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Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997

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Kaprow (Allan) Papers
Series VII. Professional Correspondence, 1946-1998 2.5 lin. ft.
This series comprises correspondence with associates other than fellow artists, including curators, dealers, editors, academics. Arranged alphabetically by the last name of the correspondent or the name of the institution or organization.
61 Professional Correspondence, 1958-1997
61 1 American Federation of the Arts, 1983-1996
Regarding AFA exhibitions "Neo-Dada" and "Hans Hoffmann," to which Kaprow contributed pieces. Draft of Kaprow letter requesting payment for damage done to his collage "Blue, Blue, Blue." Clippings.
61 2 annual avant-garde festival of new york, 1975
Letter of thanks to Kaprow for his piece; festival program.
61 3 Archives of Experimental Art, 1987
Letter from Barbara Moore regarding the Dortmund catalog.
61 4 Artforum, 1983-1984
Responses to Kaprow's "The Real Experiment," that appeared in Artforum's December 1983 issue.
61 5 Art in America, 1994
Photocopies of Kaprow environment, with letter.
61 6 Art News, 1958-1959
Kaprow's Letter to the Editor regarding Sandler's response to his article on Pollock, Kaprow's response to Rosenberg's "10th Street" article, and one letter from a reader responding to Fairfield Porter's negative review of Kaprow's work.
61 7 Artists for Aids Assistance, 1987
Regarding a Kaprow performance for this group.
61 8 Athenaeum, 1989-1990
Letter, press releases and clippings regarding panels and seminars on integrating art and architecture in San Diego.
61 9 Avant-Garde magazine, 1969
Kaprow letter containing statement about reforming education so as to teach the value of play.
61 10 Bechtel, 1989
Letter and report informing Kaprow of plans for an Advanced Building Project in Japan.
61 11 Baecker, Inge, 1979-1986
Correspondence documenting the decline of Kaprow's relationship with this German dealer, mainly over financial issues.
61 12 Calder, John, 1963-1964
Regarding Happenings in Edinburgh and London at festivals and Calder's being put on trial for indecency.
61 13 California Arts Council, 1987
Request for Kaprow to serve on Interdisciplinary Arts Program board.
61 14 California College of Arts and Crafts, 1991
Invitation to "Mapping the Terrain" retreat, with brochures.
61 15 California Council of Landscape Architects, 1987
Invitation to participate in conference; conference materials.
61 16 College Art Association of America, 1961-1981
Letters and schedules regarding Kaprow's participation on panels; draft of a talk.
61 17 Conant, Howard, 1961
Letter from Kaprow.
61 18 Conz, Francesco, 1994-1997
A thick file of letters and faxes regarding ideas for collaborations, exhibitions, and mutual friends.
61 19 Daniels, Dieter, 1991-1994
Thick file of correspondence regarding "Mininamedia" exhibition in Leipzig and production of the catalog for it.
61 20 Dany Keller Galerie, 1980-1981
Regarding exhibition of Kaprow work at the gallery.
61 21 Dialogue, 1987
Regarding the publication of Kaprow's account of "Conference Event." (See also Project file in Box 31)
61 22 documenta 8, 1987
Regarding funding for Kaprow's travel to and from Kassel.
61 23 Fondazione Mudima, 1990
Thick file of letters and faxes to and from Gino Di Maggio regarding Kaprow's piece in Di Maggio's Fluxus exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Included are drawings for a reinvention of "Push and Pull," an artist's statement, and many letters from Kaprow requesting details about the execution of the piece, which he didn't see. For 1991 correspondence see Box 33, files about 7 Environments.
61 24 Fondazione Mudima, 1992
Letters and faxes between Kaprow and Di Maggio regarding production of the catalog for 7 Environments and its promotion. (For corrected proofs of the ms., see Writings) Also discussed are the details of contracts between Mudima and Studio Morra and Galerie Donguy regarding Kaprow exhibitions. There are drawings by Kaprow, and an interview by letter with Angelo Trimarco.
62 Professional Correspondence, 1946-1998
62 1 Fondazione Mudima, 1993
Correspondence between Kaprow and Di Maggio regarding production and promotion of the catalog for 7 Environments. Desperate letters and faxes from Kaprow regarding potential sales of his work to collectors and the exhibition of his work at the Venice Biennale and Casa Malaparte. Drawings of environments. Discussion of Kaprow's problematic public persona as "the Father of Happenings."
62 2 Fondazione Mudima, , 1994-1997 n.d.
Correspondence between Kaprow and Gino Di Maggio regarding distribution of the catalog for 7 Environments, Kaprow's "Hors Limites" environment at Centre Pompidou and the Pompidou's refusal to return a Kaprow piece and other disappointments and financial problems.
62 3 Fondazione Ratti, 1997
Correspondence between Kaprow and Anna Ratti regarding a summer course Kaprow taught at the foundation and arrangements for a collective environment created by students in the course.
62 4 Forest Hills Cadet Training Squadron, 1946
Thank you note to Kaprow for the insignia he designed.
62 5 Foundation for Art Resources, 1983
Thank you note to Kaprow for an inspiring talk he gave to the foundation.
62 6 Fuori Uso, 1998
Request to participate in an exhibition.
62 7 Galerie Donguy, Jan-Mar 1994
Correspondence between Kaprow and Donguy regarding the Centre Pompidou's intention to purchase some Kaprow pieces, payment for "Five Minute Delay," and plans for Kaprow to create a new piece ("Hors Limites") at the Centre Pompidou. See also Box 34, files 3, 5, 6.
62 8 Galerie Donguy, Apr-Jun 1994
Correspondence regarding the near cancellation of "Hors Limites" (due to budget cuts) and Kaprow's relationship with the Centre Pompidou.
62 9 Galerie Donguy, Jul-Sep 1994
Correspondence regarding Kaprow's "Hors Limites" and the catalog for it.
62 10 Galerie Donguy, Oct-Dec 1994
Correspondence regarding Kaprow's "Hors Limites" and films and slides of it.
63 Professional Correspondence, 1957-1997
63 1 Galerie Donguy, 1995
Correspondence regarding the refusal of the Centre Pompidou to purchase Kaprow's paintings or environments, after having led him to believe they would.
63 2 Galerie Donguy, 1996-1997
Regarding Kaprow's book (translated) and his scheduled talks. An introduction Kaprow wrote to Donguy's computer program for writing poetry.
63 3 Gutenberg Museum, 1987
Letters from the museum curator.
63 4 Gutman, Walter, n.d.
Kaprow applying to Gutman Foundation for assistance in publishing his book, Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings.
63 5 John Gibson Commissions, 1969-1972
Kaprow's correspondence with his "representative" John Gibson with photographs of Kaprow pieces promoted by the gallery.
63 6 Gualco, Caterina, 1997-1998
Correspondence with this dealer from Genoa and Kaprow, with color snapshots of Kaprow at events she arranged.
63 7 Journal of Education, 1983
Letter fragment from the editor(?) suggesting topics for discussion in a Kaprow article (?)
63 8 Harper & Row, 1968
A letter indicating interest in future Kaprow book project.
63 9 Headlands Center for the Arts, 1991
Letter arranging panel discussion.
63 10 Holt, Nancy, , 1984 1987
Brief letters, one from Kaprow, one from Holt, regarding Holt's sculpture and that of Coryl Crane.
63 11 Hyde Gallery, Grossmont College, 1997
Letter thanking Kaprow for drawings used in exhibition.
63 12 Institute for Transcendental Studies, 1981
Letter thanking Kaprow for his help in a recent workshop, with other materials.
63 13 Intermedia, 1967-1968
Correspondence with John Brockman, director of the program sponsored by New York State Council of the Arts.
63 14 International Drama Conference, n.d.
Conference information.
63 15 International Seminar on the Arts, 1987
Information about the Warsaw event.
63 16 Kramer, Hilton, 1957
Letters from Kaprow complaining that his work was not reviewed as he had been assured it would be.
63 17 Long Beach Museum, 1984-1985
Letters and material from the museum regarding their two part video retrospective, featuring a video of one of Kaprow's activities.
63 18 Mapping the Terrain, 1992
Letters from Suzanne Lacy, editor of a collection of articles on public art, with ms. and clippings.
64 Professional Correspondence, 1957-1998
64 1 Artomatic, 1987
Letter to Kaprow.
64 2 Mills College, 1995
Letter to Kaprow regarding John Cage concert.
64 3 Morgan, Robert, 1978
Letters regarding Morgan's dissertation on conceptual art.
64 4 Museum Ludwig, Köln, 1980-1984
Correspondence between Kaprow and Karl Ruhrberg and others regarding a retrospective that was to have included Kaprow's work, but due to a series of misunderstandings and betrayals did not take place.
64 5 Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, 1989
Letter regarding arrangements for Kaprow's lecture and visit.
64 6 Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 1991-1992
Correspondence and other materials related to Kaprow lectures on MOCA exhibitions. See also Project Files, Box 34, for lengthy correspondence regarding Kaprow's reinvention of "Yard" for MOCA's "Out of Actions" exhbition.
64 7 Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1983-1998
Scattered correspondence, regarding a Video Art retrospective (1983), MOMA's severe editing of Kaprow's Warhol piece (1989) and the receipt of a Pollack photograph (1998).
64 8 National Endowment for the Arts, 1986
Letter thanking Kaprow for serving on Inter-Arts Program panel.
64 9 New Museum, New York, 1986
Thank you letter to Kaprow.
64 10 New York Times, 1957
Letter from Kaprow to Dore Ashton responding to her review of his painting exhibition.
64 11 New York Times Sunday Magazine, 1963
Kaprow letter to the editor responding to Kenneth Tynan piece critical of Kaprow's work.
64 12 New York University, 1989
Letter and other materials regarding panel on '60s art that Kaprow took part in.
64 13 Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1987
Letter requesting Kaprow donation.
64 14 Other Ways, 1969-1972
Correspondence between Kaprow's lawyer, Kaprow, and his colleague Kohl regarding copyright issues generated by their joint project, Other Ways. See also Project files, 1969, and Teaching files, Box 57, folder 5.
64 15 Pasadena Art Museum, 1972-1973
Memoranda and minutes of meeting of the museum's Board of Trustees, of which Kaprow was a member. A few handwritten notes by Kaprow regarding art education programs or reforms.
64 16 Mark Patsfall Graphics, 1994
Correspondence regarding portfolio to benefit Multimedia Mediale, with graphic by Kaprow.
64 17 PERF '94, 1994
Letter arranging conference where Kaprow was keynote speaker.
64 18 Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1996
Letter regarding videotape Kaprow lent for exhibition.
65 Professional Correspondence, 1962-1994
65 1 Remer, Michael, 1967-1968
Correspondence between Remer (Kaprow's lawyer), Kaprow, and various other parties, regarding the publication of the LP recording, "How to Make a Happening."
65 2 Rosenberg, Harold, 1968
Correspondence regarding the relevance of Rosenberg's theory of action painting for Kaprow's work.
65 3 San Diego Museum, 1987
Letters from the museum regarding Kaprow's lecture for the Docent Lecture Series.
65 4 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, 1984
Letter regarding award ceremony and catalog.
65 5 Solway, Carl, 1986-1988
Correspondence regarding exhibition in honor of John Cage, Solway's attempt to sell Kaprow's work, and the loss of two Kaprow prints in a fire.
65 6 Something Else Press, 1966
Message to Kaprow reporting that his article "Some Recent Happenings," is being assigned in a course at Syracuse.
65 7 Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, 1983-1984
Correspondence and papers regarding Kaprow's course for this summer school.
65 8 Tillim, Sidney, 1962
Correspondence between Kaprow and Tillim, regarding the critic's comments about Kaprow's work.
65 9 Time Magazine, 1966
Letter regarding Time coverage of a Kaprow happening ("Gas"?).
65 10 Timken Art Gallery, 1984
Thank you note.
65 11 Turner/Krull Gallery, 1993
Letter regarding gallery exhibition "Action/Performance and the Photograph."
65 12 TV2000, 1980
Requesting Kaprow film for West German television.
65 13 University of New Mexico, , 1983 1987
Thank you letters to Kaprow.
65 14 Vice-Versand, 1971-1972
Correspondence between Kaprow and Wolfgang Feelisch regarding plans to install a reinvention of "Yard" at an autobahn crossroad.
65 15 Video Data Bank, 1979-1980
Request for a video interview with Kaprow, with other materials.
65 16 Walker Art Center, 1967
Letter of congratulations on Kaprow's book.
65 17 Wexner Center, 1994
Correspondence and other materials relating to the exhibition, In the Spirit of Fluxus.
65 18 Zabriskie Gallery, 1987-1988
Correspondence and Kaprow drafts relating to the exhibition "Photographic" and another on collage at the Paris Gallery.
65 19 Zen Center, Los Angeles, 1982
Letter from Kaprow to Gempo Merzel regarding a Sales Training Seminar Merzel has proposed.
65 20 Zwirner Gallery, 1993
Letter and materials regarding a video exhibition.
65 21 Miscellaneous, 1950s
65 22 Miscellaneous, 1960s
65 23 Miscellaneous, 1970s
65 24 Miscellaneous, 1980s
65 25 Miscellaneous, 1980s
65 26 Letters pulled from serials, 1959-1993

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