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Getty Research Institute collection of materials relating to Robert Heinecken's...wore khakis project, 1994-2000

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Heinecken (Robert) materials, Getty Research Institute collection

Scope and Content of Collection

This finding aid provides a single access point for four separate collections related to Robert Heinecken's ...wore khakis project, a five-year endeavor centered on the GAP's 1990s khaki pants advertising campaign. Heinecken dissects, with the deft precision of his X-acto knife, the narrative proffered in the advertisements, which feature vintage photographs of celebrities wearing khaki pants, and bear the slogan "[famous name] wore khakis." By cutting through 28 of the advertisements and binding them together to reveal numerous layers of famous people wearing khakis, Heinecken twists the ad campaign's implied intimacy between celebrity and consumer. By these actions the viewer no longer simply shares a one-on-one connective moment with a single personality, but rather is confronted with multiple personalities whose body parts have been recombined to create new hybrid individuals, much as in the way the pages in children's flip-flap books can be endlessly rearranged to create figures with amusingly mismatched heads, torsos and feet. It is within these layered relationships created by Heinecken's manipulations that the viewer is ultimately left to reconsider one's real and suggested connections to both the individual celebrities depicted, and to a vast, uniformly khaki-clad population.

Each of the first three acquisitions in the collection comprises as single, discrete iteration of Heinecken's …wore khakis: Series I (accession number 2017.M.30), GAP/NY Headaches, is a revised magazine that represents the first stage of the project; Series II (accession number 2017.M.31), contains the prototype for Heinecken's final publication …wore khakis; and the publisher's proof is found in Series III (accession number 2017.M.32). Finally, Series IV (accession number 2017.M.33) comprises Nazraeli press records related to …wore khakis, including correspondence between publisher Chris Pichler and Robert Heinecken; original materials relating to the various components of the project; documentation of the project; and related ephemera, as well as legal correspondence related to the GAP's objection to Heinecken's use of their advertising campaign.


Arranged in four series, each representing a separate acquisition: and
Series I. Revised Magazine: Gap/NY Headaches, (Accession number 2017.M.30), between 1994 and 1999;
Series II. Prototype for Robert Heinecken's ...wore khakis (Accession number 2017.M.31), 1998;
Series III. Publisher's proof for Robert Heinecken's ...wore khakis (Accession number 2017.M.32), 1999;
Series IV. Nazraeli press records related to Robert Heinecken's ...wore khakis (Accession number 2017.M.33), 1994-2000.

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