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Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997

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Kaprow (Allan) Papers
Series VIII. Artists' Files, 1955-1996 2.5 lin. ft. plus 1 ref3712 roll
This series comprises Kaprow's correspondence with fellow artists and material, objects, or photographs the artists sent to him. Files are arranged alphabetically by the artists' last names.
66 Artists' Files, 1959-1996
66 1 Acconci, Vito, 1969-1970
Acconci's curriculum vita and performance notes, along with black and white photographs of several activities he performed while represented by John Gibson Commissions. Photo credit: Bill Beckley; Joseph Carlucci; Kathy Dillon; Bernadette Meyer; Betsy Jackson.
66 2 Anderson, Eric, n.d.
Photocopies of typed instructions for various operas and opuses, with three drawings.
66 3 Antin, David, n.d.
A printed booklet in the shape of a bookmark containing a story entitled "Three Musics for Two Voices."
66 4 Baldessari, John, n.d.
Black and white snapshots of paintings.
66 5 Blesh, Rudi, n.d.
Letter from Kaprow to Blesh, explaining the difficulties of doing his kind of art.
66 6 Blau, Herbert, 1970-1971
Ensemble exercises used in Cal Arts class.
66 7 Brecht, George, 1960-1962
Events/activities printed on individual cards or sheets of paper.
66 8 Brown, Robert Delford, 1992
Book entitled Ikons of the First National Church of the Exquisite Panic, Inc., a parody of a fundamentalist church brochure, published by Francesco Conz.
66 9 Brown, J., n.d.
Photocopy of pages of a booklet entitled Vanished Values.
66 10 Celender, Don, 1971
Artball; a collection of cards featuring 20th century artists as baseball players, with an example of each artist's work on the verso of the card bearing his picture.
66 11 Comiter, Alvin, n.d.
Black and white photographs by Comiter.
66 12 Corita, Sister Mary, 1964
Brochure of the artist's work; newspaper clippings featuring one of her pieces.
66 13 Duchamp, Marcel, 1962
A letter offering to recommend Kaprow for a Copley Foundation Award; another letter letting Kaprow know that the Copleys would like to attend Kaprow's upcoming Happening.
66 14 Duchamp, Teeny, 1987
Letter from Teeny regretting not having been able to contribute to a tribute to John Cage organized by Kaprow, with response from Kaprow.
66 15 De Jong, Constance, 1976
Two booklets, comprising Book Three and Book Five of the Complete Works of Constance De Jong.
66 16 Fabrizio, Margaret, n.d.
A typewritten ms. of a Happening entitled "Dual Gallant" and dedicated to Kaprow, enclosed in hand-printed folder.
66 17 Filliou, Robert, n.d.
Two typewritten, photocopied pieces by the artist.
66 18 Forti, Simone, 1987
Note from Kaprow.
66 19 Fuller, Buckminster, 1969
Published copy of Fuller's World Game Report and various clippings relating to it.
66 20 Fussener, Howard, 1961
Letter to Kaprow.
66 21 Gutai Theater, 1970
Poster of Gutai Art Festival and black and white captioned snapshots of performances.
66 22 Hainke, Wolfgang, 1995-1996
Correspondence between Kaprow and Hainke; color snapshots of an exhibition of Hainke's work, with announcement.
66 23 Harrell, John and Mary, 1968
Communicating the Gospel Today: a box with cards and booklets illustrating the art scene of that time.
66 24 Grooms, Red, n.d.
Two painted posters and one negative.
66 25 Higgins, Dick, 1959
"A Black 'n White Book," by Higgins, a collection of smudges on paper put in mylar and bound in paper folder.
66 26 Higgins, Dick, n.d.
Two copies of a typewritten ms. by Higgins entitled "Outline of a Social Theory of Art Today."
66 27 Higgins, Dick, 1960
Two typewritten term papers by Higgins, one on Picasso and one on Gertrude Stein.
67 Artists' Files, 1960-1987
67 1 Higgins, Dick, 1960-1965
A thick file of material by Higgins, including performance pieces, plays "non-performance pieces," "performing graphics," and concerts.
67 2 Higgins, Dick, 1960-1967
A selection of performance pieces and writings, including "Some Graphis Mirrors," and "The Tart."
67 3 Higgins, Dick, 1961-1963
Typewritten poetry manuscripts by Higgins.
67 4 Higgins, Dick, 1965-1966
Correspondence and a typewritten ms. relating to Wolf Vostell.
67 5 Higgins, Dick, n.d.
Poetry, performance pieces, etc.
67 6 Higgins, Dick, n.d.
"The Cork Industry," typewritten ms., probably not by Higgins.
67 7 Higgins, Dick, 1966
Note and mss. by Geoff and Bici Hendricks
67 8 Higgins, Dick, 1966
Material relating to Ben Vautier, including issues 9 and 10 of Tout, chapters of his book Rien.
67 9 Higgins, Dick, 1966
Two letters from Marshall McLuhan to Higgins.
67 10 Higgins, Dick, 1966
Letter from George Segal to Higgins, with poems by Higgins.
67 11 Higgins, Dick, 1966-1971
Issues of the something else NEWSLETTER that feature pieces by Higgins.
67 12 Higgins, Dick, 1966
Letters from Higgins to K.G. Hulten.
67 13 Higgins, Dick, 1966
Draft of Higgins' The Fabulous World of Typhoon-Willie
67 14 Higgins, Dick, 1970
Published version of above ms. in German.
67 15 Higgins, Dick, 1971
Typewritten ms. by Higgins, "City with all the Angles," a radio play.
67 16 Higgins, Dick, 1976
Two copies of typewritten ms. entitled "Two Essays Written on May 16, 1976."
67 17 Higgins, Dick, 1978
2 posters, several postcards, and one book by Higgins entitled What Are Legends.
67 18 Higgins, Dick, n.d.
Fragment of a typewritten ms. by Higgins entitled A Book About Love and War and Death.
67 19 Higgins, Dick, 1985-1987
Many typewritten letters from Higgins to Kaprow, one note from Kaprow, a ms. by Higgins on John Cage, and a clipping.
68 Artists' Files, 1960-1992
68 1 Jensen, Alfred, 1961-1975
Detailed, forthcoming letters from Jensen to Kaprow regarding Kaprow's article on his work, his friendship with Mark Rothko, and other art-related matters.
68 2 Huebler, Douglas, 1969
Description of site sculpture project by Huebler.
68 3 Johnson, Ray, 1966-1992
Announcements and photocopies of Johnson's pieces; art object (rubber band piece- deteriorated).
68 4 Judson Gallery, 1960
Program and material relating to "Ray-Gun."
68 5 Kaprow, Susan, 1986
Announcements and a letter from the artist unrelated to Allan Kaprow.
68 6 Kirby, Michael, 1970
Photographs printed on cardboard to be folded into cube boxes.
68 7 Kaufman, Irving, 1961
Postcard from Kaufman to Kaprow.
68 8 Kantor, Tadeuz, 1965-1967
Thick file of writings, published booklets, and journal (in Polish).
68 9 Klintberg, Bengt af, 1974
Publication by the artist "The Forest Diver."
68 10 Knízák, Milan, n.d.
Thick file of material, including letters, writings, small art objects such as a photo accordion book and paper hats, and photo documentation of an activity.
68 11 Knízák, Milan, n.d.
Letters to Kaprow with mss.
68 12 Knízák, Milan, n.d.
Handmade scrapbook.
68 13 Koren, Shlomo, 1978
Color photograph of environment by the artist.
69 Artists' Files, 1955-1987
69 1 Lacy, Suzanne, 1971-1978
Limited edition photo book by the artist; photo/postcard to Kaprow.
69 2 Lebel, Jean-Jacques, 1964
Letters from Lebel, posters, brochures, clippings, drawings.
69 3 Lucier, Alvin, 1965
Correspondence with Kaprow; artist's statement about his "Music for Solo Performer."
69 4 Minujin, Marta, 1966
Press release, clippings, poster, black and white photographs documenting Minujin's part in the three country event she collaborated in with Kaprow and Vostell.
69 5 McElroy, Robert, n.d.
Handwritten note regarding a slide Kaprow used in a book.
69 6 Neuhaus, Max, 1971-1976
Photocopies of project proposals, clippings, brochures and posters by the artist.
69 7 Oldenburg, Claes, 1960-1961
Correspondence documenting the decline of the friendship between Kaprow and Oldenburg.
69 8 Oliveros, Pauline, 1978-1981
Handwritten account of a dream featuring Kaprow; material for UC San Diego class.
69 9 Ono, Yoko, 1987
Friendly letter from Kaprow.
69 10 Paik, Nam June, 1962-1986
Brochure, clippings, poster, letter to Kaprow, slides.
69 11 Richter, Hans, 1963
Two postcard size collages with notes to Kaprow.
69 12 Richter, Horace, 1959
Fragment of photocopied letter asking for contributions to the Allan Kaprow Research Fund.
69 13 Rauschenberg, Robert, 1964-1965
Two black and white photographs of Rauschenberg performances. One unidentified color photograph. Photo credit: Elisabeth Novick; Hans Malmberg.
69 14 Rion, René, 1981
Photograph of environment by the artist.
69 15 Sherk, Bonnie, 1981
Clippings about the conceptual artist.
69 16 Stewart, Sherry, n.d.
A booklet of the artist's photos.
69 17 Stockhausen, Karlheinz, 1955
Notes on electronic sound systems, plans for the first synthesizer, hand drawn graphs.
69 18 Tenney, James, 1971
Scores for two pieces.
69 19 Tyler, Richard, 1960
Publications from Uranian Press.
70 Artists' Files, 1960-1993
70 1 Uranian Press, 1965-1977
Publications from the press.
70 2 Vautier, Ben, 1960-1993
Various printed pieces, photograph, one issue of Real Bullshit, of which Vautier was co-editor.
70 3 Vostell, Wolf, 1960-1965
A variety of pieces on paper by the artist, letter to Kaprow, clippings, photographs, brochures. Typewritten manuscript co-written by Kaprow, entitled "The Art of the Happening."
70 4 Vostell, Wolf, 1962-1966
A variety of materials by the artist, including drawings, writings, published booklets, letters to Kaprow (some written on the verso of photographs of happenings), posters, clippings, issue of Book (May 1966).
70 5 Vostell, Wolf, 1963-1064
Scores for Happenings and photographs and negatives of Happenings. See also Oversize roll 1.
70 6 Watts, Bob, 1963
Materials regarding the Yam Festival, created by Watts and Brecht.
70 7 Whitman, Robert, n.d.
One photograph of a sculpture.
70 8 Zaj group, 1966
Posters and printed matter about the group and their events.
70 9 Various artists, 1958
Work under the collective title "City."
70 10 Various artists, 1969
Student proposals in project class at Nova Scotia College.
70 11 Unidentified, 1962
Letter sent to Kaprow and other artists by unknown correspondent regarding Fluxus exhibition and publication.
70 12 Unidentified, n.d.
a pencil drawing; a rubbing.

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