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Philip Johnson papers, 1908-2002 (bulk 1925-1998)

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Johnson (Philip) papers
Series IV. Personal documents, 1925-1998 2.75 Linear Feet 4 boxes
This series is comprised of correspondence and papers of a personal nature. Letters to his mother and family are dated 1925-1944. Arranged chronologically, Series IV covers the majority of Johnson's adult life - e.g., his undergraduate years at Harvard in the 1920s, his service in the Armed Forces in the 1940s, the beginning of his career in the 1950s and 1960s, and his late career in the 1990s, primarily through his letters. As in Series III, files which span a range of dates are classified according to the date of the newest document contained within that folder.
25 Documents, 1925-1979
25 1 [1] 1925
Letters from Johnson to his family regarding his undergraduate years at Harvard; Johnson discusses his studies, his friends, and his daily activities (20 items)
25 2 [2] 1925
Letters from Johnson to his mother regarding a summer camping trip to Wyoming; Johnson discusses the train ride there, the scenery, the food, his camp mates, hiking, rock climbing, and homesickness (8 items)
Related documents: map of Jackson Hole
25 3 1926
Letters from Johnson to his family during a summer trip to England; Johnson discusses the weather, his trip mates, English customs, the country side, his visits to a psychologist, and his car, "Little Saffron" (9 items)
25 4 1929
Letters from Johnson to his family regarding a trip to Germany; Johnson discusses art, architecture, music, and the people he meets (19 items)
Related documents: postcard, newspaper clipping
25 5 1930
Letters from Johnson to his mother regarding his trip to Europe with Henry-Russell Hitchcock; Johnson discusses the architecture he has observed, his thoughts on architecture in general, and his relationship with Hitchcock (8 items). All photocopies.
25 6 1940-1942
Documents from Harvard: 2 transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, and a letter informing Johnson that he had won the AIA medal of excellence
25 7 [1] 1942-1944
Documents from Johnson's time in the Armed Services: 6 papers regarding a request to be made a lieutenant, 3 papers regarding an honorable discharge, 1 form regarding retirement insurance benefits, 1 resume
25 8 [2] 1942-1944
Letters from Johnson to his mother and sister Theo regarding Johnson's time in the United States Army, sent from Fort Devens, MA and Fort Belvoir, VA (9 items)
25 9 1946
Letters from Johnson to J. J. P. Oud regarding Johnson's admiration for Oud's architecture, Johnson's own projects, professional colleagues, and architectural principles in general (5 items. All photocopies.
25 10 1953-1984
5 passports, 14 passport photographs, documentation from the Department of State Passport Agency, documentation written in Arabic, record of fingerprints, recommendation letter from Captain Leslie Cheek, Office of Chief of Engineers
25 11 1955
"Quit Claim Deed" for Townsend Farms, New London, OH
25 12 1956
Summary of Homer H. Johnson's financial transactions for the year 1956
25 13 1957
Last will and testament of Homer H. Johnson, letter from P. Johnson's attorneys regarding his father's accounts, statement regarding the death of Louise Pope Johnson, photograph of the Johnsons' house, New London, OH
25 14-15 1957-1966
Correspondence with John B. Dempsey, Andrew Dempsey, and George D. Brooks regarding the financing of Townsend Farms, Irwin, OH (90 items)
Related documents: maps, invoices, warranty deed, agreement of sale, account statement, federal income tax basis
25 16 1975
Letter from Dr. Myron Wright to Dr. Michael E. DeBakey regarding Johnson's hospitalization
25 17 1979
Program and invitation to a "Chamber Music Society Concert and Lawn Picnic at Philip Johnson's in the country"
Invitation to the 25th birthday party for the Glass House
Letters Robert Hughes (1 item)
26 Documents, 1980-1997
26 1 Jan. 1980
Letter to Jane Blaffer Owen regarding their feud over the Roofless Church, New Harmony, IN (1 item)
26 2 [1] 1981
Scrapbook: "For Philip, from his friends on his 75th birthday"
26 3 [2] 1981
Papers and photographs regarding Alfred Barr and Margaret Scolari: 2 letters, 2 postcards, program and invitation to an Alfred Barr memorial tribute, 2 transcripts of the speech Johnson made at Barr's memorial, clipping from the New York Times about Barr's death, 3 photographs of the Barr / Scolari burial plot, letter to David Whitney from MoMA regarding a bibliography of Barr, July 1980
26 4 1986
2 invitations, 1 guest list, and 1 catering menu for Johnson's 80th birthday party
Letter from "Fud" regarding Johnson's hospitalization (1 item)
Original sketches for the book "Philip Johnson / John Burgee Architects, 1979-1985" (birthday gift from Massimo Vignelli)
26 5 1987
Program to a memorial tribute for Arthur Drexler
26 6 1993
Letter to Tom Killian regarding recent publicity (1 item)
26 7 Nov 1995
Issue of InSites with an article on Franz Schulze (4 copies)
Song lyrics by David Bowie that mention Johnson
Program for "Philip Johnson Glass House Tour"
26 8-9 [1] 1996
Approximately 100 cards, postcards, telegrams, phone messages, and letters wishing Johnson a happy 90th birthday
26 10-12 [2] 1996
Correspondence and guest lists regarding celebrations honoring Johnson's 90th birthday
26 13 [3] 1996
Card and song lyrics by Christopher Mason for Johnson's 90th birthday party
26 14 1997
Birthday card and letter from Johnson's niece Barbara A. Corbine
26 15 1998
7 photocopies of photographs of an Anni Albers exhibition
27 Miscellaneous items, 1998
27 1 Photograph album with 18 photographs from Charles Gwathmey's 60th birthday party, Sept. 1998
27 2 Book of design drawings by Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Gwathmey / Siegel, John Hejduk, and Richard Meier for Charles Gwathmey on his 60th birthday, July 1998
27 3 Framed drawing of the Glass House by Michael Graves
27 4 Plastic cut-out of Johnson with friend
27 5 Johnson's signature stamp
28 Yearbooks and oversize items
28 items 1-3 Yearbooks for the Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY ("The Annual"), 1921-1923
28 items 4-6 Yearbooks for the Loomis School, Windsor, CT ("The Loomiscellany"), 1954-1956
28 7 2 birthday cards and a letter from Richard Meier, Dec. 1991
28 8 2 prints depicting sketches of chairs

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