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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series IV. Printed images, posters, maps and original artwork, 1880-1967 122 items
Series IV.G. Ethnographic images, 1890-1895 2 items
Images of ethnic and tribal "types."
box folder
24* 5 Rakotouko, [Portrait of a Malagasy woman], [1890] 1 painting : watercolor; 32 x 25 cm.
Seller's inventory titles: "Portrait d'une femme malgache."
24* 5 Types guerriers et tribus sauvages de l'Afrique, Jarville-Nancy (France): Imageries Marcel Vagné, [ca. 1895] 1 print : stereotype, color; 41 x 29 cm.
Six rows of eight figures each (except for the top row, of six figures), showing warriors from a wide range of African tribes including Zoulou [Zulu], Kabyle, Diola, Hova, and many others. All but two of the figures are given in identical pairs.
See also: Military and conquest.
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