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Hugo Brehme Views of the Mexican Revolution, 1913-1920

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Brehme (Hugo) Views of the Mexican Revolution
Series IV. General views of Mexico, ca. 1913-1920 12 photographs
Images offer a sample of the pictorialism for which Brehme is known; these include landscapes showing engineering feats, and local color images, with some photographs related to developments in the Mexican revolution after 1914. Two of the photographs (#s 101, 102) are related to the U.S. occupation of Veracruz.
97-98 [The Metlac bridge spanning the Barranca de Metlac near Córdoba?]
#97: "38. 2304a. Metlac"--annotations on verso. #98: "39. 2304. Metlac"--annotations on verso.
99 [Railroad bridge, Barranca Infiernillo]
"40. Puente en la Barranca Infiernillo. F.-C. Méxicano. Estado de Veracruz"--annotations on verso.
100 [Old public wharf, Veracruz]
"33. Antigua Muelle fiscal, Veracruz"--annotations on verso.
101 [U.S. soldiers and reporters [?] along a railroad track in Veracruz.]
"61. 5539. Avanzada americ. V.c."--annotations on verso.
102 [U.S. mail delivery, Veracruz]
"66. 5587. Correo V. C."--annotations on verso.
103 [Villista tent camp on railway car roofs]
68. 5686. Zeltlager der revolutionären Truppen auf den Dächern von Risenbahnwagen im México. 1914. Villistas Estac. Central.
104 [Prisoner transport on the way from Toluca to Mexico City]
"60. 1717. Gefangenen-(Sträflings-) Transport auf dem Wege von Toluca nach Mexico, d.F. (ca. 60 km.)"--annotations on verso.
105 [Young Tehuanas]
"55. 4401. Tehuantapec"--annotations on verso. Before 1923.
106 [Santiago, Mexico, F. Cordes, ] 1920
"65. No. 34. F. Cordes (4. v. l.) mit Selbstanslöser"--annotations on verso. Photograph taken with self-timing camera.
107 [Prisoners]
"57. 1140. Monte Alto"--annotations on verso.
108 [Bird vendors, San Angel, Mexico City]
"67. 2996. San Angel"--annotations on verso.

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