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David Tudor papers, 1800-1998, bulk 1940-1996

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Tudor (David) papers
Series II. Projects, 1949-1996 21 boxes
Projects includes various materials concerning Tudor's performance and other work related activities. Files contain correspondence with collaborators and staffs of various performance spaces, notes, project proposals, grant applications, budgets, itineraries, equipment lists and contracts. There is substantial documentation concerning his work with the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation and Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.).
The series is arranged to two subseries: Series II.A. General projects; Series II.B. Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation.
Series II.A. General projects, 1949-1996 14 box(es)
This subseries contains all project materials except those concerning the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation, organized chronologically. The early files from the 1950s consist almost exclusively of correspondence and contracts for piano concerts, while later files include a range of materials which record more fully the development of his electronic compositions. Especially well documented are the Pepsi Pavilion at the Osaka World's Fair and "Island Eye, Island Ear," both E.A.T. projects; Rainforest IV; and Tudor's editorial work on scores by Henry Cowell and Stefan Wolpe, in particular Battle piece.
Arranged chronologically; materials relating to E.A.T and Cowell editing project are arranged topically.
box folder
16 1 Stockholm Festival, 1966
Unrealized Billy Klüver project, which was reorganized a few months later as 9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering. Includes Fylkingen contracts, correspondence, description of wireless system, 30 sheets of notes, list of proposals, address lists; circa 50 items.
16 2 E.A.T. - 9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering, 1966
Includes correspondence, Armory schematics, documents concerning the formation of E.A.T., announcements and programs (see also accn. no. 940003 for much more material on this project); circa 25 items.
16 3 Various projects, 1966
9 items.
16 4 CBS Records, 1967
3 contracts, note and letter.
16 5 UC Davis appointment, 1967
Correspondence, programs, notes; 21 items.
16 6 E.A.T., 1967-1969
Includes E.A.T. news, E.A.T. proceedings, Techne; circa 20 items.
16 7 Various projects, 1967
Includes 3 letters from Sveriges Radio; 11 items.
16 8 CBS Records, 1968
1 contract (+2 copies).
16 9 A second wind for organ (recording), 1968
Mostly worksheets for performing organ works by Kagel, Wolff and Mumma, circa 30 items.
16 10 Various projects, 1968
Includes 7 letters and a contract regarding Sveriges Radio performance; 18 items.
16 11 Various projects, 1969
9 items.
E.A.T., 1970-1973
box folder
17 1-12 E.A.T. - Pepsi Pavilion, 1970
Includes correspondence from Lowell Cross, Billy Klüver, Fujiko Nakaya and others concerning dome construction, laser system, live programming and logistics; notes, articles on electronics, schematics and diagrams pertaining to the laser sound system; equipment and technical notes; proposals, lists of sounds, sample worksheets and many notes concerning live programming; dome design drawings (photocopies); CBS/SONY Records correspondence and contracts; file of materials concerning logistics and schedules which includes itineraries, lists of responsibilities and phone numbers; and articles on the Pavilion. (See FF.7** for related materials.)
box folder
18 1-4 E.A.T. - Pepsi Pavilion, 1970
Includes Expo ephemera, E.A.T. ephemera and miscellaneous notes, circa 2 inches.
18 5 Cultural Council Foundation grant application, 1970
9 items.
18 6 Various projects, 1970
Includes letter from Joel Chadabe of SUNY, Albany; 8 items.
18 7 E.A.T., 1970-1972
Thick folder with many reports and proposals pertaining to Artists in India, U.S.A. Presents, Children and Communication and other E.A.T. projects. Also includes reports on activities and income, and an issue of Techne.
18 8 E.A.T. ephemera, 1970-1972
Printed announcements, booklets, circa 15 items.
18 9 E.A.T. - Artists and Television, 1971
Grant proposals, letters from Klüver and printed matter; 11 items.
18 10 Various projects, 1971
circa 20 items.
18 11 Radio Bremen, 1972
Some notes on equipment and correspondence pertaining to European tour ( Rainforest?); 14 items.
18 12 Various projects, 1972
Most pertaining to the North Carolina Museum's Black Mountain College Research Project (see also M.C. Richards papers); 20 items.
18 13 Rainforest IV - Chocorua, 1973
New Music in New Hampshire workshops; circa 30 items.
box folder
19 1 Composers Inside Electronics, 1973
Photocopied correspondence about the group's formation just after Chocorua, 15 sheets.
19 2 "David Tudor: 10 selected realizations of graphic scores and related performances," 1973
Article written by Ray Wilding-White based on an interview with Tudor, who analyzes a number of works he has performed. Contains a letter, photocopied typescript and notes; 41 sheets.
19 3 Various projects, 1973
Includes menu from E.A.T.'s New York Collection for Stockholm charter flight signed by Red Grooms, 8 items.
19 4 Viola Farber Dance Co., 1974
Includes 4 sheets of notes and itineraries; 14 items.
19 5 Video/Laser III, 1974-1977
Includes documents pertaining to production and funding, research articles and project description; circa 1 inch.
19 6 Various projects, 1974
Includes letter from Alvin Lucier, 11 items.
19 7 Rainforest IV, 1975
Includes correspondence from Lawrence Morton of LACMA and Suzanne Weil, and photocopied article by Chadabe; circa 30 items.
19 8 Rainforest IV - Fort Worth Art Museum, 1975
14 items.
19 9 Various projects, 1975
25 items.
19 10 Australia, 1976
Includes contract and programs; 8 items.
19 11 Festival d'Automne Paris, 1976
Includes correspondence, photocopies of equipment, notes; circa 45 items.
19 12 Rainforest IV - Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, 1976
Thick folder containing correspondence, contract, programs, fliers, note on performance set-up, technical information and press.
19 13 Various projects, 1976
Includes itineraries, notes for programs, correspondence, some handwritten notes, most of which pertains to Rainforest; circa 50 items.
box folder
20 1 Brazos river - Fort Worth Art Museum, 1977
Tudor scored Video pulsers to Viola Farber's dance. Contains 14 pages project description, notes, letters from Anne Livet, photocopies of press clippings, schedule, KERA-TV production facilities specs. with annotations; circa 25 items.
20 2 Creative Artists Public Services, 1977
Tudor served on the multi-media panel. Includes notes, correspondence, lists of applicants and some applications; circa 30 items.
20 3 Microphone recording, 1977
Letter to Cramps Records, biographical information, description of piece, description of multitrack recording project at Mills College, notes; 17 items.
20 4 Rainforest IV, 1977
Correspondence, budget proposal, and photocopies of articles; circa 40 items.
20 5-7 Rotating loudspeaker, 1977-1978
Includes project history, test graphs, proposal, notes, copies of support letters, budgets and NEA grant application; 1.5 inches.
20 8 Various projects, 1977
circa 20 items.
20 9 Various projects, 1978
circa 20 items.
20 10 Proposed archival project, circa 1979
Grant application to organize his archive of performance materials from 1950-1970. Includes much biographical information.
20 11 Rainforest IV, 1979
Includes description of Composers Inside Electronics, form letters to drum up concerts and expenses; circa 40 items.
20 12 Various projects, 1979
Includes letter from Joel Chadabe, Tudor notes and proposals for Lowell Cross' "Prometheus" and Laser Concert (see 1980 files for more); circa 25 items. See also Box 210* for Sonavera recording project.
box folder
21 1-11 E.A.T. - "Island Eye, Island Ear," 1974-1984
Includes notes, reports, proposals, technical information, drawings, and letters and kites by Jackie Monnier; organized in rough chronological order (see also accn. no. 940003 for much more material). Includes color photocopy of a drawing of Knavelskar Island by Fujiko Nakaya, from Julie Martin and Billy Klüver (folder 11).
box folder
22 1-6 Cowell editing project, 1978-1992
Large quantity of correspondence with Sidney Cowell starting in 1978 regarding her husband's music, mostly finding scores and editing them for publication. Also Tudor notes, typed notes regarding scores, list of works at the Library of Congress, and miscellaneous.
box folder
23 1-11 Cowell editing project, 1978-1992
Mostly photocopies of scores, but also includes a list of Tudor's edits and scores handcopied by Tudor. See also Box 210*, folder 2 for more copied scores.
box folder
24 1-5 Cowell editing project, 1978-1992
Photocopies of scores.
24 6-8 Wolpe editing project, 1989-1994
Photocopies and mechanicals of Battle piece.
box folder
25 1 HPSCHD, SUNY Buffalo, 1980
Letter, memo, description by Kathleen Law and announcement.
25 2 Laser Concert - Ars Electronica, Linz, 1980
Correspondence, contracts, programs and notes, circa 25 items.
25 3-4 Laser Concert - Venice Biennale, 1980
Includes correspondence, notes, program, contracts and itinerary, circa 50 items.
25 5 Rainforest IV - Berlin and Stockholm, 1980
Thick folder with correspondence, description, notes, itineraries, biographical information, press release and budgets.
25 6 Rainforest IV - Berlin recording, 1980
Mostly contracts and correspondence, 16 items.
25 7 Various projects, circa 1980
Includes 3 letters and a floor plan from Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Vienna, circa 20 items.
25 8 Rainforest IV - Neuberger Museum, 1981
Includes correspondence, notes, budget and announcements, circa 30 items.
25 9 Various projects, 1981
Includes Gramavision recording contract for Rainforest IV, circa 20 items.
25 10 Holland Festival, 1982
Correspondence and itineraries, 8 items.
25 11 Rockefeller grant, 1982
Correspondence and application concerning a grant to record Pulsers and Forest Speech, 9 items.
25 12 Solo for piano - Walker Art Center, 1982
Photocopies of letters to the Walker, itinerary, schedule and announcement, 6 items.
25 13 Various projects, 1982
Includes correspondence, program and handwritten equipment list for Cage program at the American Center, Paris, circa 25 items.
25 14 Sea tails, 1983
Mostly notes and 2 letters from Jackie Monnier, circa 20 items.
25 15 Various projects, 1983
Includes 2 letters concerning Rainforest video tape, 18 items.
25 16 Japan, 1984
Address lists, notes and photocopies of form letters sent in order to perform Rainforest in Japan in 1985.
25 17 Pulsers and Untitled recording, 1984
Galley proofs, 3 sheets of notes/corrections, list of Lovely Music distributors, cost and royalty calculations, and 2 reviews.
25 18 Various projects, 1984
5 items.
25 19 Mobius, 1985
Tudor received a grant to create and perform a new work. Includes correspondence, press release and contract, 11 items.
25 20 Centre Georges Pompidou, 1985
Collaboration with Jackie Monnier. Correspondence and contracts, circa 15 items.
25 21 Various projects, 1985
Includes correspondence with René Block and a list of scores on consignment at Margarete Roeder Fine Arts, 9 items.
box folder
26 1 Bye Bye Kipling, 1986
Includes program rundown, rehersal schedule, correspondence and contract, 12 items.
26 2 Sea tails (sound totem version), 1986
Includes correspondence with the Whitney Museum and Jackie Monnier and photocopied descriptions, 17 items.
26 3 Various projects, 1986
Includes equipment lists, 6 items.
26 4 Los Angeles Festival, 1987
Correspondence, contract, program notes, 8 items.
26 5 9 lines, reflected, 1987-1988
Thick folder with descriptions, technical information, budgets, photographs of Monnier's kites, photocopied drawings, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln correspondence and contracts, and Guggenheim grant application. See also Sea tails (sound totem version).
26 6 Various projects, 1987-1988
Includes budget and 4 letters concerning Japan Rainforest tour, two letters and 3 loan forms from the Edith C. Blum Art Institute for the Black Mountain College exhibition, Robert Ashley description of "The Butterfly Connection" (13 programs for television), and broadcast plan for an unknown venue, circa 45 items.
26 7 Heidelberger Festival, 1988
Includes letter and many photocopies of abstract flow/neural patterns for the "Festival for Experimental Music and Text," Heidelberg, 13 items.
26 8 Real Art Ways, 1988
Photocopied floor plans, some with Tudor annotations, letters from Brian Johnson, contract, program, Real Art Ways calendar for fall 1987 and performance rights waiver, 13 items.
26 9 Recording projects, 1989
Includes letters from Collegno, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln and Mode about recording Dialectics and a number of Tudor's piano realizations, and notes by Tudor, circa 20 items.
26 10 Various projects, 1989
Includes NEA grant application and 2 letters and a contract from the Alternative Museum, circa 20 items.
26 11-17 Inventory project, 1989
Initially proposed as part of documenting the Cunningham archive. Contains project proposals by Holzaepfel, correspondence Holzaepfel, with Christian Wolff with annotated lists of his works, handwritten or annotated lists of works by Earle Brown, Cage, Feldman, Ichiyanagi, Wolpe and others, large quantity of catalog notes (printouts and photocopies), index of first performances through 1960, Tudor bibliography, and list of works by other composers which Tudor performed, .25 linear feet.
box folder
27 1-4 Wolpe editing project, 1989-1994
Correspondence with Austin Clarkson, photocopies of scores with corrections, corrected proofs and printout of Clarkson introduction for Battle piece, and photocopies of Tango d'Apaches and Movements 2 and 3.
27 5-7 Neural network research and development, 1989-1991
Letters, reports and articles from Forrest Warthman concerning the development of equipment later used in Neural network plus (see next box).
27 8 Various projects, 1990
4 items.
27 9 Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Köln, 1991
letter enclosing 12 black-and-white photographs and a map of possible sites for the potential realization of an outdoor piece in Witten.
27 10 Various projects, 1991
4 items.
27 11 Various projects, 1992
circa 20 items.
27 12 John Cage tribute (Koch), 1993
Letters, contracts and published version of 4'33" with a letter written inside, 8 items.
1993-1996, undated
box folder
28 1 Variations II- Rolywholyover A Circus, MOCA, 1993
Correspondence, project description and press releases, 9 items.
28 2 Neural network plus - Banff Festival, 1993-1994
Includes correspondence, equipment list, project proposal, payment statements, recording contracts, copies of Warthman's liner notes and charts. The recording derived from the Banff session is titled Neural synthesis nos. 6-9, circa 35 items.
28 3 Various projects, 1993
Includes press releases and itineraries for S.E.M. Ensemble concerts, recording contract from Hat Hut to publish WDR performances and letter and description of the Lyons Biennale from Marc Dachy, circa 35 items.
28 4 Ocean, 1994
Includes sound research, drawing of speakers, description, copy of input output configuration and correspondence; circa 20 items.
28 5 The poetry of abstraction - music beyond language - Donaueschingen Music Festival, 1994
Correspondence with Südwestfunk and description; circa 10 items.
28 6 Various projects, 1994
Includes 4 letters from Steim, Amsterdam; 15 items.
28 7 Bard College, 1995
Includes contract, correspondence and program; 8 items.
28 8 London Musicians Collective, 1995
6 letters and duplicates.
28 9 Ocean, 1995
8 letters and 2 schedules.
28 10 S.E.M. Ensemble, Prague, 1995
Mostly programs and a doctor's note excusing Tudor from performing; 7 items.
28 11-14 Toneburst: maps and fragments, 1995-1996
Corresp., press release, transparencies of Untitled and Toneburst, ideograms, and photographs.
28 15 Various projects, 1995
7 items.
28 16 Various projects, 1996
Includes letters concerning the consignment of scores to the Margarete Roeder Gallery; 12 items.
28 17-19 Unidentified projects, undated
Miscellaneous oversize, 1978-1992
Only folders 1-2 relate to Series II.A, Projects; folders 3-13 in this box relate to Series III.
box folder
210* 1 Sonavera International Tape Competition, 1979
Relates to box 20; 4 sheets.
210* 2 Cowell editing project, 1978-1992
Relates to boxes 22-24. 10 large photocopies of scores.
7** E.A.T. Pepsi Pavilion, 1970
Includes photocopied drawings, notes, computer print-out and other papers. Relates to Pepsi Pavilion material in Boxes 17 and 18.
Series II.B. Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation, 1953-1996, undated 7 box(es)
Papers pertain to Tudor's involvement with the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation and include materials about tours and commissions, performances, and travel. Includes lists of electronic equipment for customs; questionnaires and travel forms; technical and travel notes; production and travel costs; meeting minutes; lists of basic requirements for stage, storage and dressing; repertory sheets; and clippings. Some notes in Tudor's hand pertain to the performances. Correspondence regards tours and commissions. Some papers document Tudor's own lectures and performances that occurred separately but while he was touring with the Cunningham Dance Foundation.
Organized chronologically.
box folder
29 1-13 1953-1970
box folder
30 1-10 1970-1979
box folder
31 1-7 1980-1984
box folder
32 1-6 1985-1987
box folder
33 1-4 1988-1990
box folder
34 1-4 1991-1993
box folder
35 1-6 1994-1996, undated

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