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David Tudor papers, 1800-1998, bulk 1940-1996

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Tudor (David) papers
Series IV. Correspondence, 1938-1996 11 boxes
This series consists of letters from composers, performers, concert organizers, friends, family and admirers spanning nearly Tudor's entire life. The letters are organized alphabetically. Many of the composers enclose scores (generally not filed in this series), and in some cases include extensive performance instructions. Some of the letters concern concert plans and schedules. Friends send news of themselves, concerts they have seen, and request letters from Tudor, who was notorious for not answering his mail. Tudor's close friends John Cage and Jacqueline Monnier, and his onetime lover M.C. Richards, write extensively regarding their personal lives and collaborations with Tudor. (See also Mary Caroline Richards papers, held by the Getty Research Institute). Young performers and composers ask for advice on their careers. Other correspondents include George Brecht, Sylvano Bussotti, Pierre Boulez, Earle Brown, Cornelius Cardew, Lowell Cross, Morton Feldman, Albert M. Fine, William H. Hawke, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Maurizio Kagel, Bo Nilsson, Pauline Oliveros, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Jean Rigg, Karlheinz Stockhausen (see also copies of Tudor letters to Stockhausen in the repository, Accession no. 2001.M.26), Bill Viola, Christian Wolff, Stefan and Irma Wolpe, and La Monte Young.
This series is arranged alphabetically with unidentified and miscellaneous at the end.
box folder
51 1 A, 1959-1996, undated
51 1 Adams, John D.S., 1994-1996
2 faxes.
51 1 Amirkhanian, Charles, 1967-1968, undated
Letter and 2 greeting cards.
51 2 Andersen, Eric, 1984
A letter enclosing the following: Exophylia Katalog, The untactics of music, and other works, circa 25 items.
51 1 Anderson, Beth, 1973
1 postcard.
51 1 Ashley, Mary (wife of Robert), circa 1974, undated
1 postcards and 1 letter
51 1 Alexander, Leni, 1960-1961
2 letters.
51 1 Amey, Frank and Libby, 1959, undated
7 letters regarding potential concerts in Venice and personal matters, and an invitation.
51 3 ASCAP, 1982-1985, 1993
Mostly letters and forms regarding awards and requests for title confirmation to give proper credit, circa 40 items (see also financial correspondence from the 1980s-1990s for more).
51 4 Austin, Larry, 1967-1981, 1990-1994
Letters regarding publishing of Ichiyanagi's Appearance in Source, concert dates and invitations to perform; announcements; and permision requests to publish recordings, 17 items.
51 2-10 Ba-Bro, 1950-1997, undated
51 5 Bach, Michael, 1993
Letter regarding performance of "One" and "Ryoanji" at Donaueschinger Musiktage with artist's design of string installation and two photos.
51 5 Ballif, Claude, 1961-1962
2 letters.
51 5 Bartlett, Martin, 1977, undated
4 letters regarding his scholastic activities, electronics and a potential performance for Tudor in Vancouver.
51 5 Bartosik, Kimberly (dancer), 1988, 1993-1995, undated
4 postcards, 4 greeting cards, 1 note written on an article and 1 letter regarding personal matters, and Cunningham Dance Company tours and performances of Ocean (music by Tudor).
51 5 Bauermeister, Mary, 1960
Letter describing performances at her studio.
51 6 Barraqué, Jean, 1956-1957
9 letters regard recording his sonata for Vega.
51 7 Behrendsen, Peter, 1987-1994, undated
3 letters and 2 notes on photocopied texts.
51 7 Behrman, David, 1959, 1974, undated
2 letters, note, card and forwarded letter from Behrman to Allen Sapp.
51 7 Bekaert, Jacques, 1987, 1992, undated
1 postcard and 2 greeting cards.
51 7 Bergé, Carol, circa 1965
Letter regarding leasing his place.
51 7 Berio, Luciano, 1959
9 letters, one of which is typed on a program, and 1 postcard mostly regarding concert dates in Italy, 1956-1957, undated. The folder also includes drafts of letters from Tudor to Berio, Luigi Nono and Hermann Scherchen on one sheet, and two letters from Cathy Berio regarding Berio's health and the cancellation of a concert.
51 7 Biel, Michael von, 1962
1 letter.
51 7 Birmann de Relles, Dominique (of Radiojänst), 1956, undated
2 letters regarding Tudor's performance in Stockholm, 3 greeting cards, and a list of contact numbers and rehearsal times.
51 7 Bischoff, John, 1996-1997
Letter and note with diskette.
51 8 Borden, David, 1970
Letter regarding Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company performing Rainforest.
51 8 Boucourechiev, André, 1961
1 letter sending a score.
51 8 Brakhage, Stan, 1962
Film collage.
51 8 Brecht, George, 1961-1963
4 letters sending works and asking Tudor what he would play at the Yam Festival, 1 announcement and 1 postcard.
51 8 Brown, Jean, 1984
1 letter regards acquisition of his archive and programs.
51 8 Burchfield, Ritty, 1971-1976, undated
4 postcards, 4 letters, 2 letters to Burchfield (copies), note from Burchfield's brother regarding personal matters with descriptions of her work and of Bill Viola who just visited her.
51 8 Bussotti, Sylvano, 1959-1967, undated
6 letters and 1 postcard regarding concert dates and progress of works he is sending.
51 9 Boulez, Pierre, 1950-1960, undated
10 letters which include many requests by Boulez for a response about Tudor's participation in a Paris concert. Also 5 sheets of a letter from Boulez to Cage (December 1950) copied by Tudor and 25 sheets of a letter from Boulez to Cage (undated, circa December 1951, see Box 211*, folder 1), both of which were published in The Boulez-Cage Correspondence (edited by Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Cambridge University Press, 1993).
51 10 Brown, Earle, 1952-1957
3 postcards and 2 letters, which include a response to Tudor's statement that 4 more is impossible to play and regarding Tudor quotes in Peyser's book on Boulez.
box folder
52 1-7 Bru-C, 1950-1994, undated
52 1 Brush, Leif, 1974-1982, undated
Includes 3 letters, photocopied descriptions of his work, a photocopied Christmas letter, photograph of an event and curriculum vitae, circa 25 items.
52 2 Cardew, Cornelius, undated
8 letters and 1 Christmas card requesting Tudor to play Cardew's pieces, to send Cardew scores of other composers' work, and describing performances in which he participated.
52 2 Cerha, Friedrich, 1958
1 letter.
52 2 Chadabe, Joel, 1970-1981, 1993-1996
5 letters, one of which encloses a technical report and photo of the SUNY studio, and other with excerpts from an interview with Tudor.
52 2 Chandralekha, 1971, 1994, undated
3 letters and 1 poem.
52 2 Charlip, Remy, circa 1969, undated
1 letter and 1 postcard.
52 2 Chiari, Giuseppe, 1963
1 note with a program.
52 3 Cage, John, 1950s-1989, undated
A rich collection of letters written by Cage mostly in the 1950s and 1960s. Includes remarkable descriptions of his work (especially Music of changes), personal life, interactions with other composers (especially Morton Feldman), concert dates and logistics, and performances he attended. Also includes a carbon copy of a 4 page-letter to the editor of Musical America regarding a letter Skulsky wrote on Cage's letter about Satie, a mesostic on the name James Joyce for those who helped with Roaratorio, 25 mesostics re and not re Mark Tobey and 3 letters from Cage (Crete) to Tudor, circa 60 items.
52 4 Clarkson, Austin, 1980-1982, undated
4 letters, 1 greeting card, photocopy of Wolpe's Seven pieces for three pianos, and a catalog of Wolpe's published works.
52 5 Cohen, Gabby, 1990-1991, undated
11 personal letters and cards.
52 5 Collins, Nicolas, circa 1976, 1983
2 letters, bio and Tudor draft of a recommendation letter.
52 5 Corner, Philip, 1958, undated
Note and 2 letters.
52 5 Cunningham, Merce (and Dance Company), 1961, undated
4 letters and a card from Cunningham mostly regarding tour logistics, and 3 postcards, 1 greeting card and 2 faxes signed communally by the company, undated.
52 5 Curran, Alvin, 1979
52 5A Composer in Performance, 1970 February
Letter asking Tudor to apply for a grant, with brochure of past grantees.
52 6 Cowell, Henry, 1953-1963
1 note, 1 postcard and 2 letters.
For correspondence with Sidney Cowell regarding Tudor editing her husband's scores, see Series II, Projects.
52 7 Cross, Lowell, 1964-1989, undated
Includes letters regarding personal matters, finding a position, Tudor's bio for publication and logistics for Laser Concert; and 5 pages ts. "Audio/Video/Laser" for Source, circa 30 items.
box folder
53 1-4 D, 1952-1991, undated
53 1 Davies, Hugh, 1982, undated
2 letters, one of which regards Rainforest.
53 1 Delaplaine family, circa 1952
3 letters from different family members.
53 1 Dehner, Dorothy, 1957
1 letter.
53 2 Deighton, Hilda, 1960-1968, undated
11 letters all pertaining to concerts by Tudor and to the Anthroposophical Society.
53 3 Dienes, Sari, 1969, 1975, undated
Handmade Christmas card, letter regarding her will, and bio.
53 3 Dorn, Ken, 1971
Fan letter.
53 3 Duncan, Robert, 1966
Handmade Christmas card.
53 4 Driscoll, John, 1975-1991, undated
Includes a letter regarding contacts for Tudor installations, 2 photocopied letters written to others regarding Rainforest at LACMA and Composers Inside Electronics, 2 photocopied letters from Lawrence Morton sent to Driscoll aboutevent at LACMA with a mushroom theme, announcement, bio and postcard from his wife Lynwa, circa 15 items.
53 5-10 E-F, 1953-1993, undated
53 5 Eimert, Herbert, 1959
53 5 Espinosa, Pedro (pianist), 1958-circa 1960
2 letters asking for recommendations to enter music school and a Christmas card.
53 6 Ferrell-Hero, Barbara (painter), 1970
Letter sending work and announcement.
53 6 Finck, Mildred, 1965-1966
2 letters in which she describes her scores, her exhibits, her interest in Tudor's electronics.
53 6 Flynt, Henry, undated
Postcard regarding his theory.
53 6 Fontana, Bill, 1982, undated
Letter about Tudor's possible interest in his new work, "Standing wave sculpture with mobile loudspeakers" and his meeting with Viola, program and memo.
53 6 Foss, Lucas, 1961
Letter inviting Tudor to participate in Ojai Festival.
53 6 Freeman, Betty, 1986-1987
3 letters regard address for Gerd Stein and Tudor's participation in her monthly salon.
53 6 Frehling, Russell, undated
Invitation to participate in Meet the Composer.
53 7 Feldman, Morton, 1953, 1965-1966, undated
Includes 5 letters regarding Tudor's importance to Feldman's music, asking Tudor to help him get lecture gigs at Mills and asking advice concerning his jobless situation. One of the letters has a notation (a correction?).
53 8 Fetterman, William, 1986-1993
Thick folder with letters enclosing texts and his dissertation (published as John Cage's theatre pieces, and also regarding the interview he did with Tudor, interpreting Cage's symbols for Music walk and permissions.
53 9 Fine, Albert, 1965-1975, undated
Includes 22 postcards with drawings and stamps, an announcement, 4 letters regard money, how to obtain a copy of Busoni concerto and sending work, with 3 pages of text "A John Cage story about lampshades for David Tudor."
53 10 Fisher, Linda, 1974-1980, 1990, undated
Includes 14 letters and 1 postcard regard her work (especially "Median Strip," personal matters and possible performances of Rainforest; letter from the Guggenheim foundation requesting a recommendation.
box folder
54 1-8 G-J, 1938-1996, undated
54 1 Garland, Peter (Soundings), 1980
1 letter.
54 1 Gazzelloni, Severino, 1956
2 letters regard playing Boulez together.
54 1 Gibson, Elizabeth Jane, 1944
1 letter breaking their friendship because of conflicting philosophies and a draft of Tudor's long response.
54 1 Ginsberg, Allen, 1993
1 letter enclosing a presentation on 4' 33".
54 1 Gradstein, Léonie (Polish composer), 1958-1959, undated
3 letters and 2 postcards with pleasantries from Poland.
54 1 Gromada, John (composer), 1987
1 letter describing his career and asking advice.
54 1 Guthrie, Hammond, 1971
Electron Arabic.
54 1 Guzzetta, James (accordianist), undated
1 letter asking for Bandoneon! score.
54 2 Haase, Erika (pianist who took lessons from Tudor), 1959-1960
2 letters and Christmas wishes.
54 2 Hahn, Gladys, 1962
2 letters regard a concert program.
54 2 Harmonic, Phil, 1970s
Mail art postcard.
54 2 Harrison, Lou, 1965
Thank you note.
54 2 Hauer, Anne (Tudor's personal assistant), 1994-1995
6 postcards and 1 letter regard personal and vein research.
54 2 Hay, Deborah, 1996
1 letter asking for a contribution to her book my body, the buddhist.
54 2 Helms, Hans G., 1958, 1972
2 letters regard a film and a recording.
54 3 Hawke, H. William (Tudor's teacher), 1938-1963, undated
21 letters mostly written during summer vacation regarding organ performances he has been to, his own performances, descriptions of organs he has seen, and personal matters such as his mail which Tudor sends to him while away. Also 4 postcards, telegram, 2 programs, photo of Hawke and a letter from Hawke's wife with two photos.
54 4 Higgins, Dick, 1958-1963, 1982
2 letters regard Tudor's biography; information he needs on Nilsson, Hambraeus, and Pousseur, who he has never heard of; tapes he is sending; the lost score of Stacked Deck; 1 score on a postcard, and "The tart, or Miss America."
54 4 Hodeir, André, 1957
5 letters regard the recording and playing of Barraqué and Tudor's eventual decision not to.
54 4 Houédard, Dom Silvester, 1971
"Poemcard 1."
54 4 Hughes, David, undated
Letter enclosing 13 photos of installation by Tudor and Monnier.
54 4 Hunt, Jerry, 1987, undated
5 letters regard studying with Tudor; compositions he sent; playing with Cunningham; and Guggenheim grant proposal.
54 5 Hildalgo, Juan and Walter, 1960-1966
Letters regard concert dates; postcards, handwritten poems, announcement and concrete poetry card; 18 items.
54 6 Jacobs, George, undated
1 letter enclosing a Bussotti work.
54 6 Jenks, Alden (composer), 1971
1 letter asking Tudor if he could perform with Jenks' students.
54 6 Jansen, Pierre (composer), 1958
1 letter.
54 6 Jess (artist), undated
1 letter about his opening and illustrations for A book of resemblances, and poster.
54 6 Johnson, Ray, 1965, undated
Announcement and collage.
54 6 Jones, Ralph, 1980
3 letters regard Rainforest performances; his progress in ultrasonics and equipment building; and 1 postcard with a photo of a sculpture he made for Rainforest.
54 6 Joshipura, Jinraj (Indian student), 1971, 1974
4 letters.
54 7 Ichiyanagi, Toshi, 1961-1967, undated
13 letters, 4 of which are addressed to Cage, regard reception of avant-garde music in Japan; answers to Tudor's question on how to play his duet; dates and logistics for Japanese performances; request to record some of Tudor's performances; and a business card.
54 8 Jepson, Warner, 1963-1967, 1993-1994, undated
11 letters regard personal matters; 1 card with two computer graphic images of Cage and Tudor; 2 cards with photos.
box folder
55 1-10 K-L, 1957-1996, undated
55 1 Kasemets, Udo, 1965-1967
2 letters and a telegram regard Tudor performing in Toronto, and a bio.
55 1 Kerr, Cathy and Joshua Ginsberg, 1988-1994, undated
2 postcards, 3 letters and 2 invitations, all personal.
55 2 Kagel, Maurizio, 1959-1975
Mostly letters about concert dates, touring together, instructions for scores, his impressions of hearing Tudor play one of this pieces, performance of Transicion II at the Venice Biennale and performance of Pandorasbox. Also includes an ink drawing; 23 items.
55 3 Kalve, Martin, 1977-1985, 1995, undated
Includes 2 Christmas cards, 1 handmade card, 3 letters, and 3 photos.
55 4 Klosty, Jim, 1971, undated
Letter asking for Tudor notes to include in a book and a note written on a photocopied realization asking for information.
55 4 Klucevsek, Guy, 1972-1973
2 letters regard copy of Kagel's Pandorasbox.
55 4 Klüver, Billy, 1987, 1994, undated
Includes photocopy of a letter send to Bob (Rauschenberg?) about Laser Concert at Xenon and birthday and Christmas greetings; 6 items.
55 4 Kobayashi, Kenji, 1961-1968, undated
4 letters regard performing together, asking for advice on programs and how to play one of Cage's works, with a wedding invitation.
55 4 Koike, Ryo and Hiroko, 1972
One mstake, no. 3/150, Beau Geste Press.
55 4 Køpcke, Arthur, undated
Collage "Fill with own imagination."
55 4 Kostelanetz, Richard, 1969
55 4 Kosugi, Takehisa, 1972, 1996
Postcard and fax regard performing Ocean.
55 5 Kotik, Petr (S.E.M. Ensemble), 1971-1972, 1990-1994
Includes letters regarding concert dates, organization of Stafford's-in-the-field (Chocorua, 1972) with a copy of Mumma's lesson plan and copies of letters from Mumma and Ben Patterson, and an essay titled "A visit with David Tudor" by Kotik, circa 20 items.
55 6 Krauze, Zygmunt, 1965
Letter enclosing music.
55 6 Krumm, Philip, 1961-1967, undated
3 letters and 1 note enclosing scores, regarding the situation at UC Davis, Stockhausen's effect on him and his current work. Also 2 programs.
55 6 Kubota, Shigeko, 1970-1975, undated
Telegram, 2 postcards, letter to Cage regarding poems for her book, announcement, and handmade Christmas card.
55 6 Kurtz, Michael, 1987-1992
3 letters regarding his interview with Tudor for a Stockhausen biography, 6 photos.
55 7 Kremen, Irwin, 1957-1995, undated
Includes letters regarding publishing his copy of 4'33" in Source with description of layout; catalog of his works, postcard and 2 handmade greeting cards; 14 items.
55 8 La Brecque, Rebecca (pianist), 1988
Letter with reviews.
55 8 Lennon, John, undated
Note sending Yoko's love.
55 8 Leroi, Vera, 1960-1963
3 letters regard concert dates, 1 postcard.
55 8 Lewin Richter, Andrés (Spanish electronic music composer), 1962-1963
2 letters.
55 8 Litz, Katherine, 1960-1982
3 letters regard performing together; 1 form letter from the Katy Litz Dance Foundation.
55 9 Lerman, Richard, 1982-1993, undated
Postcard, 2 letters enclosing scores, cassette tape (cold storage), cv, reviews and New Year's card.
55 10 Loarie, Philip, 1985-1986
Handmade card with letter written inside and a slide, Christmas form letter and a handmade Christmas card.
55 10 Lockwood, Anna, 1974, 1995
2 letters, one of which is written on an announcement, and a postcard.
55 10 Lohmeyer, Paul and Martha, 1984, 1994-1996, undated
Christmas form letters, Christmas cards and a letter, 8 items.
55 10 Lowry, Bob (clarinetist), 1959
Letter asking Tudor to accompany him on a recording.
55 10 Lucier, Alvin, 1963-1967
3 letters, two of which enclose a score and describe "Organ Music for David Tudor," and a postcard.
55 10 Lunetta, Stanley, 1967, 1977, undated
2 letters asking for advice on electronics and a subscription form from Source with a note.
56-57 M-Pl, 1948-1996, undated
box folder
56 1 MacDermott, David, 1976
Letter and "A proposal for a drawing machine."
56 1 Mac Low, Jackson, 1961
Letter presenting A piece for Sari Dienes and a number of Asymmetries; (see Series I).
56 1 Maderna, Bruno, 1959
Letter regarding performance of his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra at Darmstadt.
56 1 Madge, Geoffrey Douglas (pianist), 1978
Letter asking for information regarding Music of changes, which he is going to record.
56 1 Maneri, Joseph, 1960
Letter enclosing scores.
56 1 Mangaldas, Anjali and Kamal, 1964-1967, undated
Mostly holiday greetings, 5 items.
56 1 Martin, Anthony, 1971, 1982, 1996
Postcard, letter and draft of a letter from Tudor recommending Martin.
56 1 Martin, Julie, 1972, 1983, 1996, undated
2 letters, 2 invitations and a Valentine's Day fax.
56 1 Marx, Josef (of McGinnis & Marx), 1959, 1965-1966
3 letters regarding performing together, borrowing a score, thank you for pieces sent, and a form letter.
56 2 Maxfield, Richard, 1961-1969, undated
Invitation to a "musicale-party," 3 letters, one sent by Composers Forum asking Tudor to perform his works, and a New Year's card.
56 2 Maurer, Elfriede, 1960 August 30
1 letter, 2 pp.
56 2 Mayor, Geeta, 1960-1962, undated
3 letters regarding performing in India and personal matters and 2 Christmas cards.
56 2 Mee, Charles, undated
Note asking Tudor to have a friend compose music for the accompanying "I've got a pain in my sawdust."
56 2 Mestres i Quadreny, Josep, 1961-1968
Letter sending a score and 2 notes, one of which contains instructions for Three canonos in homage to Galileus.
56 2 Metzger, Heinz-Klaus, 1960
Letter about concert dates.
56 2 Meyer-Denkmann, Gertrud (student in Darmstadt), 1960-1967, 1992
9 letters and 1 postcard asking advice on the type of music she should play and for a book she is writing on pedagogy and new music, and questions on how to play Variations.
56 3 Mizelle, Dary John, 1969, 1975, undated
Letter, postcard, and birth announcement.
56 3 Monahan, Gordon, 1993
Letter and brochure of his sound sculptures.
56 3 Moore, Frank L., 1958
56 3 Moran, Robert Leonard, 1961-1963
2 letters asking advice and enclosing a work.
56 3 Müller, Ursula (?), 1960
Letter about their conversation with Kagel.
56 4 Miller, Robert (Merce Cunningham Dance Co. sound engineer), 1989-1994, undated
12 letters and cards mostly regard personal matters, but also some on the recording of Rainforest, and 5 photos.
Monnier, Jacqueline, 1973-1995, undated
box folder
56 5-9 1973-1995
Substantial quantity of letters from Tudor's very dear friend and colleague regard personal matters (especially her garden, cooking, trips taken together and Teeny Duchamp), kites for "Island Eye, Island Ear," Sea tails, music for her video, exhibitions of her work, 9 lines, reflected, and bottles for Niki de Saint-Phalle. Also includes a collage, artists' book 9 kite tails and 29 photos, ca. .33 linear ft. (see next box for more).
box folder
57 1 undated
57 2 Moorman, Charlotte, 1963-1980, undated
Thick folder with letters regarding the first Avant-Garde Festival; playing Cage's "Piece for string player;" performing together; her other performance work; and announcements for the Avant-Garde Festival.
57 3 Mumma, Gordon, 1965-1975, 1995, undated
15 letters regard electronic equipment, Mesa, programming for Merce Cunningham Dance Co. and Commodius means; 2 postcards; typescript titled "Electronic music for the Merce Cunningham Dance Co;" and 2 pages of equipment notes (1 page missing).
57 4 Nemiroff, Joy (sister), Cathy (niece) and Isaac (composer and brother-in-law), circa 1948-1980, undated
9 personal letters and cards mostly from Joy and 3 drafts from Tudor.
57 4 Nono, Luigi, 1957-1958
2 postcards and 1 letter about Venice Biennale concert.
57 4 O'Brien, Kathleen, 1982-1983, undated
2 letters and 2 postcards with drawings.
57 4 Otte, Hans, 1958-1961, 1973
8 letters arranging concerts and sending score for Tropisman.
57 5 Nakaya, Fujiko, 1973-1986, 1994
8 letters and postcards regard personal and various projects, 6 photos taken by Kira Perov of fog scuplture she did with Viola, set of postcards of same fog sculpture and 2 photos of Tudor.
57 6 Nee, Thomas, 1979, 1990-1995, undated
Latitudes, no. 1 with printed Christmas card, 2 other homemade Christmas cards and 2 letters regarding concerts at the new Hampshire Music Festival.
57 7 Nilsson, Bo, 1956-1958, undated
8 letters regard his work and potential concerts; also 6 unsent postcards written by Nilsson to others with his text crossed out.
57 8 Oliveros, Pauline, 1963-1994, undated
37 items, mostly letters, regard her scores and performance work, concert dates, how they should perform together, and a description of "In memorium Elena Moneak-Snite." Also includes a pencil drawing of feet (1 sheet, verso and recto).
57 9 Ono, Yoko, 1962-1971, undated
5 page-letter defending Toshi Ichiyanagi with respect to a cancelled concert tour in Japan (1962); "Selfportrait" (envelope with mirror); "Part painting series #5," no. 9874; sales list; New Year's card; "Draw Circle;" invitation to participate in This is Not Here; and Grapefruit announcements.
57 10 Page, Frederick (piano student of Tudor's), 1960
57 10 Pablo, Luis de, 1962
Letter sending part of a score.
57 10 Patterson, Ben, 1960
Letter sending a score.
57 10 Pellizzi, Francesco (collector and writer), 1968
2 postcards.
57 10 Pesic, Peter D., 1963
Letter asking how to play Cage's Music of changes, Boulez's Deuxieme sonate and Bussotti's Five piano pieces for David Tudor.
57 10 Pesle, Benedicte, 1959-1964, circa 1992, undated
4 letters, mostly regarding personal matters.
57 10 Phillips, Ardison, undated
Letter mostly about E.A.T. and a Guggenheim proposal.
57 10 Pimenta, Emanuel Dimas de Melo (composer), 1990-1996
Long fax written to Cage about his work and 3 photographs sent as New Year's cards.
57 10 Puglisse, Michael, 1988-1992
3 postcards and a letter.
57 11 Paik, Nam June, 1964-1970
Handmade Christmas card, "Robot Opera," Easter greeting, 3 postcards, letter asking Tudor to give Kosugi money and telegram requesting Tudor to send a letter supporting Moorman/Paik performances.
57 12 Pedersen, Knud, 1971
Form letter asking for submissions to a radio programm, "World Line" by William Vazan, 9 sheets of concrete poetry, 8 project posters by Pedersen and others.
57 13 Plantamura, Carol (singer), 1966-1970, undated
12 letters, postcards and cards regard her concerts and personal.
58-59 Po-T, 1951-1996, undated
box folder
58 1 Poole, Peter and Carla, 1971-1972, undated
12 letters and postcards about travel and finding employment.
58 2 Pousseur, Henri, 1954-1961, undated
10 letters, 1 card and draft of a letter from Tudor about concert programs and dates, sending works, Variations II, Impromptu and corrections for Variations I.
58 3 Rainier, Priaulx (composer), 1956-1958, 1972
4 letters sending keyboard pieces and where they have been played, why he likes Cage's music.
58 3 Rampazzi, Teresa (pianist and Darmstadt student), 1956-1963, undated
5 letters and 3 postcards mostly regarding her playing.
58 3 Rauschenberg, Robert, 1978
Postcard and lid from a mailed box containing something perishable.
58 3 Reis, Becky and Bernard, circa 1958
Christmas card.
58 3 Riehn, Rainer, 1971, undated
Letter regards concert of Ichiyanagi's music enclosing list of questions about three of his pieces.
58 3 Riley, Terry, 1961-1967
3 letters regard Envelope with a long description of it, performing Concert for 2 pianists and a reference letter, and 1 invitation.
58 4 Rascher, Sigurd M. (saxophonist), 1953-1978, undated
Includes letters regarding tours and performances and a draft of a letter to Rascher's wife, 12 items.
58 5-10 Richards, Mary Caroline, 1951-1996, undated
Personal and intimate correspondence from Tudor's friend and lover. The letters begin with an invitation to perform at Black Mountain College, where they quickly developed a personal relationship, and later, detail her personal and professional life while Tudor was on tour. There is much about domestic matters (e.g., gardening, their cats); news of friends, family and events; and her pottery. Poems are scattered throughout, including a 7-page typescript "Recovery of the child in manhood" (1960), and poems in issues of Penn State papers in art education, The Cresset and Inward light. Also included is a monograph on her pottery, titled Toward M.C. and a copy of her translation of Satie's The ruse of Medusa: Lyric comedy in one act, circa .25 linear ft.
58 11 Rigg, Jean (with Merce Cunningham Dance Co.), 1968-1975, 1991-1994, undated
Mostly letters about performance schedules, logistics, Dance Co. gossip and personal matters. Also includes mention of Rainforest productions and Cage proposal for a book on Tudor, circa 50 items.
box folder
59 1 Rosselli, Amelia, 1960-1969, undated
7 letters and 2 postcards regard her health, publication of her poetry, Darmstadt and her music.
59 1 Rzewski, Frederic, 1969-1979
2 letters, 3 postcards and description of the MEV Group of Rome.
59 2 Scherchen, Hermann, 1957-1958
2 letters and 1 postcard regard meeting each other.
59 2 Schonberg, Harold, 1961
Thank you note.
59 2 Schwertsik, Kurt, 1967, undated
Birth announcement, postcard and note with sequence from Duet 2, which Wolff asked Schwertsik to send Tudor to show him the sources of the horn part.
59 3 Sarabhai, Manorama, 1959-1975, undated
Letters and postcards regard personal matters and 6 photographs of Tudor, circa 40 items.
59 4 Schonfield, Victor, 1970-1972, 1995
Letter about concert dates; letter with annotated interview by Schonfield; issue of Music and musicians (Aug. 1972), which published the interview; program notes, schedules and bio for a concert; photocopied article; and Christmas card.
59 5 Smith, Barbara, undated
Letter regards a possible collaboration.
59 5 Snyder, Ellsworth (Newcomb College, Tulane), 1963-1966, undated
3 letters and a program.
59 5 Sociedad Uruguaya de Musica Contemporanea, 1968-1970
Letter, enclosing 10 programs, 1968-1969.
59 5 Sottsass, Ettore, undated
3 cards.
59 5 Stevenson, Louis A., 1959
Letter about his new Intersonor studio.
59 5 Sutcliffe, Alan, 1961
Letter enclosing a score.
59 6-7 Stockhausen, Karlheinz, 1954-1965, undated
Very affectionate letters relating to Stockhausen compositions, European concerts and recordings, Darmstadt teaching posts and tours that Stockhausen made with Tudor of South America and the United States. Among the highlights are the letter of January 16, 1955, in which Stockhausen says that his thinking has changed since meeting Cage and Tudor; the letter of March 13, 1955, in which he discusses Klavierstücke III, IV, VI and VIII, including a particularly detailed discussion of compositional and performance aspects of VI; the letter of May 20, 1956, in which he appears to criticize Tudor's collaboration with Stefan Wolpe; the letter of March 24, 1957 in which he likens the Darmstadt programming of Klavierstück XI before Boulez' 3rd Sonata to a bullfight; the postcard of 1957 in which he criticizes the Darmstadt premiere of Klavierstück XI by Paul Jacobs; and the letter of September 20, 1957 which gives performance instructions and clarifications for Klavierstücke XI, circa 60 items.
59 8 Tcherepnin, Ivan, 1973-1976, undated
3 letters, 2 of which regard performing Rainforest at Harvard and 2 cards.
59 8 Teitelbaum, Richard, 1974, 1995
Letter from and letter to.
59 8 Tenney, James, 1975
59 8 Teshigahara, Hiroshi (filmmaker), undated
2 holiday cards designed by Teshigahara.
59 8 Titone, Antonino, 1959
Letter regards concert date in Palermo.
59 8 Tone, Yasunao, 1979, 1992-circa 1995
Announcement, note and postcard.
59 8 Tudor, Mr. (Tudor's father), 1948
4 letters.
59 8 Tufty, Barbara, 1979, 1989-1990
Greeting card, 2 letters, and clippings about Cunningham and Cage.
59 9 Tenten, Niko, 1988-1989, 1994
Includes 5 letters regard his radio projects and photocopies of his artwork.
box folder
60 1-7 U-W, 1945-1996, undated
60 1 Vigeland, Nils Anton (pianist), 1991
Note about a Cage piece.
60 2 Viola, Bill, 1973-1994, undated
Includes letters regarding Rainforest and how it has changed his video work, and about personal matters; with 6 photographs of Viola and his family and an altered Polaroid, circa 20 items.
60 3 Waring, James, 1959-1963
Includes letters about concert dates and a letter to an editor extolling Tudor, 10 items.
60 3 Warthman, Forrest (engineer who helped with Neural network), 1989-1993
4 letters.
60 3A Werner, Vibeke, 1995
Letter with issue of Dansk musik tidskrift (June 1994/95) and Neue zeitschrift für musik (Sept. 1994), both of which have articles on Tudor.
60 4 Waldhauer, Fred (E.A.T. founder) and Ruth, 1987-1996, undated
Mostly letters from Ruth regarding personal matters, but also 3 letters from Fred, circa 20 items.
60 5 Wilding-White, Ray, 1966-1975, undated
9 letters regarding Tudor's contribution to a proposed book, material for an article and equipment setup for a Tudor concert; a card and a chain letter.
60 6 Wolff, Christian, 1959-1967, undated
12 letters, 3 of which are addressed to Cage, presenting a score and parts, and sending performance instructions for Duet I, For 6 or 7 players, For magnetic tape and others.
60 7-7A Wolpe; Stefan, Irma and Hilda, 1945-1963, 1982, undated
Fond letters regarding Stefan's compositions and performances, personal matters and other piano students. Scattered throughout, the Wolpes provide encouragement and praise concerning Tudor's burgeoning career. Also includes a small photo album, circa 50 items.
box folder
61 1-5 X-Y, unidentified, 1950-1996, undated
61 1 Zaccagnini, Guido, 1981-1987, 1996, undated
3 letters, 5 postcards and 3 cards offering news of Italian friends.
61 2 Young, La Monte, 1960-1969, 1989, undated
12 letters presenting different compositions, making corrections to pieces, giving performance instructions and suggestions, and describing past performances of the pieces. Also includes 2 versions of his curriculum vitae, project description for a grant proposal (circa 1963), Guggenheim grant proposal (1969) and an announcement.
61 3 Group postcards, 1957-1967, undated
5 postcards signed by multiple composers and/or performers: Stockhausen, Wolpe, Nilsson, Bussotti, Boulez, Cardew, Kotik, Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann, Schwertsik, Carolee Schneemann, Monnier, Moorman and others.
61 4 Tudor drafts to unidentified correspondents, circa 1950-1969
18 drafts, probably from the 1950s and 1960s, regarding tours and personal matters. One 4 pp. draft describes his transition from organist to pianist. One has been identified as a draft of Tudor's letter of 18 May 1959 to Stockhausen. One ms. is about the Barraqué Sonata for piano. "Mr. B." appears to be Barraqué. "Mr. H." may be André Hodeir.
61 5 Unidentified, undated
circa .33 linear ft.
Miscellaneous oversize
Oversize materials relating to Correspondence (folder 1), and Ephemera (folder 2)
box folder
211* 1 Boulez correspondence to Cage relates to Series IV
From box 51, folder 9.
211* 2 Relates to Series VIA

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