodern: the New Cuban Art, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Herman Melville: Damned in Paradise, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Homage to Chagall, 1986
2004.IA.14-12 Howard Finster: Map of Visions, 1989
2004.IA.14-12 Humanities Through the Arts, 1983
2004.IA.14-12 The Hutterites, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Images, 1989
2004.IA.14-27A Imago, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Imago Urbis, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A In a Brilliant Light: Vincent Van Gogh in Arles, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A Innovation Series, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Isenheim, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Islands, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Jack Levine, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Jan Cox: A Painter's Odyssey, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Jean Renoir, The Boss, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Je Suis Fou, Je Suis Mechant: Autoportrait de James Ensor, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Joan Mitchell, Portrait of an Abstract Artist, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Joseph Beuys: Transformer, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Kathe Kollwitz, undated
2004.IA.14-27A The Killing Detail, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Kids of Survival, 1996
2004.IA.14-27A Kokoschka, Errinnerung (Rememberance), 1988
2004.IA.14-27A Lady Jane, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Laura Gilpin: An Enduring Grace, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Le Corbusier, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Legacy with Michael Wood, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Leonardo's Deluge, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Lights and Shadows, 1988
2004.IA.14-12 Louise Bourgeois, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Lyman H. Howe's High Class Moving Pictures undated
2004.IA.14-27A Made in Milan, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Maya Lin, 1996
2004.IA.14-27A Memories of Monet, 1984
2004.IA.14-27A Michelangelo Pistoletto: I Have a Mirror, You Have a Mirror, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Michelangelo: Self Portrait, undated
2004.IA.14-27A The Moderns, undated
2004.IA.14-27A My Left Foot, 1989
2004.IA.14-27A Le Mystère Picasso, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Mystery of the Master Builders, 1988
2004.IA.14-27A Name of the Rose, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Naturaleza Viva, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Naturally Creative, undated
2004.IA.14-27A New Ways of Seeing: Picasso, Braque and the Cubist Revolution, undated
2004.IA.14-27A New World Visions, undated
2004.IA.14-27A No War-No Peace, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A Nouveaux Réalistes, Les, undated
2004.IA.14-27A 100 Masterworks from Great Museums, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Orpheus and Eurydice, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Other Side of the Moon, The 1989
2004.IA.14-27A Painter's World, The, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Painting the Town, 1989
2004.IA.14-27A Palettes, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Panoply of Ghana, 1984
2004.IA.14-27A Paul Cadmus: Enfant Terrible at 80, 1984
2004.IA.14-27A Paya et Talla, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Permeke undated
2004.IA.14-27A Philip Pearlstein, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Picasso and Braque: Pioneering Cubism, 1990
2004.IA.14-27A Picasso: A Painter's Diary, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Pablo Picasso: The Legacy of a Genius, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Portrait of Imogen, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Post No Bills, 1991
2004.IA.14-27A Potters at Work, undated
2004.IA.14-27A The Precious Legacy, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A Pride of Place, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A The Primal Mind, undated
2004.IA.14-12 Primary Colors, 1991
2004.IA.14-27A Quality of Light, A, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Quest of Jimmy Pike, The, undated
2004.IA.14-27A A Question of Attribution, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Ranch, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A Rembrandt, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Red Grooms: Sunflower in a Hothouse, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Resident Alien, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Return to Glory: Michelangelo Revisited, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Rikyu, 1990
2004.IA.14-12 Robert of Iron, 1987-1988
2004.IA.14-27A Saint-Gaudens: Masque of the Golden Bowl, undated
2004.IA.14-27A The Shakers, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A Shock of the New, 1981
2004.IA.14-27A Signals series, 1989
2004.IA.14-27A Sister Wendy, 1997
2004.IA.14-27A Skyline: Chicago, 1991
2004.IA.14-27A Smithsonian World, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Sorceress, 1988
2004.IA.14-27A Spaces: The Architecture of Paul Rudolph, undated
2004.IA.14-27A The Spirit in Architecture, 1992
2004.IA.14-27A The Stations of Bach, undated
2004.IA.14-27A State of the Art, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Strokes of Genius, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Style Wars, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Suleyman, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Superstar, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Taj Mahal, 1983
2004.IA.14-27A Tant Que le Monde Sera, undated
2004.IA.14-27A The Third Dimension, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy, undated
2004.IA.14-27A To Orpheus, 1989
2004.IA.14-27A Tous les Matins du Monde, 1993
2004.IA.14-27A Travels, 1989
2004.IA.14-27A The Tribal Eye, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Turner's Genius, 1985
2004.IA.14-27A Van Gogh, 1992
2004.IA.14-27A Vienna 1900, 1986
2004.IA.14-27A Vincent and Theo, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent van Gogh, 1987
2004.IA.14-27A Vincent van Gogh: Der Weg Nach Courrieres, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Vision on Art, 1991
2004.IA.14-27A Visions, 1990
2004.IA.14-27A Voices and Visions, 1988
2004.IA.14-27A Voyage, undated
2004.IA.14-27A Walker 'Round Sculpture 1991
2004.IA.14-27A Welcome to the Water Planet, undated
2004.IA.14-12 With Paint on Canvas, 1981
2004.IA.14-27A Woman: Who is Me?, 1988
2004.IA.14-27A Zed and Two Noughts, undated

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