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Internationale Situationniste ephemera, 1947-1975

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Title: Internationale Situationniste ephemera
Dates: 1947-1975
Number: 980047
Creator/Collector: Internationale situationniste
Extent: 59.0 items
Abstract: A collection of assembled printed manifestoes, tracts, exhibition catalogs, and posters created by members of Internationale Situationniste (I.S.). The founding of this politically charged artistic and literary movement can be traced through the small amount of ephemera by the Internationale Lettriste and Bauhaus Imaginiste groups, precursors to I.S.
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Language: Collection material is in French
Repository: The Getty Research Institute
Special Collections
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California, 90049-1688
(310) 440-7390
Author: Finding aid prepared by Lynda Bunting.

Biographical/Historical Note

A politically charged artistic and literary movement active from 1957-1972 with roots in Internationale lettriste and Mouvement international pour un Bauhaus imaginiste. Internationale situationniste members include Enrico Baj, Asger Jorn and Guy Debord, among others.

Scope and Content of Collection

An artificial collection of printed manifestoes, tracts, exhibition catalogs and posters created by members of Internationale situationniste (I.S.), including Enrico Baj, Asger Jorn and Guy Debord. The founding of this politically charged artistic and literary movement can be traced in the small amount of ephemera by the Internationale lettriste and Mouvement international pour un Bauhaus imaginiste groups, both precursors to I.S. A number of documents by Spur, a German faction of I.S., record the internal tensions within I.S. that would eventually disintegrate the movement.

Arrangement note

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Preferred Citation

Internationale Situationniste ephemera, 1947-1975, Getty Research Institute, Research Library, Accession no. 980047.

Acquisition Information

Acquired 1998.

Processing History

This artificial collection was created from materials acquired from two separate sources. Both collections were primarily composed of books initially accessioned by the library. The remaining ephemera was transferred to Special Collections. Lynda Bunting organized the ephemera and wrote the box list.

Container List

Box Folder
1 1 "Manifeste des surrealistes-revolutionnaires en France," Summer 1947
1 1 "Si vous vous croyez du genie" 1954?
plus a copy in English. Berreby, p. 266-267.
1 1 "Baj" 1954
Galleria l'Asterisco. May 15-29, 1954.
1 1 "Finis les pieds plats" 1954
1 1 "Deutschland über alles" 1954
Berreby, p. 268.
1 1 "Ceramiche: incontro internazionale di Albisola. Milan: Decima Triennale, October 27 - November 15, 1954."
1 1 "Perchè la Bauhaus e' così importante?" 1955
"Citato da: Bauhaus 1919-1928. Edizione III.a 1955 Verlag Arthur Niggli & Willy Verkauf, Teufen (Schweiz)." Berreby, p. 399.
1 1 "Construisez vous-mêmes une petite situation sans avenir" 1955
Berreby, p. 265.
1 1 "Ordre de boycott," July 31, 1956
Berreby, p. 269.
1 1 "Esposizione Baj," 1956
Galleria Schettini, October 10-25, 1956.
1 1 "Cercle ouvert: confrontations," 1956?
Invitation to a debate organized by the review Cercle ouvert. Annotated in pencil "1958" by the former owner. This is probably a mistake because the situationists did not take part in this kind of performance by this date. "Amadou" probably is "Mohammed Dahou," member of the Internationale lettriste.
1 1 "Manifestez en faveur de l'urbanisme unitaire," December 1956
Berreby, p. 604.
1 2 "Première exposition de psychogéographie," 1957
Brussels, Taptoe, February 2-26, 1957. Invitation/catalog for an exhibition that probably did not show all listed works. Ohrt, p. 87.
1 2 "Contro lo stile / contre le style / the end of style," September 1957
1 2 "Nervenruh! Keine experimente!" January 1, 1958
First manifesto of the German section of I.S, signed by Jorn and Hans Platschek. Extract published in I.S. no. 1, p. 27. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 105.
1 2 "Adresse de l'internationale situationniste a l'assemblée générale de l'association internationale des critique d'art; Réunie le 14 avril 1958 dans l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles"
Signed for the Algerian, German, Belgian, French, Italian and Scandinavian sections by Khatib, Platschek, Korun, Debord, Pinot-Gallizio, Jorn. Reproduced partially in I.S. no. 1, p. 29. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 105.
1 2 "Difendete la liberta ovunque," July 4, 1958
tTract protesting van Guglielmi's imprisonment for damaging a work by Raphael. Reproduced partially in I.S. no. 2, p. 29. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 107.
1 2 "Au secours de van Guglielmi!" July 7, 1958
Tract protesting van Guglielmi's imprisonment. Reproduced partially in I.S. no. 2, p. 29-30. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 107.
1 2 "Difendiamo la libertà," November 1959
Tract denouncing the infamous Cuixard, signed by Pinot-Gallizio and the German section: Zimmer, Prem, Sturm, Renée Nele, Eisch, Fischer. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 109-110.
1 3 "Hands off Alexander Trocchi," October 7, 1960
Tract protesting the arrest of Trocchi, who was accused of using drugs in the United States. Signed by Debord, de Jong, Jorn. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 111.
1 3 "Avantgarde ist unerwünscht! (Flugblatt der situationistischen internationale)" January 1961
Tract published by the German, Swedish and Belgian sections. Extract published in I.S. no. 6, p. 39. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 112.
1 3 "Flugblatt," November 9, 1961
1 3 "Les aventures de la dialectique," 1962
Postcard announcing the review's new address.
1 3 "Nicht hinauslehnen," February 10, 1962
Tract announcing the exclusion of the Spur group in Germany, signed by Debord, Kotanyi, Lausen, Vaneigem. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 113-114.
1 3 "Spur prozess," May 1962
Photocopied typescript concerning the trial against Spur members.
1 3 "Critique européenne des Corps Académiques des Universités, Collèges et Instituts de Recherche de la métropole de New York et de l'aire de Cambridge-Boston," 1962
2 copies printed brown on beige and 1 copy in a different format printed black on white.
1 3 "Déclaration sur les proces contre l'internationale situationniste en Allemagne Federale," June 25, 1962
Tract signed by Michèle Bernstein (France), J.-V. Martin (Denmark), Alexander Trocchi (Great Britain), Raoul Vaneigem (Belgium). Raspaud & Voyer, p. 114.
1 4 "L'internationale situationniste prend l'offensive," March 31, 1963
Fake pamphlet published by a Brussels group of neo-surrealists around Tom Gutt, trying to parody the style of the I.S., by excluding Attila Kotanyi. A reply to the pamphlet "Pas de dialogue avec les suspects" (February 27, 1963) that denounced the same neo-surrealist group.
1 4 "España en el corazón," July 1964
Tract concerning a new form of propaganda in Spain. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 116.
1 4 "Limelight," 1964
1 4 "Adresse aux revolutionnaires d'Algerie, et de tous les pays," July 1965
Reproduced in I.S. no. 10, p. 43-49. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 118.
1 4 "Baj," 1967
Galerie Françoise Mayer, Brussels, February 10-March 11, 1967.
1 4 "Le point d'explosion de l'idéologie en Chine," August 16, 1967
Brochure edited by Debord and reproduced in I.S. no. 11, p. 3-12. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 120.
1 4 "Gli operai d'Italia e la rivolta di Reggio Calabria," October 1970
Photocopy of the second supplement to the Italian review Internazionale situazionista. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 127.
1 4 "I.S. laboratorio sperimentale Alba," n.d.
1 sheet of stationary and matching envelope by Pinot-Gallizio.
**1 "Manifeste de la peinture nucleaire," February 1, 1952
With "Premier manifeste de la litterature nucleaire," February 3, 1952, printed on verso. First manifesto of the movement, published on the occasion of the Brussels exhibition of the nuclear painters Baj and Dangelo, founders of the Arte Nucleare movement in 1951.
**1 "Ça commence bien!/Familiers du grand truc," 1954
With "Ça commence bien!/Et ça finit mal" printed on the verso. Berreby, p. 274-275.
**1 "Esposizione Alt," 1955
Galleriea la Maggiolina, Alessandria, May 1955. Catalog of an exhibition of Baj, Dangelo and Asger Jorn.
**1 "The naked city: illustration de l'hypothése des plaques tournantes en psychogeographique," 1957
By Debord, G.-E. Berreby, p. 536-537.
**1 "Nouveau théatre d'opérations dans la culture," 1958
2 copies. First publication of the French section of the I.S. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 105.
**1 "Geen dialoog met gluiperds / Geen dialoog met idioten," February 27, 1963
Tract by Raoul Vaneigem and Jan Strijbosch directed against the Stalinist surrealists. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 115.
**1 "Adresse à tous les travailleurs," May 30, 1968
The last pamphlet distributed by the joint group Enragés-I.S. Raspaud & Voyer, p. 124.
**1 "A tous les travailleurs: mesdames, mesdemoiselles, messieurs," June 7, 1968
cCynical comment on the end of May 1968 events, this poster is a famous hoax: the president of the French association of employers asks the workers to go on a Club Med vacation to avoid occupying factories. Viénet, p.191.
**2 "Toutes ces dames au salon!" 1956
Tract published by International lettriste, members of the revue "Les lèvres nues," and Arte nucleare in reaction against the exhibition "L'industrie du pétrole vue par des artistes" in Brussels from June 2-14, 1956.
**2 "Vie congres de l'internationale situationniste anvers du 12 au 15 Novembre 1962"
**2 "Attention! Trois provocateurs 22 janvier 1967"
Raspaud & Voyer, p. 119.
**2 "Les bases de la banalité," 1967
**2 Four original color lithograph posters by Asger Jorn May 1968
"Adios edudiants quil puise etudier e aprandre en libert," "Brisez le cadre qi etouf limage," "Vive la révolution pasioné de lintellience créative," "Pas de puisance dimagination sans images puisante." Published by Galerie Jeanne Bucher. Edition of 1000 for the streets of Paris. Ohrt, p. 253.
**2 "Le dame di casa Baj," May 22, 1975
Black and white poster for Studio Marconi.
**2 "Baj," May 22, 1975
Color poster for Studio Marconi.