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Harold Rosenberg papers, 1923-1984

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Rosenberg (Harold) Papers
Series III. Clippings, Serials and Printed Matter, 1925-1979 2.08 Linear Feet
Series III.A. Clippings, 1929-1981 0.83 Linear Feet
There are two categories of clippings, those about or by Rosenberg, which include reviews of his books and his obituaries, and those concerning art, politics, literature, or other topics of interest to Rosenberg. In keeping with Rosenberg's wide range of interests, the latter set of clippings cover events such as labor strikes in the 1930s, discoveries about the pyramids in the 1950s, and articles about friends, including Hannah Arendt, Allan Kaprow, and Saul Bellow.
52 Clippings, 1959-1978
52 1 1959-1960
Reviews of The Tradition of the New
52 2 1961-1962
Reviews of Arshille Gorky
52 3 1963
52 4 1964
Reviews of The Anxious Object
52 5 1965
Reviews of The Anxious Object
52 6 1966
52 7 1967
52 8 1969
Reviews of Artworks and Packages
52 9 1970
52 10 1971
52 11 1972
Reviews of The De-Definition of Art.
52 12 1973
Reviews of Discovering the Present and The De-Definition of Art.
52 13 1974
Reviews of Willem De Kooning and Discovering the Present.
52 14 1975
Reviews of Art on the Edge.
52 15 1976
Reviews of Art on the Edge.
52 16 1978-1979
Obituaries and reviews of Barnett Newman. See also Serials, Box 54, for more obituaries.
53 Clippings, 1929-1981
53 1 1929-1939
Including clippings about labor strikes, Franklin Roosevelt.
53 2 1940-1949
Including clipping about the fall of France.
53 3 1950-1959
Including clippings about Chagall, El-Malakh's discoveries in the Pyramid of Giza, President Peron of Argentina.
53 4 1960-1969
Including Allan Kaprow's article "Experimental Art," editorial honoring Giacometti, article on Saul Bellow, article about Hannah Arendt, and numerous art reviews.
53 5 1963
Clippings about F.R. Leavis and Scrutiny.
53 6 1963
Clippings about Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem.
53 7 1970-1979
Including clippings about RISD campus controversy surrounding President Lee Hall, numerous art reviews and articles about art from the NY Times and other periodicals, Philip Roth's article "Imagining Jews."
53 8 1977
Clippings about Annenberg, Thomas Hoving and the Metropolitan Museum.
53 9 1980-1981
Including clipping about Hannah Arendt.

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