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David Tudor papers, 1800-1998, bulk 1940-1996

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Tudor (David) papers
Series IX. Photographs, 1930s-1990s, undated 9 boxes
Primarily black and white prints of Tudor performing, but some portray him in social situations. Many images show Tudor and Cage together, especially during their 1962 Japan tour, when Yoko One performed with them. Other images capture Tudor performing 34' 46.776', Music for amplified toy pianos and Solo for piano. There are at least five different performances of Rainforest IV represented. Also included are photographs of Tudor's table top set-ups, and him relaxing with M.C. Richards, Monnier, Stockhausen and Cage. Some images of Tudor were donated by Earle Brown. Childhood photographs date to the 1930s and were donated by Tudor's sister, Joy Nemiroff.
These photographs are arranged in rough chonological order.
Tudor performing, 1950s-1990s
158 1950s
Includes Tudor as a young man at the piano; 34' 46.776', London, 1954; Tudor performing and dining in Spain; Music for amplified toy pianos and Solo for piano taken by Ferdinand Boesch.
159 1950s-1960s
Images of one performance (Water music?) taken by Manfred Leve, Dusseldorf (many duplicates, see also box 164).
160 1960s
Includes Japan 1962 performing with Cage and Ono and sight-seeing with Cage (see also albums in box 162); Japan 1962 performing and sight-seeing with Cage; 2 images of Rauschenberg creating a work; 2 with Rauschenberg and others dining (Merce Cunningham Dance Co. on tour?); San Francisco Museum of Art, 1965; 9 evenings: Theatre & engineering, 1966 (see E.A.T. archive for much more); UC Davis 1967 taken by David Freund.
161 1960s-1980
Includes table top setups; Pepsi Pavilion 1970 preparations taken by Shunk-Kender; color slides of Laser concert dated 1970 and 1980; color slides of Rainforest IV, Chocorua, 1973; Rainforest IV at Purchase (undated) and L'espace Cardin, Paris, 1976 with Viola.
162 1970s-1990s
Includes Rainforest IV, ICA Philadelphia, 1979 taken by Kira Perov (Viola's wife); Rainforest IV taken by Stan Ries (undated); Composers Inside Electronics, Scan Forum party taken by Fujiko Nakaya; table top setups at Jack Tilton Gallery, NY, 1990 (collaboration with Monnier); 9 lines, reflected, Whitney 1986; and Tudor's memorial at Judson + Rainforest.
163 Images of Tudor, friends and others, undated
Includes passport photos, M.C. Richards, Cage, Monnier, Stockhausen, Tudor on tour.
164 Tudor performing (enlargements), circa 1980s, 1994
Early performance taken by Leve, Festival d'Automne, Cage and Tudor circa 1980s, and May 1994 performance taken by Leve.
165 Tudor performing, 1962
2 albums of photos with Tudor, Cage and Ono performing in Japan.
166 Images of Tudor, friends and others (enlargements), circa 1950s, 1980s-1990s
Tudor and Richards 1950s, and late images of Tudor. Also 5 photographs (1 is a duplicate) of Tudor, from Earle Brown. All the images were taken at the Capital Records building, New York when Brown was producing TIME-MAINSTREAM. 3 are portraits of Tudor taken by Earle Brown, one is a group portrait of Christian Wolff, Earle Brown, John Cage, David Tudor and Morton Feldman, taken by Bob Arnold. Credits for all 5 images: Courtesy, the Earle Brown Music Foundation.
215 Childhood photographs, circa 1930s
15 photographs (and 9 negatives) of Tudor, his sister Joy and their mother [donated by Joy Nemiroff].
29** Photo of a woman, undated

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