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Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997

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Kaprow (Allan) Papers
Series V. Writings, 1953-1997 5 lin. ft.
Series V.B. Writings by Others, 1960-1994 1.5 lin. ft.
Manuscripts of critical essays on Kaprow or on art movements of which his work may be considered a part. Interviews with Kaprow. Theses and dissertations on Kaprow or related to his work. Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the authors.
53 Critical essays and interviews, 1960-1994
53 1 Baier, Hans, Kunst 4/5 Magazine interview, 1966
Handwritten and typewritten drafts, correspondence, issue of magazine.
53 2 Constable, Rosalind, "Some Notes on Pop Culture," 1960
Typewritten manuscript.
53 3 Daniels, Dieter, "Interview with Allan Kaprow," 1986
Handwritten and typewritten drafts. Published in Ludwig Museum (Köln) catalog.
53 4 Donguy, Jacques, "Allan Kaprow" (interview) 1991
Typewritten corrected manuscript.
53 5 Frank, Peter, "Allan Kaprow: Early Figuratve Pictures," 1981
Typewritten manuscripts.
53 6 Leonard Harris interview with Kaprow for CBS, 1967
Typewritten script, skeletal, with only Harris' lines inserted.
53 7 Heinemann, Sue and Carrie Rickey, "Engaged in a Trial-ogue," 1978
Typewritten ms. of interview with the two authors and Allan Kaprow.
53 8 Heitz, Richard, "The Theory of Performance Art," 1979
Three copies of typewritten ms.
53 9 Heitz, Richard, "Flesh Art," 1980
Typewritten ms. with letter.
53 10 Hindman, James T., "Self-Performance: Allan Kaprow's Activities," 1979
Typewritten ms. and galley.
53 11 Kelly, Jeff, Prospectus for Child's Play, n.d.
Typewritten ms. with letter.
53 12 Kontova, Helena, and Giancarlo Politic, "Allan Kaprow," 1992
Typewritten corrected ms. of interview published in Flash Art.
53 13 Montano, Linda, "Allan Kaprow," n.d.
Typewritten ms. of interview.
53 14 Krim, Seymour, "Seymour Krim Interviewing Allan Kaprow," 1960
Three copies of typewritten ms., with letter.
53 15 Roth, Moira, "Coming of Age: California Performance Art in 1980," 1980
Typewritten ms.
53 16 Roth, Moira, "Interview with Allan Kaprow," 1981
Typewritten ms. of interview for Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute.
53 17 Roth, Moira, "Allan Kaprow," 1973
Typewritten ms. with letter.
53 18 Roth, Moira with Suzanne Lacy, and Kaprow, 1983
Taped discussion/interview. See also udiotape (C65 in Series X) this is transcribed from.
53 19 Stiles, Kristine, 1994
Typewritten ms., "Shadows in a Vertical Life."
53 20 Strimling, Arthur, "Allan Kaprow Interviewed by Arthur Strimling," 1991
Typewritten ms.
54 Theses and dissertations, 1989-1994
54 1 Koop, Stuart, "Amateurism: An emergent category of cultural analysis in the 50s and 60s," 1994
M.A. thesis for Monash University, Australia, for which Kaprow wrote an outside report.
54 2 Lehnert, Pamela A., "An American Happening: Allan Kaprow and a Theory of Process Art," 1989
Bound dissertation for University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. (Too large for folder).
54 3 Massi, Richard Wood, "Computer, Graphic, and Traditional Systems: A Theoretical Study of Music Notation," 1993
UC San Diego doctoral dissertation for which Kaprow served on committee, pp. 1-143.
54 4 Massi, Richard Wood, 1993
Same as above, pp. 144-307.
55 Theses and dissertations, 1979-1994
55 1 O'Dell, Kathy R., "Allan Kaprow: The Artist as Writer and Educator," 1979-1980
Seminar paper for History of Art course.
55 2 O'Dell, Kathy R., "Allan Kaprow: The Artist as Educator," 1982
Bound M.A. Thesis, UC Berkeley.
55 3 Schröder, Johannes Lothar, "Identität, Überschreitung, Verwandlung: Happenings, Aktionen, und Performances von bildenden Künstlern," 1986
Paper bound dissertation.
55 4 Schröder, Johannes Lothar, "Identität, Überschreitung, Verwandlung: Happenings, Aktionen, und Performances von bildenden Künstlern," 1986
55 5 Sinn, Dorothy G., "The Duchamp Effect: the influence of Marcel Duchamp on the work of John Cage and Allan Kaprow," 1994
M.A. thesis for Kent State University

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