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Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997

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Kaprow (Allan) Papers
Series VI. Teaching files, 1952-1993 4 lin. ft.
This series includes ref3712 and is further divided into three subseries.
Series VI.A. Correspondence, 1952-1993 .5 lin. ft.
Correspondence between Kaprow and teaching colleagues or university administrators, frequently regarding salary or promotion.
56 Correspondence, 1952-1993
56 1 Rutgers University Correspondence, 1952-1961
Kaprow's letter of application to teach in the Art Department and discussion of course content with Professor Helmut von Erffa, Department Chair. Correspondence with the Dean regarding reappointment. Lengthy distressed letter from Kaprow to Meyer Schapiro disclosing his difficulties with colleagues and administration. Further letters to various administration officials regarding well-earned promotions not received. Letters regarding Kaprow's decision to leave Rutgers.
56 2 Rutgers University Correspondence, 1959
Correspondence with various faculty members and administrators regarding the controversy over the work of Lucas Samaras, student of Allan Kaprow's at Rutgers, who submitted poems containing profanity as part of his final art project.
56 3 SUNY, Stonybrook Correspondence, 1961-1966
Correspondence regarding Kaprow's teaching appointments and re-appointments at Stonybrook. One indignant letter from Kaprow regarding the University's hiring of an artist not embraced by the art department faculty. Two brochures on University policies and one on Regents rules regarding subversive activities.
56 4 SUNY, Stonybrook Correspondence, 1967-1968
Correspondence regarding promotions, awards, and leaves of absence.
56 5 SUNY, Stonybrook Correspondence, 1968-1969
Correspondence regarding Grand Jury investigation of drug use by Kaprow and others at Stonybrook.
56 6 Letters from University of California, 1966
Regarding visiting appointments.
56 7 Letter to Hunter College, n.d.
Handwritten draft of application letter written to Hunter college, apparently while Kaprow was teaching at Stonybrook.
56 8 California Institute of the Arts Correspondence, 1968-1972
Correspondence regarding appointment, re-appointments, and salary.
56 9 UC San Diego Correspondence, 1979-1989
Correspondence regarding merit increases, research, etc.
56 10 Honors , 1993
UC San Diego undergraduate celebration of the arts award, Phi Beta Kappa membership handbook for new members.
Series VI.B. Course Materials, 1952-1989 1 lin. ft.
Scattered notes and drafts of lectures, exams, workshop assignments and syllabi. Box 57A devoted to Project Other Ways, an educational program for Berkeley Public Schools sponsored by the Carnegie Institute and co-directed by Allan Kaprow and Herbert Kohl.
57 Course materials, 1952-1989
57 1 Note for Rutgers courses, 195?
Handwritten draft of exam; library check-out slips.
57 2 Pratt Institute teaching notes, 1961
Handwritten and typewritten syllabus.
57 3 Lecture notes on middle class art, 1967
Handwritten notes.
57 4 Course syllabi, SUNY Stonybrook, 1966-1968
Syllabi and course descriptions for film class and other classes Kaprow taught.
57 5 Courses for New York University, 1969
Correspondence and course materials.
57 6 Notes for courses and projects, ca. 1960-1980
Miscellaneous handwritten notes for class exercises, lectures, etc.
57 7 Chinese Art course, 1965
Course notes for summer class Kaprow taught at NYU.
57 8 Chinese Art course, 1965
Photocopies of articles and other research materials for course.
57 9 California Institute of the Arts courses, ca. 1971-1979
Assignments for courses on Happenings, with student work/responses.
57 10 UC San Diego courses, ca. 1980-1989
Handwritten syllabi and course descriptions.
57 11 Paul Klee lecture notes, n.d.
Handwritten list of works discussed.
57 12 Art History exam, n.d.
Reproduction of Picasso painting with exam question; miscellaneous press releases.
57A Project Other Ways, 1967-1969
57A 1 Other Ways, 1967-1969
Correspondence regarding this art education project for Berkeley public schools.
57A 2 Other Ways, 1968-1969
Reports on the Huntting conference for Teachers and Writers, with Herbert Kohl, co-director of Project Other Ways.
57A 3 Other Ways, 1968-1969
Photocopied articles regarding education (research materials for Project Other Ways?)
57A 4 Other Ways, 1968-1969
Brochures, posters, booklets, audio record, and other materials regarding this art education project for Berkeley public schools.
57A 5 Other Ways, 1968-1969
Brochures, posters, booklets, audio record, and other materials regarding this art education project for Berkeley public schools.
Series VI.C. Art Reproductions, n.d. 1.5 lin. ft.
Images from all periods of art history that Kaprow used for teaching and research. See also Lecture Slides Boxes 116-118.
58 Reproductions
58 1-3 Art reproductions
58 4-5 Art reproductions-announcements
59 Reproductions
59 1-2 Art reproductions-clippings
59 3-4 Art reproductions-postcards
60 Reproductions
Images needing 13 x 17 inch box.
60 1-2 Art reproductions
60 3-4 Art reproductions-clippings

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