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Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997

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Kaprow (Allan) Papers
Series V. Writings, 1953-1997 5 lin. ft.
Writings is further divided into two subseries.
Series V.A. Writings by Kaprow, 1953-1997 3.5 lin. ft.
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of Kaprow's writings arranged chronologically by year, followed by files of photographs taken for Assemblage, Environments and Happenings, not all of which were printed in the book; these are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the artists. Photographs taken to illustrate other writings also included.
46 Writings by Kaprow, 1953-1964
46 1 Notes on Rutgers exhibition, 1953
Handwritten draft of review of New York School exhibition; typewritten drafts and brief descriptions of various other exhbitions.
46 2 Review of figure painting by Felix Pasilis, 1954
Typewritten drafts.
46 3 Three drawings by George Bogdonovitch, 1955
Typewritten drafts.
46 4 Rutgers Report on World Affairs, 1955
Typewritten drafts.
46 5 American Universities and the Advance-Guard Painter (Rutgers Radio Talk), 1955
Typewritten drafts.
46 6 Some Thoughts on Italy and America (Rutgers Radio Talk), 1955
Typewritten drafts.
46 7 Hans Hofmann, 1956
Handwritten and typewritten drafts.
46 8 Brandeis Youth Foundation Art Program, 1956
Short essays on selected European artists, including Pissarro, Chagall, Modigliani. Typewritten and printed versions.
46 9 The Demiurge, 1958
46 10 The Plain of La Crau by Vincent Van Gogh, 1958
46 11 The Principles of Modern Art, 1959
Typewritten, with clipping. Published in It Is (New York) no. 4.
46 12 Letter to the Editor, 1959
Clipping of Kaprow letter to Art News regarding Irving Sandler article.
46 13 "Some Observations on Contemporary Art," 1961
Typewritten ms. published in catalog for the exhibition "New Forms, New Media I," Martha Jackson Gallery. With note describing it as condensed version of essay in Assemblage, Environments and Happenings, which was not finally published until 1966.
46 14 "Happenings in the New York Scene," 1961
Handwritten and typewritten drafts, galleys, and clipping of Kaprow article published in Art News 60, no. 3.
46 15 "Irving Kriesberg," 1961
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of essay published in the Jewish Museum catalog.
46 16 Lecture at Smolin Gallery, NY, 1962
Handwritten draft of essay about Happenings; no title on ms.
46 17 "Nature in the Art of Irving Kriesberg," 1963
Handwritten draft of essay published in Art News, Dec. 1963
46 18 A reading of a Mondrian painting, 1963?
Handwritten fragmentary draft, possibly an early draft of Mondrian section of "Impurity,"
46 19 "The Construction of Boston," 1963
Handwritten draft of article describing this theater event.
46 20 "The Effect of Recent Art Upon the Teaching of Art," 1963
Presented at CAA; published in Art Journal 23, no. 2.
46 21 "Impurity," 1963
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of essay published in Art News 61, no.9.
46 22 "The Future of Pop Art," 1963
Several typewritten versions of piece published in German in Happenings, ed. Jurgen Claus et al. Also possibly was a talk presented at a symposium at the Jewish Museum, March 3, 1963.
46 23 "Pop Art," 1963
Excerpt from above article.
46 24 "Art and Politics," 1963
Handwritten draft of talk given at SUNY?
46 25 "Segal's Vital Mummies," 1964
Handwritten and typewritten drafts, with letters to Thomas Hess. Published in Art News 62 no.10.
46 26 "The Artist as a Man of the World," 1963
Typewritten corrected drafts of this essay published in Art News 63 no. 6.
46 27 "Model of Behavior for a Leisure Society," 1964
Handwritten draft; version of "The Artist as a Man of the World."
47 Writings by Kaprow, 1964-1966
47 1 "Continuous Experimentation in the Humanities," 1964-1965
Six typewritten copies.
47 2 "A Selection of Recent Happenings," 1964-1965
47 3 "The Creation of Art and the Creation of Art Education," 1965
An essay for the Seminar on Research and Curriculum Development in Art Education, Penn State University. Two copies of typewritten drafts and one partial printed version distributed at conference. Papers by two other conferencees, Harold Rosenberg and Joshua Taylor.
47 4 "A Proposal to Bring Professional Artists into Public Schools," 1965
Two copies of typewritten ms.
47 5 "New Goals and Techniques of Happenings," 1965
Handwritten notes for lecture given in NYC.
47 6 On How to Make a Happening, 1966
Handwritten lecture notes; eventually part of article in folder 15.
47 7 "Happenings are Dead: Long Live the Happenings!" 1966
Typewritten fragment of the article published in Artforum, 4 no. 7.
47 8 "Experimental Art," 1966
Notes, handwritten and typewritten drafts of the essay published in Art News65, no. 1.
47 9 "The Role of New Museums," 1966
Notes and drafts of this lecture presented at the ICA Boston.
47 10 "What Is A Museum? A dialogue between Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson," 1966
Photocopy of clipping.
47 11 "An Institute For Experimental Research In The Arts," 1966?
Typewritten proposal for the Center for Instructional Resources at SUSB, with budget and clipping about modern art.
47 12 Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, 1966
Handwritten drafts and assorted notes for title essay, first written in 1960, then rewritten and published in 1965.
47 13 Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, 1966
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of title essay.
47 14 Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, 1966
Typewritten drafts of chapters on individual artists.
47 15 Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, 1965-1977
Correspondence with publisher Harry Abrams regarding the book.
47 16 Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, 1966-1967
Reviews of book, published in 1965, including one review in manuscript.
47 17 "The Radical Use of the Past," 1966
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of talk given at CAA, with CAA conference program.
47 18 "Manifesto," 1966
Handwritten, typewritten, and printed essay from Manifestos, A Great Bear pamphlet, Something Else Press, NY.
48 Writings by Kaprow, 1967-1989
48 1 "Alfred Jensen," 1967
Handwritten drafts of this catalog essay excerpted from a longer essay published in Art News, 1963; a letter from Jensen; press releases from Martha Jackson Gallery, 1961.
48 2 "Pinpointing Happenings," 1967
Two typewritten copies of essay published in Art News 66, no. 6.
48 3 "The Shape of the Art Environment," 1968
Two typewritten copies of essay that appeared in Art Forum 6, no. 10.
48 4 "A Pilot Program in Art Education in the Lower Schools," 196?
Three typewritten copies of the proposal.
48 5 "The Arts and Social Well Being," 196?
Two typewritten copies.
48 6 "Happenings and the 20th Century Environment," 1970
Handwritten draft of lecture given at Downstate Medical Center.
48 7 "The Education of the Un-Artist," Part I, 1971
Typewritten, corrected drafts and clipping of this essay that appeared in Art News 69, no. 10.
48 8 "The Education of the Un-Artist," Part II, 1971
Typewritten, corrected draft and clipping of this essay that appeared in Art News 71, no. 3.
48 9 Report on the teaching of art in high schools, 1972
Typewritten letter and introduction.
48 10 "Doctor MD," 1973
Typewritten copy of essay that appeared in the MOMA exhibition catalog Marcel Duchamp; with letter to Kaprow from MOMA curator.
48 11 "The Utility of a Particular Past," 1973
Typewritten essay on Duchamp, with letter from Kaprow.
48 12 "Formalism: Flogging a Dead Horse," 1974
Typewritten version of essay that appeared in Quadrille 9, no. 1.
48 13 "Video Art: Old Wine, New Bottle," 1974
Two typewritten versions of essay that appeared in Art Forum 12, no. 10.
48 14 "The Education of the Un-Artist, Part III," 1974
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of essay that appeared in Art in America 62, no. 1.
48 15 "postcard back home," 1974
Typewritten poem about Los Angeles.
48 16 "Roy Lichtenstein," 1977
Typewritten corrected draft of essay for Lichtenstein exhibition catalog, California Institute of the Arts.
48 17 "Participation Performance," 1977
Typewritten corrected draft of essay that appeared in Artforum 15, no. 7.
48 18 "Playing With Memory," 1978
Typewritten corrected drafts of essay originally requested for Art-Rite magazine but not published.
48 19 "New Art Spaces," 1978
Handwritten essay, an amplified version of talk originally given at LAICA, Los Angeles.
48 20 "A Preliminary Futurology for Training Professional Artists," 1978
Typewritten essay for NEA Task Force on Education, with correspondence.
48 21 Speech about Miriam Schapiro, 1978/1980
Handwritten draft of speech honoring Miriam Schapiro at the Skohegan Awards ceremony, with other material regarding Miriam Schapiro.
48 22 "Thought on Picasso in Our Time," 1980
Typewritten corrected draft of essay for Art in America, never published, with letter.
48 23 "The Futility of New Museums," 1982
Handwritten draft of talk given at UC Los Angeles panel.
48 24 "The Real Experiment," 1983
Six typewritten corrected drafts of essay that appeared in Artforum 22, no. 4.
48 25 "The Real Experiment," 1983
Handwritten drafts of above essay (folder 24).
48 26 "Right Living," 1987
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of essay in exhibition catalog A Tribute to John Cage.
48 27 "A Scenario," 1988-1989
Essay in Expanding the Exploratorium, a record of symposium proceedings about the future of the San Francisco Exploratorium.
48 28 essay on Mu Chi, 14 April 1989
In Zeitmagazin.
49 Writings by Kaprow, and 1990-1997 n.d.
49 1 Bon Marché, 1990
Three copies of typewritten lecture.
49 2 "The Meaning of Life," 1990
Four typewritten copies, one with corrections, and one photocopy of essay published in Artforum 28, no. 10.
49 3 7 Environments 1992
Proofs of essays in the book by Kaprow and others, with Kaprow's corrections.
49 4 "Giuseppe Zevola," 1993
Clipping bearing brief description of an installation published in an Italian/English bilingual journal.
49 5 "Further Thoughts on Experimentation," 1997
Typewritten account of "Trading Dirt."
49 6 Memorial for Michael Kirby, 1997
Handwritten, with letter.
49 7 Talk on Contemporary Art and Myth, n.d.
Handwritten notes.
49 8 "Artists and Art Historians," n.d.
Handwritten notes.
49 9 "The Other Side of Performance," n.d.
Handwritten notes.
49 10 Notes on Performance, n.d.
Handwritten lecture notes.
49 11 Notes for essay on Modernism, n.d.
Handwritten and typewritten corrected drafts.
49 12 "Rub-a-dub, Rub-a-dub," Part I, n.d.
Typewritten essay.
49 13 "Zen Buddhism and the American Avant-garde," n.d.
Handwritten and typewritten drafts.
49 14 Assorted notes, n.d.
49 15 Microfilm copies of various published articles by Kaprow, n.d.
50 Photographs for Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, 1960-1966
Black and white photographs of work by artists featured in the book, with additional photographs not selected for inclusion. Arranged in alphabetical order by the artists' last names. Photo credit listed if known.
50 1 Ay-O
Photo credit:?
50 2 George Brecht
Photo credit: Scott Hyde
50 3 Ken Dewey
Photo credit: Scotsman Publications, Ltd.; Pressens Bild AB; Alan Daiches.
50 4 Jim Dine
Photo credit: Robert McElroy; Oldenburg; George Harych?
50 5 Martha Edelheit
Photo credit: Gilligan
50 6 Jean Follett
Photo credit:?
50 7 Red Grooms
Photo credit: Max Baker
50 8 Gutai theater
Photo credit:?
50 9 Allan Kaprow
Photo credit: Terry S. Lindquist; Robert McElroy; Peter Moore; Edwin M. Sabol; Will Gainfort; George Hurych; shunk-kender; Shustak.
50 10 Allan Kaprow ("Household")
Photo credit: Peter Moore?
50 11 Milan Knízák
Photo credit: Fotografovala
50 12 Yayoi Kusama
Photo credit: Peter Moore
50 13 Jean Jacques Lebel
Photo credit: F. Massal; Camera Photo.
50 14 Claes Oldenburg
Photo credit: Robert McElroy; Rudolph Burckhardt
50 15 Robert Rauschenberg
Photo credit: Rudolph Burckhardt
50 16 Lucas Samaras
Photo credit: ?
50 17 Clarence Schmidt
Photo credit: Peter Moore
51 Photographs for Assemblage, Environments, and Happenings, "Education of the Un-Artist," and Alfred Jensen essays. 1960-1974
51 1 George Segal
Photo credit: Nancy Astor, Carlo Bavagnoli, Peter Moore, Eric Pollitzer
51 2 Jean Tinguely
Photo credit: Peter Moore, David Gahr
51 3 Wolf Vostell
Photo credit: Kuhn; Peter Moore;
51 4 Bob Watts
Photo credit: Robert McElroy
51 5 Robert Whitman
Photo credit: John Pitkin, Robert McElroy, Francesco Cantarella
51 6 various, with letter from Harry Abrams regarding the photographs
Photo credit: Gerard Ifert, Alfred Konzelle, Don Cook
51 7 Contact prints
Photo credit: Peter Moore
51 8 Photos for "The Education of the Un-Artist," ca. 1974
Photo credit:?
51 9 Photos for Alfred Jensen research, ca. 1963
Photo credit: Oliver Baker; Rudolph Burckhardt; Adolph Studly
52 Maquette of 7 Environments, with copy, 1992
Series V.B. Writings by Others, 1960-1994 1.5 lin. ft.
Manuscripts of critical essays on Kaprow or on art movements of which his work may be considered a part. Interviews with Kaprow. Theses and dissertations on Kaprow or related to his work. Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the authors.
53 Critical essays and interviews, 1960-1994
53 1 Baier, Hans, Kunst 4/5 Magazine interview, 1966
Handwritten and typewritten drafts, correspondence, issue of magazine.
53 2 Constable, Rosalind, "Some Notes on Pop Culture," 1960
Typewritten manuscript.
53 3 Daniels, Dieter, "Interview with Allan Kaprow," 1986
Handwritten and typewritten drafts. Published in Ludwig Museum (Köln) catalog.
53 4 Donguy, Jacques, "Allan Kaprow" (interview) 1991
Typewritten corrected manuscript.
53 5 Frank, Peter, "Allan Kaprow: Early Figuratve Pictures," 1981
Typewritten manuscripts.
53 6 Leonard Harris interview with Kaprow for CBS, 1967
Typewritten script, skeletal, with only Harris' lines inserted.
53 7 Heinemann, Sue and Carrie Rickey, "Engaged in a Trial-ogue," 1978
Typewritten ms. of interview with the two authors and Allan Kaprow.
53 8 Heitz, Richard, "The Theory of Performance Art," 1979
Three copies of typewritten ms.
53 9 Heitz, Richard, "Flesh Art," 1980
Typewritten ms. with letter.
53 10 Hindman, James T., "Self-Performance: Allan Kaprow's Activities," 1979
Typewritten ms. and galley.
53 11 Kelly, Jeff, Prospectus for Child's Play, n.d.
Typewritten ms. with letter.
53 12 Kontova, Helena, and Giancarlo Politic, "Allan Kaprow," 1992
Typewritten corrected ms. of interview published in Flash Art.
53 13 Montano, Linda, "Allan Kaprow," n.d.
Typewritten ms. of interview.
53 14 Krim, Seymour, "Seymour Krim Interviewing Allan Kaprow," 1960
Three copies of typewritten ms., with letter.
53 15 Roth, Moira, "Coming of Age: California Performance Art in 1980," 1980
Typewritten ms.
53 16 Roth, Moira, "Interview with Allan Kaprow," 1981
Typewritten ms. of interview for Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute.
53 17 Roth, Moira, "Allan Kaprow," 1973
Typewritten ms. with letter.
53 18 Roth, Moira with Suzanne Lacy, and Kaprow, 1983
Taped discussion/interview. See also udiotape (C65 in Series X) this is transcribed from.
53 19 Stiles, Kristine, 1994
Typewritten ms., "Shadows in a Vertical Life."
53 20 Strimling, Arthur, "Allan Kaprow Interviewed by Arthur Strimling," 1991
Typewritten ms.
54 Theses and dissertations, 1989-1994
54 1 Koop, Stuart, "Amateurism: An emergent category of cultural analysis in the 50s and 60s," 1994
M.A. thesis for Monash University, Australia, for which Kaprow wrote an outside report.
54 2 Lehnert, Pamela A., "An American Happening: Allan Kaprow and a Theory of Process Art," 1989
Bound dissertation for University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. (Too large for folder).
54 3 Massi, Richard Wood, "Computer, Graphic, and Traditional Systems: A Theoretical Study of Music Notation," 1993
UC San Diego doctoral dissertation for which Kaprow served on committee, pp. 1-143.
54 4 Massi, Richard Wood, 1993
Same as above, pp. 144-307.
55 Theses and dissertations, 1979-1994
55 1 O'Dell, Kathy R., "Allan Kaprow: The Artist as Writer and Educator," 1979-1980
Seminar paper for History of Art course.
55 2 O'Dell, Kathy R., "Allan Kaprow: The Artist as Educator," 1982
Bound M.A. Thesis, UC Berkeley.
55 3 Schröder, Johannes Lothar, "Identität, Überschreitung, Verwandlung: Happenings, Aktionen, und Performances von bildenden Künstlern," 1986
Paper bound dissertation.
55 4 Schröder, Johannes Lothar, "Identität, Überschreitung, Verwandlung: Happenings, Aktionen, und Performances von bildenden Künstlern," 1986
55 5 Sinn, Dorothy G., "The Duchamp Effect: the influence of Marcel Duchamp on the work of John Cage and Allan Kaprow," 1994
M.A. thesis for Kent State University

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