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Lettrism papers, 1946-1965

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1 1 "Première manifestation Lettriste" n.d.
1 1 Handwritten card [1946]
from Isou to Queneau which invites Queneau to assist in the conference "Interdiction de Peter dans la salle," even though he is an ass.
1 1 "Le Lettrisme" n.d.
1 1 Cover design n.d.
handwritten for the proposed book "Oeuvres complètes de Isidore Isou" (published?)
1 1 Letter 1947
typed from R. Veillé to Queneau forwarding two handwritten letters from listeners who heard Lettrisme programs on the radio.
1 2 Letters Avril 1949, 12 Avril 1949, March 1954
3 handwritten letters from Gabriel Pomerand to Queneau sending thanks for a package of books he received while imprisoned in Luasanne (1949) and requesting books be sent to him while he recuperates in the hospital (1954).
1 3 Clipping n.d.
about the judgement against Isou and also lists those who support him.
1 3 Letter 23 Oct 62
handwritten from Isou to Queneau requesting Queneau to read the enclosed letter to members of l'Acadèmie Goncourt.
1 3 Letter [1962]
4 p. typed from Isou to Queneau seeking support for the first Lettriste festival.
1 3 Letter 26 Oct 1962
typed from Isou to Queneau about the judgement against him and requesting Queneau to appeal to the public for support.
1 3 "Defense d'Isidore Isou" n.d.
tract with handwritten note from Isou to Queneau written in the top and bottom margins.
1 4 "Domaine artistique integral" n.d.
1 4 Letter 25 mai 1964
typed from Isou to Queneau asking Queneau to participate in a cultural committee.
1 4 "Vive la retrospective surrealiste!" [1964]
tract which denounces André Breton.
1 4 "La poesie et la musique Lettristes et Aphonistes" n.d.
1 4 Letters 1964
3 typed from Jacques Spacagna to Queneau concerning the issue of Bizarre that he and Lemaître are preparing,
1 5 Letter [1964]
copy of a 7 p. typed letter from Isou to Gaston Gallimard sent to Queneau with a note handwritten in the margin asking him to comment on Isou's proposals for Gallimard to have readers at Editions Gallimard capable of understanding and defending Lettrisme and changes to the journal N.N.R.F. which grows worse each year.
1 6 Advertisement [1964]
3 p. ts. By Noël Arnaud describing the contents of 3 recordings for sale listed on a 4th page.
1 6 Invitation [1956 or 1962]
to a Lemaître event with ink drawings and film strips.
1 6 Letters , 10 août 1965 19 Septembre 1962
2 typed, short letters from Lemaître to Queneau.
1 7 Envelope [1962]
from Isou to Queneau,

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