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Harold Rosenberg papers, 1923-1984

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Rosenberg (Harold) Papers
Series I. Correspondence, 1932-1984 19 box(es) 7.9 lin. ft.
Series I.C. Business Correspondence, 1942-1984 1.66 Linear Feet
Organized chronologically by year, these files contain bills, bank books, carbon copies of letters Rosenberg sent to various businesses, contracts, and financial papers of May Tabak's following Rosenberg's death. One item from his mother, a bankbook, dates to 1897.
16 Business Correspondence, 1942-1967
16 1 1942-1946
Including bank book belonging to HR's mother, Fannie Ehdelman, with entries from 1897-1903, a deposit receipt made out to HR's mother (now Fannie Rosenberg) from 1906, HR's checkbook ledger from 1942-43.
16 2 1950-1958
Including cancelled checks signed by HR, check stubs, including one from HR's article "The American Action Painters," HR's savings bank book, carbon copies of many letters HR sent regarding repairs to his car, cigarette lighter, apartment, radio, kerosene burner, and other necessities.
16 3 1960-1961
Including the bank book of HR's brother David, receipts, and carbon copies of letters HR sent regarding telephone bills, checking account statements, and income tax.
16 4 1960-1964
Including the Deed of Sale for HR's East Hampton house, book contracts.
16 5 1962-1967
Financial papers regarding the death of HR's brother David.
16 6 1962-1963
Including numerous cancelled checks signed by HR and May Tabak, check receipts for New Yorker articles, bank statements.
17 Business Correspondence, 1964-1969, undated
17 1 1964-1978
Large file of photocopies of royalty reports and copyright agreements, many from foreign language publishers.
17 2 1964-1965
Including cancelled checks, check receipts for lectures HR gave or articles he wrote, investment bank balance, royalty reports.
17 3 1966-1967
Including check receipts, bank balances.
17 4 1967-68
Financial papers regarding HR's mother's Medicare, Social Security, Nursing Home bills.
17 5 1968-69
Including hospital bills, receipts, income tax forms, bank balances.
17 6 Undated material, 1960s
18 Business Correspondence, 1970-1973
18 1 1970
Including receipts, royalty statements, rent agreement.
18 2 1971
Including correspondence regarding automobile insurance, receipts, bank statements, royalty statements.
18 3 1972
Including cancelled checks, bank statements, insurance papers.
18 4 1972
Including cancelled checks, bank statements, insurance papers.
18 5 1973
Including income tax forms, bank statements, receipts.
18 6 1973
Including cancelled checks, royalty statements, medical insurance forms.
19 Business Correspondence, 1974-1984
19 1 1974
Including check stubs, receipts, medical insurance forms, bank statements.
19 2 1975
Including cancelled checks, rent increase notice, bank statements, travel vouchers, letters from CPA Al Sohn.
19 3 1976
Including plumbing contract, bank statements, receipts.
19 4 1977-1979
Including income tax forms, royalty statements, car insurance forms.
19 5 1980-1982
Correspondence between May Tabak and the publishers of HR's books regarding rights and royalties.
19 6 1980-1982
Including bills, bank statements, insurance policies.
19 7 1983-1984
Including bills and bank statements.
19 8 undated
Airline tickets for HR and May Tabak.

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