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Philip Johnson papers, 1908-2002 (bulk 1925-1998)

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Johnson (Philip) papers
Series III. Professional documents, 1948-2000 2.5 Linear Feet 6 boxes
This series is comprised of work-related documents that do not pertain to a specific project. Series III is arranged chronologically except for the first two boxes, both of which contain dateless items (lists and reference materials). Because Johnson originally organized his files by topic, some folders contain documents spanning a range of dates; such folders are classified according to the date of the newest document contained within. A large portion of this series is devoted to Johnson's "chrono" (a chronological file of one-page letters or faxes), the contents of which are listed alphabetically by last name in the Container List.
19 Lists
19 1-5 Lists of work, 1954-1989
16 lists of projects, compiled at different points in Johnson's career
19 6-7 Other lists, 1986
2 photo file indexes, 3 lists of projects by date, 1 list of projects by type, 1 index of the archival holdings of "John Burgee, Architect," 1 list of drawings for the Glass House, 1 list of publications that have featured Johnson's buildings, 1 index of the archival holdings of MoMA, NY
19 8 Project directories, 1985-1994
11 directories
19 9 Museum of Modern Art archives n.d.
1 finding aid
19 10 Archival log, 1986
Listing of the locations of "arch drawings", "specs", and "corresp/shop drawings"
19 11 Inventories, 1994
2 inventories of design drawings and photographs
19 12 Ruler, undated
Ruler, with "Philip Johnson" printed it.
20 Reference materials
20 1-2 Bibliography, 1964
Multiple drafts of a bibliography of publication (ca. 100 pages)
20 3 Publicity, 1992
2 resumes, 6 biographies, 2 chronological listings of works
20 3a Johnson, Ritchie publicity, ca. 1994, 2000
Several copies of printed invitation to opening of domus design collection building (New York City), 2000 May 22.
Printed biographical statement for Philip Johnson, including renewed partnership with Alan Ritchie (2 copies). 2 black-and-white photographs of Johnson, image used on the biographical statement. Several copies of Johnson, Ritchie business cards.
20 4 Address lists, 1992-1994
6 address lists, including Museum of Modern Art Board of Trustees
20 5 Kipnis, n.d.
Manuscript by Jeffrey Kipnis entitled "Toward a New Architecture" (2 copies)
20 6 Misc. articles [1]
Manuscript entitled "Sublimity in the Home, Overcoming Uncanniness" n.d.
Manuscript by J. Duncan Berry entitled "Empathy, Form and Space. Problems in German Aesthetics, 1873-1893," with corresponding letter, July 1994
Manuscript by Robert Venturi entitled "Complexity and Evocation in Architecture," with a corresponding letter from Terence Riley to Denise Scott Brown, Nov. 1994
Manuscript by Terence Riley entitled "Light Construction," June 1995
Poster for "The Origins of the Avant-garde in America / The Philip Johnson Colloquium," New York, NY, Feb. 1996;
2 letters
20 7 Misc. articles [2]
Manuscript by Paolo Portoghesi entitled "A Church in Seventh Heaven," n.d.
"A Modern Classic: Philip Johnson's Sculpture Gallery of 1953 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York / Mirka Benes," Landscape Journal, spring 1994 (with corresponding letter)
"Sweet and Sour," Architecture, May 1994
"From Historicism to Architectural Realism: On Some of Wagner's Sources," Otto Wagner, July 1994 (with corresponding letter)
"Eisenman's Bogus Avant-Garde," Progressive Architecture, Nov. 1994
20 8 Misc. articles [3]
"Congrexpo - oder 'das Ei' in Lille,, ARCH+, Dec. 1994
"Francesco Passante / The Skyscrapers of the Ville Contemporaine," Assemblage 4, Dec. 1994
"The Kreeger," Interior Design, June 1995
"I miei primi novant'anni," L'incontro, July 1995
20 9 German file, 1994-1995
Correspondence with Hermann Henselmann and Wolf Jobst Siedler, 1994-1995 (3 items)
Manuscript entitled "Sanford Kwinter," n.d.
"Erkenne die Lage: Rechne mit Deinen Beständen. / Eine Gespensterdebatte über Berlin / von Wolf Jobst Siedler," n.d.
"Nach Grundstücksverkauf: Bau des American Business Centers nun gesichert," unidentified newspaper
"Überuhmte Architekturen / Das Unauffällige siegt immer über das Spektakuläre / Von Wolf Jobst Siedler", n.d.
"Ansehen durch Aufsehen Gewerbebau," Architekten und Ingenieurverein Hamburg, 1994
"Contemporary architecture is incomprehensible to me," Domus, Feb. 1994
"An der Friedrichstabe hoffen die Investoren auf früheren Glanz," unidentified newspaper, July 1994
Johnson's review of Siedler's "Das Kartell Der Baumeister," Oct. 1994
"Krane kurven künftig am Checkpoint Charlie," Berliner Wirtschaft, Oct. 1994
"Das Kartell der Baumeister," Wochenpost, Oct. 1994
"The New Berlin?" Time, Aug. 1994
"Reimagining Berlin," New York Times Magazine, Feb. 1995
"Eine Burg aus rotem Sandstein und Glas wächst am Checkpoint Charlie," Tagesspiegel, Feb. 1995
"Süchtig nach Architektur: Chamäleon Johnson," Weltspiegel, Feb. 1995
20 10 Misc. items, n.d.
1 sketch, 3 negatives of unidentified buildings
21 Documents, June 1948 - March 1993
21 1 June 1948
Graphic for the Museum of Modern Art symposium "What is Happening to Modern Architecture?"
21 2 Dec 1971
Letter from Peter Blake regarding Architectural Forum's selection of Johnson's Glass House as the country's best living room (1 item)
21 3 July 1977
Correspondence with Toshio Nakamura and Robert Stern regarding a special issue of A+U on the firm Johnson / Burgee
Related documents: chronology of buildings, list of articles requested by Robert Stern, major coverage on recent works, tentative table of contents, manuscript entitled "How We Work Together," company logo
21 4 Feb 1980
2 promissory notes for $60,000 from Big Sur Ventana Corporation
21 5 July 1980
Correspondence with Marianne Lorenz regarding the Oct. 1980 issue of Domus (2 items)
21 6 Sept 1982
Letter from Lincoln Kirstein regarding a sculpture "to be placed in the center of the Promenade" (1 item)
21 7 Nov 1983
Correspondence with the staff of the British Broadcasting Corporation regarding a documentary on Johnson's life and work (2 items)
1 transcript of the final program
21 8 Dec 1983
Invitations to the exhibit "Philip Johnson Architect: The First 40 Years" and to a cocktail party hosted by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
1 exhibition catalogue
21 9 Jan 1984
Correspondence with the Avery Library, Columbia University, regarding two donations of Johnson's drawings
21 10 April 1984
Invitation to the dedication of the Philip Johnson gallery at the Museum of Modern Art
21 11 Jan 1984
"Articles of partnership of John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson"
21 12 April 1985
"Continuing Guaranty" from the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company
21 13 Feb 1986
Change of address notice for John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson
Correspondence with James Raimes regarding a Johnson autobiography (1 item)
Program to "Philip Johnson / Museum of Art Building: An Anniversary Exhibition" at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute
21 14-16 June 1988
54 photographs, 28 negatives, 46 slides of the Museum of Modern Art exhibition "Deconstructivist Architecture"
21 17 March 1988
Correspondence regarding an exhibition at the Musée des arts décoratifs de Montréal in which a lamp designed by Johnson was displayed (4 items)
21 18 May 1988
2 memoranda from John Burgee to Johnson detailing Johnson's participation in current projects and his role in the firm
21 19 May 1990
Misc. financial documents (7 items)
21 20 Dec 1990
Correspondence with Karen Warwick regarding a business deal with the Hillstead Museum, Farmington, CT
21 21 1993
Weekly calendar printouts (18 pages)
21 22 1993
Monthly Minder calendar (Jan - Dec)
21 23 1993
5 photographs of the Museum of Modern Art exhibition "Philip Johnson: Gifts to the Architecture and Design Collection"
21 24-25 Jan - March 1993
Johnson's chrono containing letters to Colin Amery, Naomi Azrieli, Donald F. Barney, Heiner Bastian, Anne H. Bass, James Belluardo, Rosamond Bernier, Joyce Berry, Osvald M. Bjelland, Alban Boultwood, Dorothy H. Boyd, Paul S. Byard, Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Marshall S. Cogan, Moses Corrette, Francesco Dal Co, Robert S. Davis, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Jan Dvorak, Vicki Ferro, Pamela P. Flaherty, Rachel Fletcher, Eugene Gaddis, Larry Gagosian, Peter Gibbon, Robert E. Grote, Dankwart Guratzach, Paul Gottlieb, Lee Hall, Melvin Jacobs, Seth C. Jayson, Jasper Johns, Jaak Jurisson, Kwec Liong Keng, Margret Kentgens-Craig, Jeffrey Kipnis, Kitty Kirby, Eshel Kreiter, Vittorio Lampugnani, Aerin Lauder, Kedakai Lipton, Sylvia Liska, Dmitri Messen, Lloyd Meyer, Michael Moran, Susan Morris, Toshio Nakamura, Fritz Neumeyer, Jutta Oldiges, Eric Otto, Mark Palmer, Jacques Paul, Jason Pearson, Judith Pisar, Paolo Portoghesi, Ben Powell, Peter Pran, Wolf D. Prix, Nancy Renick, Terence Riley, Abraham Rosenthal, Paul Rudolph, Frank Sanchez, Jay Schaefer, Franz Schulze, B. Scott Severns, Wolf Jobst Siedler, Edwin Singer, Chris Smith, Frank Spadaro, Carola Starr, Dr. Ing. Hans Stimmann, Daniel Templon, Martha Terlunen, Frank D. Welch
21 26 Feb 1993
Letter from Claudio Dall'Olio regarding an exhibition on Mies Van Der Rohe (1 item)
21 27 Feb 1993
Correspondence with members of the Trump Organization (4 items)
21 28 March 1993
Correspondence with Wolf Jobst Siedler regarding Johnson writing an afterword for a new edition of Die gemodete Stadt (4 items)
22 Documents, June 1993 - Aug 1993
22 1-2 June - July 1993
Johnson's chrono containing letters to Alberto Anghini, Joel Barkley, Frank Barron, Peter Blake, Gustavo Bonevardi, Chuck Brickbauer, Karen Bruckner, Clyde R. Carpenter, Min-Ho Cha, Marshall S. Cogan, John Freund Colter, Leo Daley, Suzanne Donaldson, Thomas L. Doremus, Joan Everett, Rolf Fehlbaum, Eugene R. Gaddis, George Giebel, Barbara Girard, Zaha Hadid, Erick Hawkins, Jacques Herzog, Thomas S. Hines, Walter James, James Jao, Tom Killian, Rem Koolhaas, Balthazar Korab, Richard Kruter, Nina Libeskind, Ken Magri, John Margolies, William C. Mays, Norman McGrath, Philip B. McGuire, Matt McKelligon, Martin Moeck, David Mohney, Fritz Neumeyer, Joan Ockman, Patrick Pacheco, Bertram L. Podell, Daniel Pool, Richard Porch, Paolo Portoghesi, Ronald Protas, Joseph Pulitzer, Helmut Rausch, Terrence Riley, Hervin Romney, Charlie Rose, Wendy Saffell, William S. Saunders, Frank Schmeichel, Karl Heinz Schmeller, Zubin Shroff, Wolf Jobst Siedler, Vincent Snyder, Frank Spadaro, Peter Stewart, Sheri B. Taback, Kwee Liong Tek, Donald Trump (photocopies), George A. Tsourounis, Bon-Hui Uy, Alexander von Vegesack, Philip Verre, Michael Webb, Ulrich Weisner
22 3 June 1993
Correspondence with Martha Terlunen, Torsten Mab, Zaha Hadid, Frank Schmeichel, Wolf Jobst Siedler, Werner Blaser, Fritz Neumeyer, and Daniel Libeskind regarding a trip to Berlin
7 cards depicting the Philip Johnson Building, Berlin, Germany
2 programs to the "Berliner Lektionen"
22 4 June 1993
Letters written by David Whitney regarding artwork and financial matters (5 items)
Manuscript of an essay by Warren A. James entitled "The Mirror House"
22 5 June 1993
Letter from Helmut Rausch (1 item)
22 6-7 Aug - Sept 1993
Johnson's chrono containing letters to Steven Paul Badanes, John C. Baldwin, Frank Barron, Ing Till Behrens, Mirdza Erika Berzins, Dale Bumpers, Jo Carole, David Childs, Colin Davies, Steve De Bruhl, James T. Demetrion, Patsy Edwards, Peter Eisenman, Rolf Fehlbaum, Anne Ford, Paul B. Franklin, Jonathon Friedman, Margot Gayle, L. Guttler, Michael Hesse, Rolf Hoffman, Frank Holt, Stuart Hubler, Virginia Ingles, Dwight Johnson, Norman L. Koonce, Steven W. Kroeter, Kenji Larsen, David Laslie, Bruce Lindsey, William Kirby Lockard (with attached curriculum vitae for Scott Johnson), Thom Mayne, Kieran McTague, Richard Moe, Jean Morri, Toshio Nakamura, Joan Ockman, James Stewart Polshek, Demetri Porphyrios, Leslie Robertson, David Rockefeller, Arthur Rosenblatt, Ruth Rosenthal, Roberto Schezen, Jason L. Schoener, Kenneth Schroeder, Michael P. Schulhof, Michael Schwarting, the Singer family, Robert Steiger, Clare Stent, Tapani Talo, Kwee Liong Tek, Edward J. Thias, Ulrich Weisner, Robert Zion
22 8-9 Aug ; 1993
Correspondence with Gogick & Seiden Attorneys at Law regarding a wrongful death action brought forth by the wife of a man killed at the Fort Worth Water Gardens (6 items)
13 legal documents
22 10 Aug 1993
Misc. correspondence regarding new projects: Fine Arts Center at Texas Wesleyan University, fifty $20M Child Abuse Centers, Playhouse Square Hotel in Cleveland, renovation of the Seattle University Chapel (4 items)
Related documents: "Request for Proposal" for the Playhouse Square Hotel, report made by the Seattle University Chapel committee
22 11 Sept 1993
Invitation to "A Dialogue with Philip Johnson" at the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX
23 Documents, Oct 1993 - Sept 1995
23 1-2 Oct - Nov 1993
Johnson's chrono containing letters to AIA Board of Directors (with attached manuscripts "A Conversation with Cesar Pelli" and "AIA Gold Medal Nomination Speech"), Toufig Ali, Bernd Batthaus, Richard Becherer, Caroline Brezilius, Century Association Chairman, Rolf Fehlbaum, Massimo Di Forti, Deborah Gomez, Stephanie Gordon, Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Charles Gwathmey, Bob Johnson, Norman Kaplan, William Kirby Lockard (with attached application form for Christopher Rudolph to become a Fellow of the AIA), Marianne Lorenz, Michael Macaluso, Eric C. McGovern, Michigan Society of Fellows, Luca di Montezemolo, Wolf Jobst Siedler, George B. Stauffer, Robert Steiger, Frank Stella, Gilberto Borja Suarez, Michael D. Tatum, Donald Trump, Noriko Ueshina, Ujjval Vyas, Shelly Wagner, Ulrich Weisner, Barbara Wolf, Peter Wolf, Ernst G. Zepf
23 3 Jan 1994
Johnson's chrono containing letters to Tadao & Yumiko Ando, Lowell Berg, Century Association Chairman, Frank Gehry, Myron Goldfinger, Mark Hawks, David Jenkens, Buckley C. Jeppson, Bill Lacy, Phyllis Lambert, Michael Macaluso, David A. Morton, Eric Owen Moss, Toshio Nakamura, Fritz Neumeyer, Victoria Newhouse, Frank W. Rees Jr., Ruth Rosenthal, Harrison E. Salisbury, Joe Santeramo, Jerry Speyer, Richard Squires, Herrn Steigemann, Malcolm Taylor, Noah Torno, Kirk Varnedos, David Wolf (with attached manuscript entitled "Space and Eros"), Irene Worth
23 4 May 1994
Correspondence with Jan Buechting and Thomas Lerner regarding a trip to Dessau for the "IV International Forum for Architecture" (12 items)
2 cards with photographs of the Bauhaus
23 5 June 1994
Correspondence with Mayor Tanya Okshteyn regarding a June trip to St. Petersburg, Russia (3 items)
Related documents: minutes of a meeting between Johnson and architect Mark Khidekel, packet of souvenir postcards, trip itinerary, map, 2 newspaper clippings
23 6 July 1994
Correspondence with Beatrice Righi, Tonio Damia, and Lynn Ball of Cine Omnia (Cennina, Italy) regarding a documentary entitled "20th Century Architects" (13 items)
23 7 Aug 1994
Correspondence with Maggie Toy of Academy Group Ltd. regarding a book project (12 items)
Manuscript by Jeffrey Kipnis entitled "Postscript" (4 copies)
23 8 Aug 1994
Drawing of an unidentified coliseum
23 9 Aug 1994
Correspondence with Arthur Mertens and Gabriele Hahn of Chase Bank regarding an account in Frankfurt, Germany (8 items)
23 10 Sept 1994
Correspondence with Baker & McKenzie Attorneys at Law regarding a lawsuit filed by Tycon Towers Investment Limited Partnership (5 items)
Related documents: 1 summons
23 11 Oct 1994
Letter from Kirk Varnedoe regarding Johnson's gifts to the Museum of Modern Art (1 item)
23 12 Nov 1994
2 invitations and 2 guest lists to a celebration for the publication of Philip Johnson: The Architect in His Own Words
23 13 Dec 1994
Letter from Lee Hall regarding writing "THE big book" about Johnson's work (1 item)
23 14 1995
Monthly Minder calendar (Jan - Dec)
23 15 Feb 1995
Correspondence with Felix Zwoch and others regarding participation in the Berlin Architectural Talks (10 items)
23 16 April 1995
Correspondence with Vanessa Maddox regarding the NBC Super Channel program "Great Houses of the World" (3 items)
23 17 Sept 1995
Letters stating deadlines for 4 projects: introduction to a monograph on the Aluminaire House, introduction to a book on Paul Rudolph, blurb about Martha Schwartz, statement about Phyllis Lambert
23 18 Sept 1995
Correspondence with Angelika Muthesius of Benedikt Taschen Verlag regarding possible collaboration on a book (2 items)
24 Documents, Oct 1995 - Sept 1998
24 1 Oct 1995
Correspondence with Ria Stern, Bernd Evers, and Petra Dressel regarding a trip to Berlin to attend the exhibition "Architecture models of the Renaissance" (15 items)
24 2 Oct 1995
Correspondence with Alexander Gavin regarding the "Roosevelt Island in future focus" workshop
Related documents: set of "Details," briefing booklet, plan submitted by Johnson / Burgee in 1968
24 3 Nov 1995
Correspondence with Clark Hoffman of AGM Memorials Inc. regarding a memorial in Aspen, CO
24 4 Nov 1995
Correspondence with Lee Hall regarding an "illustrated book" on Johnson (4 items)
Related documents: book proposal
24 5 Nov 1995
Correspondence with Toshio Nakamura regarding A+U (13 items)
24 6 Dec 1995
Correspondence with Maurizio Costa and Elena Dell'Orto of Electa Publishing House regarding a trip to Milan for a conference (12 items)
24 7 Dec 1995
Correspondence with 16 different publishers and film companies regarding upcoming books and films
24 8 Jan 1996
Correspondence with Christina Hernandez Johansson regarding Johnson's inclusion in the Arco "Atrium Series: Creativity, imagination, accuracy, new ideas" (5 items)
24 9 Feb 1996
Correspondence with Phyllis Lambert and Jeffrey James of the Canadian Centre for Architecture regarding the conference "Autonomy and Ideology: Positioning an Architectural Avantgarde in North America, 1923-1949" (12 items)
Related documents: fundraising propaganda, conference programs
24 10 Feb 1996
Correspondence with Ben van Berkel, Thomas Krens, Peter Eisenman, and Jeffrey Kipnis regarding the Guggenheim exhibit "THE WANTON: Forms of Excess in Contemporary Architecture" (5 letters)
Related documents: invitation to the Reiser + Umemoto exhibition, miscellaneous notes, a sketch
24 11 March 1996
22 requests for permission to use certain photographs or other materials in upcoming books
24 12 May 1996
Correspondence with Barbara Wolf regarding the film "Philip Johnson: diary of an eccentric architect" produced in association with The National Trust for Historic Preservation
Related documents: 5 invitations to the film's premiere, transcript of a speech made at the Checkboard Foundation 1996 Benefit
24 13 May 1996
Correspondence with Rolf Fehlbaum, Rafael Moneo, Victoria Newhouse, Patty and Gustavo A. Cisneros, Philip Bruckner, and Leopoldo Rodes regarding a trip to Madrid, Spain (20 items)
24 14 June 1996
Correspondence with Thomas Kellein regarding the Kunsthalle Bielefeld (12 items)
24 15-16 Sept 1996
Correspondence regarding the VI International architecture exhibit held at the United States Pavilion, Venice Biennale at which Johnson was awarded the "Golden Lion" (11 items)
Related documents: 21 programs, 2 invitations, 2 sets of plans for the Guggenheim building, 1 poster
24 17 Nov 1996
Correspondence regarding the MAK (Museum für angewandte Kunst) exhibition "Philip Johnson: Turning Point" (18 items)
Related documents: 5 manuscripts, 4 invitations, legal papers
24 18 1998
New York Landmarks Conservancy booklet given to Johnson by Joyce Mendelsohn
24 19 May 1998
Letter, brochure and certificate from the Connecticut Historical Commission regarding the Glass House
24 20 Sept 1998
15 postcards to celebrate the publication of The Oral history of modern architecture by John Peter
Publicity packet from the MAK (Museum für Angewandte Kunst)

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