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Joachim Bonnemaison Collection of Panorama Photographs, 1803-1998 (bulk 1846-1944)

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Bonnemaison (Joachim) Collection of Panorama Photographs
Series IV. North America, 1858-1944 8 Linear Feet (2 boxes, 1 flatfile)
Countries represented include Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
Arranged alphabetically by country, and within each country, alphabetically by photographer. Works by unidentified photographers are listed at the end of each country.
Canada, 1858
box item
10 21 Hime, H. L. (Humphrey Lloyd), The Prairie on the Banks of Red River Looking South,
Albumen. Title written in pencil on recto of mount. Photographer's name and date from Bonnemaison. IX.60. Former box number: 19.
Mexico, 1909- circa 1910
Unidentified photgraphers
Includes the work of three different unidentified photographers.
Views of Mexico, 1909
Gelatin silver prints unless otherwise noted. Date derived from similar photographs. F 150. Former box numbers: 5 and 6.
box item
5 1 Man and Two Women Playing Badminton in front of a Manor House
5 2 Four Men on Horseback Crossing a Bridge
5 3 Group of Construction Workers Moving a Pipe
5 4, 6-7 Lake with Mountains
Three prints.
5 5 Lake with Mountains and Men with a Boat
5 8-9 Tank a Oaxaca
Two prints. Title written in ink on recto of mount of 98.R.19-b05.08. F 150.
5 10 Landscape and Mountains
5 11 Village
5 12 Church in a City
5 13 Railroad Line and Train
5 14-15 Plaza de la Concordia, Orizaba
Two prints.
5 16-17 House with Mountains in Background
Two prints.
5 18 City
5 19-20 City with Landscape
Two prints.
5 21 Street with Buildings, Tram, and a Road Sweeper
5 22-23 Parade with Porfirio Díaz [?]
Two prints.
5 24 Three Huts with Men
5 25 Ship on the Sea
Title and date from another print with same motif.
5 26 Crossroads with a Bicycle Shop
5 27 Men with Dog on a Railroad Bridge
5 28 Railroad Line with Train and Building
Title and date written in ink on recto.
5 29-30 Orizaba
Two prints. Title and date written in ink on recto of 98.R.19-b05.29.
5 31 Men on Horseback in a Valley
5 32 Two Men in a Landscape
5 33 Two Men and a Horse in a Landscape
5 34 Landscape with Men
5 35 Mananciales Escaleras, Estdo Vera-Cruz [Estado Veracruz]
Title and date written in ink on recto.
5 36 Four Men on Horseback Crossing a River
5 37 Laundry at a River
5 38 Rio de Chicola, Uberbrückungsstelle
Title and date written in ink on recto.
5 39 >Landscape with a Mountain
5 40 >Men and Horses at a Mountain Lake
5 41 Four Men in a Boat
5 42-43 Men in a Valley
Two prints.
5 44 Pipes in a Field
5 45 Landscape with Mountains
5 46 Men in a Landscape
5 47 Men in a Landscape with a Mountain
5 48 Village in Mexico
box item
6 1 Four Riders Crossing a River
6 2 Men in a Landscape at a Laundry Spot
6 3 Orizaba, Plaza de la Concordia
Cyanotype. Title and date from another print with same motif.
6 4 City View
6 5 Crossroads in Orizaba
Location and date written in ink on recto.
6 6 Plaza de la Concordia, Orizaba
Title and date written in ink on recto.
6 7 Two Men in a Gorge
Written in pencil on verso: Muestra de papel para las copias de las vistas panoramicas.
6 8 Two Men in a Field
6 9 Street with Buildings and a Man
6 10 Two Men on a Trail in a Village
6 11-12 Rocky River
Two prints.
6 13 Railroad Line and Buildings
6 14 Nacimiento de los Manamiales de Aleojuer [?]
Title and date written in in on verso.
6 15-16 >Railroad Station at El Hule
Two prints.
6 17-19 Mountains in the Landscape
Three prints.
6 20 Valley
6 21 City with Landscape
6 22 Landscape with Horses
6 23 Landscape
6 24 Men on Horseback near a Bridge
6 25 Ende des Zuführungskanals
Title written in ink on recto.
6 26 Men on Horseback close to a Bridge
6 27 Three Men in a Boat
6 28-31 Rocks in River
Four prints.
6 32 Escaleras
Title and date written in ink on recto.
6 33 Group of Men in a Landscape
6 34 Group of Men and Women in a Landscape
6 35 Men on Horseback at a Riverside
6 36 Landscape with Mountains in Mexico
6 37 Men with Horses at a Mountain Lake
6 38-39 Mountian Lake
Two prints.
6 40 Landscape in Mexico
6 41 Plants in the Landscape
6 42 Rocks and Waterfall
6 43-44 Valley with Men
Two prints.
box item
5 49-50 Construction of a Water Depot, circa 1910
Two gelatin silver prints. Dated by Bonnemaison. A 20. Former box number: 10.
box item
16 1 Zocalo, Mexico City, circa 1910
Gelatin silver. The Zocalo (main square) of Mexico City with Cathedral (middle) and National Palace (right). Dated by Bonnemaison. Item is unusually large for being only one piece. G 159. Former box number: 22** rolled.
United States, 1908-1944
box item
7 4 Berenice Abbott,Small Train, between 1935 and 1940
Gelatin silver, multiple exposures. Signed in pencil on verso of mount. Date from Arles catalog. F 149. Former box number: 16.
flatfile item
46 1 Donaldson Photo, Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1915
Two gelatin silver panoramas on one mount. Title, photographer's name, and date in negative on recto of print: Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915, Donaldson Photo Co. S.F. The upper image is a bird's-eye view of the exposition. The lower image is a large group portrait taken in a San Francisco [?] street. G 165. Former folder number: FF 54**.
box item
10 23 Andreas Feininger, Night Baseball, Polo Grounds, circa 1940
Two-part panorama, gelatin silver. Title printed on paper pasted on verso. Photographer's name stamped on verso of both prints: Foto: Andreas Feininger. Date from Bonnemaison. Notation on recto of both prints: 10 ½ wide let light come. B 52. Former folder number: FF 28**.
box item
7 2 Joseph Turner Keiley, Niagara Falls, 1916
Gelatin silver. Title written in ink on verso. Photographer's name from Bonnemaison. Date from Plessen and Giersch. Attributed to George Seeley in the Arles catalog and as a heliogravure of the photograph. IX.64. Former box number: 16.
box item
10 22 Man Ray, Windbag, 1944
Gelatin silver. Photographer's name and date from attached certificate of Lucien Treillard. Title and caption typed on recto of paper mounted below print: Windbag. In the category of silent musical instruments, this is completely sealed up - even a percussion instrument depends on air. In Arles catalog. Location probably Los Angeles per Man Ray's biography. C 98. Former box number: 7*.
box item
7 1 Unidentified photographer, Honolulu "Algerobus", 1908
Cyanotype. Title and date written in ink on recto of mount. H 169. Former box number: 1.

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