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Galleria dell'Ariete records, 1955-1993

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Finding aid for the Galleria dell'Ariete records, 1955-1993
Series I. Correspondence, 1955-1983 17.09 linear feet (41 boxes)
Correspondence between Galleria dell'Ariete and artists, dealers, galleries, museums, collectors, and critics in Europe, the United States, and Japan between 1955 and 1983, including letters received, and copies of letters sent. Among the highlights of this correspondence is the witty, eloquent, exchange between Monti della Corte and her friend and colleague New York art dealer Leo Castelli. With the shared objective of raising the profile of American artists in Italy and Italian artists in America, the two exchange strategic letters and telegrams about collectors, artists, and other dealers, chronicling the flow of paintings back and forth across the Atlantic. Other American colleagues who appear in the correspondence are Betty Parsons, Paula Cooper, and Martha Jackson. During her periods in New York, Monti della Corte wrote almost daily to gallery staff about meetings with artists, and they sent news of developments in the Gallery. These letters too are full of information about the developing market for American art in Europe and the collectors, like Giuseppe Panza, or Joseph Pulizer, who were to create a lasting legacy in collections that would ultimately find their way into contemporary art museums.
Arrangement note
The files are organized in a variation of the way they were received from the gallery: first by region, then by decade, and then in alphabetical order by the names of the persons or organizations involved. Note that this latter category was rather idiosyncratically applied by the gallery. If an entity does not appear under the correspondent's last name, it may be searchable by the name of the pertinent corporate entity, or by the last name of the subject of the correspondence, such as an artist. Correspondence regarding a gallery that comprises a dealer's name is filed by the dealer's last name, e.g., Betty Parsons Gallery is filed under "P". Correspondence with shippers and insurance companies are mixed in with that of artists, collectors, critics and editors of art magazines. Selected names are listed under each date range.
Series I.A. Europe, 1955-1979
Correspondence with dealers, curators, artists, collectors and gallery staff.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or by the corporate name. Within each grouping are three date ranges, with some slight variations: 1955-1959, 1960-1969, and 1970-1979.
1-2 A
Box Folder
1 1 1955-1959
Including letters to and from Karl Appel.
1 2-9 1960-1969
Including Marianne Adelmann, Bruno Alfieri, Karel Appel, Lord Ashcombe, Gillian Ayres, and Carla Accardi.
1-2 1970-1979
Including Inge Asembaum, Francisca Amadio, Arman, and Carlo Alfano.
3-4 B
Box Folder
3 1 1955-1959
Including Galerie Benador.
3 2-8 1960-1968
Including Giorgio Bompadre, David Bright, Rene Robert Bouche, Biennale di Venezia, Mary Bauermeister, Aldo Ballo, and Jagoda Buic.
3-4 1970-1979
Including Emilio Bertonati, Suzanne Bollag, Byron Gallery, Galleria Bologna, Stephen Buckley, and Alighiero Boetti.
4-5 C
Box Folder
4 9 1955-1959
Including Leo Castelli, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, and Enrico Crispolti.
4 10-17 1960-1969
Including Leo Castelli, Chio, Pietro Consagra, William Clow, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, and Enrico Crispolti.
Box Folder
5 1-17 1970-1979
Including Pietro Consagra, Christo, Andrea Cascella, Tony Caro, and Enrico Castellani.
6 D
6 1 1955-1959
Including Jacques Dubourg, and Melton Davis.
6 2-9 1960-1969
6 10-24 1970-1979
Including Pietro Dorazio, Andrea Dotti, and Massimo de Simone.
7 E
7 1 1955-1959
Including Galerie Editions du Dragon.
7 2-4 1960-1969
Including Eric Estorick, and James Elliott.
7 5-12 1970-1979
Including Elsa Emmy, Diego Esposito, Galleria E., Michael Enneper, and Marilu Eustachio.
7 F
7 13 1955-1959
Including Giorgio Franchetti.
7 14-20 1960-1969
Including Pericle Fazzini, Nino Franchina, Sam Francis, Giorgio Franchietti, James Fitzsimmons, Frasnedi, Lucio Fontana, and Helen Frankenthaler.
7 21-30 1970-1979
Including Sigeo Fukuda, Federico Forquet, Barry Flanagan, Ruth Francken, Lucio Fontana, Suzanne Fischer, and Sandra Furlotti.
8-9 G
Box Folder
8 1 1955-1959
Including Peter Gimpel and Galatea Gallery.
8 2-12 1960-1969
Including Clement Greenberg, Philip Gersh, Lorenzo Guerini, Adolph Gottlieb, Mrs. David Gibbs, Charles Gimpel, Nicholas Guppy, and Gerard Gallet.
8-9 1970-1979
Including Vittorio Gassmann, Gimpel Fils, Hubert de Givenchy, Nicholas Guppy, Ginevra Grigolo, Nigel Greenwood, and Marion Goodman.
10 H
10 1 1955-1959
Including John Hultberg, and Michael Hertz.
10 2-4 1960-1969
Including Alfred Hecht, Eile Hinltunen, Hanover Gallery, Brower Hatcher, and George Heinrichs.
10 5-13 1970-1979
Including John Hoyland, Nicolas Helion, Eile Hinltunen, and Tatiana Hessen.
10 I
10 14-15 1960-1969
Including Herman Igell.
10 16-23 1970-1979
Including IBM, Galerie de l'Ile de France, and Il Chiodo.
10 J
10 24 1955-1959
Including H. De Jong, and Martha Jackson.
10 25 1960-1969
Including Pierre Janlet, and Martha Jackson.
10 26-30 1970-1979
Including David Juda, Ritzi Jacobi, Ierre Janlet, and Bernard Jacobson.
11 K
11 1 1955-1959
Including Kunsthalle Bern.
11 2-7 1960-1969
Including Suat Kutat, Kasmin Limited, and Udo Kulterman.
11 9-20 1970-1979
Including Utal Kukels, Phillip King, Dieter Koppelin, Max Konig, Maria Kroll, Kasmin Limited, and Knoedler Gallery.
12 L
12 1 1955-1959
Including Edward Loeb, Charles Lienhard, and John Latham.
12 2-8, 20 1960-1969
Including Felix Landau, Karin Van Leyden, Leong, Alex Lieberman, and Leo Lionni. Also filed under "L" are friends from the island Lindos, including Tsambico Kricis, John and Polly Hope, William Clow, Carston Hoff, and Lily Parker.
12 9-19, 21 1970-1979
Including Jacques Lassaigne, Galerie Lowenadler, Longanesi & Co., and Yvon Lambert.
13-14 M
Box Folder
13 1 1955-1959
Including Gino Marotta, Mario Maccari, Mirko, and the Museum of Modern Art.
13 2-11 1960-1969
Including Flavia Manzi-Fe, Noretta Malaguzzi, McRoberts & Tunnard, Ltd., Gino Marotta, Marlborough Gallery, Carlo Monzino, Minami Gallery, Galerie Muller, and Galerie Maeght.
13-14 1970-1979
Including Filiberto Menna, Hans Meyer, Jans Muller, Galerie Maeght, Galerie m., Giorgio Marconi, Maurizio Mochetti, Luigi Magnani, Pio Monti, and Fausto Melotti.
15 N
15 1 1955-1959
Including Gastone Novelli.
15 2-10 1960-1969
Including C.B. Negley, Jorge Newberry, New London Gallery, Mario Migro, Luciano Nuvolari, Albert Niels, and Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna.
15 11-19 1970-1979
Including Galleria Notizie, Mario Migro, Galleria d'Arte Moderna, and Nigel Greenwood.
15 O
15 20 1955-1959
Including l'Obelisco Galleria d'Arte, and Marcelle Oury.
15 21-23 1960-1969
Including Masao Oshita, Ginnie Ogilvy, Svend Oppendhejm, and l'Obelisco Galleria.
15 24-29 1970-1979
Including l'Obelisco Galleria, and Antonini ___?
16-17 P
Box Folder
16 1 1955-1959
Including Oscar Piatella, and Guglielmo Piccoli.
16 2-10 1960-1969
Including Joe Pulitzer, Giuseppe Panza, Raymond Parker, Betty Parsons, Oscar Piatella, Luigi Parzini, Otto Piene, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Luca Patella, Gio Pomodoro, Hans Prinz, and Pino Poggi.
Box Folder
17 1-14 1970-1979
Including Gio Pomodoro, Oscar Piatella, Betty Parsons, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Carlo Ponti, and Nicolo Perusino.
17 Q
17 15 1960-1965
Including Galleria Quadrante.
17 16 1970-1975
Including Quadriennale.
18-19 R
Box Folder
18 1 1955-1959
Including Toni del Renzio, Larry Rubin, and Galerie Rive Droit.
18 2-10 1960-1969
Including Larry Rubin, Rome-New York Art Foundation, Carlo Ramos, Herbert Read, and Mario Ratti.
Box Folder
19 1-14 1970-1979
Including Rowan Gallery, Vera Russel, and Carlos Rangel.
20-21 S
Box Folder
20 1 1955-1959
Including Antonio Saura, Emil Schumacher, and Galerie Stadler.
20 2-10 1960-1969
Including Graham Sutherland, Ralph Sassoon, Antonio Saura, Armando Scamperle, Stendahl Galleries, Renna Saverio, Antonio Scordia, Ileana Sonnabend, Serge Sursock, Hassel Smith, Galerie Alfred Schmela, and Richard Smith.
20-21 1970-1979
Including John Stefanidis, Andrea Serafini, Alan Shields, Bob Schulz, Richard Smith, Alfred Schmela, and Sotheby & Co.
22 T
22 1 1955-1959
Including Antonio Tapies.
22 2-9 1960-1969
Including Orfeo Tamburi, Tancredi, Antonio Tapies, Arthur Tooth & Sons, and Shu Takahashi.
22 10-16 1970-1979
Including Antonio Tapies, Cy Twombley, Shu Takahashi, and Mark Tobey.
23-24 U-Z
Box Folder
23 1 1955-1959
Including Rudolph Zwirner.
23 2-10 1960-1969
Including Alice Urfer, Glenn Wessels, William Zinsser, Waddington Galleries, Alberto Ulrich, Marcello Venturoli, Marisa Volpi, Claudio Verna, and Cynthia Young.
23-24 1970-1979
Including Alberto Ulrich, Waddington Galleries, Annemarie Verna, and Thomas Wright.
Series I.B. Europe and America: A-Z, 1978-1983
Correspondence with dealers, curators, collectors, artists, and gallery staff.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or by the corporate name.
Box Folder
25 1-11 A-K
Including Karel Appel, Jaafar Abdul-Azem, Rashid Amin, Charles Byron, Peter Blum, Paula Cooper, Leo Castelli, DIA Art Foundation, Andre Emmerich Gallery, Ronald Greenberg, James Goodman, and Sydney Janis Gallery.
25 12-19 L-Z
Including Alexander Lieberman Gallery, Vera Munro, Pierre Matisse, Museum of Modern Art, Michael Thomas, Shu Takahishi, and Vigo-Sternberg Galleries.
Series I.C. America, 1961-1979
Correspondence with dealers, artists, collectors, curators, and gallery staff.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or by the corporate name. Within each alphabetical grouping are two date ranges that occasionally vary slightly: 1961-1969 and 1970-1979.
26 A
26 1-7 1961-1969
Including many letters between Beatrice and the staff of the Galleria dell'Ariete, Marilea Solbiati, Marina ___?, Paolo___?, Renata___?, (note that these letters also are occasionally filed under the name of the artist discussed), Art in America, Lawrence Alloway, Ignacio Acquarone, S. Arakawa, and Art Dealers Association of America.
26 8-14 1970-1979
Including Richard Artschwager, Pierre Apraxine, and Albright-Knox Gallery, and correspondence with Beatrice Monte's staff at the Galleria dell-Ariete, including Giuliana Giudici.
27 B
27 1-9 1961-1969
Including David Bright, Charles Byron, Dick Bellamy, Charles E. Buckley, Paul Bianchini, Esther Bear, and David Burke.
27 10-17 1970-1979
Including Charles Byron, John Berggruen, Brooks Barron, Bill Bass, and Lynda Benglis.
28 C
28 1-12 1961-1969
Including a great deal of correspondence with Leo Castelli, and a small amount with Ronald Clyne, and Andrew Crispo.
28 13-20 1970-1979
Including Douglas Campbell, Paula Cooper, Leo Castelli, and Croquis Gallery.
28 D
28 21-28 1961-1969
Including Jim Dine, Donald Droll, Dwan Gallery, and Harold Diamond.
28 29-36 1970-1979
Including Walter De Maria, and Harold Diamond.
29 E
29 1-9 1961-1969
Including Jim Elliott, Andre Emmerich Gallery, and Craig Ellwood.
29 10-16 1970-1979
Including James Elliott, Robert Elkon, and Andre Emmerich.
29 F
29 17-24 1961-1969
Including Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Francis, Louis Frankel, Fischbach Gallery, Shigeo Fukuda, and Richard Feigen Gallery.
29 25-31 1970-1979
Including Fogg Art Museum, Richard Feigen, Helen Frankenthaler, and Sam Francis.
30 G
30 1-8 1961-1969
Including Phil Gottlieb, Allan Guiberson, and Guggenheim Museum.
30 9-17 1970-1979
Including James Goodman, Graphics International, Guggenheim Museum, and Ronald Greenberg.
30 H
30 18-26 1961-1969
Including Joseph Hirshhorn, and Holland Gallery.
30 27-33 1970-1979
Including Hudson Gallery, Joseph Hirshhorn, and correspondence from Haiti.
31 I
31 1-4 1961-1969
Including Robert Indiana.
31 5-10 1970-1979
Including Galerie Issa, Institute of Contemporary Art, and Robert Indiana.
31 J
31 11-17 1961-1969
Including Martha Jackson, and Sidney Janis.
31 18-24 1970-1979
Including Martha Jackson, Sidney Janis, and Jiyugaoka Gallery.
31 K
31 25-31 1961-1969
Including Samuel Kootz, and Joseph Kelleker.
31 32-39 1970-1979
Including Kornblee Gallery, Knoedler & Co., and Knoedler Contemporary Art.
31 L
31 40-46 1961-1969
Including Joe Lambert, Alexander Lieberman, and Felix Landau.
Box Folder
32 1-7 1970-1979
Including Felix Landau, Evelyn Lambert, and Mrs. Kenneth Lane.
32 M
32 8-15 1961-1969
Including Victor Miller, Flavia Manzi-Fe, Francesca Meucci, Museum of Modern Art, Pierre Matisse, Arnold Maremont, Helen Franthenthal Motherwell, R. Menkes, Robert Motherwell, Morris Moscowitz, and James Meeker.
32 16-23 1970-1979
Including James Meeker, Richard Merkin, Museum of Modern Art, Ed Moses, and Brice Marden.
32 N
32 24-29 1961-1969
Including Constantino Nivola, Jorge Newbery, Morton Neumann, and Mrs. Raymond Nasher.
32 30-35 1970-1979
Kenneth Noland, Cy Newhouse, and Hans Neumann.
33 O
33 1-2 1961-1969
Including Charles Offin and Mrs. Kenneth Dale Owen.
33 3-5 1970-1979
Including Mrs. Jane Owen, Pat Oldenburg, Obelisk Gallery, and Jules Olitski.
33 P
Board Folder
33 6-13 1961-1969
Including Betty Parsons, Joseph Pulitzer, Carla Panicali, and Fred Picard.
Box Folder
33 14-21 1970-1979
Including Betty Parsons, Joseph Pulitzer, Lucio Pozzi, Pace Gallery, and PB Eighty-Four.
Box Folder
34 1-2 Q 1972-1974
Including Quilt Gallery.
34 R
34 3-9 1962-1969
Including Larry Rivers, Walter Ross, Robert Rowan, Lawrence Rubin, and Galleria Roma.
34-35 1970-1979
Including Larry Rubin, William Rubin, Mario Ravagnan, and George Rosenfeld.
35 S
35 8 1961-1969
Including Harry Sherwood, Stendahl Galleries, Sidney Schoenberg, Antonio Souza, David Smith,Taft Schreiber, Milton Stuart, William Seitz, Harry Sherwood, Alan Solomon, and Saidenberg Gallery.
35 9-15 1970-1979
Including Courtney Sale, and Alan Shields.
36 T
36 1-5 1962-1969
Including Thibaut Gallery, Stanley Tigerman, Jock Truman, Yoshiaki Tono, and Tokyo Gallery.
36 6-11 1970-1979
Including Yoshiaki Tono, Ricardo Tomacelli, and Tokyo Gallery.
37 U-Z
37 1-6 1961-1969
Including Frederick Weisman, Jack Youngerman, Howard Wise, William Weintraub, Manuel Ulloa, and Walker Art Center.
37 7-14 1970-1979
Including Samuel Wagstaff, Jane Wade, Alberto Ulrich, Bill Weber, Nicholas Wilder, and John Weber Gallery.
Series I.D. America and Asia: A-Z, 1970-1976
Includes correspondence with artists, curators, publishers, dealers, and gallery staff.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or by the corporate name. Grouped by the gallery in two date ranges, 1970-1973 and 1974-1976.
Box Folder
38 1-12 1970-1973
Including Brooke Alexander, Harry Abrams, Inc., Paul Bianchini, Paula Cooper, Castelli Graphics, Ronald Feldman, Gemini G.E.L., Robert Goodnough, Leonard Kornblee, Landfall Press, Parke-Bernet, Larry Rubin, and Alan Shields.
Including Artforum, Charles Byron, Myron Buchman, Leo Castelli, Paula Cooper, James Elliott, Sam Francis, Guggenheim Museum, Graphics International Ltd., Sidney Janis, Martha Jackson, Stephen Mazoh, Minami Gallery, Betty Parsons, and John Weber Gallery.
Series I.E. Europe and Asia:A-Z, 1965-1966
Including correspondence with dealers, curators, artists, and collectors.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or by the corporate name.
Box Folder
39 1-10 A-K
Including Siegfried Adler, Biennale di Venezia, Pietro consagra, Piero Dorazio, Robert Fraser, Keitaro Ikuo, Phillip King, and Kasmin Limited.
39 11-19 L-Z
Including John Lucas, People in Lindos, Ennio Morlotti, l'Obelisco, Mario Radice, Kusuk Shimizu, and Mario Tarello.
Series I.F. Galleria dell'Ariete Grafica, Via S. Andrea, 5, A-Z, 1970-1971
Correspondence regarding the Ariete Gallery that dealt in prints and multiples.
Arrangement note
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the correspondent or the name of the corporate entity.
Box Folder
40 1-8 A-K
Including letters to and/or from Contessa R. Archinto, Lorenzo Capellini, Piero Dorazio, Galleria Galatea,Anne Marei Hunermann, and Bernard Jacobson.
40 9-17 L-Z
Including Studio Mulas, Petersburg Press, Mark Tobey, Salvatore Viaggio, and Waddington Galleries.
Series I.G. Basel, Switzerland, Art Fair, 1973-1975
Items relating to Galleria dell'Ariete's participation in 1973-1975 Art Fairs. Includes documentation of expenses, maps of the exhibitions, photographs of the gallery's installation, and miscellaneous papers.
Arrangement note
Arranged in chronological order.
Box Folder
41 1-4 Printed matter, 1973
41 5-7 1974
41 8 1975
Series I.H. Expenses and inventories, 1955-1965
Assorted inventories of expenses found separate from those within each subseries.
Arrangement note
Arrangement in chronological order.
Box Folder
41 9 1955-1958
41 10 1965

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