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Harold Rosenberg papers, 1923-1984

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Rosenberg (Harold) Papers
Series V. Manuscripts by Others, 1953-1978 1.66 Linear Feet
Series V.A. Manuscripts by fellow critics, writers, composers, 1953-1978 1.25 Linear Feet
These manuscripts, offprints, and photocopies, generally from the 1960s and 1970s, were apparently sent to Rosenberg by friends and colleagues and generally concern art or literature. Of note is the manuscript of a novel Rosenberg's brother David wrote, and a string quartet by Ralph Shapey, dedicated to the Rosenbergs.
59 Mss. by others, 1953-1978
59 1 Tragedy Without Tears, by David Rosenberg, ca. 1940s?
a novel by HR's brother, undated (1940s?)
59 2 "Il Verri - Harold Rosenberg," by Aldo Tagliaferri, ca. 1960
in English; translation/summary of another article on HR by Brega(?).
59 3 "Training the Professional Artist," by Mercedes Matter, 1967
59 4 "Multi-Shift," by William Pellicone, 1967
59 5 "The New Writing," by Jose Luis Castillejo, 1969
59 6 "An Established Interdisciplinary Faculty," by John Nef, 1970
59 7 "Studying the Time" by Marvin Mudrick, 1970
59 8 Essay by Hiram Williams, 1973
59 9 "Art, Will and Necessity," by Lionel Trilling, 1974
59 10 Essay on Tolstoy, by Carl Ahmanson(?), 1977
59 11 Obituary for HR, by Ben Raeburn, 1978
59 12 Michael Braude, All Under One Roof, A Play in Nine Half-Acts, undated
59 13 Lucia Demby, "Rosenberg," undated
59 14 Gabrielle Drudi, "Willem de Kooning," undated
59 15 Dagens Nyheter, "Harold Rosenberg - art critic," undated
59 16 R. Sieburth, "Futurism and Fascism: The Case of Filippo Tomasso Marinetti," undated
59 17 Offprints and photocopies of published articles by others, 1938-1978
including Ned Polsky, Dwight Macdonald, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Donald Egbert, Marvin Mudrick, Fred Moramarco, Edward T. Cone, Wolff, David Antin, Benjamin Nelson, Mihai Pop, Dore Ashton, Morris Weitz, S.V. Vadnerkar, Hans Jonas, Moshe Decter, Daniel Bell.
59 18 Katherine Strelsky, 1969-1974
Offprints, photocopies, clippings of her articles on Dostoevsky, with correspondence and comments by HR.
59 19 Miscellaneous, undated
60 Mss. by others, 1968
60 1 Solzhenitsin, galleys of The First Circle, 1968
61 Mss. by others, 1963
61 1 Ralph Shapey, "String Quartet #4," 1963
dedicated to HR and May Tabak.

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