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Harold Rosenberg papers, 1923-1984

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Rosenberg (Harold) Papers
Series I. Correspondence, 1932-1984 19 box(es) 7.9 lin. ft.
Series I.B. Family Correspondence, ca. 1939-1984 1.66 Linear Feet
Organized chronologically by year, much of this correspondence is between family members or concerning family issues. Letters from the 1930s and 1940s give a sense of Rosenberg's life while he was working for the WPA and then the Office of War Information. Letters from Rosenberg's wife, May Natalie Tabak, are the only intimate ones in the archive. Some of the correspondence from people who were both professional associates of Rosenberg's and family friends may at times overlap with professional correspondence. There are many letters from Patia Rosenberg as she begins her professional life as an ethnomusicologist. Correspondence from after Rosenberg's death is directed to May Natalie Tabak Rosenberg.
12 Family Correspondence, ca. 1939-1976
12 1 ca. 1930-1939
Letters from HR to May Tabak, his future? wife. Most of the letters have the salutation "Dear Johnny" or "Dear John," and they are dated by the day of the week only. Later postcards and letters from HR and May in Washington, D.C., where HR is with WPA, to his parents, describing their life. Cards from David Rosenberg, HR's brother, to their parents.
12 2 1940-1949
Postcards and letters from May and Harold to HR's parents from Washington D.C. and from Seattle. Letter from a friend named Parker ___? to May and Harold regarding poetry, Auden and Dwight MacDonald. Postcards from David Rosenberg to his parents.
12 3 1950-1959
Including Buffie ____?, Denise ____?, Mary Clyde, May Tabak's parents expressing support for HR and May's artistic endeavors and offering family histories, HR's brother David to their father, the writer Bill Arrowsmith describing life in Rome.
12 4 ca. 1956-1976
Letters from HR's wife, the writer May Natalie Tabak Rosenberg, to HR. Several letters from Yaddo, with details about fellow writers there, such as Herbert Gold, accounts of her writing struggles, and concerns about HR and their daughter Patia. Letters from Paris and Italy, one regarding fellow travelers such as Lionel Trilling, but most concerning issues in the marriage. Letters from NYC and Long Island about household matters, her writing, Patia, their relationship. Most letters are not dated.
12 5 1960-1961
Including letters's from HR's mother and brother, from Paul Jenkins, Elaine De Kooning, Larry Rivers, and other friends.
12 6 1962-1963
Including letters from May Tabak's parents with condolences about the death of HR's brother Dave, HR's parents with thoughts about Dave and other matters, Erle Loran with San Francisco art world concerns, Larry Rivers.
12 7 1964-1965
Including the artist Beverly Pepper, HR's parents, May Tabak's parents, Hellen Galvin, Saul Steinberg, and other friends.
13 Family Correspondence, 1966-1969, undated
13 1 1966-1967
Including Ida Abelman, Larry Rivers (?), May Tabak's parents, Saul Steinberg(?).
13 2 1968-1969
Including Francis Friedman, June Wayne, Rita Morrison.
13 3 Undated, ca. 1960s
Mother's Day Cards, Get Well Cards, Holiday Cards, letters.
13 4 Undated, ca. 1960s
Including Hedda Sterne, Paul Jenkins, George Ludlum, HR's mother.
14 Family Correspondence, ca. 1965-1979, undated
14 1 ca. 1965-1984
Letters from Patia Rosenberg to her parents, May Tabak and HR, regarding her college and post-graduate studies in music and musicology, travels in Europe and Japan with her husband Mikao Isaku, the break-up of her marriage, teaching stints at UCLA and Berkeley, her writings and her parents' writings.
14 2 1976-1984
Letters from Patia Rosenberg to her parents, May Tabak and HR. Including souvenirs and photos from Taiwan, accounts of her writings.
14 3 1970-1971
Including Saul Steinberg, June Wayne, Vera Klement, Judith Franks.
14 4 1972-1973
Including a relative regarding the inscription of HR's mother's grave monument, Presto ____? Michael Denneny regarding May Tabak's writing, Mercedes ____?
14 5 1974-1976
Including Michael Denneny regarding the importance of literature, Cleve Gray.
14 6 1977-1979
Including Edith Hartnett, Lee Hall, Hans Schweizer, Hannah Tillich.
14 7 Undated, [ca. 1970s]
Including Esteban Vicente, Presto ___?, Vera Klement.
15 Family Correspondence, 1978-1984
15 1 1978-1979
Letters to May Tabak after HR's death. Including Hannah Tillich, Lee Hall, Saul Steinberg.
15 2 1978
Receipts from shops and addresses of friends in New Delhi; letter from New Delhi.
15 3 1978-1979
Materials regarding Harold Rosenberg's New York memorial, including guest lists, April 25, 1979. Also materials from Chicago memorial, October 10, 1979. Letter from May Tabak to William Shawn, thanking him for what he did for HR, with long account of her marriage to HR, July 1978.
15 4 1980-1984
Notes, cards, letters to May Tabak.
15 5 1980-1984
Notes, cards, letters to May Tabak.

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