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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series IV. Printed images, posters, maps and original artwork, 1880-1967 122 items
Series IV.B. Colonial expositions, 1894-1951 13 items
The subseries contains images from colonial expositions and is arranged chronologically by exposition.
9** Castellani, Ch., Les Amazones au combat de Dogba, Dahomey, [S.l.] : Exposition coloniale de Lyon, 1894 1 print: lithograph, color; 59 x 40 cm.
Female African warrior charging while another lies slain; in the background more female warriors battle with male European troops.
See also: Military and conquest, Ethnographic images.
2** Poilpot, Th., Panorama transatlantique, Algérie et Tunisie : Exposition universelle de 1900, Champ de Mars, Paris : Imprimerie Chaix; Ateliers Chéret, 1900 1 print : lithograph, color; 127 x 97 cm. on backing 131 x 97 cm.
North African desert caravan: woman on foot with baby, man in white cloak with rifle, woman with children seated on large camelback howdah, many followers on foot and camelback.
See also: Ethnographic images
10** Dellepiane, D. [David], Exposition nationale coloniale : Marseille, 1922 : avril-novembre, [Marseille] : Imp. Moullot-Marseille, 1922 1 print: lithograph, color; 106 x 75 cm. on backing 112 x 80 cm.
On a promontory stand two young women, one North African and one Southeast Asian, draped in a French flag which flutters in the breeze, while next to them a sitting African woman looks off to the side; behind them a view of an estuary and coastline with a steamship and a city (Marseille?) in the background. Artist's first name from Images et Colonies (1993), p. 130.
10** La Nezière, R. de, Exposition nationale coloniale : Marseille, 1922 : Grand prix, [Marseille] : Imp. Moullot-Marseille, 1922 1 print: lithograph, color; 54 x 69 cm. on backing 62 x 77 cm.
Illustrated certificate : the colonized peoples of the French Empire gather around a dais upon which Justice, personified as a white woman in Grecian robes, sits enthroned with French flags and laurel, while another robed white woman holds up laurel wreaths before her; in the far background the towers of the Exposition, including the "tata colonial" or citadel of the French West Africa pavilion (see Prussin, Hatumere, p. 18).
2** Bellenger, P., République française : Exposition coloniale internationale, 1931, Paris, Paris : Imp. Chaix, 1931 1 print: lithograph, color; 102 x 78 cm. on backing 127 x 84 cm.
Stylized head of soldier in colonial helmet.
5** Desmeures, Exposition coloniale internationale : Paris, 1931 : Le tour du monde en un jour, Paris : Robert Lang, éditeur, 1931 1 print : lithograph, color; 158 x 118 cm. on backing 166 x 126 cm.
Tableau of four ethnic types - North African, Native American, African, Southeast Asian - before two architectural structures: to the left, a white watchtower flying the French flag, and to the right, pagodas with long needle-like finials.
See also: Ethnographic images.
12** Dransy, [Naja], Ferrovie francesi : visitate l'esposizione coloniale : Parigi, 1931, [S.l.] : Etablts [Établissements] Vercasson, 1931 1 print : lithograph, color; 100 x 62 cm. on backing 100 x 67 cm.
Josephine Baker in performance.
See also: Advertisements; Racist satire.
11** Saunier, J., Plan de l'Exposition coloniale internationale, 1931, [S.l. : s.n.], 1931 1 photomechanical print : offset lithograph, color; 39 x 51 cm.
Site map of exposition.
See also: Maps.
11** Tournaire, A. [Albert], Plan de l'Exposition coloniale de Paris, [S.l.] : A. Tournaire, 1931 1 print : lithograph, color; 37 x 54 cm.
Site map of exposition.
See also: Maps
11** Pelletier, G., Exposition coloniale internationale : plan officiel à vol d'oiseau, [Paris] : Éditions Ed. Blondel la Rougery, 1931 1 photomechanical print : offset lithograph, color; 51 x 81 cm.
Site map of exposition, showing pavilions.
See also: Maps.
11** Pinchon, E., Diplôme de collaborateur : Ministère des colonies, Exposition coloniale internationale, 1931, [S.l.] : Hélio-Vaugirard, 1931 1 photomechanical print : offset lithograph, color; 54 x 73 cm.
Certificate made out to Paul Lefèvre, and illustrated as if depicting bas-relief done in a Deco or folk style. A tall woman in Grecian robes symbolizing France dominates the illustration; behind her are two friezes, the upper one showing a procession of colonized peoples with horses and an elephant, bearing the produce of their lands (ivory, cocoa pods, etc.), and the lower one showing architecture in the styles of North and West Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe.
13** Colin, Paul, Ministère des colonies : deuxième salon de la France d'outre-mer, Grand Palais, Paris, 22 nov[em]bre 10 déc[em]bre, 1939, [Paris?] : Édition du Salon de la France d'outre-mer, 1939 1 print : lithograph, color; 98 x 62 cm. on backing 102 x 65 cm.
French flag swirling over the ocean, with steamships in the background, and a crate surrounded by produce to be shipped faintly outlined in the foreground. Seller's inventory gives date as 1940.
13** Giordani, N., Afrique occidentale française : Abidjan du 4 au 11 février 1951 : IVème [quatrième] foire-exposition et ouverture du port, Paris : SEDEC, 1950 1 print : lithograph, color; 98 x 62 cm. on backing 102 x 66 cm.
Steamship "Côte d'Ivoire" moored to a geographical representation of Abidjan harbor, with export produce piled up at lower left corner of poster.
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