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Harold Rosenberg papers, 1923-1984

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Rosenberg (Harold) Papers

Container List

Series I. Correspondence, 1932-1984 19 box(es) 7.9 lin. ft.
Correspondence concerns Rosenberg's relationship with artists, critics, academic colleagues, family, and businesses. Folders containing general correspondence from a given year are interfiled with folders containing correspondence with a specific individual or concerning a specific issue. Rosenberg's replies are often included either in the form of carbon copies or as remarks written in pencil on a given letter. Descriptions of folder contents offer selected highlights only and are not complete inventories.
Arranged in three subseries.
Series I.A. Professional Correspondence, 1932-1978 4.5 Linear Feet
Professional correspondence is a rich source of information about Rosenberg's intellectual development and about the debates that characterized the anti-Stalinist left in New York in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. One highlight is the editorial correspondence with Irving Howe, William Phillips, Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Meyer Schapiro, and Ben Raeburn. Also interesting are letters from the French intellectuals Rosenberg knew in the 1940s and '50s, such as Paul de Man, Simone de Beauvoir, and Merleau-Ponty. There are letters from writers associated with one of the journals Rosenberg edited, Location, such as Saul Bellow, Kenneth Burke, Donald Barthelme, Robert Bly, and Thomas Hess, and from artists Rosenberg was close to, such as Robert Motherwell, Ad Reinhardt, and Allan Kaprow. A small amount of correspondence pertains to Rosenberg's work as a consultant for the Advertising Council of America.
1 Professional Correspondence, 1932-1958
1 1 1932-1942
Including letter regarding ethics from Rebecca(?) with pencilled in response from HR, Karl Korsch letter, questionnaire from Partisan Review.
1 2 1943-1947
Regarding HR's employment in Office of War Information, with bulletins and clippings.
1 3 1946-1948
Including Robert Motherwell presenting his ideas for the journal Possibilities, letter to Dwight MacDonald from Lionel Abel, Delmore Schwartz rejecting HR's ms., Irving Kristol responding to HR's article on Marx.
1 4 1949
Including Paul de Man at Bard College supporting HR's work, and American poets' protesting Saturday Review's attack on Modern Poetry.
1 5 1949-1957
Maurice Merleau-Ponty, regarding the translation and publication of HR's articles in French journals.
1 6 1950
Including editors of Pantheon Books and Kenyon Review. HR's request for a raise at Advertising Council where he is a part time Program Consultant.
1 7 1950-1952
Clyfford Still, suggesting in one letter that HR become an art reviewer and in another regretting having made that suggestion.
1 8 1951
Including HR letters to Irving Howe regarding articles in Dissent.
1 9 1951-1964
Simone de Beauvoir regarding politics, writing, etc., with reply from HR.
1 10 1952
Including Joseph Cornell inviting HR to view his latest work "Dovecote," George Lichtheim regarding the publication of HR's work in his journal The Twentieth Century.
1 11 1952
Mary McCarthy regarding her writing struggles and the 1952 presidential election. With letter from HR.
1 12 1953
Including Robert Motherwell regarding a painting he gave HR, George Lichtheim, with reply from HR expressing his disgust with Partisan Review and Commentary, Irving Kristol regarding HR's writing style.
1 13 1954
Including Irving Kristol apologizing for having changed an HR article without permission and announcing a new series for Encounter called "Men and Ideas."Advertising council memo with clipping.
1 14 1955
Including Lucien Mazenod regarding HR piece on Marx he's publishing in an anthology, Irving Howe, Robert Creeley, Norman di Giovanni, Alfred Kazin (w. clipping), Tom Hess, Jascha Kessler.
1 15 1955
Debate between Irving Howe, Irving Kristol and HR, regarding Encounter's failure to publish HR's letter criticizing an article it had published by Fiedler.
1 16 1955-1964
Hans and Mrs. Hoffmann, warmly inviting Rosenbergs to visit them, praising HR's essays, etc.
1 17 1956
Including Manny Geltman regarding English version of HR's Marx article, Irving Howe, Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol. Advertising Council correspondence.
1 18 1957
Including Meyer Schapiro, Ben Raeburn, Irving Howe regarding his submission of HR's book to Raeburn at Horizon, Lucien Mazenod, Shlomo Katz (editor of Midstream). Many of the letters praise HR's various articles and request more. Two graphics by Ray Johnson. Advertising Council correspondence.
1 19 1958
Including Irving Howe, Ben Raeburn, William Phillips, Jascha Kessler. Letter from HR to Raeburn regarding title for book. Other letters regarding advance publicity for book. Advertising Council correspondence.
2 Professional Correspondence, 1959-1961
2 1 1959
Including Robert Corrigan, Howard Nemerov, Donald Barthelme, Saul Bellow about his new journal The Noble Savage, Irving Howe and a clipping of Howe's review of Raymond Williams' Culture and Society, Meyer Schapiro regarding a publication about Pasternak, David Sylvester, Arthur Vidich, William Phillips, Tom Hess, Robert Motherwell regarding his vacation in England with Helen Frankenthaler, a Robert Johnson piece.
2 2 1959-1964
Including Irving Howe , David Sylvester, Paul Goodman, Arthur Vidich, Ben Raeburn, Herschel Chipp, Irving Kristol, and Advertising Council colleagues regarding the publication, translation and reception of HR's book The Tradition of the New.
2 3 1959-1964
Including George Braziller, Ben Raeburn, regarding the publication and translation of HR's book Arshille Gorky.
2 4 1960
Including William Phillips, James Purdy thanking HR for his comments, Norman Podhoretz, Allan Kaprow asking Tom Hess for a reference, memos from Advertising Council colleagues, Algerian War protest document.
2 5 1960-1967
Ad Reinhardt, reporting on recent night at "the Club," the art business, HR's reviews, etc.
2 6 1961
Including Kenneth Burke on his Poetics, Robert Bly, LeRoi Jones on the troubles of his journal The Floating Bear, John Ashberry thanking HR for the Longview Award, Norman Podhoretz, Saul Bellow regarding Herzog. Responses to HR's Eichmann article, 1961. Clippings about the biennial in Sao Paolo.
2 7 1961
Including Norman Podhoretz, HR regarding artists' protest against John Canaday reviews, Donald Barthelme inviting HR to speak at Houston Arts Association where he's the assistant director, Kenneth Burke regarding submissions to Location.
3 Professional Correspondence, 1962-1964
3 1 1962
Including Shlomo Katz, Dwight MacDonald, Norman Podhoretz. Letter signed by several NY intellectuals about Siqueiros' ambiguous moral status. Many invitations to lecture and participate in conferences. Praise for HR's Gorky book and his New Yorker column. Some Advertising Council business.
3 2 1962
Including Irving Howe requesting ideas for Dissent. Reponses to HR's Arshille Gorky. Donald Barthelme, accepting HR's invitation to move to NY and work on the Longview foundation magazine, Location, Kenneth Burke about Location.
3 3 1962
Letter signed by NY intellectuals in support of Civil Rights sit-in, and related materials.
3 4 1963
Including Frank Kermode regarding BBC discussion of contemporary art, Kenneth Burke regarding submissions to Location, Henry Kissinger thanking HR for his participation in the International Seminar, Denise Levertov recommending a colleague for Longview foundation support, Ray Johnson graphics. Praise for HR's New Yorker reviews.
3 5 1963
Including correspondence with Robert Bly regarding dispute about Bly submission to Location, Kenneth Burke regarding Location. Invitations to lecture.
3 6 1963
Including Morrow requesting that HR review LeRoi Jones' book on Blues, William Phillips responding to HR's request for payment, Irving Howe, Aaron Copland, MacDowell colony matters. Protest statement against censorship of Tropic of Cancer.
3 7 1964
Including Phillip Pavia, William Phillips regarding Partisan Review conference on "The Idea of the Future," Irving Howe congratulating HR on his Lukacs piece, offers of visiting lectureships, invitations to speak at symposia on art education and other matters.
4 Professional Correspondence, 1964-1965
4 1 1964
Including Denise Levertov, Bill Moyers regarding Advertising Council matters, Norman Podhoretz, E.H. Gombrich regarding HR remark that offended him, Robert Hughes complaining about the Venice Biennale. Requests for nominees for grants, Saul Bellow and others regarding Location.
4 2 1964
Including HR letter to Esquire regarding discussion of The Establishment, HR letter to Podhoretz requesting he print HR counterattack on Daniel Bell. Program for Brandeis symposium on Modern Art. HR's Ford Foundation grant application. Many invitations to speak or teach.
4 3 1964-1968
Including Ben Raeburn, Bompiani Press regarding publication, translation and reception of HR's The Anxious Object, HR letter to editor of Saturday Review protesting Daniel Rich review of The Anxious Object, HR letter protesting Frank Kermode review.
4 4 1965
Including John Cage regarding a fund-raising lecture series he wants HR to participate in, Herbert Blau requesting an article on action painting and theater, Roberto Giammanco requesting an article on Carlo Levi for Galleria, and many other requests for HR to contribute papers or participate in conferences.
4 5 1965
Including Tom Hess offering gossip about the NY art world and thoughts about Location, submissions and other matters for Location. Arrangements for conferences; requests to review books.
4 6 1965
Including John Cage regarding benefit lecture, Ben Raeburn regarding a surrealist anthology, William Phillips requesting HR's presence at conference, "The Idea of the Future" and inquiring if HR would review Arnold Hauser's Mannerism, Robert Osborne regarding McLuhan, Grove Press requesting that HR review John Berger's Picasso book. Petition for artists' protest against US policy in Vietnam.
5 Professional Correspondence, 1965-1967
5 1 1965
Regarding book on John Ruskin's selected writings that HR was going to edit for New American Library. Clippings of reviews of Kenneth Clark's Ruskin book.
5 2 1966
Including Anne Tabachnik regarding art world complicity, Alfred Werner (to Commentary) critisizing HR's article on Jewish art.
5 3 1966
Including Peter Brooks requesting a piece for Harvard Art Review, HR letter to Islamic scholar Marshall Hodgson, the USIA thanking HR for his piece on Modernism intended for Russian readers, many congratulating HR on becoming regular Art Reviewer for the New Yorker, many requests to speak at colleges, art instiutions or to contribute pieces to journals.
5 4 1966
Including Ruth Nanda Ashen (ed. Perspectives in Humanism), Lionel Trilling responding to HR's criticism of him in Encounter, Kenneth Burke reflecting briefly on Frank Kermode. New American Library contract for essay on The Idiot. Many letters praising HR's New Yorker column. Request for nominations for Rockefeller Foundation grants.
5 5 1966
Including Norman Podhoretz asking HR to review Masters and Johnson's Report, John Cage thanking HR for participating in fundraising conference, Robert Osborne regarding McLuhan.
5 6 1966-1969
Allan Kaprow discussing art and politics, art institutions, requesting recommendations. With reply from HR.
5 7 1967
Including Irving Howe requesting essay on the idea of Modernism, Ray Johnson complaining about HR's descriptions of his work, Alfred Barr, Jr., complaining about HR's review of MOMA's 1960s show (w. HR's reply), James Fitzsimmons (ed. Art International) regarding De Kooning, Wayne Thiebaud.
5 8 1967
Including letters requesting recommendations, articles for journals, and conference appearances.
5 9 1967
Correspondence with Thomas Hess.
5 10 1967
Art Forum debate between HR and William Rubin regarding Pollock and "action painting."
6 Professional Correspondence, 1968-1969
6 1 1968
HR statement against war in Vietnam. Arrangements for guest lectureships, conference papers, reprints of articles.
6 2 1968
Including Theodore Solotaroff requesting permission to reprint HR's Eichmann essay in anthology for NAL, Norman Podhoretz asking HR to review Walter Benjamin's writings for Commentary, E.N. Sargeant about sex and art, Paul Goodman asking HR to write preface for his book, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy about the Chicago artist boycott. Many requests for HR to lecture. Much praise for HR's articles.
6 3 1969
Including Herschel B. Chipp regarding Czech revolutionary posters, William Phillips asking HR to review Walter Benjamin essays for Partisan Review, Kenneth Burke submitting review, Ben Raeburn regarding guest list for HR's Artworks book party. Also arrangements for lectureships and conference papers.
6 4 1969
Including Moholy-Nagy thanking HR for his review, Kenneth Burke regarding the fate of his books and new article, and much praise for HR articles.
6 5 undated
Generally from the 1960s. Ray Johnson paper piece, David Hare on the modern artist, John Ashbery regarding HR article he wants for his Paris magazine, Ben Raeburn regarding HR's review of Hannah Arendt, Irving Howe regarding a symposium he and HR were in, Kenneth Burke regarding Location.
7 Professional Correspondence, 1970-1971
7 1 1970
Including Tom Hess regarding reprints of HR's articles, HR's statement against the war in Vietnam, William Phillips asking HR to review Irving Howe's latest book, Kenneth Burke and demise of Location.
7 2 1970
Including Paul Anbinder (ed. Harry Abrams, Inc.) regarding DeKooning ms., Robert De Niro (the painter) asking HR to recommend him to Mark Rothko Foundation for financial assistance, NEA requesting nominations for individual artist awards, HR notes to editor at Vogue about article that valorized Greenberg.
7 3 1970
Including Andre Emmerich inquiring about rumors of forgeries, Calvin Harlan writing from Mexico, much praise for HR's articles.
7 4 1970-1977
Phillip Guston letters and clipping.
7 5 1971
Including Robert Gottlieb asking HR to read a ms. by Gillo Dorfles, William Phillips asking HR to speak with Trilling at discussion about Modernism, Ihab Hassan, Frank Kermode inquiring as to whether HR would be interested in writing a book for the Modern Masters series, notice about debt incurred by Location, Adolph Gottlieb, Marvin Mudrick, Tom Hess.
7 6 1971
Including Octavio Paz requesting HR essay for Plural, Peter Saul informing HR of his upcoming show, HR writing to Norman Podhoretz correcting Daniel Bell's references to him in an article, Hans Richter.
7 7 1971
Correspondence regarding a proposed book on Doestoevsky by HR for Modern Masters.
7 8 1971
Materials regarding HR's Act and Actor.
7 9 1971-1974
Materials regarding HR's Discovering the Present.
7 10 1971
Correspondence regarding dedication ceremony for Barnett Newman's "Broken Obelisk" for which HR gave lecture.
8 Professional Correspondence, 1972-1973
8 1 1972
Including Frances Morley writing about her husband the artist Malcolm Morley, Calvin Harlan, praise for HR's book The De-Definition of Art, William Phillips regarding the Partisan Review benefit committee, Henry Peacock, HR letter to William Shawn about Alsop's book.
8 2 1972
Including the Enciclopedia Italiana asking HR to write the entry on "Pop Art," John Hochmann (ed. Praeger) inquiring about HR ms., many requests to lecture.
8 3 1972
Including requests to review books for various presses, requests to lecture.
8 4 1973
Including William Phillips sending preliminary questions for Partisan Review panel discussions, Andre Emmerich objecting to HR's Morris Louis article, John Hochman (ed. Praeger) offering to publish HR's memoirs, Lydia Winston Malbin regarding HR's piece on Marinetti, Irving Howe proposing a book of essays on the new conservatism of American intellectuals, Jerre Mangione attacking HR for his review of The Dream and The Deal, with HR's reply.
8 5 1973
Including Irving Howe regarding a piece about artists who emerged from the Jewish immigrant experience, HR to Artforum defending himself against mistaken article, Advertising council asking HR to retire.
8 6 1973
Including Norman Toynton, Moira Roth, Saul Bellow regarding HR's reappointment to U. of Chicago.
8 7 1973
Including James Fitzsimmons, Cathleen Gallander, Ben Raeburn.
9 Professional Correspondence, 1974-1975
9 1 1974
Including Ben Raeburn, HR to Lionel Trilling about his lecture, Bob Boyer about issue of Salamagundi devoted to Saul Bellow, Taylor Stoehr regarding biography of Paul Goodman, William Phillips asking HR to review Mary McCarthy's books about Watergate and Vietnam, Howard Conant inviting HR to be NYU's critic in residence.
9 2 1974
Including James Atlas about his biography of Delmore Schwartz, Norman Podhoretz about reviewing HR's Discovering the Present.
9 3 1974
Including program and other materials for the Palm Coast Symposium where HR was on the panel about Popular and Elite Culture, Saul Bellow, Hayden White.
9 4 1975
Including Kirk Varnedoe, Jim Fitzsimmons, Tom Hess.
9 5 1974-1975
Regarding Art on the Edge.
10 Professional Correspondence, 1975-1976
10 1 1975
Including Diana Trilling, Melvin Tumin, William Phillips requesting a piece on the differences between the art scene in the 1940s and 1950s and the art scene of the 1970s, David Jenkins, Malitte Matta.
10 2 1975
Including Richard Avedon, John Russell about his book series The Meanings of Modern Art, Peter Saul, Raymond Hendler, Kirk Varnedoe, Hunter Dupree notifying HR of his election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
10 3 1976
Including Donald Hoffmann, Arthur Edelstein inviting Brandeis-sponsored memorial project for Phillip Rahv, Alexandra Penney.
10 4 1976
Including Jim Howell, Yves-Alain Bois, Melvin Tumin.
10 5 1976
Including Peter Saul, Norman Podhoretz, Lee Hall, Mark Krupnick regarding memoirs about Lionel Trilling and Phillip Rahv, Melvyn Hill regarding book about Hannah Arendt, Yve-Alain Bois, Aleksis Rannit.
10 6 1976
Including Alan Wallach regarding Marxism and the Arts panel HR will be on, Malitte Matta, Tullio Catalano, Fontana Paperbacks requesting refund of advance to HR for Dostoevsky.
10 7 1976
Richard Avedon regarding book for which HR is writing forward.
10 8 1976
Correspondence regarding Morton Dauwen Zabel award from National Institute of Arts and Letters.
11 Professional Correspondence, 1977-1978, undated
11 1 1977
Including Michael Weinberg about HR's Ophuls review, the Association of Artist-Run Galleries, Random House contract for HR's preface to Paul Goodman's Empire City, Robert Dash announcing exhibition, Macmillan requesting to reprint an HR essay in freshman composition textbook, Arien Mack requesting essay on Meyer Schapiro for Social Research, Robert Rosenblum correcting misconception about his work promulgated in HR article, Steve Vasey criticising Art on the Edge, Irving Howe announcing issue of Dissent attacking neo-conservatives like Hilton Kramer, Peter Plagens.
11 2 1977
Including Austin Wright asking HR to review his latest novel, William Plummer asking HR to review books for Quest/77, Calvin Tompkins requesting permission to read HR interview held at the Archives of American Art.
11 3 1977
Including invitation to the Triennale in New Delhi, Robert Rosenblum, Norman Podhoretz, Peter Saul, Jim Howell, Dore Ashton, Irving Howe, Melvin Tumin, William Phillips regarding rights on reprints, R.M. Elman.
11 4 1978
Including James Fitzsimmons, Peter Saul, William Shawn expressing concern for HR's health.
11 5 Undatd material generally from the 1970s, undated, [ca. 1970s]
Including James Fitzsimmons, Peter Saul, William Shawn expressing concern for HR's health.
Series I.B. Family Correspondence, ca. 1939-1984 1.66 Linear Feet
Organized chronologically by year, much of this correspondence is between family members or concerning family issues. Letters from the 1930s and 1940s give a sense of Rosenberg's life while he was working for the WPA and then the Office of War Information. Letters from Rosenberg's wife, May Natalie Tabak, are the only intimate ones in the archive. Some of the correspondence from people who were both professional associates of Rosenberg's and family friends may at times overlap with professional correspondence. There are many letters from Patia Rosenberg as she begins her professional life as an ethnomusicologist. Correspondence from after Rosenberg's death is directed to May Natalie Tabak Rosenberg.
12 Family Correspondence, ca. 1939-1976
12 1 ca. 1930-1939
Letters from HR to May Tabak, his future? wife. Most of the letters have the salutation "Dear Johnny" or "Dear John," and they are dated by the day of the week only. Later postcards and letters from HR and May in Washington, D.C., where HR is with WPA, to his parents, describing their life. Cards from David Rosenberg, HR's brother, to their parents.
12 2 1940-1949
Postcards and letters from May and Harold to HR's parents from Washington D.C. and from Seattle. Letter from a friend named Parker ___? to May and Harold regarding poetry, Auden and Dwight MacDonald. Postcards from David Rosenberg to his parents.
12 3 1950-1959
Including Buffie ____?, Denise ____?, Mary Clyde, May Tabak's parents expressing support for HR and May's artistic endeavors and offering family histories, HR's brother David to their father, the writer Bill Arrowsmith describing life in Rome.
12 4 ca. 1956-1976
Letters from HR's wife, the writer May Natalie Tabak Rosenberg, to HR. Several letters from Yaddo, with details about fellow writers there, such as Herbert Gold, accounts of her writing struggles, and concerns about HR and their daughter Patia. Letters from Paris and Italy, one regarding fellow travelers such as Lionel Trilling, but most concerning issues in the marriage. Letters from NYC and Long Island about household matters, her writing, Patia, their relationship. Most letters are not dated.
12 5 1960-1961
Including letters's from HR's mother and brother, from Paul Jenkins, Elaine De Kooning, Larry Rivers, and other friends.
12 6 1962-1963
Including letters from May Tabak's parents with condolences about the death of HR's brother Dave, HR's parents with thoughts about Dave and other matters, Erle Loran with San Francisco art world concerns, Larry Rivers.
12 7 1964-1965
Including the artist Beverly Pepper, HR's parents, May Tabak's parents, Hellen Galvin, Saul Steinberg, and other friends.
13 Family Correspondence, 1966-1969, undated
13 1 1966-1967
Including Ida Abelman, Larry Rivers (?), May Tabak's parents, Saul Steinberg(?).
13 2 1968-1969
Including Francis Friedman, June Wayne, Rita Morrison.
13 3 Undated, ca. 1960s
Mother's Day Cards, Get Well Cards, Holiday Cards, letters.
13 4 Undated, ca. 1960s
Including Hedda Sterne, Paul Jenkins, George Ludlum, HR's mother.
14 Family Correspondence, ca. 1965-1979, undated
14 1 ca. 1965-1984
Letters from Patia Rosenberg to her parents, May Tabak and HR, regarding her college and post-graduate studies in music and musicology, travels in Europe and Japan with her husband Mikao Isaku, the break-up of her marriage, teaching stints at UCLA and Berkeley, her writings and her parents' writings.
14 2 1976-1984
Letters from Patia Rosenberg to her parents, May Tabak and HR. Including souvenirs and photos from Taiwan, accounts of her writings.
14 3 1970-1971
Including Saul Steinberg, June Wayne, Vera Klement, Judith Franks.
14 4 1972-1973
Including a relative regarding the inscription of HR's mother's grave monument, Presto ____? Michael Denneny regarding May Tabak's writing, Mercedes ____?
14 5 1974-1976
Including Michael Denneny regarding the importance of literature, Cleve Gray.
14 6 1977-1979
Including Edith Hartnett, Lee Hall, Hans Schweizer, Hannah Tillich.
14 7 Undated, [ca. 1970s]
Including Esteban Vicente, Presto ___?, Vera Klement.
15 Family Correspondence, 1978-1984
15 1 1978-1979
Letters to May Tabak after HR's death. Including Hannah Tillich, Lee Hall, Saul Steinberg.
15 2 1978
Receipts from shops and addresses of friends in New Delhi; letter from New Delhi.
15 3 1978-1979
Materials regarding Harold Rosenberg's New York memorial, including guest lists, April 25, 1979. Also materials from Chicago memorial, October 10, 1979. Letter from May Tabak to William Shawn, thanking him for what he did for HR, with long account of her marriage to HR, July 1978.
15 4 1980-1984
Notes, cards, letters to May Tabak.
15 5 1980-1984
Notes, cards, letters to May Tabak.
Series I.C. Business Correspondence, 1942-1984 1.66 Linear Feet
Organized chronologically by year, these files contain bills, bank books, carbon copies of letters Rosenberg sent to various businesses, contracts, and financial papers of May Tabak's following Rosenberg's death. One item from his mother, a bankbook, dates to 1897.
16 Business Correspondence, 1942-1967
16 1 1942-1946
Including bank book belonging to HR's mother, Fannie Ehdelman, with entries from 1897-1903, a deposit receipt made out to HR's mother (now Fannie Rosenberg) from 1906, HR's checkbook ledger from 1942-43.
16 2 1950-1958
Including cancelled checks signed by HR, check stubs, including one from HR's article "The American Action Painters," HR's savings bank book, carbon copies of many letters HR sent regarding repairs to his car, cigarette lighter, apartment, radio, kerosene burner, and other necessities.
16 3 1960-1961
Including the bank book of HR's brother David, receipts, and carbon copies of letters HR sent regarding telephone bills, checking account statements, and income tax.
16 4 1960-1964
Including the Deed of Sale for HR's East Hampton house, book contracts.
16 5 1962-1967
Financial papers regarding the death of HR's brother David.
16 6 1962-1963
Including numerous cancelled checks signed by HR and May Tabak, check receipts for New Yorker articles, bank statements.
17 Business Correspondence, 1964-1969, undated
17 1 1964-1978
Large file of photocopies of royalty reports and copyright agreements, many from foreign language publishers.
17 2 1964-1965
Including cancelled checks, check receipts for lectures HR gave or articles he wrote, investment bank balance, royalty reports.
17 3 1966-1967
Including check receipts, bank balances.
17 4 1967-68
Financial papers regarding HR's mother's Medicare, Social Security, Nursing Home bills.
17 5 1968-69
Including hospital bills, receipts, income tax forms, bank balances.
17 6 Undated material, 1960s
18 Business Correspondence, 1970-1973
18 1 1970
Including receipts, royalty statements, rent agreement.
18 2 1971
Including correspondence regarding automobile insurance, receipts, bank statements, royalty statements.
18 3 1972
Including cancelled checks, bank statements, insurance papers.
18 4 1972
Including cancelled checks, bank statements, insurance papers.
18 5 1973
Including income tax forms, bank statements, receipts.
18 6 1973
Including cancelled checks, royalty statements, medical insurance forms.
19 Business Correspondence, 1974-1984
19 1 1974
Including check stubs, receipts, medical insurance forms, bank statements.
19 2 1975
Including cancelled checks, rent increase notice, bank statements, travel vouchers, letters from CPA Al Sohn.
19 3 1976
Including plumbing contract, bank statements, receipts.
19 4 1977-1979
Including income tax forms, royalty statements, car insurance forms.
19 5 1980-1982
Correspondence between May Tabak and the publishers of HR's books regarding rights and royalties.
19 6 1980-1982
Including bills, bank statements, insurance policies.
19 7 1983-1984
Including bills and bank statements.
19 8 undated
Airline tickets for HR and May Tabak.
Series II. Manuscripts, 1929-1978 13.34 Linear Feet
Manuscripts are arranged chronologically, though at times it has been possible to assign an approximate date only. From 1961 to 1976, the writings of each year occupy a manuscript box, and within each year the writings are arranged in alphabetical order. Where the name of the serial publishing a piece is known, it is included.
Series II.A. Harold Rosenberg's Writings, 1929-1978 11.6 Linear Feet
Harold Rosenberg's numerous writings comprise this sub-series, which includes books, book reviews, exhibition reviews, and political essays. In many cases the evolution of a manuscript is discernible through notes, drafts, corrected typescripts and galleys. Often, correspondence with an editor accompanies these papers. The manuscripts before 1960 are interesting for what they reveal about Rosenberg's intellectual development prior to his period of relative celebrity; by contrast, Rosenberg's later writings, primarily for The New Yorker, show the maturation of his thought and style. A small portion of the manuscripts pertain to Rosenberg's various "day-jobs," including his work for the Federal Writer's Project, writing and editing guidebooks to America's art and architecture; his work for the Office of War Information during World War II, for which he wrote radio scripts and conceived propaganda posters; and his consulting work for the American Advertising Council. Unpublished material includes drafts of a never completed book on Dostoevsky. There is also material related to debates surrounding the Nuremberg trials, including a file about Hannah Arendt's book, Eichmann in Jerusalem, and one on Max Ophuls' film The Memory of Justice.
20 Writings, 1929-1943
20 1 1929
Notes accompanying annotated copy of What Is To Be Done? , by V.I. Lenin.
20 2 1931
Review of Death and Taxes, by Dorothy Parker.
20 3 1931
"Chaos and Its Echo," review of The Melody of Chaos, by Houston Peterson.
20 4 1932
"Character Change and the Drama," Symposium.
20 5 1932
"Character Change and the Drama," (further drafts).
20 6 1933
Review of Men of Good Will by Jules Romains, Symposium
20 7 1934
Review of I, Candidate for Governor and How I Got Licked, by Upton Sinclair
20 8 ca. 1935
"Some Questions Which Face American Writers Today," a questionaire from Partisan Review, with HR's essay-length reply.
20 9 ca. 1935
"Society and Form," review of Permanence and Change, by Kenneth Burke.
20 10 1935
"The Strong Man of Luxury," poem, Alcestis.
20 11 1935
"The American Writers' Congress," Poetry.
20 12 1936
"Sanity, Individuality, and Poetry," The New Act: A Literary Review, ed. Harold Rosenberg and H.R. Hays.
20 13 ca. 1937
"Two Tales," review of The New World, by Edgar Lee Masters, and The Story of Lowry Maen, by Padraic Colum.
20 14 ca. 1937
"The Stages: A Geography of Human Action."
20 15 1938
"The God in the Car," Poetry.
20 16 1938
Essay on American literature, originally enclosed in letter to May Tabak.
20 17 1938-1940
Outline and writings on American art and architecture for WPA Guidebooks.
20 18 1939
"Myth and History," Partisan Review.
20 19 ca. 1939
Journal pages regarding Marx, literature, philosophy.
20 20 1939
Several versions of an essay on Thoman Mann, Partisan Review.
20 21 1941
Men at Work: Stories of People At Their Jobs in America, book in Work Projects Administration, American Life Series, edited by HR.
20 22 1941
"Time in Costume," review of Between the Acts, by Virginia Woolf, Partisan Review.
20 23 1942
"On the Fall of Paris," Partisan Review.
20 24 ca. 1942
"On the Art of Escape," a review of The Seventh Cross, by Anna Seghers.
20 25 1942
Contribution to discussion, "Towards the Unknown," View.
20 26 1943
Radio scripts HR wrote for Office of War Information.
20 27 ca. 1943
Review of Marc Chagall, by Raissa Maritain, Contemporary Record.
20 28 ca. 1943
Review of Camille Pissarro: Letters to His son Lucien, ed. John Rewald.
20 29 ca. 1943
"The Case of the Baffled Radical," review of Arthur Koestler's Arrival and Departure, Partisan Review.
20 30 1943
"Heroes of Self-Defeat," review of The Conspiracy of Carpenters.
21 Writings, 1944-1949
21 1 1944
"Marc Chagall: Jewish Modernist Master," Contemporary Jewish Record.
21 2 1944-1946
Script by HR for Office of War Information.
21 3 1944-1946
Scripts by HR for the Office of War Information.
21 4 1944
"Clausewitz on War," radio play by HR, broadcast on The Human Adventure.
21 5 ca. 1945
"How to Become Nobody," review of The Perennial Philosophy, by Aldous Huxley and of Vendetta for the Western World, by Christopher Isherwood, Commentary.
21 6 ca. 1945
Political notes, writings, clippings.
21 7 ca. 1945
"Thoman Mann's Joseph: A Humanist Myth."
21 8 1945
"The Messenger," A Radio Drama, and "The Game of the Chinese Laundryman," by HR for Instead.
21 9 1945
"A Novel of Existence," review of For the Sake of Heaven, by Martin Buber, Commentary.
21 10 1946
"Notes on Identity: With Special Reference to the Mixed Philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard," View.
21 11 1946
"Athalie," radio play by HR.
21 12 ca. 1946
Review of In Time and Eternity: A Jewish Reader, Commentary.
21 13 1946
"The Dialectics of Thaw," review of The Short Novels of Tolstoy, Nation.
21 14 1946
Review of David the King, by Gladys Schmitt.
21 15 1947
"Paris Exhibition of Six Americans," catalog essay?
21 16 1947
Galley proofs for Possibilities, co-edited by HR, with writing by HR.
21 17 1947
Brief essay for Baziotes catalog.
21 18 ca. 1947
"Pictures of Jews," review of Polish Jews: A Pictorial Record, by Roman Vishniac, and of The Vanished World, ed. Raphael Abramovitch.
21 19 1947
Review of Island in the Atlantic, by Waldo Frank, Commentary.
21 20 ca. 1948
"Experts of the Self," review of Tales of the Hasidim: The Early Masters, by Martin Buber and of The Story of the Baal Shem, by Dr. J.J. Snitzer, Commentary.
21 21 1948
"Advertising - A New Weapon in the World-Wide Fight for Freedom," a guide prepared by the Advertising Council and USIS.
21 22 ca. 1949
"Explanation of Jean Cocteau's 'The Blood of a Poet'."
21 23 1949
Advertising Council memo on Mental Illness in the US, with notes by HR criticizing the campaign.
21 24 1949
"The Pathos of the Proletariat," Kenyon Review.
21 25 1949
"William De Kooning: A Desperate View."
21 26 1949
"The Communist, His Mentality and His Morals," from Commentary, reprinted in Congressional Record Appendix.
21 27 undated, [1940s?]
"Breton - A Dialogue," play by HR.
21 28 undated, [1940s?]
"The Coming Economic Collapse."
22 Writings, 1950-1959
22 1 ca. 1950
"French Poetry and American Silence," Encounter.
22 2 1950
Review of The Writer and the Psychoanalyst, by Edmund Berger and of The Psychoanalyst and the Artist, by Daniel E. Schneider, The Scene Before Us.
22 3 ca. 1950
"Portraying Communism," Les Temps Modernes and Twentieth Century.
22 4 ca. 1951
"The Intellectuals and the American Idea," Commentary.
22 5 1951
"Politics As Dancing," review of The Watch, by Carlo Levi.
22 6 1952
"The American Action Painters," Art News.
22 7 1952
"The Anthropologist's Stone," The Twentieth Century.
22 8 1953
"Anti-pereus," review of Painting in Britain 1530-1790, by E.K. Waterhouse, and of Architecture of India, by Benjamin Rowland, Art Digest.
22 9 1953
"Estheticians and Radicals," Saturday Review of Literature.
22 10 1953
"Virtual Revolution," review of Feeling and Form, by Susanne K. Langer.
22 11 1953
"A Fable for American Painters," (published as "Parable for American Painters,") review of the American art show at the Met, Art News.
22 12 1953
Possible topics for Art Digest symposium on the figure.
22 13 1953
"The Sum of Many Colors," review of The Philosophy of Modern Art, by Herbert Read, and A Background for Beauty, by Arnold Silcock, Saturday Review.
22 14 1954
HR's proposal for book about American art, written in letter form to Nathan Glazer of Doubleday & Co.
22 15 1954
"New Painting: Old Song and Dance," (published as "The New American Painting,") Antioch Review.
22 16 ca. 1955
"Roadside Arcadia," a piece about small town America.
22 17 1956
"Everyman a Professional," Art News.
22 18 1956
"The Problem of Jewish 'Alienhood'," review of The American Jew, by Ben Halpern, The New Leader.
22 19 ca. 1956
"The Poet as Intellectual," review of the first seven volumes of Paul Valery's Collected Works (English).
22 20 ca. 1957
Notes for review of The Prince and the Showgirl.
22 21 1958
Catalog for Action Painting show at Dallas Museum, containing conversation with Thomas Hess and Harold Rosenberg.
22 22 1958
"Beings Added to Nature," review of Painting and Reality, by Etienne Gilson, Saturday Review.
22 23 1958
"Twilight of the Intellectuals," Dissent.
22 24 1958
Untitled ("The exposure of passion...")
22 25 ca. 1958
"An Attempt at Anti-Myth," The New Leader.
22 26 ca. 1958
"Tenth Street: A Geography of Modern Art."
22 27 1959
Introduction to Aaron Siskind book.
22 28 undated, [195?]
"The Orgamerican Fantasy."
22 29 undated, [1950s?]
"Pledged to the Marvelous," open letter to Mr. Herberg about Judaism and Marxism, Commentary.
22 30 undated, [195?]
Offprint of Commentary piece by Leslie Fiedler on the Jew-Villain in the Western Tradition, with HR's typewritten annotated response.
23 Writings, 1950-1976
Research and writing on Dostoevsky, including an article, "Dostoevsky's Idea," not published, and various drafts of chapters for a book HR never completed. See also "The Idiot: Second Century," 1968.
23 1 ca. 1950
"Dostoevsky's Idea," handwritten draft.
23 2 ca. 1950
"Dostoevsky's Idea," typewritten drafts.
23 3 undated
"The Last Idea," a draft of Chapter 1.
23 4 undated
"A Different Modernism," draft of a chapter ?, with various drafts.
23 5 undated
Various drafts, not organized.
24 Writings, 1959
24 1-2 The Tradition of the New, typescript, 1959
24 3 Notes for The Tradition of the New, 1959
25 Writings, 1960-1961
25 1 1960
"On Post-Christian Man," Big Table.
25 2 1960
"Judging New Art," Preface to second edition of The Tradition of the New.
25 3 1960
"Literary Form and Social Hallucination," Partisan Review.
25 4 1960
"Art Collector as Hero," review of Confessions of an Art Addict, by Peggy Guggenheim.
25 5 1961
Review of Between Past and Future, by Hannah Arendt.
25 6 ca. 1961
"Community, Values, Comedy," review of Maurice Stein's The Eclipse of Community.
25 7 1961-1963
Large file of notes, drafts, and other material used for lectures given at Oberlin, Princeton and Baltimore.
25 8 1961
"A Spectrum of Poetry Today," Commentary.
25 9 1961
"Saul Steinberg's The Labyrinth, Book find News.
25 10 1961
Review of Sixth Bienal at Sao Paolo, Brazil, Art News.
25 11 1961
"The Cold War and the Future of the West," Partisan Review.
25 12 ca. 1961
"The Search for Jackson Pollock."
25 13 undated
"Moral Attitudes and Will to Achievement of Americans."
25 14 undated
File with various writings and clippings regarding Action Painting.
26 Writings, 1962
26 1 "Action Painting: A Decade of Distortion,"
Art News, 1962.
26 2 Arshille Gorky
materials regarding Gorky book, including letters, manuscripts, photos, 1962.
26 3 Arshille Gorky
partial typescript, 1962.
26 4 Eulogy for Franz Kline, ca. 1962.
26 5 "The Game of Illusion,"
New Yorker, 1962.
26 6 "Gorky and History,"
HR's response to Paul Goodman's review of his Gorky book, Partisan Review, 1962.
26 7 "The Horse's Mouth,"
review of The Artist's Voice, by Katherine Kuh, 1962.
26 8 "Intelligent Uneasiness,"
review of Letter to a Young Painter, by Sir Herbert Read, ca. 1962.
26 9 Notes
to Irving Howe about intellectuals and McCarthyism, 1962.
26 10 Notes, drafts and clippings
regarding talks HR gave at Brandeis, 1962.
26 11 Notes, drafts, clippings
regarding talk at Baltimore Museum, 1962.
26 12 "Paperback Art Books,"
New York Times Book Review, 1962.
26 13 "Prophet of Psychopolitics,"
review of The Hidden Remnant, by Gerald Sykes, New York Times, 1962.
26 14 Review
of Paul Klee, by Felix Klee, 1962.
26 15 Review
of Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals, by Paul Goodman, ca. 1962.
26 16 Review
of The Tangled Bank, by Stanley Edgar Hyman, 1962.
26 17 "A Risk for the Intelligence,"
essay about the consciousness of art history in contemporary art, New Yorker, 1962.
26 18 Talk
about the media, referring to the Chesman case, ca. 1962.
27 Writings, 1963
27 1 "The American Scene"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 2 "Anti-Intellectualism and the Intellectuals"
review of Hofstadter book, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, in New York Times Book Review, 1963.
27 3 "The Armory Show"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 4 "Art and Identity"
review of Gorky retrospective at MOMA, 1963.
27 5 "The Art Object"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 6 "Black and Pistachio"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 7 Essay
on Hans Hofmann for MOMA catalog, 1963.
27 8 "Hans Hofmann and the Stability of the New"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 9 "International Art and the New Globalism"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 10 "Literature and Art"
review of The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin, and Eichmann in Jerusalem, by Hannah Arendt, 1963.
27 11 "The New As Value"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 12 "On Art Movements"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 13 "Painting is a Way of Living"
essay about De Kooning, New Yorker, 1963.
27 14 "The Politics of Art"
New Yorker, 1963.
27 15 Transcript of talks HR made at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1963
28 Writings, 1964
28 1 "Aesthetics of Crisis"
review of Epoch and Artist, by David Jones, New Yorker, 1964.
28 2 "Art and the Shared Metaphor"
(also titled "Modern Art and the Absent Artist"), review of Gombrich's Meditations on a Hobby Horse, Saturday Review, 1964.
28 3 "Art As Thinking"
review of The Thinking Eye, by Paul Klee, 1964.
28 4 "The Art Object"
talk about collage given at Rutgers, 1964.
28 5 "De Kooning"
Vogue, 1964.
28 6 "Insurrection"
essay on Leavis, New Yorker, 1964.
28 7 "Jasper Johns: Things the Mind Already Knows"
Vogue, 1964.
28 8 "Malraux and His Critics: Echoes of Destiny"
review of Malraux anthology edited by R.W.B. Lewis, 1964.
28 9 "The Naturalization Papers of Psychoanalysis"
review of Psychoanalysis and Contemporary American Culture, ed. Ruitenbeek, 1964.
28 10 "1914"
review of Baltimore Museum exhibition of paintings and sculpture from 1914, Art News, 1964.
28 11 "No Room at the Top"
essay about Trotsky, New Yorker, 1964.
28 12 "Novelty and Value"
a talk presented at Penn State, 1964.
28 13 "Problems in the Teaching of Artists"
Art Journal, 1964. (Based on talk given at Midwest College Art Conference, 1962.)
28 14 Reprint
in Bulgarian USIS bulletin of HR's "It Can Happen to Anyone," a review of Alienation: The Cultural Climate of Our Time, New York Times Book Review (rough draft of English version included), 1964.
28 15 Review
of Culture Against Man, by Jules Henry, The New York Review of Books, 1964.
28 16 "The Third Dimension of Georg Lukacs"
(also titled "Elements of the Age"), Dissent, 1964.
28 17 "Vistas in the Arts"
talk given at Columbia, also published in Partisan Review, 1964.
29 Writings, 1964
29 1 Typescript of The Anxious Object, pp.1-146, 1964.
29 2 Typescript of The Anxious Object, pp.147-235, 1964
29 3 Notes for second edition of The Anxious Object
29 4 Drafts of preface to second edition of The Anxious Object
30 Writings, 1965
30 1 "The Art Establishment"
Esquire, 1965.
30 2 "Calendar of Creation"
essay about the young artist, Vogue, 1965.
30 3 "Christmas Art Books"
Vogue, 1965.
30 4 Comment
on Partisan Review Statement about Vietnam and Dominican Republic, 1965.
30 5 "Criticism and its Premises"
paper for Penn State seminar on Research and Curriculum Development, 1965.
30 6 "Criticism and its Premises"
more drafts of above paper, 1965.
30 7 "From Play-Acting to Self"
review of The Words, by Sartre, 1965.
30 8 "Guilt to the Vanishing Point"
about Eichmann's trial, Commentary, 1965.
30 9 "Hans Hofmann"
Vogue, 1965.
30 10 "The Method of Hans Hofmann"
partial drafts, research materials, correspondence, clippings, and interviews regarding the proposed book, 1965-72.
30 11 "The New Role of the University in Relation to the Creative Mind"
talk given at Southern Illinois University, 1965.
30 12 "Philosophy in a Pop Key"
review of Understanding Media, by Marshall McLuhan, New Yorker, 1965.
30 13 Review
of Jonah, by Paul Goodman, 1965.
30 14 "Rivers' commedia dell'arte"
Art News, 1965.
30 15 "Scholarship, Criticism and An Educated Public"
talk given for Midwest Public Relations Institute conference on Art as Status, 1965.
30 16 "A State of Mind"
review of The History of Surrealism, by Maurice Nadeau, and Diary of a Genius, by Salvador Dali, in New York Times Book Review, 1965.
30 17 "Toti Scialoja's Serial Images"
catalog essay, 1965.
30 18 "Twentieth Century Art"
lecture delivered at Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1965.
30 19 "The Vanishing Intellectual"
New Yorker, 1965.
31 Writings, 1966
31 1 Autobiographical notes
requested by Horizon Press, 1966.
31 2 "The Commissar and the Id"
review of Art and Society, by Herbert Read, 1966.
31 3 "The End of Art"
a seminar given in Carbondale, 1966.
31 4 Eulogy for Hans Hofmann, ca. 1966
31 5 Is There a Jewish Art?"
Commentary, 1966.
31 6 Lecture
on surrealism; Carbondale, 1966.
31 7 "Leftovers of Revolt"
possibly published in Encounter, but also was version of preface to second edition of The Anxious Object, 1966.
31 8 "Nakian: Eros and Grief"
Vogue, 1966.
31 9 Preface
to Paul Goodman's Five Years, 1966.
31 10 Review (fragment)
of Psychedelic Art show at the Guggenheim, 1966.
31 11 "Saul Steinberg's Art World"
Art News, 1966.
31 12 "Values and Audiences"
talk given at San Francisco Art Institute symposium, "The Current Moment in Art," 1966.
31 13 "Virtuosos of Boredom"
Vogue, 1966
32 Writings, 1967
32 1 "The American Woman's Dilemma"
Vogue, 1967.
32 2 "The Art Game"
New Yorker, review of Diary of an Art Dealer, by Rene Gimpel, also titled "The Art Dealer," 1967.
32 3 "Art of Bad Conscience"
New Yorker, 1967.
32 4 "Defining Art"
New Yorker, 1967, with related materials, including various notes and drafts, and 2 clippings: "Experimental Art," by Allan Kaprow, and an interview with Frank Stella and Donald Judd.
32 5 "Dr. Taylor's Paper"
The Next Fifty Years, 1967.
32 6 Homage
to Ad Reinhardt, ca. 1967.
32 7 "Homage to Hans Hofmann"
Art News, 1967.
32 8 "Hypothesis for Criticism"
New Yorker, 1967.
32 9 "Liberal Anti-Communism Revisited"
Commentary, 1967.
32 10 "Lights! Lights!"
New Yorker, 1967.
32 11 "Masculinity: Real and Put On"
Vogue, 1967.
32 12 "Means for the Critical Evaluation of Art Performance in the Visual Arts"
talk given at SUNY, Buffalo, 1967.
32 13 "Movement in Art"
Vogue, 1967.
32 14 "Museum of the New"
New Yorker, 1967.
32 15 "The Mythic Act"
also titled "Pollock's Mythic Paintings," New Yorker, 1967. Includes clipping of article on Pollock by Clement Greenberg.
32 16 "The Nineteen-Sixties: Time in the Modern Museum"
review of MOMA exhibition "The 60s," New Yorker, 1967.
32 17 "Retour de l'USSR"
New Yorker, 1967.
32 18 "Steinberg: The Artist and the Mask"
Vogue, 1967.
32 19 "What's Happening to America?"
Partisan Review, 1967.
33 Writings, 1968
33 1 "Art and Reality"
Commencement address, Lake Forest College, 1968.
33 2 "Art, Design, and the Great Parade"
Vogue, 1968.
33 3 "The Avant-Garde Sensibility"
a chapter of Quality, ed. Louis Kronenberger, 1968.
33 4 Baudelaire Conference, "La Decouverte du Present"
Various materials, including correspondence, programs, ms. of paper HR gave at conference, "Toward the End of Art History," and manuscripts of other participants, 1968.
33 5 "The Concept of Action Painting"
New Yorker, 1968.
33 6 "Discovering the Present"
review of Baudelaire conference where HR was participant, New Yorker, 1968.
33 7 "D.M.Z. Vanguardism"
New Yorker, 1968.
33 8 "Engendered in the Eye"
New Yorker, 1968.
33 9 "Government by Masquerade"
review of The Selling of the President, by Joe McGinnis, ca. 1968.
33 10 "A Guide for the Unperplexed"
translated into Czech for USIS bulletin, Amerika Kultura, 1968. (Originally published in Art News, 1966.)
33 11 "The Idiot: Second Century"
essay on Dostoevsky's novel, New Yorker, 1968.
34 Writings, 1968
34 1 "L'Histoire de L'Art Touche a Sa Fin"
Preuves, 1968.
34 2 "MOMA Dada"
New Yorker, 1968.
34 3 Notes
on war and anti-war films, 1968.
34 4 "Primitive a la Mode"
review of Dubuffet retrospective at MOMA, 1968.
34 5 "Signs"
review of Gottlieb retrospective at the Whitney, New Yorker, 1968.
34 6 "Surrealism in the Streets"
review of poster exhibition at MOMA, New Yorker, 1968.
34 7 "The Thirties"
New Yorker, 1968.
34 8 "Vicissitudes of the Square"
review of Constructivism, by George Rickey, New Yorker, 1968.
34 9 "What is the art for today?"
Chicago Daily News, 1968.
34 10 "Where to Begin"
chapter in book based on symposium at U. of Kentucky, The Humanities in the Schools, included with preface by Harold Taylor, editor, 1968.
35 Writings, 1969
35 1 "Aesthetic America,"
chapter by HR in American Civilization, ed. Daniel Boorstin, with correspondence and other relevant material, 1969.
35 2 "Aesthetic America"
rough drafts of chapter by HR in American Civilization, ed. Daniel Boorstin, 1969.
35 3 "After Ten Years"
preface to new edition of the Tradition of the New, 1969.
35 4 "Arp: Pro-Art Dada"
New Yorker, 1969.
35 5 "Art and Words"
about the use of language in visual art, New Yorker, 1969.
35 6 "Educating Artists"
New Yorker (with earlier draft of paper given at conference, "The New University Trained Artist"), 1969.
35 7 "Europe en Route"
review of the European Painting Today show at The Jewish Museum, New Yorker, 1969.
35 8 "Icon Maker"
review of Barnett Newman exhibition, New Yorker, 1969.
35 9 "Insolence of Office"
article about artists' and critics' protest against MOMA's policies and practices, with various clippings and notes, 1969.
35 10 "L'Ecole de New York"
review of Metropolitan Museum exhibition, "New York Painting and Sculpture: 1940-1970," New Yorker, 1969.
35 11 "Marilyn Mondrian"
review of Pop Art Redefined, by Suzi Gablik and John Russell, New Yorker, 1969.
35 12 MOMA's Napas
New Yorker, 1969.
35 13 "Past Machines, Future Art"
review of MOMA exhibition "The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age," New Yorker, 1969.
35 14 Review
of De Kooning's Drawings, by Thomas B. Hess, New Yorker, undated (ca. 1969)
36 Writings, 1969
36 1 Act and Actor
corrected typed ms. of HR's book, 1969.
36 2 Act and Actor
notes, rough drafts, 1969.
36 3 Act and Actor
notes and various drafts, including ms. "The Diminished Act," about Valery.
36 4 Act and Actor
notes, correspondence, and clippings.
36 5 "Art and Its Double"
first chapter of Artworks and Packages; with Christo photo and catalog, 1969. (Previously published as "L'Histoire de L'Art Touche a Sa Fin," Preuves, 1968; also given as talk at Baudelaire conference, "Toward the End of Art History," 1968.)
37 Writings, 1970
37 1 Art News
HR's answers to questionnaire about museums, with letters from Tom Hess, 1970.
37 2 Barnett Newman eulogy, 1970
37 3 Conference
on Structures of Meaning, including HR's memo on the topic, correspondence, etc., 1970.
37 4 "Confrontation"
review of Art and Confrontation: The Arts in an Age of Change, New Yorker, 1970.
37 5 "De-aestheticization"
essay about the trend toward de-aestheticizing the work of art, New Yorker, 1970.
37 6 "Dilemmas of a New Season"
essay about the relationship between politics and art as portrayed by museums, New Yorker, 1970.
37 7 "Internationalism and Regionalism"
conference paper given at second congress of the International Association of Art Critics and published as chapter of Art et/and Perception, 1970.
37 8 "Keeping Up"
about current American painting, New Yorker, 1970.
37 9 "Liberation from Detachment"
review of Philip Guston show, New Yorker, 1970.
37 10 "Megaphones"
anouncement of sale of prints by artists in support of peace candidates, ca. 1970.
37 11 "Politics of Illusion"
essay about Marx and farce for The Humanities in Revolution, ed. Ihab Hassan?, 1970.
37 12 "Pollock to Pop: Twenty Years of Painting and Sculpture"
Horizon, 1970.
37 13 "The Post-Art Artist"
talk given at Penn State conference to be included in Arts in Society, ed., Edward Kamarck, 1970.
37 14 "Redmen to Earthworks"
review of "19th Century America" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New Yorker, 1970.
37 15 "Rothko"
New Yorker, 1970.
37 16 "The Woman Behind Great Thinkers"
about Ruth Nanda Anshen, Vogue, 1970.
37 17 "Young Masters, New Critics"
review of Frank Stella retrospective at MOMA, New Yorker, 1970.
38 Writings, 1971
38 1 "The Art Object"
essay for Plural, 1971.
38 2 "Art's Other Self"
on Andy Warhol, New Yorker, 1971.
38 3 "The Cubist Epoch"
review of Douglas Cooper exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New Yorker, 1971.
38 4 "The Imperator Complex"
New Yorker, 1971.
38 5 "Johnson's Men"
review of Lester Johnson show, New Yorker, 1971.
38 6 "Meaning in Mondrian"
New Yorker, 1971.
38 7 "Not Making It"
essay about Duchamp, with Calvin Tomkins article about Duchamp (1965), New Yorker, 1971.
38 8 "On the De-Definition of Art"
Marilyn Institute commencement address, 1971.
38 9 "Paris Annexed"
review of "Four Americans in Paris," exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, 1971.
38 10 Review
of My Galleries and Painters, by Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, 1971.
38 11 Review
of The Unfashionable Human Body, by Bernard Rudofsky, 1971.
38 12 "Set Out for Clayton!"
review of Herbert Marcuse's "On the Future of Art," New Yorker, 1971.
38 13 "Shall These Bones Live?"
New Yorker, 1971.
38 14 "Thoughts in an Off-Season"
essay about the artist in the era of post-object art, New Yorker, 1971.
39 Writings, 1972
39 1 Broken Obelisk
ms. for book about Newman sculpture at U. of Washington, 1972.
39 2 "Inquiry '72: On the Edge"
review of Documenta 5, New Yorker, 1972.
39 3 "Meaning in Abstract Art"
review of Barnett Newman retrospective at MOMA, New Yorker, 1972.
39 4 "Miro's Fertile Fields"
New Yorker and Art International, 1972.
39 5 "The Philosophy of Put-Togethers"
New Yorker, 1972.
39 6 "Place Patriotism and the New York Mainstream"
New Yorker, 1972.
39 7 "The Profession of Art"
on the Depression-era artist, New Yorker, 1972.
39 8 "Reality Again"
review of "Sharp Focus Realism" at Sidney Janis, New Yorker, 1972.
39 9 "The Refusal of the Great Refusal and the Refusal of the Refusal of the Great Refusal"
given as talk at Politics of Art conference, 1972; published in Plural.
39 10 Review
of Marinetti: Selected Writings, ed. R.W. Flint, 1972.
39 11 "Trials of Eros"
review of Erotic Art Today, by Volker Kahmen, and Eroticism in Western Art, by Edward Lucie-Smith, New Yorker, 1972.
40 Writings, 1973
40 1 "Adding Up"
on Conceptual Art, New Yorker, 1973.
40 2 "Anyone Who Could Write English"
on the Federal Writers' Project, New Yorker, 1973.
40 3 "Art and Technology"
article for Encyclopedia of the Future, 1973-74.
40 4 "Avant-Garde Masterpieces"
review of Miro exhibition at MOMA, 1973.
40 5 Discovering the Present
Corrected galleys, 1973.
40 6 "Dogma and Talent"
New Yorker, 1973.
40 7 "Futurism et Seq."
review of the Guggenheim exhibition, "Futurism: A Modern Focus," New Yorker, 1973.
40 8 "Landscapes and Worktables"
review of Saul Steinberg show at Sidney Janis Gallery, New Yorker, 1973.
40 9 Scialoja article
for Art Museum of South Texas, 1973.
40 10 "Shockers and Fairy Tales"
review of Dubuffet retrospective at the Guggenheim, New Yorker, 1973.
40 11 "Thugs Adrift"
article about Watergate, Partisan Review, 1973.
40 12 "What's New"
review of Everything About Everything, by Lucy Lippard, and The New Avant-Garde, by Gregoire Muller, New Yorker, 1973.
41 Writings, 1974
41 1 Adolph Gottlieb's eulogy, 1974.
41 2 Art on the Edge,
typed, corrected book ms., 1974.
41 3 "Duchamp: Public and Private"
review of Duchamp retrospective at MOMA, New Yorker, 1974.
41 4 Fact Sheet
on Smoking written by HR, for American Lung Association, 1974-76.
41 5 "The Hirshhorn"
New Yorker, 1974.
41 6 "Men and Ideas: Art and Political Consciousness"
Carnegie Institute Speech, 1974.
41 7 "Old Age of Modernism," 1974
41 8 "Peaceable Kingdom"
review of Whitney museum exhibition "The Flowering of American Folk Art 1776-1876," New Yorker, 1974.
41 9 Poem
to accompany etching by De Kooning, Chelsea, 1974.
41 10 Willem De Kooning
typescript, 1974.
41 11 Willem De Kooning
notes, drafts and other material.
41 12 "Up Against the News"
review of Mary McCarthy books, New York Review, 1974.
42 Writings, 1975
42 1 "Aesthetics of Mutilation"
on Francis Bacon and Leon Golub, New Yorker, 1975.
42 2 "Artist of Our Time"
about Kokoschka, New Yorker, 1975.
42 3 Contribution
to Commentary symposium on U.S. international behavior, 1975.
42 4 "Death and the Artist"
about Rothko trial, New Yorker, 1975.
42 5 "Death and the Artist"
clippings and legal documents regarding Rothko trial, 1975.
42 6 "Defeat"
review of books on Trotsky, New Yorker, 1975.
42 7 "Evidences of Surreality"
review of Max Ernst retrospective at the Guggenheim, New Yorker, 1975.
42 8 "History at the Met"
New Yorker, 1975.
42 9 "Jews in Art"
review of "Jewish Experience," an art exhibition at the Jewish Museum, New Yorker, 1975.
42 10 "Lyric Steel"
review of Anthony Caro exhibition at MOMA, New Yorker, 1975.
42 11 "Metaphysical Feelings in Modern Art"
Critical Inquiry, 1975.
42 12 "The Revenge of the Philistines"
by Hilton Kramer, a review of Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word, published in Commentary, with handwritten draft of HR's rebuttal, 1975.
42 13 "Smile of Memory"
review of Guggenheim retrospective of Jiri Kolar, New Yorker, 1975.
43 Writings, 1976
43 1 "American Art: Form and Exploration"
Smithsonian, 1976.
43 2 "American Drawing and the Form of the Erased De Kooning"
New Yorker, 1976.
43 3 "Being Outside"
review of Two Centuries of Black American Art, ca. 1976.
43 4 "Ben Shahn"
New Yorker, 1976.
43 5 Contribution
to Commentary symposium "What is a Liberal -- Who is a Conservative?" 1976.
43 6 Introduction
to Paul Goodman's The Empire City, 1976.
43 7 "A Mediumistic Artist"
review of Masson retrospective, New Yorker, 1976.
43 8 "MOMA Package"
review of "The Natural Paradise," exhibition at MOMA, 1976.
43 9 "Morality in Society"
notes, 1976?
43 10 "Nuremberg and Some Corrupters of Thought"
review of Max Ophuls film, The Memory of Justice, in New York Review, with Ophuls' lengthy response and HR's counter-response; other reviews and letters; 1976.
43 11 "Portraits: A Meditation on Likeness"
HR's preface to Richard Avedon's book of same title, 1976.
43 12 "Purifying Art"
on Ad Reinhardt, New Yorker, 1976.
43 13 Review
of Barry Lyndon, ca. 1976.
43 14 Review
of Statue of Liberty, by Marvin Trachtenberg, 1976.
44 Writings, 1977-1978
44 1 "Kenneth Noland"
New Yorker, 1977.
44 2 List
of articles to be considered for inclusion in book HR was planning with Thomas Hess, 1977.
44 3 "Outrageously Unique"
review of James Ensor exhibition at the Guggenheim, New Yorker, 1977.
44 4 Proposal
for symposium on Modernism sent to American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1977.
44 5 Review
of Surrealists and Surrealism, by Picon, ca. 1977.
44 6 "Seventy-five Years of Art News"
in Art News 1977.
44 7 "Souvenirs of an Avant-Garde"
review of Rauschenberg retrospective at National Collection of Fine Arts, 1977.
44 8 "Subhead TK"
review of Ensor, by Roger Van Gindertael, and Ensor, by John David Farmer, New Yorker, 1977.
44 9 "Twenty Years of Jasper Johns"
New Yorker, 1977.
44 10 "Vanguard Dealers"
about the Julien Levy Gallery, New Yorker, 1977.
44 11 "Artist on Art"
review of Matisse on Art, by Jack Flam. (The last article HR wrote before his death), 1978.
44 12 "Inquest into Modernism"
New Yorker, 1978.
44 13 "The Last Exiles"
review of Stuart Davis retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum, New Yorker, 1978.
44 14 "Women and Water"
review of De Kooning exhibition at Guggenheim, New Yorker, 1978.
45 Writings, 1978
45 1 Barnett Newman
handwritten manuscripts, 1978.
45 2 Barnett Newman
corrected proofs, 1978.
45 3 Materials
regarding Saul Steinberg exhibition that HR curated for Whitney Museum, 1978.
45 4 "Steinberg"
catalog essay for Whitney Museum show, 1978.
45 5 "Steinberg"
partial catalog galleys, 1978.
46 Titled writings, undated
46 1 "The Academy in Totalitaria"
46 2 "Action in Art"
lecture given at MOMA.
46 3 "American Sculpture: Ideal and Real"
on Hiram Powers.
46 4 "American Surrealist"
on David Hare.
46 5 "Art and the Media"
46 6 "Art and the Public"
46 7 "Art in the Last Twenty Years"
46 8 "Art Since the War"
46 9 "The Artist as Perceiver of Social Realities"
46 10 "The Artist in Residence"
46 11 Comments
on Rockfeller Conference on the Humanities.
46 12 "The Crisis of Art 'Informel'"
46 13 "Exhumation of Surrealism"
46 14 "The Eye of Polyphemus"
46 15 "Freedom and the Arts"
46 16 "Giacometti: Reality at Cockcrow"
New Yorker
46 17 "Guernica"
46 18 "Guild Hall Auction"
46 19 "Identity and Freedom"
46 20 "Joan Mitchell: Artist Against Background"
New Yorker, undated
46 21 "Liberalism, Conservatism and Literature"
46 22 "Marca-Relli"
46 23 "Mobile and/or Active"
46 24 "The Modernist Tradition"
46 25 "Mona Lisa Without a Mustache"
on art and poular culture.
46 26 "New Dada"
46 27 "On Art and On History"
46 28 "On the Art of Escape"
46 29 "On the Radical Content of Contemporary Art"
46 30 "Philosophy of Old and New Materials"
46 31 "Position Precis," on the word "elite"
46 32 "Seven Numbered Notes"
46 33 "Style and Concept"
46 34 "Subjective Painting"
46 35 "Totalitarian Art"
46 36 "Tradition and Eccentricity"
46 37 "Using a New Medium"
47 Miscellaneous writings, undated
47 1 Drafts
of manuscripts relating to question of modernism.
47 2 Essay
on crafts
47 3 Lecture
at opening of new art building
47 4 Outline
for ms. about action painting.
47 5 Outline
of proposed book.
47 6 Miscellanous
pages regarding the concept of "action."
47 7-26 Notes
sets of notes, notebook pages, drafts of unidentified manuscripts, miscellaneous pages, or scraps.
Series II.B. Teaching Files, 1953-1978 0.83 Linear Feet
These files contain materials related to the courses Harold Rosenberg taught, first at New York University (1953-64) and then at University of Chicago, as a member of the Committee on Social Thought (1967-78). Included are class rosters, student papers, departmental memos, lecture notes, relevant clippings, and occasional correspondence. Manuscripts of special lectures or talks given at Princeton, Harvard, or elsewhere, are filed in subseries II.A.
48 Teaching Files, 1953-1972
48 1 1953-1965
48 2 1967
48 3 1968
48 4 1969
48 5 1970
48 6 1971
48 7 1972
49 Teaching Files, 1973-1978
49 1 1973
49 2 1974
49 3 1975
49 4 1976
49 5 1977
49 6 1978
49 7 Transcript of tutorial on Marx's "18th Brumaire," with lecture notes, corrections, undated
Series II.C. Interviews, 1943-1978 0.417 Linear Feet
These files include manuscript drafts of interviews of and by Harold Rosenberg, photocopied clippings of interviews with Rosenberg, and interviews with art world figures about Rosenberg.
50 Interviews, 1943-1979
50 1 American Council of Learned Societies meeting,
about tour books of American cities that HR, among others, worked on, 1943.
50 2 Interview of Rosenberg by Frank Kermode
about tradition in the arts for BBC, 1963.
50 3 Transcript of symposium
of symposium, "Problems and Issues in Art Today," with HR, Thomas Hess, Barnett Newman, and others, 1964.
50 4 HR interview of Phillip Guston, 1966
50 5 HR interview of De Kooning, 1971
50 6 Lee Hall's interview of HR, 1973
50 7 Paul Cummings's interview of HR, 1973
for Archives of American Art.
50 8 Interview of HR by Dr. Hyman Weitzen, 1974
about daydreams.
50 9 HR interview of Phillip Guston, 1974
50 10 interview of HR by Malitte Matta, 1975
about American art.
50 11 8th International Sculpture Conference, 1975
Roundtable with HR.
50 12 Interview of HR by Melvin Tumin, 1978
about what is and is not art.
50 13 Chicago Literary Review interview of Michael Denneny, undated
HR discussed.
50 14 Martin Friedman and Christopher Finch interview of Barbara Rose, undated
HR discussed.
50 15 Transcript
of interview of HR(?) by interviewer Milton ____? about the current American art scene, undated
50 16 Photocopies of clippings
of interviews of or by HR, including HR interviewed by Jan van der Marck, 1969; HR and Benjamin Nelson interviewed by Robert Boyers and Dustin Wees, 1972; Willem De Kooning interviewed by HR, 1972; Phillip Guston interviewed by HR, 1974; HR interviewed by Howard Conant, 1975; HR interviewed by Melvin Tumin, 1978 (see Ms. above); HR interviewed by Jonathan Fineberg, 1979; offprint of interview with Kenneth Burke, Malcom Cowley and others by American Scholar about the American Writers' Congress (HR is discussed), 1965.
Series II.D. Location magazine, 1957-1971 0.417 Linear Feet
Materials regarding the founding, funding, and editing of Location, edited by Rosenberg and Thomas Hess. Correspondence from the Longview and Stern Family foundations is included, as are manuscript submissions. All editorial correspondence, from Location colleagues such as Kenneth Burke, Thomas Hess, Saul Bellow and Donald Barthelme, is interfiled with Professional Correspondence, 1961-1971, Boxes 2-7.
51 Location, 1957-1970
51 1 Report
on the Creative Arts to the Edgar Stern Foundation, 1957.
51 2 Longview Foundation proposal, 1959-1969
for Location magazine, including correspondence from Stern family members, an issue of the magazine, brochure announcing other Longview activities, etc.
51 3 Submissions for Location, 1961-1965
51 4 Proof pages from issue of the magazine, 1970
Series III. Clippings, Serials and Printed Matter, 1925-1979 2.08 Linear Feet
This series is generally organized chronologically by year.
Series III.A. Clippings, 1929-1981 0.83 Linear Feet
There are two categories of clippings, those about or by Rosenberg, which include reviews of his books and his obituaries, and those concerning art, politics, literature, or other topics of interest to Rosenberg. In keeping with Rosenberg's wide range of interests, the latter set of clippings cover events such as labor strikes in the 1930s, discoveries about the pyramids in the 1950s, and articles about friends, including Hannah Arendt, Allan Kaprow, and Saul Bellow.
52 Clippings, 1959-1978
52 1 1959-1960
Reviews of The Tradition of the New
52 2 1961-1962
Reviews of Arshille Gorky
52 3 1963
52 4 1964
Reviews of The Anxious Object
52 5 1965
Reviews of The Anxious Object
52 6 1966
52 7 1967
52 8 1969
Reviews of Artworks and Packages
52 9 1970
52 10 1971
52 11 1972
Reviews of The De-Definition of Art.
52 12 1973
Reviews of Discovering the Present and The De-Definition of Art.
52 13 1974
Reviews of Willem De Kooning and Discovering the Present.
52 14 1975
Reviews of Art on the Edge.
52 15 1976
Reviews of Art on the Edge.
52 16 1978-1979
Obituaries and reviews of Barnett Newman. See also Serials, Box 54, for more obituaries.
53 Clippings, 1929-1981
53 1 1929-1939
Including clippings about labor strikes, Franklin Roosevelt.
53 2 1940-1949
Including clipping about the fall of France.
53 3 1950-1959
Including clippings about Chagall, El-Malakh's discoveries in the Pyramid of Giza, President Peron of Argentina.
53 4 1960-1969
Including Allan Kaprow's article "Experimental Art," editorial honoring Giacometti, article on Saul Bellow, article about Hannah Arendt, and numerous art reviews.
53 5 1963
Clippings about F.R. Leavis and Scrutiny.
53 6 1963
Clippings about Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem.
53 7 1970-1979
Including clippings about RISD campus controversy surrounding President Lee Hall, numerous art reviews and articles about art from the NY Times and other periodicals, Philip Roth's article "Imagining Jews."
53 8 1977
Clippings about Annenberg, Thomas Hoving and the Metropolitan Museum.
53 9 1980-1981
Including clipping about Hannah Arendt.
Series III.B. Serials, 1925-1979 0.417 Linear Feet
A small collection of serials containing items of interest to Rosenberg; two contain his obituary.
54 Serials, 1925-1979
54 1 New Yorker, Feb 21, 1925
54 2 The Art Digest, Oct 1, 1949
54 3 View Poets, supplements to View, Vol. 1, no.3, 4-5, 1940-1941
54 4 VVV, 1942
54 5 Jewish Newsletter, May 15, 1961
54 6 The Nation, Jun 2, 1962
54 7 Spectator, Oct 25, 1963
54 8 New Statesman, Oct 25, 1963
54 9 The Nation, Nov 1967
54 10 The Nation, Apr 1969
54 11 Seed Bed, Dec 1973
54 12 Archives of American Art Journal, Vol. 15, 1975
54 13 Art and the Law, Vol. 4, 1978
54 14 Art in America, Sept 1978
54 15 Art News, Sept 1978
54 16 Art Monthly, Jul 1979
54 17 Portfolio, Apr 1979
Series III.C. Printed Matter, ca. 1935-ca. 1979 0.83 Linear Feet
A collection of printed matter most interesting for the gallery and museum announcements and catalogs from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, which strongly evoke the art world of those decades. Also of note is a file of little magazines featuring the work of Phillip Guston.
55 Printed Matter, 1949-1979
55 1 Announcements, ca. 1962-1979
about HR's books, lectures, and a posthumous tribute.
55 2 Council and institutional material, ca. 1949-1985
including Professional Practices in Art Museums, 1971, and an invitation to join the American Committee for Cultural Freedom.
55 3 De Kooning in East Hampton, 1978
exhibition at Guggenheim, press release and other printed matter.
55 4 Gallery and Museum announcements and catalogs, 1953-1964
55 5 Gallery and Museum announcements and catalogs, 1965-1969
55 6 Gallery and Museum announcements and catalogs, 1970-1979
55 7 Small magazines and catalogs featuring Phillip Guston artwork, 1970-1976
Chicago Poetry Magazine, 1970 (cover only); Incidentals in the Day World, poems by Alice Notley, 1972 (cover only); The Spade in the Sensorium, poems by David Anderson, 1972 (cover only); Big Sky 4, 1972; boston university journal, Autumn 1973; Philip Guston, catalog for David McKee Gallery, NY., 1974; Philip Guston, catalog for paintings exhibition at Boston University, 1974; Enigma Variations (poems by Bill Berkson), 1975; Fire Exit/William Corbett, 1975; St. Patrick's Day (poems by William Corbett), 1976; Philip Guston, catalog from David McKee Gallery, 1976; with note from Philip Guston.
56 Printed Matter, 1935-1978
56 1 Israel file, 1967
with materials about politics and religion.
56 2 Press releases, 1969-1978
about art exhibitions.
56 3 Proposal, 1977
to establish a new degree program at New York University.
56 4 Rothko case affadavits, etc., 1970
56 5 Rules Concerning Home Relief, 1935
a pamphlet,.
56 6 Theater and Music programs, ca. 1940-1985
56 7 Miscellaneous, undated
including a memorandum on what makes a literary property.
Series IV. Personal, 1923-1978 0.83 Linear Feet
Series contains notebooks, appointment and address books, as well as honors and ephemera. Arranged in two subseries, in rough chronological order only, as many items are not dated.
Series IV.A. Notebooks, Appointment Books and Address Books, 1935-1968 0.417 Linear Feet
These books contain generally sketchy or elliptical entries, though one notebook, written during Rosenberg's time in Washington, contains descriptions of gatherings with friends and rivals and judgements on art world personalities, such as Clement Greenberg.
57 Notebooks, ca. 1935-1968
57 1 11 spiral stenographer notebooks, undated
containing notes on a variety of topics, mostly art related.
57 2 1 small black loose leaf binder, undated
containing notes on art, literature, and other aesthetic matters.
57 3 Assorted journal pages, undated
handwritten, about art, art world personalities, such as Greenberg.
57 4 1 bound notebook, ca. 1935
with alphabetical list of classic authors and works.
57 5 6 appointment/address books, ca. 1936-ca. 1968
containing names and addresses of well-known and lesser-known people.
57 6 4 pocket calendars, 1964-1968
listing daily appointments and events.
Series IV.B. Honors and Ephemera, 1923-1978 0.417 Linear Feet
This is a random collection of documents and ephemera from Rosenberg's life.
58 Honors and Ephemera, 1923-1978
58 1 Hebrew documents, 1902-1923
58 2 Report cards and diplomas, 1923-ca. 1957
58 3 Passports and i.d. cards, 1951-1978
58 4 Honorary degree from Case Western, 1968
58 5 Health exam, 1970
58 6 Program and Award, 1976, 1970
from American Academy of Arts and Letters presentation of Morton Dauwen Zabel Award to HR, 1976; UC Berkeley Citation Award, 1970.
58 7 Maps and travel-related material
58 8 Blank postcards
58 9 Sleep mask, airline slippers, handkerchief, wallet
Series V. Manuscripts by Others, 1953-1978 1.66 Linear Feet
This series is arranged in rough chronological order in two subseries, manuscripts by fellow critics, writers and composers, and May Taback Rosenberg's notes and fiction writings.
Series V.A. Manuscripts by fellow critics, writers, composers, 1953-1978 1.25 Linear Feet
These manuscripts, offprints, and photocopies, generally from the 1960s and 1970s, were apparently sent to Rosenberg by friends and colleagues and generally concern art or literature. Of note is the manuscript of a novel Rosenberg's brother David wrote, and a string quartet by Ralph Shapey, dedicated to the Rosenbergs.
59 Mss. by others, 1953-1978
59 1 Tragedy Without Tears, by David Rosenberg, ca. 1940s?
a novel by HR's brother, undated (1940s?)
59 2 "Il Verri - Harold Rosenberg," by Aldo Tagliaferri, ca. 1960
in English; translation/summary of another article on HR by Brega(?).
59 3 "Training the Professional Artist," by Mercedes Matter, 1967
59 4 "Multi-Shift," by William Pellicone, 1967
59 5 "The New Writing," by Jose Luis Castillejo, 1969
59 6 "An Established Interdisciplinary Faculty," by John Nef, 1970
59 7 "Studying the Time" by Marvin Mudrick, 1970
59 8 Essay by Hiram Williams, 1973
59 9 "Art, Will and Necessity," by Lionel Trilling, 1974
59 10 Essay on Tolstoy, by Carl Ahmanson(?), 1977
59 11 Obituary for HR, by Ben Raeburn, 1978
59 12 Michael Braude, All Under One Roof, A Play in Nine Half-Acts, undated
59 13 Lucia Demby, "Rosenberg," undated
59 14 Gabrielle Drudi, "Willem de Kooning," undated
59 15 Dagens Nyheter, "Harold Rosenberg - art critic," undated
59 16 R. Sieburth, "Futurism and Fascism: The Case of Filippo Tomasso Marinetti," undated
59 17 Offprints and photocopies of published articles by others, 1938-1978
including Ned Polsky, Dwight Macdonald, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Donald Egbert, Marvin Mudrick, Fred Moramarco, Edward T. Cone, Wolff, David Antin, Benjamin Nelson, Mihai Pop, Dore Ashton, Morris Weitz, S.V. Vadnerkar, Hans Jonas, Moshe Decter, Daniel Bell.
59 18 Katherine Strelsky, 1969-1974
Offprints, photocopies, clippings of her articles on Dostoevsky, with correspondence and comments by HR.
59 19 Miscellaneous, undated
60 Mss. by others, 1968
60 1 Solzhenitsin, galleys of The First Circle, 1968
61 Mss. by others, 1963
61 1 Ralph Shapey, "String Quartet #4," 1963
dedicated to HR and May Tabak.
Series V.B. May Tabak Rosenberg Papers, ca. 1960-ca.1975 1 box(es) .417 lin. ft.
This subseries comprises a small collection of notes and fiction manuscripts by May Tabak.
62 Tabak Papers, ca. 1960-ca. 1975
62 1 Notes, undated
and notebooks regarding fiction writing.
62 2 Fiction manuscripts, undated
fragmentary and assorted.
62 3 Fiction manuscripts, 1960s
including "A Box Is Not a Whale," ca. 1960, and "The Widow Sent to Henry," 1968.
62 4 Assorted business papers, undated
62 5 i.d. cards and other miscellany, undated
62 6 Printed matter, 1975
Series VI. Photographs and Artwork, ca. 1942-1977 1 box, 8 flat file folders ca. 3 lin. ft.
This series contains a small number of family photographs, photographs of artwork sent to Rosenberg, and 21 posters produced by the World War II Office of War Information, which employed Rosenberg.
63 Photographs and art, ca. 1942-1977
63 1 Family photographs, undated
of HR, HR's mother, HR's wife May Tabak, at various ages.
63 2 Handmade greeting cards, 1945-1976
often by artists such as Saul Steinberg, addressed to HR and May Tabak.
63 3 14 contact sheets of photos, 1950-1958
of Giacommetti taken by Richard Avedon, with brief letter from Avedon to HR.
63 4 Painting mounted on board, 1975
by Goorman(?) with birthday greeting to HR.
63 5 3 black and white photos, ca. 1975
of June Wayne exhibition, with letters.
63 6 8 black and white photos, 1976
of Christo's "Running Fence," with press release.
63 7 4 black and white photos and 15 color slides, 1977
of artwork by Betty Gold, with letter from Gold to HR.
63 8 2 black and white photos, 1978
of pieces in National Gallery exhibition, "American Art at Mid-Century."
63 9 5 color snapshots, undated
of large scale paintings by unidentified artist.
1-8** Posters, 1942-1943
21 Posters, by World War II Office of War Information, size range from 14 X 20 inches to 20 X 40 inches, 1942-43.
1** 3 posters
2** 3 posters
3** 10 posters
4** 1 poster
5** 1 poster
6** 1 poster
7** 1 poster
8** 1 poster
Series VII. Audiotape, undated 1 item
Recording of a panel discussion between Rosenberg, Rudolf Arnheim, and Carol Zimmer.
64 Audiotape
1 sound tape reel : analog.

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