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Philip Johnson papers, 1908-2002 (bulk 1925-1998)

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Johnson (Philip) papers
Series VIII. Published materials about Johnson, 1935-2001 15.25 Linear Feet 18 boxes
This series is comprised of printed materials written about Johnson. The bulk of the materials consists of newspaper and magazine clippings (boxes 40-43) and full-length periodicals (boxes 44-54), though academic manuscripts (box 55), exhibition catalogues (box 56), and slightly oversize items (box 57) are included as well. Each section is arranged chronologically by year and by month and arranged alphabetically by title beyond the level of month. Undated clippings and clippings from unidentified publications are listed first within their respective folders.
40 Clippings, 1935-1980
40 1 Manuscript written by John Maxon, Director of Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, describing Johnson, n.d.
40 2 Manuscript written by Craig Owens entitled "Philip Johnson: History, Genealogy, Historicism," n.d.
40 3 1935
"Simplicity in the home of an art lover," House & Garden, Jan
40 4 1945
"As Simple as That," Ladies Homes Journal, July
40 5 1949
"All Glass House on Ponus Ridge Startles New Canaan Residents," New York Times
"Man Who Lives in Glass House Doesn't Conceal a Single Thing," News, June
"Modern Guest House of J.D. Rockefeller 3rd Nearing Completion," New York Times, Sept
"Rockefeller the 3rd Builds a Family Guest House," New York Sun, Sept
"A Glass House in Connecticut," House & Garden, Oct
"Glass House permits its owner to live in a room in Nature," Architectural FORUM, Nov
40 6 1954
"The International Style Twenty Years After," (by Henry-Russell Hitchcock) Architectural Record, Dec
40 7 1952
"Architect of the Glass House," Fairfield County Spotlight
"Some Remarks on the Apartments by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson," unidentified magazine
40 8 1953
"What's going on in New Canaan?" House & Home, Jan
"Recent American Architecture," Listener, May
"American News Letter - 7," Architect, June
"Glass House Designer Says Women Are Too Practical," Richmond News Leader, Sept
40 9 1954
"An Architectural Apartment", New York Times Magazine
"The Light Touch," New York Times Magazine, Aug
40 10 1955
"Monkey Cage," Plain Dealer
Untitled article, House & Garden, May
40 11 1956
"Beg Pardon, Please Is Your Architecture Showing?" Michigan State University Magazine, March
40 12 1960
Clipping from unidentified magazine depicting the Roofless Church, Nuclear Reactor, Four Seasons Restaurant, and Boissonnas House
40 13 1963
"An Art Gallery for a University Campus," Architectural Record, Aug
40 14 1964
"A Building as a Ballerina," unidentified magazine
"Musical Events," New Yorker
"State Theatre's First Star is the Architect," unidentified paper
"Lincoln Plaza Fountain to Dance to Computer Tune," New York Times, March
"Promenade Will be One of State Theater's Bright Stars," New York Times, March
"Inside the New York State Theater," Saturday Review, April
"Another 'Entirely Possible' Case," New York Herald Tribune, May
"The Essence of a Theater," Newsweek, May
"The Medicis Would Have Loved It," New York Herald Tribune, May
"N.Y.U. Seeks Master Plan for 10 Years of Building," New York Times, May
"Philip Johnson," Vogue, May
"Philip Johnson - Undistorted View Through a Glass Wall," Plain Dealer, May
"When Is Art 'Modern Art'?" New York Times Magazine, May
"Thinking of Today And Eternal Things," Newsweek, June
40 15 1965
"The Man Remaking Washington Square," New York Herald Tribune, Jan
40 16 1966
"Connecticut Bunker," unidentified magazine
"Le Musée souterrain de Philip Johnson," unidentified magazine
"Philip Johnson's Suburban Museum," unidentified magazine
"Philip Johnson Explains His Remarkable Underground Museum," Vogue, May
"Johnson and His Kunst-Bunker," Week End Telegraph, July
Notebook item from Vogue, Aug
40 17 1967
"Three projects by Philip Johnson, each designed for a hill," Architectural Record, June
40 18 1970
"The Duke of Xanadu at Home," Time, Oct
40 19 1973
"Philip Johnson: Il museo privato di un celebre architetto," Bolaffiarte
"We Still Have an Art of Architecture And Now Where Do We Go with It?" Inland Architect, Feb
"A conversation with Philip Johnson," Architecture Plus, Sept
40 20 1974
Article featuring the Art Museum of South Texas, Fortune, May
40 21 1975
"Philip Johnson's eminent, elegant, practical world," Smithsonian, Feb
"BM & PIU's 1975 Louis Sullivan Award Goes to Philip Johnson," Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers International Union of America Journal, Sept
40 22 1976
Transcript of the CBS television network's "Camera Three" series on the life and work of Philip Johnson, Nov. (3 copies)
"High Design at a Profit," New York Times Magazine, Nov
40 23 1977
"Forms Under Light" (a profile), New Yorker, May
"Two Buildings Counterplaying with Each Other," Domus, Dec
"Dream Houses," Quest, Sept - Oct
"College Buildings: The Multi-Purpose Building as an Alternative to the Sprawling Campus," Architectural Record, Nov
Harvard Class of 1927 publication "Now and Then" discussing Johnson (2 drafts, 1 final copy)
40 24 1978
Article on Philip Johnson: Writings, Oxford University Press catalogue
"Philip Johnson, AIA Gold Medalist 1978," AIA Journal, Jan
"This man's new look for our world," Vogue, Feb
"Deep in the Art of Texas," Horizon, March
"Johnson's latest," New York Times, April
"Johnson receives Jefferson medal," Cavalier Daily, April
"People Who Live in Glass Houses," Washington Post, April
"The New Skyscraper," Mainliner Magazine, May
"Philip Johnson, Shining Bright," Horizon, May
"Philip Johnson on the AT&T; building," Skyline, May
"Philip Johnson: A Controverial New Vision for Architecture," New York Times Magazine, May
"Philip Johnson knows too much," New York, May
"What he did was break tradition," Dallas Morning News, May
"An eccentric architect turns to Chippendale," US, June
"National Trust news", Preservation News, June
"Philip Johnson: 'Fantastic Architectural Change' in U.S," U.S. News & World Report, June
"Architect Philip Johnson; Designer of U.S. Cities," Altoona Mirror, Oct
"Philip Johnson : The Master Builder as a Self-Made Man," Voice, Oct
"Philip Johnson and History," Art Forum, Oct
"The Age of Philip Johnson," Review, Aug 1978
"Designs for Living," Newsweek, Nov
"The Man Who Designed a Chippendale Skyscraper," Observer, Dec
40 25 1979
"U.S. Architects / Doing Their Own Thing," Time, Jan
"El cubo de cristal negro," Arquitectura e Ingeniería, Jan - Feb
"Recent Designs by Philip Johnson," Architektura, Jan - Feb
"The 30th Anniversary of the Glass House / Philip Johnson's Positives & Negatives," Architectural Digest, Feb
"High Boy: The Making of an Eclectic," Saturday Review, March
"Philip Johnson, Glass House," A+U, April
"Conversations: Philip Johnson," AIA Journal, June
"Ten Buildings with a Style of Their Own," Portfolio, June - July
"Philip Johnson", Riba, July 1979
"Sky-Writer: Philip Johnson Leaves His Mark," Designer, July - Aug
"Philip Johnson's Progress" (book review), Portfolio, Aug - Sept
"City Portrait: Houston," Portfolio, Aug - Sept
"Johnson über seine Architektur-Ideen," Baumeister, Dec
"Philip Johnson: The Architect as Theorist," Art in America, Dec
40 26 1980
"Chicago / Dateline 1980," Skyline, March
"Philip Johnson: The Man Who Changed Houston's Skyline," Houston City Magazine, Jan
"Philip Johnson on the Cleveland Playhouse," Northern Ohio Live, Sept - Oct
41 Clippings, 1981-1992
41 1 1981
"Philip Johnson: Predictably Unpredictable," House & Garden, Feb
"Recent Works of Johnson / Burgee," A+U, March
"56-story structure Hines plans to begin building in Aug," Houston Post, June
"Et In Arcadia Ego," Domus, July
"Lightning strikes twice," Houston Chronicle, July
"The Shingle Style Revival," House Beautiful, Aug
"At Home [with] Philip Johnson," Town & Country, Sept
"The New American Skyscraper," New York Times Magazine, Nov
41 2 1982
"Bidding in the Party Spirit," New York Times, Jan
Feb issue of Skyline in which Johnson is interviewed by Peter Eisenman
"Architect's Award," New York Times, April
"Party's Palette Includes Italian President," New York Times, April
"Penn Station Anniversary," Skyline, July
"From Johnson to John Soane," Domus, Sept
"The Sky's the Limit," Newsweek, Nov
"Tower of Power: The Extraordinary Saga of the AT&T Building," New York, Nov
41 3 1983
"Tower Hungry: Three Skyscrapers at the MoMA," Skyline, March
"Philip's List," Skyline, April
"Architect's retreat," Architectural Record, July
"Cleveland Playhouse Fascinating," Plain Dealer Magazine, Oct
41 4 1984
"Philip Johnson's Play House," by Nancy McAfee, unidentified journal
Feb issue of Progressive Architecture on Johnson and Burgee
"Johnson Gallery Dedicated at Museum of Modern Art," New York Times, April
41 5 1985
"John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson", A+U, Jan
"Art: A Show of Works Given by Philip Johnson," New York Times, May
Museum of Modern Art Members Quarterly, summer
"Good enough for Tysons Corner, not good enough for Boston," Boston Globe, Nov
"Close Up: Philip Johnson," Daily News, Dec
41 6 1986
"Liberty Restoration Big Quits Over Iacocca Firing," New York Post, Feb
"Mrs. Onassis, On the Go," New York Times, Feb
"Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson at Yale," Architectural Digest, March
"Improving His View," House & Garden, June
"Philip Johnson, at 80, Is Dean and Gadfly," New York Times, June
"Philip Johnson Profiled On American Masters," New York Times, June
"Done with a Difference," Philadelphia Inquirer, July
"The Golden Goose," New York Times, July
"The Towering Obsessions of Philip Johnson," Washington Post, July
"Revolution on Beekman Place," House & Garden, Aug
"The Real Thing," Architectural Record, Sept
"The Talk of the Town," New Yorker, Nov
"Glass House is Donated," New York Times, Dec
"'I am a whore': Philip Johnson at eighty," New Criterion, Dec
41 7 1987
"Johnson gives Glass House to Trust," Preservation News, Feb
"Philip Johnson's 'Good Clean Fun,'" Boston Globe, Feb
"Philip Johnson: Master Builder," Insight / The Washington Times, Feb.
"Philip Johnson: Whipping up the Future of Architecture," Stern, Feb
June issue of the AIA Convention Memo featuring an article on Johnson
"Architettura: Philip Johnson," Architectural Digest (Italian version), June
"Johnson and His Glass House: Reflections," New York Times (and a reprint in Denver Post), July
"The creator of the Glass House comments on current direction in residential architecture," Architectural Digest, Sept
"Philip Johnson," Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine, Sept.
"Wer im Glashaus sitzt," Avenue, Sept
"Ceremony marks Play House completion," Plain Dealer, Oct
"Enchanted Landscape: The Fort Worth Water Gardens," Southern Accents, Nov -Dec
41 8 1988
Spring issue of The International Council of the Museum of Modern Art newsletter
"The Hidden I: A Review of Philip Johnson," Threshold IV, spring
"Burgee comes into his own," New York Post, May
"Philip Johnson: Deconstruction Worker," Interview, May
"'Skyscraper era' returns in Atlanta," Atlanta Constitution, May
"Erecting a Monument to the Television Industry," New York Times, July
"Repenser la tradition," Connaissance des Arts, July - Aug
"Where was Philip?" Spy, Oct
"Gandee at large," House & Garden, Nov
"New Babylon," L'Uomo Vogue, Dec
41 9 1988
Articles on the Museum of Modern Art exhibition "Deconstructivist Architecture" from 7 Days, Artforum, Boston Business Journal, Contemporanea, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Metropolitan Home, MoMA Quarterly, Newsweek, New York Post, Progressive Architecture, Stroll, Independent, New Yorker, New York Observer, New York Times, W Magazine
41 10 1989
"The Joker / Philip Johnson, the Corporate Architect as Clown," Lear's, Sept
41 11 1990
Page featuring Johnson's architecture from Modern Architecture: Photographs by Ezra Stoller
41 12 1991
"Philip Johnson: Skyline Architect," Houston Chronicle Magazine, Oct
"Master Builder," Plain Dealer, Oct
"Architect Finds Peace in His Landmark," New York Times, Dec
"A Post-Modern Museum for Television, Sans Irony," New York Times, Sept
"The David Lynch Architect," Vanity Fair, Jan
"Master Philip and the Boys," Spy, May
"Philip Johnson creates yet another landmark with new chapel design," University of St. Thomas Magazine, summer / fall
"History is a way of getting an effect quicker than you should," Domus, April
41 13 1992
"The Glass House dweller throws some big stones," Globe and Mail, June
"Split Between Johnson and Burgee; A $ Million Suit and Chapter 11," New York Observer, June
"Broadcasting a new style," Globe and Mail, Sept
"Noted Architects' Firm Falls Apart in Fight Over Control, Clients," Wall Street Journal, Sept
"At the 95th with Philip Johnson," Chicago Tribune, Nov
"Art News," New York Times, Nov
"Fighting Back: Trump Scrambles off the Canvas," New York, Nov
"The Irrepressible Mr. Johnson," Harper's Bazaar, Nov
"Constructivism at the Guggenheim," Globe and Mail, Dec
"Scraping the Sky: The Eternal Architect," Washington Post, Dec
42 Clippings, 1993-1995
42 1 1993
"Futuristic Factory," Globe and Mail, April
"No Visitor Pavilion for the Glass House," New York Times, May
"Perspectives" (a quotation), Newsweek, May
"Top architect Johnson reveals he's gay," New York Post, May
"Corporate Architecture: Rooflines and Bottomlines," Harvard Business Review, Sept - Oct
"A Man Who Lives in Two Glass Houses," New York Times, Oct
"World famous Glass House slated to become museum," New Canaan Advertiser, Oct
"Not So Silent Partner" (letter to the editor from John Burgee), New York Times, Nov
42 2 Welch, 1993
Chapter 1 of Frank Welch's Philip Johnson and Texas, July
42 3 1994
"The Oral History of Architecture" CD-ROM
"Philip Johnson Under Glass," New York
"Philip the Bold," New Yorker
"The Philip Factor," New York, Feb
"Kein Mut zur Architektur," Stern, April
"For a Troubled Building, a New Twist," New York Times, July
"Philip Johnson Builds a Momument," New York Observer, Sept
"Evolution of an Architect," Plain Dealer, Nov
"The Man in the Glass House," New York Times Book Review, Nov
"Philip Johnson: Very Candid Life," Chicago Sun-Times, Nov
"Aesthetics over all / Franz Schulze explores the style-driven life of architect Philip Johnson," Chicago Tribune, Dec
"Der Mann im Glashaus," Focus, Dec
"Pick a Style, Any Style: Philip Johnson Did," New York Observer, Dec
"Prince of the City," New York Review, Dec
42 4 1995
Article featuring the Berlin Fantasy, Domus Dossier
"Owner of the avant-garde," unidentified newspaper
"Philip Johnson / by Von Manfred Sack," unidentified journal
"Süchtig nach Architektur: Chamäleon Johnson," unidentified newspaper
"Portrait of an eclectic architect," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jan
"A Warts-and-All Portrait of an Architectural Chameleon," Architectural Record, Feb
"Wer zu meinen Gebäuden kommt, soll Tränen in den Augen haben," Kultur Fernsehen, Feb
"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lincoln Center," Bookpress, March
"When the Table Matters More than the Meal," New York Times, March
"Philip Johnson on the International Style," Architectural Digest, May
"Prince of the City" (letter to the editor from Franz Schulze), New York Review, May
"Renowned architect to design sanctuary," Dallas Morning News, July
"Johnson misses McGraw-Hill rhubarb," Chicago Tribune, Aug
"A 'Monster' of a Masterpiece in Connecticut," New York Times, Sept
"Philip Johnson's Brilliant Career," Commentary, Sept
"From Iron Curtain to capitalist cornerstone," New London Day, Oct
"Philip Johnson. Life and Work" (book review), Domus, Oct
"Philip Johnson: the architect as aesthete," New Criterion, Nov
"Literally, a glass house," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Magazine, Dec.
42 5-6 Birkhauser, 1995
Multiple drafts of the Birkhauser publication Philip Johnson
Correspondence with Ria Stern, Michaela Sum, and Peter Blake regarding the book (26 items)
Transcript of an interview with Frank Gehry conducted by Johnson and Jeffery Kipnis, Oct
Birkhauser book catalogue
42 7-9 Vyas, 1995
7 installments of Ujjval Vyas's Ph.D. dissertation sent to Johnson for editing and comments
Correspondence with Vyas regarding the dissertation (3 items)
43 Clippings, 1996-2001
43 1-2 1996
Galley copy for the BBC production "Building Sights, USA: Philip Johnson / Grand Central Terminal, New York" (3 copies)
Article featuring the Philip Johnson Gatehouse, Blueprint, Jan
"A Sculpture Pavilion in New Canaan," L'Arca, Jan
"New Canaan: Geliebtes Monster," Hauser, March
Advertisement for Trump International, Quest, April
"The Man Who Is Easily Bored," House Beautiful, April
"Philip Johnson poses for Out magazine," New York Times, April
"Ich Bereue Überhaupt Nichts," Art, May
"Philip Johnson dice que el Macba es lo mejor de Meier," La Vanguardia, May
"Visionary looks back / Architectural pioneer," New York Weekend, May
"Oh Heavens: Philip Johnson and the Dawning of the New," Wiederhall, May - June
"Modernism under a Microscope," Azure, May - June
"Philip Johnson: MoMA's Form Giver," MoMA Magazine, summer
"CWRU's Stonehenge twist," Plain Dealer, June
"Homme de verre," Connaissance des Arts, June
"MoMA's boy," Vogue, June
"Philip Johnson and the Modern: A Loving Marriage," New York Times, June
"Philip Johnson at 89: A Nazi-Lover No More," New York Observer, June
"Philip Johnson: Beschränkung auf das Unwesentliche," Architektur, June
"Social Whirl in Glorious June," New York Times, June
"90 Years in Minutes," Avenue, June - July
"Das Chamäleon," Profil, July
"Die Originale des Kopisten," Frankfurter Allgemeine, July
"The Enduring Vision of Lincoln Center," New York Times, July
"A Great Grumpy Old Man," Town & Country, July
"Philip Johnson, Work in Progress," New York Times, July
"Skyscraper Couture," Vanity Fair, July
"When We Were Very Young," Blueprint, July - Aug
"Reflections from a Glass House," Preservation, July - Aug
"Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect," East Hampton Star, Oct
"Philip's Sitem," Bazaar, Oct
"Partisan des Schönen," Architektur, Oct - Dec
"Forget Mies," Deutsche Bauzeitschrift, Dec
43 3 1997
"Neunzig und noch immer Enfant terrible," Stuttgarter Zeitung
"Refining Philip Johnson's Way," Graphics
"Philip Johnson's Glass Menagerie," New York, Jan
May / June issue of the Connecticut Preservation News
"More than a home," Plain Dealer, Aug
"Estate captures aura of Philip Johnson," Plain Dealer, Sept
"Social Notes," New Yorker, Oct
"Enter Here," CWRU (Case Western Reserve University publication), Nov
43 4 1998
"Arts on the Air," unidentified newspaper
"Philip Johnson Geometry in an Advertising Wrapper," New York Times, March
"At 91, Philip Johnson Ruminates in His Glass House," New York Times, April
"Gifts to Modern, For All to Share," New York Times, June
"Everyone who is everyone was there," Advocate, June
"Through a Glass, No Parking," New York Times, July
"Fragile Legacy: Philip Johnson prepares his Glass House for guests," Hour, Aug (2 copies)
"General Foods Old Office Is Repackaged for Multiple Tenants," New York Times, Sept (2 copies)
"Glass House Gang," New York, Sept
"Plans Unveiled for Kraft Campus," Reporter Dispatch, Sept
"Hines, Johnson reunite at Blueprint Ball," Houston Chronicle, Oct
"Regent and King in a Procession of New Forms," New York Times, Nov (2 copies)
"Talk of the Town," New Yorker, Nov
"A restaurant for all seasons," New York Post, Dec
43 5 1999
Yale School of Architecture newsletter "Constructs"
"Shaping the Future," Los Angeles Times, Jan
43 6 2001
"Building the Century," Vanity Fair, June
44 Periodicals, prior to 1970
44 1 Zodiac, no. 8, 1950s?
44 2 Zodiac, no. 9, 1950s?
44 3 Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal, no. 9-10, 1965
45 Periodicals, 1970-1979
45 1 Global Architecture, vol. 12, 1972
45 2 Architectural Forum, vol. 138 no. 1, Jan - Feb (3 copies) 1973
45 3 Amepnka, no. 249, April 1977
45 4 New York Times Magazine, May (2 copies) 1978
45 5 Time, vol. 113 no. 2, Jan (2 copies) 1979
45 6 A+U, no. 103, April 1979
45 7 A+U, June 1979
45 8 AIA Journal, vol. 68 no. 7, June 1979
46 Periodicals, 1980-1984
46 1 Design, vol. 24 no. 1, Jan - March 1980
46 2 Domus, no. 608, July - Aug 1980
46 3 A+U, no. 126, March 1981
46 4 Domus, no. 631, Sept 1982
46 5 New York, vol. 15 no. 45, Nov 1982
46 6 Architecture, vol. 73 no. 4, April 1984
46 7 Tropic ( Miami Herald magazine), April 1984
46 8 Architectural Review, vol. CLXXVI no. 1050, Aug 1984
46 9 Art in America, vol. 72 no. 8, Sept 1984
46 10 US Air, vol. 6 no. 11, Nov 1984
47 Periodicals, 1985-1989
47 1 A+U, no. 172, Jan (2 copies) 1985
47 2 Historic Preservation, vol. 38 no. 5, Sept - Oct 1986
47 3 Plain Dealer Magazine, Oct 1986
47 4 Architectural Digest, vol. 43 no. 11, Nov 1986
47 5 Stone World, vol. 5 no. 1, Jan 1988
47 6 Connaissance des Arts, no. 437/438, July - Aug 1988
47 7 Arris, vol. 1, 1989
47 8 A+U, Sept 1989
48 Periodicals, 1990-1992
48 1 A+U, no. 247, April (2 copies) 1991
48 2 Sunday Times Magazine, spring 1991
48 3 New York Times Magazine, June 1991
48 4 Werk, Bauen + Wohnen, no. 9, Sept 1991
48 5 Texas: The Houston Chronicle Magazine, Oct 1991
48 6 American Photo, vol. 2 no. 6, Nov - Dec 1991
48 7 Zodiac, no. 7, March - Aug 1992
48 8 A+U, no. 259, April 1992
49 Periodicals, 1993-1995
49 1 A+U, no. 268, Jan 1993
49 2 International Contract, vol. 2 no. 3, Jan 1993
49 3 Stern Magazin, no. 19, May 1993
49 4 Vanity Fair, vol. 56 no. 6, June 1993
49 5 Texas Architect, vol. 43 no. 4, July - Aug 1993
49 6 Archimedia, no. 5, Nov - Dec 1994
49 7 ARTnews, vol. 94 no. 3, March 1995
49 8 New York Times Magazine, March 1995
49 9 New Yorker, vol. LXXI no. 27, Sept (2 copies) 1995
49 10 Northern Ohio Live, vol. 16 no. 2, Oct (2 copies) 1995
49 11 Architecture, vol. 84 no. 11, Nov (2 copies) 1995
50 Periodicals, Jan - March 1996
50 1 Link, vol. XXVII no. 3, 1996
50 2 Wiederhall, no. 19, 1996
50 3 L'Arca, no. 100, Jan 1996
50 4 Abitare, no. 348, Feb 1996
50 5 Domus, No. 779, Feb 1996
50 6 Ambiente, March - April 1996
50 7 Zodiac, no. 15, March - Aug 1996
51 Periodicals, April - June 1996
51 1 House Beautiful, vol. 138 no. 4, April 1996
51 2 Elle Decor, no. 46, April - May 1996
51 3 Out, no. 32, May (2 copies) 1996
51 4 Quest, vol. 10 no. 5, May 1996
51 5 Architektur Aktuell, no. 192, June 1996
51 6 Connaissance des Arts, no. 529, June 1996
51 7 New York, vol. 29 no. 2, June (2 copies) 1996
51 8 New Yorker, vol. LXXII no. 14, June (2 copies) 1996
51 9 Vogue, June 1996
52 Periodicals, July - Oct 1996
52 1 Bauwelt, no. 25, July 1996
52 2 Vanity Fair, no. 431, July 1996
52 3 Preservation, vol. 48 no. 4, July - Aug 1996
52 4 Graphis, no. 305, Sept - Oct (2 copies) 1996
52 5 Architectural Digest, vol. 53 no. 10, Oct 1996
52 6 Harper's Bazaar, no. 3419, Oct 1996
53 Periodicals, Nov - Dec (and 2 oversize) 1996
53 1 L'Arca, no. 109, Nov 1996
53 2 House Beautiful, vol. 138 no. 11, Nov 1996
53 3 Deutsche Bauzeitschrift, Dec (2 copies) 1996
53 4 Domus, no. 788, Dec 1996
53 5 Blueprint, no. 130, July - Aug 1996
53 6 Design Diffusion News, no. 44, Sept 1996
54 Periodicals, 1997-1998
54 1 Form & Function, no. 3, 1997
54 2 Modernism Magazine, vol. 1 no. 3, winter (2 copies) 1998
54 3 New Yorker, vol. LXXIV no. 15, June 1998
54 4 Graphis, no. 318, Nov - Dec 1998
54 5 Texas Architect, vol. 48 no. 6, Nov - Dec 1998
54 6 New York Times Magazine, Dec 1998
54 7 Border Crossings, vol. 18 no. 1, Jan 1998
54 8 D: Dallas / Fort Worth, vol. 26 no. 1, Jan 1999
54 9 New Yorker, Feb - March 1999
55 Exhibition catalogues, 1957-1999
55 1 Buildings for Business and Government, Museum of Modern Art, Feb - April 1957
55 2 Form Givers, The American Federation of Arts, 1959
55 3 Philip Johnson: Processes, The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, Sept - Oct 1978
55 4 The New Skyscrapers, The Museum of Modern Art, 1983
55 5 Deconstructivist Architecture, The Museum of Modern Art, 1988
55 6 150 Years of American Art, Amon Carter Museum, 1996
55 7 Philip Johnson: Turning Point, Österreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst, March 1997
55 8 Joseph Cornell / Marcel Duchamp in resonance, The Menil Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Jan 1998
56 Academic manuscripts, 1977-1979
56 1 Syracuse University Ph.D. dissertation by Sarah Elizabeth Henrich Haskins entitled "Museum Architecture: An Analysis of Selected Museums Designed by Philip Johnson" 1977
56 2 Harvard University Honors Thesis by David Brownlee Gauld entitled "The Consistency of Formalism in the Career of Philip Johnson" 1979
57 Oversize items, 1981-1996
57 1 GA Document no. 3, 1981
57 2 GA Document no. 12, 1985
57 3 Blueprint no. 35, March (2 copies) 1986
57 4 Comme des Garçons no. 27, July 1987
57 5 Exhibition catalogue: Peter Eisenman & Frank Gehry, Fifth International Exhibition of Architecture of the Biennale, 1992
57 6 Architecture New York ( ANY), no. 2, Sept - Oct 1993
57 7 "A 'Monster' of a Masterpiece in Connecticut," New York Times, Sept (88 copies, size 14" x 16") 1995
57 8 Architecture New York ( ANY), "Philip Johnson Festschrift," (3 copies) 1996
57 9 Exhibition catalogue: Philip Johnson: Turning Point, MAK (Museum für Angewandte Kunst), 1996
57A Journals and serial publications
Whole issues that contain information about Johnson and his work. Unprocessed material.

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