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Galleria dell'Ariete records, 1955-1993

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Finding aid for the Galleria dell'Ariete records, 1955-1993
Series I. Correspondence, 1955-1983 17.09 linear feet (41 boxes)
Series I.C. America, 1961-1979
Correspondence with dealers, artists, collectors, curators, and gallery staff.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or by the corporate name. Within each alphabetical grouping are two date ranges that occasionally vary slightly: 1961-1969 and 1970-1979.
26 A
26 1-7 1961-1969
Including many letters between Beatrice and the staff of the Galleria dell'Ariete, Marilea Solbiati, Marina ___?, Paolo___?, Renata___?, (note that these letters also are occasionally filed under the name of the artist discussed), Art in America, Lawrence Alloway, Ignacio Acquarone, S. Arakawa, and Art Dealers Association of America.
26 8-14 1970-1979
Including Richard Artschwager, Pierre Apraxine, and Albright-Knox Gallery, and correspondence with Beatrice Monte's staff at the Galleria dell-Ariete, including Giuliana Giudici.
27 B
27 1-9 1961-1969
Including David Bright, Charles Byron, Dick Bellamy, Charles E. Buckley, Paul Bianchini, Esther Bear, and David Burke.
27 10-17 1970-1979
Including Charles Byron, John Berggruen, Brooks Barron, Bill Bass, and Lynda Benglis.
28 C
28 1-12 1961-1969
Including a great deal of correspondence with Leo Castelli, and a small amount with Ronald Clyne, and Andrew Crispo.
28 13-20 1970-1979
Including Douglas Campbell, Paula Cooper, Leo Castelli, and Croquis Gallery.
28 D
28 21-28 1961-1969
Including Jim Dine, Donald Droll, Dwan Gallery, and Harold Diamond.
28 29-36 1970-1979
Including Walter De Maria, and Harold Diamond.
29 E
29 1-9 1961-1969
Including Jim Elliott, Andre Emmerich Gallery, and Craig Ellwood.
29 10-16 1970-1979
Including James Elliott, Robert Elkon, and Andre Emmerich.
29 F
29 17-24 1961-1969
Including Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Francis, Louis Frankel, Fischbach Gallery, Shigeo Fukuda, and Richard Feigen Gallery.
29 25-31 1970-1979
Including Fogg Art Museum, Richard Feigen, Helen Frankenthaler, and Sam Francis.
30 G
30 1-8 1961-1969
Including Phil Gottlieb, Allan Guiberson, and Guggenheim Museum.
30 9-17 1970-1979
Including James Goodman, Graphics International, Guggenheim Museum, and Ronald Greenberg.
30 H
30 18-26 1961-1969
Including Joseph Hirshhorn, and Holland Gallery.
30 27-33 1970-1979
Including Hudson Gallery, Joseph Hirshhorn, and correspondence from Haiti.
31 I
31 1-4 1961-1969
Including Robert Indiana.
31 5-10 1970-1979
Including Galerie Issa, Institute of Contemporary Art, and Robert Indiana.
31 J
31 11-17 1961-1969
Including Martha Jackson, and Sidney Janis.
31 18-24 1970-1979
Including Martha Jackson, Sidney Janis, and Jiyugaoka Gallery.
31 K
31 25-31 1961-1969
Including Samuel Kootz, and Joseph Kelleker.
31 32-39 1970-1979
Including Kornblee Gallery, Knoedler & Co., and Knoedler Contemporary Art.
31 L
31 40-46 1961-1969
Including Joe Lambert, Alexander Lieberman, and Felix Landau.
Box Folder
32 1-7 1970-1979
Including Felix Landau, Evelyn Lambert, and Mrs. Kenneth Lane.
32 M
32 8-15 1961-1969
Including Victor Miller, Flavia Manzi-Fe, Francesca Meucci, Museum of Modern Art, Pierre Matisse, Arnold Maremont, Helen Franthenthal Motherwell, R. Menkes, Robert Motherwell, Morris Moscowitz, and James Meeker.
32 16-23 1970-1979
Including James Meeker, Richard Merkin, Museum of Modern Art, Ed Moses, and Brice Marden.
32 N
32 24-29 1961-1969
Including Constantino Nivola, Jorge Newbery, Morton Neumann, and Mrs. Raymond Nasher.
32 30-35 1970-1979
Kenneth Noland, Cy Newhouse, and Hans Neumann.
33 O
33 1-2 1961-1969
Including Charles Offin and Mrs. Kenneth Dale Owen.
33 3-5 1970-1979
Including Mrs. Jane Owen, Pat Oldenburg, Obelisk Gallery, and Jules Olitski.
33 P
Board Folder
33 6-13 1961-1969
Including Betty Parsons, Joseph Pulitzer, Carla Panicali, and Fred Picard.
Box Folder
33 14-21 1970-1979
Including Betty Parsons, Joseph Pulitzer, Lucio Pozzi, Pace Gallery, and PB Eighty-Four.
Box Folder
34 1-2 Q 1972-1974
Including Quilt Gallery.
34 R
34 3-9 1962-1969
Including Larry Rivers, Walter Ross, Robert Rowan, Lawrence Rubin, and Galleria Roma.
34-35 1970-1979
Including Larry Rubin, William Rubin, Mario Ravagnan, and George Rosenfeld.
35 S
35 8 1961-1969
Including Harry Sherwood, Stendahl Galleries, Sidney Schoenberg, Antonio Souza, David Smith,Taft Schreiber, Milton Stuart, William Seitz, Harry Sherwood, Alan Solomon, and Saidenberg Gallery.
35 9-15 1970-1979
Including Courtney Sale, and Alan Shields.
36 T
36 1-5 1962-1969
Including Thibaut Gallery, Stanley Tigerman, Jock Truman, Yoshiaki Tono, and Tokyo Gallery.
36 6-11 1970-1979
Including Yoshiaki Tono, Ricardo Tomacelli, and Tokyo Gallery.
37 U-Z
37 1-6 1961-1969
Including Frederick Weisman, Jack Youngerman, Howard Wise, William Weintraub, Manuel Ulloa, and Walker Art Center.
37 7-14 1970-1979
Including Samuel Wagstaff, Jane Wade, Alberto Ulrich, Bill Weber, Nicholas Wilder, and John Weber Gallery.

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