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Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997

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Kaprow (Allan) Papers
Series IV. Printed Matter, 1952-1997 7 Linear Feet
Series IV.E. Serials, 1959-1994 0.5 Linear Feet
Sets of avant-garde journals to which Kaprow subscribed and which occasionally featured his work, or individual issues of serials or catalogs with articles or items relevant to Kaprow.
44 Serials, 1959-1994
44 1 The Pittsburgh Bicentennial, 1959
Brochure for the Carnegie Institute exhibition of contemporary painting and sculpture
44 2 Scrap, 1960-1961
Issues 1-6 of the avant-garde journal.
44 3 The Floating Bear, 1961-1962
Issues 1-22 of the avant-garde journal.
44 4 The Floating Bear, 1961-1962
Issues 25-37 of the avant-garde journal.
44 5 Art 1963 - A New Vocabulary, 1962
Corrected proof of a catalog published by the Arts Council of the YM/YWHA.
44 6 Arts Yearbook 9, 1967
This serial is edited by the staff of Arts Magazine. This issue titled "The Museum World." Includes article by Kaprow.
44 7 Judson Newsnotes, June 1967
44 8 Japanese serial (title?), 1968
Contains several photographs of Kaprow happenings and environments.
44 9 Magazin KUNST, Nr. 4, 1974
Issue on video featuring articles section about Kaprow's "Time Pieces."
44 10 Backworks, 1977
Catalog about contemporary photography.
44 11 The Dumb Ox, 1980
Issue on performance, guest-edited by Kaprow and Paul McCarthy.
44 12 Community Arts, 1980
San Diego serial with interview of Kaprow.
44 13 Arizona Artist, 1980
44 14 To the Astonishing Horizon, 1985
Brochure for exhibition by Los Angeles Visual Arts, curated by Peter Frank.
44 15 Made in U.S.A., 1987
Brochure of Berkeley Art Museum exhibition.
44 16 Action/Performance and the Photograph, 1993
Catalog from Turner/Krull Galleries.
44 17 Performing Arts Journal 46, 1994
Features Kaprow essay on the avant-garde.

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