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Harold Rosenberg papers, 1923-1984

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Rosenberg (Harold) Papers
Series VI. Photographs and Artwork, ca. 1942-1977 1 box, 8 flat file folders ca. 3 lin. ft.
This series contains a small number of family photographs, photographs of artwork sent to Rosenberg, and 21 posters produced by the World War II Office of War Information, which employed Rosenberg.
63 Photographs and art, ca. 1942-1977
63 1 Family photographs, undated
of HR, HR's mother, HR's wife May Tabak, at various ages.
63 2 Handmade greeting cards, 1945-1976
often by artists such as Saul Steinberg, addressed to HR and May Tabak.
63 3 14 contact sheets of photos, 1950-1958
of Giacommetti taken by Richard Avedon, with brief letter from Avedon to HR.
63 4 Painting mounted on board, 1975
by Goorman(?) with birthday greeting to HR.
63 5 3 black and white photos, ca. 1975
of June Wayne exhibition, with letters.
63 6 8 black and white photos, 1976
of Christo's "Running Fence," with press release.
63 7 4 black and white photos and 15 color slides, 1977
of artwork by Betty Gold, with letter from Gold to HR.
63 8 2 black and white photos, 1978
of pieces in National Gallery exhibition, "American Art at Mid-Century."
63 9 5 color snapshots, undated
of large scale paintings by unidentified artist.
1-8** Posters, 1942-1943
21 Posters, by World War II Office of War Information, size range from 14 X 20 inches to 20 X 40 inches, 1942-43.
1** 3 posters
2** 3 posters
3** 10 posters
4** 1 poster
5** 1 poster
6** 1 poster
7** 1 poster
8** 1 poster

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